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Saturday, September 30, 2006 || 9:05 AM

Geog & hist was a killer which was totally unexpected.
espically the geog map skills. im such a lu chi. how can i ever master maps ?
Oh nevermind ~
but maths was kinda easy though :
i hope i pass. still have maths paper 2. kinda scared.
tmr is science.

Thursday, September 28, 2006 || 2:41 AM

Wah. lol, another jacqueline taggd.
& also a anonymous mingli, wah . alot jacqs& minglis hors.
i thought those two names quite unqiue de ley !
btw, everybody's blog on hiatus. i wanted mine to be too, but studying until so boring i come here post awhile lor ~

POSTWAR PROBLEMS ( this surely will come out der )
tess the very pro storymaker helped me to memorize using this.

No jobs = No money = no housing = no water&electricy= no food=health problems = cannot go school
easy to remember right !
okay, back to mugging. byebye

Sunday, September 24, 2006 || 3:32 AM

i just realized that ALOT of people, starting with J-A-C- (reads/taggs @ my blog)
Example :
Myself : Jacqueline koh yu ling
Jacynda : Jacynda teo ming li
Jacq choo : Jacqueline choo ming li
Jacq, tanguo : Jacqueline ang peiling
& suddenly just a jac passer-by taggd also.
well, i always thought my name is very unique lor !

Tuesday, September 19, 2006 || 8:50 AM

Okay, shall be optimistic for once & stop talking about how fast the exams are coming.
Allright, came to school on monday& realized that Zhiying has shaved off his sideburn.
i have the photo ! the zhiying-with-no-sideburn makes him looks so gay cute lor .
-EVILLAUGHS. allright. no offence ah. & we studied bout how twins were formed & blahblah.
then everybody will keep turning around. looking at zhiying & jieying. haha. so cute laa !
Oh, and i cant believe i actually can survive 9-10 months inside a water-filled enviroment, drinking my own urine. what a wonder !
& when i saw how the sugeorn pulled the baby out. it totally freak me out.
the baby is like so fragile ! okay, nevermind.
tomorrow is my chinese oral . ROAR. i think should be no problem bah.
& IM SO HAPPY ! jacynda the great gave me a keychain. Its a monkey keychain then inside have a key. monKEY & the KEY ! = 2 keys. It means alot to me. Only oddbesties will know why. sumore the monkey is in black colour ! HAHHAHAAHAAA.
Its so not a coincidence :X
Shall post the picture of the monkey ! :D

Monday, September 18, 2006 || 4:50 AM

what a sad thing.
Oh btw btw ! when i was going home, i sure an Oreo biscuit, then ALOT ants there.
and i mean ALOT ! took a photo & you guess what ? It looks like an egg , then alot alot sperms.
Im serious ! What a fantasy of science ! & im still having headache.
argh ~

Sunday, September 17, 2006 || 4:07 AM

Feeeeeel so tired ~
Just came back from johor to attend some stuffs :D
& i saw him today. * happyhappy.
he's still the same, except i cant msn him because his laptop is spoilt T.T
whatever virus attack. hopes it attacks u instead laa ~
It raind today, but i love the smell of the rain, so how i wishd it never stop.
Took coach with the other god lovers. Didnt take public transport. So didnt have the chance to talk much to jacynda, joann & joanna. -sobs.
nevermind. we're living in 2oo6 already & theres this thing called internet. So in the bus, sat with si hua. shes so inquisitive, asking this & that, like nobody's busniess !
but i like lor ! remind me of my childhood days.
But the fact that she hits people so hard that it totally spoils the image of a wonderful, gentle little angel. BUT, shes still cute !
Okay, and she was forcing me to listen to her lame jokes, which totally bore me out.
BUT ! shes still cute ! did i just said that ?
allright, she IS cute. charcter more :D
Yay. im happy today. Yay.

Friday, September 15, 2006 || 4:59 AM

YAY! its friday already. weeeeeeekends ! time pass by so fast laa ~!
Lessons were boring today, as usual.& during chinese, Mr tay came in & told us about the HMT paper. he was saying that if we failed overall for HMT, then we wld have to drop HMT& go to express nxt year. argh~hope 2/3 will pass. And also, he told us to prepare for next yr O's express chinese paper. He said that many people get A1,A2. thats the expectation la. & when people gt B3,B4, they would just cry.LOL?! he say until like everybody will gt A1-B4 at the very very very least. And now, currently everybody's HMT marks are like 50 - 60 +
( see the difference in marks ?) LOL! stress la. Haha ~ nevermind. if i really get B4, i think alot of people will suffer with me. - EVILLAUGHS.
Okay, then we had the chapter6 science lesson. was kinda boring la ~ Ms sek showed us a video clip, then i fell asleep! I think others was filled with energy lor. But, i found it so boring la ~
I know everything liao mah! joking. Allrights, then the other lessons were boring.
Then, the chinese oral was cancelled as mr chin ah swee XD said that they had meeting later on.
postphoned lor. i so wanted to take it today lor.
nvermind ~ then after school went to pizza hut to makan with jacq choo. shes rich can !
had pasta while she ate baked rice. She ordered student meal. cos we are students and no money what . Then, had a choice of either Summer Vegetable or Mushroom cream soup ( smthing like this ) . Then, i took the mushroom cream & jacq choo took the summer veg one.
& we started to drink happily. Then, i saw that two friends, was also taking mushroom soup & summer vegetable each. At first i thought it was a pure coincidence. BUT!!! after that, i saw another two friends, each taking summer veg & mushroom soup. Then i turned to jacq choo & told her my discovery. Then after that, i saw more friends of pairs, always each taking one summer veg & mushroom soup! i found it hilarious la. cos friends should have the same taste one what. lol, weird hor ?
Then after that, was so bored cos drama starts quite late. So, we went to popular & walked around. Strange choice to shop ?Jubilee is pathetic, only have a few shops. NO shopping at all.
Then we saw a poster of 'John Tucker Must DIE' . that show we watched part of the preview already. nice & interesting okay! So we decided to go watch one day. Hmm, then had
STRESS management for drama. it was total crap ! The trainers is LOUSY! They dont know how to capture our attention at all. i felt even more stress there. Was so irritated at their
un-professional attitudes. Lol~ then the slides the information is like so vague, i mean, even a primary four should know. serious. Waste of my time ! But, nevermind ~
AH! & miss lee shouldnt have cut her hair short ! sad lor. her long hair is like so much nicer !
I miss her long hair. & after that drama workshop, which was total uninteresting, i went home .

Thursday, September 14, 2006 || 5:57 AM

I remembered someone tagging @ my tagboard, asking me to link him : http://xxingg.blogspot.com/
check it out.
Although its quite interesting i admit, but he gives me a very xiaxue wanna be feeling.
Haha, nevermind. ~ people want to be famous mah.
Ah, yesterday i studied until midnight 1.00 ! history . This time i wanna go to Pluto already.
But too bad that small little planet is being taken off the 9 planets thingy. tht means he's no longer a planet. sad, isn't it ? Allright, anyway. Today was kinda boring laaa.
English had reading, which i slept all the way. Remember i slept @ 1.00 ? allright, i didnt really sleep at 1.00. i lied on the bed @ 1.00, but heck , i only managed to sleep @ 2.00 . seriously , sometimes i wonder whether i have shi mian . I mean, seriously. Sometimes i lie on the bed on 12.00, i cant even sleep until 4 + . that explains my grumpy mood sometimes. