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Wednesday, August 30, 2006 || 3:23 AM

OK, guess . a new what ?

Okay, the great surprise of the year.
a brand new washing machine !
lame ? i know !
thats why i posting what ! xD
cant find anything else better to do can ~
then they were discussing bout the speed the washing machine goes , and how the clothes will pop out. what childish parents i have ?!
LOL! but listening to them talk make me laugh like nobody's busniess ((:
okay. lets talk bout my results.
this time i quite satisfied EXCEPT for maths okay ! what the heck ?
how i wished i pass up all the assignments on time. rather saying, i ddint even bothered to do.
and take the effort to revise for test. i mean, sometimes i dont even bothered to read the questions thoroughly. thats why i failed ! red mark okay. 44 marks.
but all others of my subjects passed ! and this time overall percentage better than last year.
so overall, im happy. but, i swear im going to buck up for maths.
listen in tuition class, stop sleeping for maths sake.
do all my homework , which is, stop slacking.
do revisions ! stop using the computer so often
and take the effort to memorize the formulaes.
okayes. sounds difficult but i think i can do it.
JACQUELINE KOH ! stop being so lazy can !
haha, then mr wong kinda counselled me abit, and asked me to buck up and said that i can do it blah blah and that he will give me indices tuition.
wah sian, that means if i fail again = letting him down.
ah ~ i must really learn how to stop letting people down for my sake !
lol. i can do it ! I CAN DO IT LAAAAAAAA !
argh ~ sounds difficult though BUT I STILL CAN DO IT OKAY ! FOR MATHS OUT THERE.
though i want to kill that someone who invented maths ?!
argh, by the way , something happy to announce.
im not going sch tmr. yay ! cos im sick :D

Saturday, August 26, 2006 || 7:23 AM

Our shoes {haha?}
LOL! zilian in the car. bored what :X
LOL! jacq choo &me !partial reflections.

|| 7:04 AM

im sure those who watched the play today will so agree with me okay.
the play is so boring. & i fell asleep til i lost count. & the show is 21 bucks !
just because its from esplanade. AHHHH. i mean, if i had known better, i wouldnt have gone okay ! 21 bucks can give me two trips to the ice skating rink. & its not only me who fell asleep, almost everybody i suppose fell asleep. cos the show is bout talking and talking and repeated movements and repeated speech that i just want to throw bananas at the cast :X
allright, i was just joking.
Okay, shant rant bout it anymore. whats over is over and cannot be undone laa.
just that i shall do research on plays before watching them again.
what a fine good lesson for me to learn.
nevermind ! but there is some happy things that happened in the morning too :D
hahahaha. so happy laa ! then went on to amk to meet bry& jacq choo cos we agreed on earlier to meet and go to esplanade together cos me & jacq choo dont know how to go .
then i was very hungry while waiting for them. so poor thing hor.
LOL~! then later on, we ate sumo house. the dumplings there veryvery nice !
Rate:4.5/5 ! must try ! put moremore vinegar :D
then after that we went on to leave for esplanade. we were early, so we went to the river near it and saw that retarded merlion spitting out water. then we took some photos which i will try to upload later. haha. then went on to watch that stupid show .
OH YA OH YA ! when i left for amk , i saw jacynda ! just a small glimpse though .
haha ((:

whoooo ~
Friday, August 25, 2006 || 4:17 AM

had the drama performance today. it didnt sucked the way i thought it wld turn out to be .
people laughed alot . in my mind was like :' very funny meh' . & bryan & jacq choo said its because i watched it too many times. very funny also become not funny. its true laa . haha. & jacynda told me that she is a skillfull & pro ahem . { dont think dirty please } if you do , wash your brain with dettol please. LOL! i actually laughed out loud at the message. HAHA !
to jacynda : i take my time okay! unlike you :DD
haha. allrights, then after my drama performance , i went with jacq choo&jingyan &bryan to the playground and slacked awhile since it was still quite early. & we took tons of photos which i only want to upload some cos the others are ugly . haha .
hais. i agreed to drink 5 coconuts beacuse they need the coconut shells to do the classroom deco lor. cos the theme is : tropical . allright ~ allright ~
i think i drink until i can burst. but money claim from classfund so i dont mind :DD
tmr have stupid theatre trip. it better end soon cos later in the night i have important function.
{Only the Js know} haha. then vanessa koh gave vanessa lam a flower made of tissue paper { i think } , then i took a super spastic photo of her ! hahahaha. allright, i forced her to.
but nvmd, im not that bad to post it out. AND ! jingqiu made me angry today.
but we are allright already. haha.
i cant wait to go out with the Js during step holidays !

