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Monday, July 31, 2006 || 4:16 AM

gosh , somebody save me ~
damn it laa ? why must time fly like a shuttle rocket space thang.
fine, i shant rant. i shall study& mug which i dont think i can leys
hais, today had home econs exam. it was super easy. easier than ABC !
allright, i admit im exaggerating BUTTTT its easier than i thought it would be !
YAY ~ this time sure pass laa ~ but i must work on my pencil case. its so sucky. some professional tailor come help me laaa ! tess said im stupid that i bought my bag for twenty5 :(
she says she can get it from the pasar malam for 10 + not so easy laa tess !
haha. hm, wednesday i have lit exam, thursday have history and maths.
gosh, what the heck maths ?! i will fail. some alien from outer space take me away now !
then friday have geog test . & the following monday have SCIENCE ! gosh, i will fail science like nobody`s busniess too. aw .
im super hyper ! i must have drank $1,03,777 worth of honey . a student that i befriended but hes not from drama, from maryatville will be coming to singapore in nov or december ! YAY ~ then i will be accompanying him shopping with maybe some other ATC memebers. YAYNESS.

people, rmb to mug [:

million-billed love
Saturday, July 29, 2006 || 9:18 AM

I miss your voice,
and everything else.
Its just because i love you,
and nothing else.

All those smiles and laughter,
are now memories.
Why do you have to leave me
and leave me all teary?

You made me fall so hard,
and there leaves a scar.
A emotional one,
worse than being hitten by a car.

My million-billed love,
ignored countlessly
deep down im tired,
mentally and physically.

|| 8:05 AM

just came back from bugis !
shoppd there for arnd 3 hrs i suppose with marmee.
bought a black puma bag, damn chio can !
and a top and earrings. YAY~ haha.
im satisfied already. haha.
i wna chiong home econs! monday test ler. zzz.
tata people :D

Friday, July 28, 2006 || 4:07 AM

School was boring, as usual .
school will not be school if its exciting laaa. had P.E , was miss kang's last day.
awwww. but nvmd ! i have her msn [:
ok, i shant be happy bout the weight gain thing. cos im already so fat. dang~
then maths was free period cos mr wong didnt come today. haha. YAY~ was slacking in class as usual lor. thn we had the 5 items for NFA today.
boring boring super boring.
my shuttlerun sucks. i always do badly for that one . heck laa.
im so tireeeed ~ but im going out anyway.

sian laaa ~
Thursday, July 27, 2006 || 6:12 AM

Got so tired& sick about my old blogskin, so i used this one !
kinda gothic right ? HAHA [:
hmm, tmr got NFA 5 items& maybe the re-run. 5 items still ok, but i HATE the re-run laaa ~
blame on me so stupid, run 5 rounds only.
LOL. nevermind. haha. got ALOT of people pei wo run~
common test is next week already, and i havent really settld down on mugging.
everytime i wna mug, im too lazy to do so laa. hais ~ someone teach me the correct method to mug . i want good results so i can get that chocolate phone !
i dont wna fail my maths this time round. and i want to pass my science too!

sian laaa ~
|| 6:12 AM

Got so tired& sick about my old blogskin, so i used this one !
gothic right ? HAHA [:
hmm, tmr got NFA 5 items& maybe the re-run. 5 items still ok, but i HATE the re-run laaa ~
blame on me so stupid, run 5 rounds only.
LOL. nevermind. haha. got ALOT of people pei wo run~
common test is next week already, and i havent really settld down on mugging.
everytime i wna mug, im too lazy to do so laa. hais ~ someone teach me the correct method to mug . i want good results so i can get that chocolate phone !
i dont wna fail my maths this time round. and i want to pass my science too!

hais.so siandd laaa.
Wednesday, July 26, 2006 || 4:15 AM

HAIS. im late today again! x_X
why the heck am i always late ?
i must must must wake up earlier ! jacqueline, u can do it ~[:
haha, thn today my socks kena confiscate. earrings also. hais ~ suay suay laaa today.
tmr will be a better day! haha. today had annovation carnival. in the shit classrm slacking arnd, i went down countless times to look at other`s booths. haha, they had so much delicious food lor.
nachos, chocolate marshmellows,cookies,fruitjuice,etc etc.
haha ! then drama had this booth for body painting. damn nice laaa i swear !
the hand, the face and the nails. haha, wanted to do my nails but the designs there suck.
:X then bo bian, do my hand one lor ~ gaya help me make. i quite satisfied laaa . its red and black in colour as i suggested. and then after 1 hr + or so, i found out that the painting is like damn smudged and eveything, so i decided to clean it off .~
T.T one dollar jiu likedat gone laa.
but nevermind ! i took a picture of it already. hehheh. think later i post in my friendster lor ~
then after that we cleared our booths, and went home ! [:
lalala ~

