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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 || 8:23 AM

in the early in the morning, as early as 9.00. i mean its the holidays& im waking up so early, to meet my switypie ! she last minute she tell me she bringing her friend along -.-
haha. she veh cute laah, she say she scared she late so she go her friend hse . LOL! i think she went to her friend hse as early as 7.00 or 8.00 ok ! haha, but in the end, guess what ?
LOL! super farnee cans. den we ate in mcdonalds first since all the other shops havent open cannot shop. then in the mcdonald, we met her friend der friend. LOL! so she go with us to gaigai lor. haha, at first super akward. dont dare to talk much laah ~ but later jiu like siaocharbor zilian-ing arnd like dont know what. LOL! then we exchnged phone numbers also. haha, then took neoprints.
haha, then went to this fashion to shop for switypie der clothes. shes going to work and act like a 17teen .LOL! then after that her friends [ jorene and kerry ] got to go already. so cont. shoppink with switypie ~ haha. then bought some jap. clothes from some jap. shop. there der clothes quite cheap oky ! ON SALE MAH (:

lol.then after that jiu go to drama .
- 3 hrs of sianess -
after that wanted to to comapss point shop with marmee to buy those stuffs that i need to go to aussie, but my dearest jacynda called me ((: saying she & emily have to do some survey work on my blk den emily der manager along mah, then she cannot work with emily cos shes not 18teen yet. haha, then she have to wait for emily downstairs @ my blk, jiu go pei her ((: then in the end i eating halfway den they come up liao -.-! LOL! then we crapped alot, and chatted blarblar. haha, the survery was veh long ok !haha. but one can earn $10. not bad not bad ~ haha. then after that daddy come home then she paiseh -.- so she went downstairs meet emily first. haha. then i veh sian da0 . haha ((:


Tuesday, May 30, 2006 || 7:27 AM

people nowadays are getting so saddistic.
they cut themselves for no apparant reason& they say its fun.
i mean wth, i see blood can faint liaos. and to think i did cut myself last time.
i was just being really dumb. i know.
and to think i thought i would finish by this week.
damn it ? nevermind ! i shal work for it tml. haha =D

tml gg out with switypie ~ meeting her at nine. so early late right !
nvmd ~ since i later have bloody drama =x shopping with her for clothes. lala ~
she gg to work laah ~ must dress nicer mah. LOL!
since its gss now, its BEST to shop now . haha
tkcare ! shopping people !

tired already.
Monday, May 29, 2006 || 6:03 AM

im tired of caring.
tired of worrying
tired of putting on fake smiles.
tired of crying
tired of wondering
tired of assuring
tired of hearing
tired of trusting
tired of everything.

if i could, i really really want to sleep and never wake up.
cos im tired already. never felt so tired before.
really hate the way people tell me its going to be ok, when they know its not. tired of putting on smiles when people tell me to, tired of faking my emotions.
if you would see the real me, you would be shocked, veh shocked.

half dead.
Sunday, May 28, 2006 || 8:32 PM

i thought i told myself to slog&mug and try to complete my hmewrk fast within this week ?
ok, then why the crap am i posting and using the com, facing the laser beams.
haha. see, i alwaes try to do something but ALWAYS end up doing another thing. LOL!
damnit. i stil got tons of things UNbought for the aussie thingy. ok, i dont think we will have time to go iceskating. i was so looking forward. haish~ ):
nevermind. theres always more chances. hopefully.

mummy&papa quarreled today.
and its going to be allright. i know.
if you can ever see this, tell me. cos you have hypercyber vision

|| 3:30 AM

haha. please comment ((:

Saturday, May 27, 2006 || 8:30 PM

i want i want i want more&new songs to be uploaded into my frigging plain ipod. i dont know who the heck go reboot the com and all my songs went missing. so pissed lah. so whoever's nice and is reading my post now come send me songs. wld appreciate it. =D
its the holidays ! but cant go out, too busy with the maryatville thingy. damn. but would stil go out anyway i want more clothes ! shit, ytd we just talked bout being materialistic and now i wna hit the great singapore sales ALREADY. blearh laah. i got my new specs aniwae, and it kinda weird. toobig for me i think. oh, and vanessa got into the VJ test thingy. i knew i knew i knew she could do it ! haha, honeeeeey, knew it (:

but life would be dull without her
stupid helmet metal tooth !