Thursday, August 24, 2006 || 6:35 AM

AHH. im so bored laa.
boredom boredness boring bored !
but im happy ! cos mummy agreed to buy me that bag im eyeing for so long already :D
YAY. hahaha.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006 || 5:03 AM

and i failed. I FAILED ! how can i fail lit ?! i want to take lit next yr ley !
i got very pathetic marks. LOL. nevermind. alot of people fail anyway.
self-assurance laa. then tmr have maths test ! gosh. all the tests like finish liao then suddenly pop up one ? darn it laa ! spoil my mood. zzz.
i dont wna fail.
then crapped around alot ? took some preetay pictures in drama today !
those lovely masks are so cool.

shalini and me ! arent the masks cool ?

okay. again

me & mon ! ahahahaa.

actually took one with jing yan also but she was up to all sorts of funny poses and it turned out really weird laa. so never update ! :D

Monday, August 21, 2006 || 4:09 AM

Today is such a boring day :DD
had hme econs at first { four periods! } makes me look forward to mondays !
haha. baked chocolate cake& pineapple tarts.
it didnt turn out to be a diaster okay ! then we baked and baked.
i forgotten to bring my apron - again . LOL! but mrs kumar didnt care .
it turned out that the chocolate cake was gross but the pinapple tarts were super nice okay !
im so proud of myself ! :X
then english had this super dao teacher. i dont like her can. dao her dao there.
dig out her eyes ah. & shes only 19teen. what the heck lor.
oh, and i totally screwd up my oralcy . cos i went up there & so many people were smiling at me as if im the president giving some speech. then i laughed & laughed. & mumbled some stupid stuffs of the text & laughed again. DARN ! i could have done so much better lor ?!
nevermind. i passed anyway ! :D 6/10 LOL!
then geog was free period ! YAY ~!
after that was the worst thing. drama exam ! rats . i didnt really go memorize the script lor can ?! then in the end when i went up to act with khairi , i partially scrwed up by forgetting the lines. darn . but nevermind, some very kind people prompted me :DDD
haha. then after that i went to the bubbletea shope with jacq choo.
theres this aunty arnd her 60,70s, always asking $$ from innocent kids like us & she says she wants to go buy food to eat. summore her attitude of begging damn bad okay ? and she uses the $$ go buy ciggaretes. then today we saw her again, and we totally ignored her when she approached us for $$. so pissed off. LOL. so old still smoke.
Haha, okay, now theres this humongous hornet in my room & im scared to go in :(

Sunday, August 20, 2006 || 8:19 AM

Haha, today was a happy happy day ~
thats because i went shopping. haha, relaxed laa . hardly found time to shop .
went to parkway parade. haha. with my mummy.
i love shopping with her cos i need not pay.
haha. hms, then we walked round & round. first, we went to the foodcourt & ate our dinner.
then, we went to shop already. haha, then i bought a mango top & short jeans.
the mango top nice can ! actually i wanted to buy two, but i no heart to open mouth to my mother. LOL , next time then i ask her. haha. then my mum say she want buy bag&shoes. in the end found one damn nice but $100 + exp right ? then i ask her not to buy lor.
haha, then i found a small bag very very nice . but quite exp also. so never buy again.
haha, then we went to eat andersen icecream. shiok can ? LOL.i ordered cookies&cream and chocolate. also ordered a cookie there. nice lor ~ then mummy bought almond dont know what. haha. then in the end i very tired ah. go home ler ~
haha, how i wish every sunday can like this shop.

Saturday, August 19, 2006 || 8:56 AM

LOL. second post of the day.
haha. just want to say that i have obscene { no dirty thoughts pls } photos of
but, im nice so im not going to post them out here !
haha, i wonder how she will react when she sees this. :X
AHAHAAAA. im evil ! & i love her lots.

|| 2:55 AM

i was so bored in the bus way home that i took & edit this .

|| 2:48 AM

Went to cheng san cc to meet khairi,danny & jacqueline choo for the rehersal & text annlysing for the drama exam which is on monday. hais, i dont want to act. & we were supposed to meet at 10.00, but i thought was 11.00 . then at 10.00, jacq choo called me, asking why nobody was there.then i told her she got the wrong time, but obviously i was the one who got the time wrong ? haha, then she went to the amk library. then i went there straight going out of my house to meet her, but it was arnd 11.00 when i reach anyway. then, i called khairi and danny. then they told me they had been bloody waiting for us there since 10 + . i was shocked. LOL

Me : how come u all come so early huh
JacqChoo : yah lor, i thought guys always late one.
Khairi & Danny : U all called to meet at 1o.oo what !
Me: stare at jacq choo.
Jacq choo : - burst out laughing
Me : oh man, sorry ! it was me who got the time wrong

LMAO ? LOL. sorry laa, made u all wait for so long. then after that , we grabbed tons of tibits and then do the line by line text annlysing. lol, then after that, we slacked and the guys keep talking bout rohit and yusaku. LOL, saying how heavy they are, blah blah. those meanies.
LOL nevermind, then we went to jubilee to slack furthermore and walked walked there.
haha, ((: then me & jacqchoo shared tomyam steamboat. nice (:
haha, then shortly after jiu go home ler.

