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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 || 3:11 AM

today was a veh not nice day lar. when i was takinq bus jiu veh sick . feel lyk vomitting, sumore the person sitting beside me wears GROSS perfume . ah-ma type. so ewk . -.-
den assembly me and tess stayed in class, slping all the wayy.
whole day feel lyk slpinq. diediedie. -.-
den suddenly i thought of returning to k1. the days when i can wake up at 9.oo+ and reach home at 11.oo+ their lyfe. =( so nice n kewl .
i nearly slpt in all lessons. pathetic ryte.
den jacynda told me she saw this pri 5 guy in the bball court. scoldinq her and kenneth vugular. oh-lyk-whad-the-heck .

hes onlypri 5 . vugular dork . oh.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 || 5:50 AM

its a special-and-oh-so-special-day again for me man. esp when im celebratinq it with my dearies :D who nids guys when its v.days larh . =\so first, i met jacynda and den joann and den paul [hes a guy] at bishan MRT.
den we walked and walked and walked and walked.
legs veh suan lor. -.- den veh malu, we went into yoshinoya and paul stole a mag frm dere. its supposed to be read dere and he juz brought it out .

oh lyk whad the hell ? . im stil young, i dont wna gt caught ouhkaye -.-
jkjkng larh :D

den we didnt study. dont hab mood lor -.-
bud paul and jacynda and joann got teach me a b it science, den dey say
'sure fail one lar' . WALAO. so no confidence. f i n e . arghh .
den hor, we went bballing as jacynda and joann is veh into bball :D
den paul is into scoccer. we juz went lor, den we saw this cedar-oh-so-stuckup-shytface and a sec1 anderson-oh-wtf-face and dis -oh-i-dontgibadamm-boy.
they gave us attitude lor. jacynda was damm pissed and wanted to scold and bash them , i think . but du h , she controlled (: cant blame her larh , cos those girls kip dao-ing us and gib us this oh-fcuk-face.

and i found out that paul wasnt realie bad at bball afterall. he uses scoccer tactis. :D kinda gay. but's hes nice. rlly

oh i shant care. im getting my new hp. i shant care .
im in a VEHGDMOOD today ouhkaye :D

Friday, February 10, 2006 || 4:49 AM

mama cheong is quittin teaching sec2. duno why leys, although she leaving i feel veh weird. actually she quite gd larh . and i finally watched i nt toopid 2 widd tess. hahahs. so touching, wna cry bud control . i saw tess crying. T.T i feel so loved and i hate the drama seniors . oh period. went to the hall today and i saw the ex sec4 !!!! omg. i miss them lyk shyt cans =\ and alvi n did realie well. he scored6 . wtf . im so jealous.

oh . i feel so loved again. i wna be married to jacynda in maple ! x(
why cant girls be married with girls. tt's so not wrong ouhkaye .

Monday, February 6, 2006 || 7:33 AM


smthinq happened ytd tt made me go flip-flop. i was on this bus and dere was this bunch of friends behind me, and after soon, they got OFF the bus. oh damm. how i wished they just STAYED on the bus. One of the guys went off the bus and when he went past me, my slippers just went 'suush' by him . so malu cans. it dropped on the floor , veh far from me. MALUMALU.
then my friend laughed at me -.- its that dumbo guys fault. :D im stil soso innocent :D