fun day ~
Tuesday, July 25, 2006 || 7:37 AM

hm, today after school went to meet jacynda.
actually we wantd to study tgthr in the hougang mall mac donald.
but she went home and her mum didnt allow her to come out.
i went to her house instead ! XD
to study ok. but she wasnt studying.
but me and joann was ! [:
before that, i went to hougang mall NTUC to buy some plastic spoon for tmr`s annovation carnival. then have to use that as form of publicity. its like soso lame.
LOL~ its like hougang mall chnged damn lot laa. whn i went to the basement i was like
O.O i felt like i was in junction 8
LOL~ then i went to the bustop to wait for bus to go her house. then @ the interchnge there gt a small stall selling alot of accessosries and earrings. then feeling super tempted, i bought some
:X cos it was quite cheap :D

haha, then i went to her house and study. hehehehs.
then started to slack abit.
then i went home.
THEN, after that we met soon again. & now, im back home blogging :D

randal, gt well soon okay ! [:

Monday, July 24, 2006 || 3:49 AM

today is monday again.
wa sian laaa, how come the weekend always end so soon der ?!
hais ~ beginning to feel that im hating sch more&more ler. zzz.
i dont wna go sch laa ~
CT coming ler. must mug [:
cos i want to have good results. .
doubt can laa.
haha, im so bored laa. nothing to do. slack in front of computer haha. today also nothing interesting happen. basically a very siand day.

byebye everybody~

18 more days.

walau ~
Friday, July 21, 2006 || 9:50 PM

i so blardey hate people who smoke.
so i hope u read this post & stop smoking for your sake.
& you are having that tonsil operation soon and u STILL WANT TO SMOKE.
whats your problem ?
So, u better stop.

ok, vanessa and jinqiu are coming later to my house. ANDDDD, we are studying [:
mugging, is a better word i think.
people, start mugging now now now [:

ah ~
|| 6:26 AM

i justd watch tv thn gt one advertisement keep singing
its such a beautiful, such a beautiful day ~
OMGGGG LAAA. buay tahan. beautiful the pigs can fly lor.
one of my friend, not mentioning of her name tio scolding by some blardey teacher. then i got another friend just broke up with her stead. then exams coming soon ler, then ... ah~
dont know why i feel so super stressd laaa.
ok, enough of those rants.
today was racial harmony day. then i didnt expect alot of people from my class to wear enthic costumes one lor, then all of sudden, ALMOST EVERYBDY wore. i at the parade square was like
o.O shock dao. LOL~! and i must say they look quite nice lor. haha :D
hmms, thn we had some class photos tgthr as a class. haha, then so sian lor ~
reading tt tyme i reading magazines, slack arnd. how i wish english everyday is likedat. ~
sleep & slack. duo hao ah ~ then aftr that had drama, hahahaha, i thought NFA re-run is today der, but heng lor. haha, then had some cool guy come teach us bout energy and focus on stage.
hm, bout the NFA re-run hor, KAO LOR. i run a blardey 5 rounds instead of the normal 6 one.
nvm, suan ler. LOL~

ANDDDD. i seriously have to quickly find out my ipod warranty card or else later cannot repair ler ah. hais ~

Thursday, July 20, 2006 || 6:21 AM

oh my gosh laaaa ~
i cant find my ipod warranty card. i think i must really find out in tyme or else later expire ah, jiu die liao lor. hais. dunno today is my suay day anot la. cos my 2.4km is run 6 rnds but i ran only 5 rnds laaaa !!!walao lor. then need to re-run tmr i think. irritating lor. walau, i run until so jialat then need re-run. i very lazy la. zzz.
hais, then tmr have drama have to go 2.4km lor. sian lor, then keep skipping drama. idiotic ley.
hais hais. dunno how many weeks dont have drama already la. AH ~
then tmr is racial harmony day x____X
then miss lidia want force our class to wear lor. sian ley. then not many people have what. i also dont have. then doreen say she think they have some extra malay der. then ask me if fit can wear anot. AH ~ hao paiseh la. LOL. i scared later people laugh @ me.
:X :X :X

i dont wna wear . i dont wna wear. i dont wna wear.
cos i know i will look so funny.

haha, just now went with mummy go cut hair. haha, the hairdresser very cool la. straight rebonded hair thn purple colour hair. NICE LOR ~ but aiya, too worldy for me. haha, then my mum thinking of dying her hair. she say she alot white hair, but i cant seem to find even one.
LOL! hmms, thats all bah.