Friday, August 18, 2006 || 6:19 AM

Today is a nice nice day ! cos today is friday ! hahahaaa.
then today science lesson, went to computer lab to research some stuffs. then i secretly go blogger & went blog hopping ! haha, then suddenly, i saw jacynda taggd @ my blog. gracious me, i was abit surprised laa. then i quickly sms her. then shes online @ her school also. haha, then chatted abit bout her hot,red adidas jacket. damn laa ~ i love her jacket lor :X
haha, then aftr that very sian ~ lessons all the way. then hav drama, but then sch dismiss @ 12.30 & drama @ 2.30 , so have 2 hr break. then meanwhile, me & vanessa read books ~
so studious hor. haha, we were damn uncouth laa. we sat @ the back of the class, the sofa there, then our legs were flying everywhere. hahahaaa. then the sofa was damn sticky laa !
gross can ? then after that we went for toilet break, then suddenly jingqiu go whisper soemthing to vanessa, then i ignored her. LOL, then suddenly they all two come chiong and zap me. WTF ?
so ticklish can. i was screaming away ~
idiotic, always bully me can ? LOLLL

Thursday, August 17, 2006 || 1:33 AM

Haha, havent been blogging for a long long time.
Actually have lots to say, but dont know where to start. Hmms, i chnged blogskin again.
hehehes. so sian with my previous one laa ~
Today science lesson was quite fun laa ! cos we played around with rainbows
haha, then i took a very preetay picture of a rainbow that me & jiahui made !
SUPER PREETAY CAN ? Haha, then had history test. VERY EASY.
haha, okay i admit i cheated abit :X hush haha. (:
then had art blah blah. so boring laaa !~ & i got back my science results.
I PASSED can ! although is just pass . but im still satisfied cos i heard other classes has tons of people failed. Encourage myself laa :X LOL~
today was a scary day , vanessa nearly fainted i think. then she nearly puked also.
poor thing leis ~ must quickly get well soon okay !
I want to be a happy girl !

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 || 3:07 AM

i made a new blog , a private one for myself.
Jacynda is correct.time doesnt heal anything. it just appears in those naive stories or drama serials that we go after. because watching them make illusions happens in the heart.
& i accept that fact.

Thursday, August 10, 2006 || 7:31 AM

I was just laughing one minute ago.
Haha ! i found out some blogs for TwIts WHho TyyPeX LyK DiS NnEhhxX~ & for those ANTI-AHLIANS. cool ?
oh my gosh can ? X___x
haha, tomorrow im having geog test & HMT test. haha, i muggd geog alrdy ! if u consider reading it over once mugging. whatever la, i just feel so got cheng jiu gan . haha. be happy for me too ! i hope i get good grades. hais ~ however, higher mother tongue cant revise. even can i also wouldnt be bothered. so sian can ? Hm, yesterday went out with shuyi jie. actually wanted to meet @ 12.00, but at home very boring what, so meet @ 11.00 instead. then later shuyi chnged to tyme again to 11.30 . LOL~ & i was a teeeny weeeny bit late. haha. then we went to cineyleisure first. see jiejie eat [: then i drank the soup @ long john. haha. then we go take neoprints. ugly lor. haish ~ then jie & me were like saying how come out neoprints all taken so ugly wans. haish. nevermind der laaa jiejie ! then after that go walk walk arnd. ah ~ shopping sucks la, cos everytime i see smthing nice, i will want to buy lor. & the wishlist just gets longer and longer and longer. then i bo lui buy, hate the feeling lor. sian ~
then after that we went to some other mall in town also. forget where liao. WAH SIAN. there the clothes all so nice. mango, espirit,m(phosis, etc etc. see liao. wah sian, give me 1000 bucks also not enough . haha. then walk walk, then thirsty go inside cold storage buy fruit juice x___X
LOLLLL. hahas, then after that go meet shuyi de didi & his friends. they wanted to go see fireworks. wah sians, the girls so chio, guys so shuai. but i heard they piakia one. walaos can ?
then they go marine parade eat steamboat first, me and jie never eat. cos i bo lui, haha, then i think jiejie pei wo [: haha, then they talk, we dont know them. so paiseh cans ?!
hate those feeelings. haha, bt nevermind la, pei jie what. then me & jie never see firewrks. we went quite early. haha, then jie pangseh her di :X to pei me home. sorry jiejie . haha. u gt chance to see with jiefu what. haha.