Friday, May 26, 2006 || 5:22 AM

last day of sch !! yay ~
haha. hmms, today got cheng yu test. i dont know how to do lor ~ nvm. LOL! hmms, then today me & some other people made a teacher cried. sorry. zhen de dui bu qi. haish. regret it lor. sad sad. nvmd, i shal promise her to work hard in that aspect, not going to slack anymore. see, i so guai right ! heehes. then hmms, got drama lor. then if go australia that time is around 12 degrees. i think. lol. hmms, i go collect my new specs. like abit too big for me leis. dont know laaaah. lol ! hmms, then ran hou a bit weird weird wans. lol, hecccck. then somemore ALOT HOLIDAY hmewrk. sian full lor. nvmd, im gg to chiong by this week.


my blabbers ~
Thursday, May 25, 2006 || 8:47 AM

and im feeling dead happy bout it ~
heh heh. & also im going to countdown for the australia. june holidays so packed, but fun lah ~
hmms, today got the council presidential election thingy. then vanessa honey was like ' they sound like PAP' . LMAO ! it really does ok. then we were supposed to cross our choices, then some veh funny person from our class, go put a 0 , a tick and a X . haha, their minds ahh, tsk tsk. but see liao laugh til peng can. haha. siah laah, i think im going back for remedial classes every single day liao ~ results so lao ya. of cos will go back wans lor ~ then sumore drama rehersals also.
want me to die lor. tml's theres drama agn ~ damnit.

haish, siandd full ~
Wednesday, May 24, 2006 || 6:28 AM

haish. i just found out that my june holidays will be super full. damnit laah ~
first week is entitled to my hmewrk + drama rehearsels. but anyway, im still going to pon one day of drama to go out with my besties for ice skating. thats for sure =x
blearhh. then sumore the nxt
10 days is for australia ~ haaha. means left arndd 10 days lor. haish. 10 days left. ~sigh . like not enough time.

today also got alot hmewrk. haish ~ dont know what MOE thinking also.
haha. hmms, then ran hou i got back report card. almost all got improve laah ~
but i
sompa that im still gg to work harder. to obtain BETTER results. hee. i dont sound like a nerd, ryte lol. hmms, siah laah, so sian now. i want people to send me

Monday, May 22, 2006 || 7:06 AM

haish ~
got one whole chunk of crap hmewrk for me to finish .

drama, maths, english, science, chinese. damnyt lah ~
haish, sumore ytd me& her quarrel until veh jialat, but things work out quite fine. i really love her. haha. hmms, i also hope that everything will be fine soon between her and her. worried ~
hmms, today nothing much. just went to that historical places like graveyard. like wth -.-
but there was rain, and i enjoyed the raining moments lots. esp when the bigbig wind came . lalala
in singapore rarely the wind so big one lor ~
yay, be jealous. quick. -.-
hmms, then i saw vinna today. haha, so funny, couldnt recognise her. dui bu qi wor ~
then saw shuyi&jazzy&jasselyn in the toilet. haahaha. so funny. hmms, miss them lots lor, so long never see them in sch ler. haha. then jazzy ask me go facial. PLS LOR! u dont have any pimples oky ! im the one. blearh. hmms, wore specs to sch, tess keep saying veh weird. craaaap ~!
i mean u seen me wear specs for like arnd one year, and contacts barely a month. haha. crapp ~
then we were crappign bout the s'pore idol the auditions also. so funny cans ~ haha.
then, nothing much happened bah, i hope i cn wear contacts soon lor . hmms, got to chiong comp. now. left arnd half way. cut my hair today but no diff. leis, i swear never to go to that hairdresser agn ~ cheat people wans. rather go back to the normal one. haha. what crap im toking. nvm.

jiemeis forever ok jacynda.
love you love you.

Sunday, May 21, 2006 || 7:56 AM



|| 5:34 AM

i chnged my blogskin =D
i know, im forever so fickle minded. i know i know. haha.
i just reachd home . haha, went out with oddbesties. hee, so long never went out with them ler laah ~ miss them lots cans. heeehs.
hmms, went to bbal court, but haish, the guys training, so cannot play. haha. hmms, then we went kovan walk walk. then guess what, jacynda wna buy *** , i shant say, l8ter she beat me ah ! ok, then me, joann& joanna was like O.O but being good frinds , we pei ta lor ~ then went inside ABIT akward. but i saw a princess one, SO NICCEE lahh ! heeehs. hmms, then we bought tons of sushis, and went gai gai [ window shopping ] so sian, lol. hmms, but i miss them alot laah.
then we chatted bout the upcoming gathering. i just knew from them that all of them didnt know how to skate, im the only one. im so proud of it =DDD
they are better than me in bball, now im better than them in ice skating. hee.
=DD cant wait to hang out with them agn ~