*21 more days.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 || 7:32 AM

wokd up @ around 8.45am today. went to meet up with caryl, fiona lee& jocelyn. haha, we were supposd to meet @ 10.00 at sembawang mrt laa. but i reachd amk mrt with caryl at arnd 10.00 alrdy :X then we went sembawang and fiona lee was late. i mean, she was just waiting for the blardey bus and it was nearing 10.15 alrdy which carribean was starring laaa. then we had no choice but to watch the 11.00 show instead. zzz.haha, thn bought alot of snacks laa. eat til full ah ~ then guess what man, the WHOLE movie only consist of :

- me, fiona lee, jocelyn, caryl & three more boys
hahaha, the whole theatre is bookd by us laaa
so shiok lor ~
but carribean was damn boring laa. waste my $$$
then later we went jocelyn`s house to help her do project. then her maid baked some cookies. very nice lor. zzz, we kept eating :X
then fiona lee no manners :X hahahaa, shant post what she did here, or else later throw away her face ah.
lol, then after some time, i went home with caryl. then guess what, cos jocelyn`s house opposite got a mall then got free bus to sembawang and yishun mrt what. then we board the bus, first it brought us to semawang mrt, then we didnt alight cos we thought it will bring us to yishun mrt. BUT GUESS WHAT. my gosh laaa ~it brought us back to that blardey mall. x__x
waste my 30 mins lor. wth ~
then after that the very pissed off caryl& me went to take bus, then after being at the bus stop for 15 mins , we found out that we are in the wrong side. then we went to the other side lor ~
so suay right, i know. lol, then after that cos later in the night i had smthing on, so i chiong home lor. zzz. haha, then later in the night learnt alot stuffs.

then we had some wine coated candies.outside is candy then inside is liquid wine. very nice ~ ah, i still want :X then now, im chatting with jacynda, she says that shes feeling drunk after eating those candies
o.O LOL~

my ipod still cant work and im still feeling very pissd off.

Sunday, July 16, 2006 || 8:21 AM

ALL the songs in my ipod is gone laaa. all two hundred of them. what the heck laaaaa.


Friday, July 14, 2006 || 5:54 AM

putting aside the affairs of the heart, today was extremly happy for me as i dont have to put on those blardey fake smiles & laughter. whenevr i hang out with oddbesties, i just feel damn comfortable & good in my heart. haha, sisters for life ! they are the only ones who can really understand whats im going thrgh. haha, today didn`t have drama. hms, was quite sad laaaa. cos drama is like really really fun now. yes, i swear. so, i went to meet them. haha, @ kovan. at first we just shoppd arnd& we saw that chio. that super duper chio LG CHOCOLATE PHONE. wah sian dead la. i want that phone lor !! then after that, jacynda cant resist the temptation of basketballing. HAHA! i knew it laa ~ so, we went basketballing. too bad for my injured toe, i cant play or else i would have. really. then after that, we wanted to pick joanna up from school , so we walked to her school from kovan - holy innocent`s primary. [[: & the journey isnt long. haha, talked lots and crappd lots. laughed lots too (: hms, then we went kovan and played basketball . again. haha, this time i playd a little, cant bear that idiotic toe of mine. BUTTTT, its pain okay. hms, then i wanted to go see that basketball court which he & us had our last game, i think. but it was like in ruins, i mean, it chnged alot for the upcoming events of buddhist i think. x_x
idiotic lor :X haha, thn i went to their house& crapped abit. then i went home. haha,

today was super fun. i missd it.
nevermnd [: we`ll be seeing each other tmr agn.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 || 5:52 AM

wah sian.my toe damn pain~ aaah.zhen de hen xiang shout lor. pain like dno what.
actually ytd nite i midnight go toilet dno hit until what , cos i too slpy.zzz. like pig lykdat. lol, then midnight wake up AAH~ pain ah. think swollen liao la. hais ~then today go school pain pain pain. tmr go sch no need PE lo~ yay yay. :X be jealous bah. haha~. :X
then nxt wk is 2.4km run ler. that long idiotic run. hope i cn recovr soon lor. so no need postphone run with othr lvl. zzz. very paiseh one lei. lol. hms, dno why this few days go school always late lor. sumore raining everytyme. i 7.00 then go out of home, go sch 7.30. lol lol. i better dont be late ler or else later kena dc -.- i then dontwan ah. waste tyme. [:
hms, then had oral. zzz. the conver was asking alot thing bout geog lor. think flunk liao la. haiyo.
i august can see him with oddbesties ! [[:
very happy can~ im waiting & looking forward. countdown ! lol.
actually tmr want to go see a performance by mrs kamal, miss lee & mrs lee der.
T.T sobsob. idiotic we late go sistic buy tix now no tix cannot watch liao lor.
sian la. hais ~ was looking forward der.
ok, i shal end now cos i have my blardey science to do