ok laa ~ so sian.
tmr gt test. i go revise a tad more. im so guai [:

Tuesday, August 8, 2006 || 7:30 PM

yes, u didnt see wrongly. im the happiest girl yesterday (:
& i dont care if you take away my candies cos i will still smile @ you

Sunday, August 6, 2006 || 8:09 AM

i dont know why im just feeling so fat all of a sudden. FAT IS THE TABOO WORD & IM USING LIKE NOBODY`s BUSNIESS.
im feeling so evil now. im so fat and i want the whole universe to be fat so i can be skinny.
so next time, i will force everybody to eat one whole litre of ben& jerry`s ice cream and i shall bring two tubs of king`s ice cream and i shall be the ice cream seller so i can earn tons of $$. one stone kill two birds. the ice cream might cause you to have *COUGHS high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, high cholestrol, high this high that. nothing low anymore !
gosh, im evil i know i know.
ok. im still fat. i have been trying ways to jian fei but i cant ! running on treadmills, blah blah.
whatever. i want to watch the movie mrs goh showd us so at least i wouldnt feel so fat for at least 1 hr + & thats a good thing.
oh gosh, but im still fat !

damnit, i want to go jean yip and jian fei.
whoever wna go , jio me along okay !
the thing is, u pay.

Saturday, August 5, 2006 || 7:40 PM

went out with switypie ~ peiling [:
sorry im late. actually u ought to be very honoured cos im usually the one waiting
haha, thn went to skps carnival. SO SIAN THERE. nothing to do .LOL~ but there got real life horse. x__X how they put there? i also dont know. then alot stalls.then peiling want insisted on joining those kids on playing those kiddy stuffs. i was like oh man. wth ?!
LOL! heng the sign says : KIDS ONLY. haha ! then she cant play. hehehehes. or else quite malu ehs. haha, then saw ariel & andrea. then we took photos. SO LONG NEVER SEE THEM LIAO !
haha. then they say i change alot x___X then we walk walk walk. until so sian then we decided go compass point. then i saw jacynda & joann ! haha. so coincidence right ? hehehehs.
hms. thn we walk around. go popular, sasa,ice lemon tee, blarblar. then we went long john eat . haha, then went kovan. then we sat on the bus got this super irritating aunty sitting in front of us then suddenl she turn around say ` you all want find trouble uhr` then me & tanguo was like . ` X____X ` what did we do uhr. then she was like sit properly la ! i bring u all go police station. I WAS LIKE O.O peiling also. LOL~! that aunty siao one. WE DIDNT EVEN DO ANYTHING ! i think if we bring her back to hougang chalet the person there will thank us uhr. WALAOS LOR ! make us so paiseh ! suan ler !~, thn we went kovan , then we went this fashion. haha, tried lots of clothes. then i bought one.
$9.00 nia ! CHEAP RIGHT ?! haha. quite satisfied :D
then i went this brand jap brand `banana` lame brand uhr. but their clothes damn nice laa !
then on sale i bought a top $5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
haha ! then switypie bo lui go home ]:
then she smuggled inside MRT. LOL~ she quite clever eh ! haha.

TESTS ! ):
Thursday, August 3, 2006 || 8:31 AM

even though its taking up damn lot of my tyme.
the clothes prices are cheaper and they are damn nice laaa !
haha. sat going out with tanguo for skps carnival . YAY ~
very long never go out with her lers. LOVE U !
haha [:
hms, today had maths & hist test. i didnt do THE FULL GRAPH of one qn.
damn it laa ~ marks fly away liao lor.
nevermind ! this alot of people also never finish & this term is only 10% [:
hist was quite easy ~ wrote damn long for source based.
haha. tmr have english letter writing test. ARGH~
monday we have 4 tests ! WTH ?!?
& have art assignment, decorate that damn menu.


Tuesday, August 1, 2006 || 2:50 AM

guess no alien took me away to outer space.
argh ~ tomorrow having that stupid lit test.
prays to be easy. oh please ~
argh. mr ang said that my hair is very messy, and he threatens to cut it if i dont make it neat.
whatever laa. its only him who thinks so lor. i mean when he asked mrs lim to help me neaten my hair, she was like ` huh, where got messy ?`
stupid idiotic (*#@)(@(#
ANDDDD. mr neo said that history is going to be all source-based cos he doesnt want us to memorize too much. haha, mr neo clever ah. cos he knows nobody would go memorize what.
LOL~ YAY. so now i have time to study geog ! & i studied lit already !
-pats myself on the back XD
oh god, let me have good results so i can have that chocolate phone.
oh by the way, i wna chnge my blogskin. its too gothic already. the more i see, the more bloody i feel. got any good recomendations tell me okay !