Saturday, May 20, 2006 || 7:07 AM

haha. hmms, i woke upp with red eyes, its like not pain or itchy at all. so i was quite worried, actually the day before my eyes were a bit red already. dont know what happened at first then freaked out. i scared get contact lens infection ~ haish, then jasmine told me she lykdat before also . haha. hmms, then i went to optican, she said maybe is because i wear too long, cos i wear longer than the hours im supposed to. haha, then she did a eye checkup for me. HENG AH, nothing happend, then she said to ask me cont. wearing the contact lens ONLY AFTER my eyes are ok. hopefully, they wil be ok soon. cos i really look ugly with specs. my current specs, i mean. haha. hmms, then i went to collect my mum der specs with her. haha, she looks quite nice with her specs, and please , her freaking specs costed her like $500 + i mean wah sian, so exp right. zzz. then i told my mum i wanted new specs, and i purchased mine there =DDD hehehs, black in colour der, ABIT outlandish, then my fang guang increased to 100. haha, hmms, quite nice laah my new specs =D hahaha, cost arnd $320. exp right, hais ~ sorry mummy. hmms, then i decided only to wear contacts when i go tution or go out with friends. then school days alternate. haaha, ~
then after that went meeting, haha, he talked to me. hes a nice guy, alot initiative wans. hee. blearh, then crapped with the usual people after that : jacynda, joann&joanna. heeehs. then this was part of our conver

HIM: hows was the gathering last last wk ?
ME: ok lor
HIM : you know why i didnt go ?
ME : why ?
HIM : cos u are there, then i dont wna go.
ME : oh, lol
HIM : no lah ! cos u can dai[4] ti[4] wo ma ! haha.
ME: -smile -
HIM : - smile -

stupid right. but small little things like that brighten up my day ~ haha.

Friday, May 19, 2006 || 6:21 AM

hehes. second post today. went out with switypie , i waited for her 30 MINS CANS !
blearh. shes a SUPER LATE QUEEN. shes veh chio lor. you should look at her eyes man. she seems as if she put on mascara&eyeliner, but its like natural cans. I JEALOUS !blearh. =\\
then hmms, her atm card bo lui. so lucky right, she gt ATM i dont have. sobsob. then we went cineyleisure. at first we lost our way there. kaos ! there also can lost, we so dumb right. i know i know. bwahhh. then in the end we took a taxi from duno where in orchard to cineyleisure. haha. stupid laah. the fare cost us $2.80 haha ! cheap right. =DDD hmms, then we went straight to see the shades. she wanted to buy der, but atm bo lui so cannot buy. siah laah, so sad cans. haha. then i bought a clip from i forgot what shop. all there the shopkeepers duno why super friendly cans. haha. xD hee. then we took some photos which i wil put later. haha. hmms, then we zilian (: the neoprint the shopkeeper gave us that dao face. what the heck lor. think she chio so what. lol. after that we went to compass point meet with stanley. he veh quiet lor. zzz. then i went with switypie to buy some polo tees. all from triangle wans. haha ((: then we also went COURTS to rest our super tired feets. hehehe. then i went home at around eight+ haha.


Thursday, May 18, 2006 || 7:41 PM

im feeling terribly lazy.
its 10.41am. i dont wna go to sports carnival. im going to shopping with switypie&stanley instead =D haha. so excited ~ meeting them @ 12.45.

xie xie to those who has alwaes been with me throughout those bad times.
i love u guys til i cant love anymore. haha
i shal smile to my fullest.

|| 3:43 AM

seriously i hate life now.
i hate the way im living.

everything chnged - for the worst. i hate the life im leading now. maybe you dont know .
only i know. yah, im the one at wrong. alwaes its me. fine.

people just dont understand - how much im trying to struggle for you people.
i miss the old you.

sian full.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 || 4:42 AM

sian. computer lagged ytd. i actually blogged ytd laaah, but cant upload. i dont know why. lol.
so im here to re-post agn. today had drama, cos we have this exchange programm with the aussies, then we were crapping with monica, meena they all bout how we cn communicate with them , through singlish or whatever, then how shocked they will be , and they will treat us so bad that we shall swear never to step in aussie agn. i mean, LOL. we are just crapping ~
haha. sad laaah cans, my hist&geog just pass. 15/30 for both. i studied lor. i screwed them up. gah. oh btw, i passed my english :D:D:D so happy cans ~ i thought will fail. hahaha.
oh btw, if i dont drop to normal nxt yr, i wil take lit, i decided. and i shal work hard . see , im so guai =DDD