Monday, July 10, 2006 || 2:55 AM

hais. ytd im damn sad. now im damn sad too.
in school, i seemd so happy. laughing & smiling like nobody`s busniess.
howevr when im alone, i feel so weak.
FUCK. i told myself and i promisd my friends i wld never cry over boys again.
never never never. what shit.
espically when im playing sad songs. the tears just keep flowing.
you are leaving already. ok, u left already. and u dont seem to care.
you never even send me a pathetic sms telling me. you never told me. and after i knw, i was so blardey sadded, and you still seemd not to care. last time its twice a week, then once a week, then now, once a month i can see you. i was always so looking forward to saturdays. my heart feels so numb now. in school im just thinking so much until im so damn tired. if i have a choice, i wld rather not meet you. meeting you is already a mistake, much less love.
i just want to thank my jiemeis esp jacynda and mavis.
you were there when i needed you guys. really, ni men de comforting words made me cheerdup a bit.

Sunday, July 9, 2006 || 7:05 AM

i dont know what to blog about seriously.
all i knw that i HAVE to change my blogskin. i mean, now its like rather not very nice.
and i dont like it. SOOO, im chnging it :D:D
looool~ ok, lame. haha, went out with monica just now. it was kinda random laaa, cos it was 6.30pm , and we both felt bored, so we went out til 9.00+ haha, and now i am, at home. haha.
hm, im still having that blardey cough. so many phelgm and that medicine makes me drowsy.
eeyerr ~

my dad gave me some$$ to buy new clothes ! YEAH~!
and italy better win cos i bet 5 lollypops on it, and it better win laaa!

my five lollys are in your hands, italians.

Friday, July 7, 2006 || 7:37 AM

haha. i knw i hav been neglecting my blog.
~ dont think anybody visits it. anyway.
lol. today have drama, wasnt that fun, but. stil fun laaaa. haha.
did the sets and clearup MPS. did a blardey nice painting which the teachers need for their performance also. haha. the painting was superplus duper nice ouhkaye ! haha, done by :
monica,meenatchi,viknesh,me,mrs kamal & haswani. my gawddd. after we die the painting would be selling for millions or billions and they will learn in school hows our style of painting.
evil laugh times3.

oh btw, vanessa is back for school! haha, shes allright la& she didn`t faint !
haha. luckily :D or else i wouldnt have the enegery to carryher. haha.
didnt have PE today.had mc. haha, then i was supposd to be in charge of that treasure chest where people put their hp and wallet. then its like. why do i feel like a pirate carrying that treasure chest ?lmao. lol.lol.
school ended @ 12.00 today [:
my new pe teacher - miss kang has super sexay legs.

second post.
Saturday, July 1, 2006 || 7:29 AM

uh uh.
blarrrrrr. ok, that was totally random.
haha, felt so bored that i actually felt that posting another post.
aah ~
ok, haha, guess what man. i woke up @ 7.00 today. pathetic right ?
so early at a blardeee SATURDAY morning. haha, was supposd to meet sujie and jog.
trying hard to lose fats .
but in the end, i cant run, cos im coughing badly, scard later have asthma or wadeva.
lol, so we decided to shop instead.but since we were so early, the shops all havent open lor.
sian dead. then we went in a search of coffee shops to makan our breakfast, and we walkd like some idiots, walk& walk & walk, cant fnd any pathetic coffeeshops. thn decided to ask pple.
oh my gosh right. lol. then finally found one :D
thn we makan makan, then we went back to compass. thn guess what. we patheticly cant find compass point. then we wlk here wlk there, finally found it. call me an idiot, i wouldnt care.
lol, however, we went there also not much shops open. so it was rlly kinda sian, and sujie wanted to buy straws to fold hearts/stars, but cant find.LOL. is this our unlucky day or what man. zzz.
haha, then i bought a starbucks mocha. so long neevr drink ler. - yumyum-
but the coffee made my cough worse la. so irritating. then crappd arnd, blarblar. thn went hme . LMAO. im going johor tmr :D

im so , still as bored nw.

|| 12:40 AM

havent been posting for a long long time (:
one week of sch passd already. so happy ~
haha, clever youth day ! made my wknd longer by one day :D
its ALOT ok. haha. hmm, school is still as boring, i still love adelaide alot.
haha. had drama ytd, it was blardeeeeeeee fun. haha, love drama more& more.
stil have tons of uncompleted hmewrk. feel so shit, having to mug agn.
having a veh bad cough now. zzz. hope i recover soon ~
i want more clothes. T.T
i know im materialistic. sigh
worldcup. haha, i supported australia but i think brazil will win la. lost $1 to tess cos she said australia wld be out. aiyaa, i also know aussie wld be out, i support only ma :D
haha. holidays are over, and the pathetic exams are coming real soon again.
what the heck.