Monday, May 15, 2006 || 6:02 AM

my life is seriously in the damps now.
fine. i think im exaggerating. but ...
shit it laaaah. i wna go on a shopping spree. who wna go with me pls kindly contact 91250428.
haha. i looked thrgh the friendster msgs he used to left & i cried. haha.
darn it. shit it. ____it.

seriously i owe so many people trips for going out&slack. its arnd 1 week + until the june holidays ! ohmy. im excited cans. im waiting for GSS ~ [ great singapore sale ] during the assembly me&tess crapped bout a particular ZINC bag. you know that teddy bear zinc bag which is enormous. quite. i swear it is. so we were just saying that if we really bought it& carry it, we will look like total retards. i think we will be.

during that wonderful gss, im going to buy a whole list of things. make it two
- shades
- more tops&bottom&skirts
- specs ; maybe.
- bli ng bli ng ! [ fake one, cos i dont have enough to buy a new one SO i shal make it two ]
- a new wallet. i mean mines pathetic now.
- more accessories.

make this list the wanna-be 2006 list of jacqueline koh.
crown it !

Sunday, May 14, 2006 || 2:31 AM

siand. i stil have the art thingy to do. bt i dont know how to do blarhblah& many people dont know how to do.
so i decided not to do.but i still did some qns. struggled to do it cans. argh. jocelyn&i think that art is dumb.

it IS dumb oky.
my parents left for china ytd. they wanted to shop there, so i asked them to bring back some clothes&accessories.
i think i should try to trust their taste :D
& ytd i went to shop with jacynda,joann&joanna. haha. veh fun, suaned jacynda ytd XD
sorry jacynda. haha. today, tsktsk. is a suuuuper boring day. i wanted to go malaysia. but sigh. i cant. sad isnt it.
haha. i have drama exam tml. i hope i pass, cos i cant pronounce the words properly. darn.
i hope i dont forget those lines. gah. yay , im waiting for the gss ! i cn shop&save.
lala ~

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 || 11:59 PM

today was half day xD
but i had drama, so it was a full day. LOL! drama is shitty, u dont have time to rest.
they stress you out so much that u wna scold the teachers :
today was fine, except that i nearly lost my ipod. i thought i lost it.
scared me. had to signed for seniors the scrapbks sec3 seniors preprared& i really didnt know what to write. i think they are arrogant, most of them. whenever u pass byt them, they just dao you and never say hi. what type of seniors are those.
tml i have two gatherings, im excited for the first one XDXD
i hope he will turn up ~
H O P E F U L L Y .
haha. hmmms. the second one is the senior farewell. its finally not east coast. its pasir ris instead
-.- LOL! i think i wil be late for that cos of the first gathering. i dont know. haha.
btw, jacynda smsed me to tel me that she found out that maroon studys in bukit batok ITE.
haha ((: so cute.

Monday, May 8, 2006 || 7:34 AM

today was fun. no teachers. mind you. shant have gone to sch. waste of my time. except that photo taking laahhh XD im forever the first.
shortypie. grow taller lah ! lack of calcium ~
but likdat den cute mah !
nah ! im joking. HAHA.
van&i crapped at msn. toking bout each other's honey which is each of us. u gedyt ? lol. stupppid.
haaha, while jacynda&i were toking bout the fond memories.
not veh fond, but stil fond. lol. i dont know what im toking bout. haha.
OREPSAJ . haha. i hope he cn go to the gathering. friday is a veh busy day for me. hahaa.
try this :D:D:D:D:D
i have drama exam nxt wk. hais. cnt believe what type of results im getting back tml.
science. i hope i pass.

baby. im tired already.

Friday, May 5, 2006 || 5:19 AM

avent been updating lately. veh siandd. haaha
i dont know why, i think its because of vanessa, im beginning to fall in love with classical music. those sad songs that make u cry. stuuuuupid.
haha. and i bought my contact lens, and i was trying to put it in for one whole hour, and i cant do it. nice people like bb,jasmine,guangfu,szu hsien, sam, fiona lee, etc. helped me.
so stil , i cant.maybe im more suitable to specs. stupppid contacts.
its difficult OKay. haha.
got back my results. YAYY. i finally passed maths.&ipassed my chinese too. haha.
im so happy.

hard work pays off (:
now, its time for me to slack.
joann, stars chocos are promised (:

Monday, May 1, 2006 || 12:44 AM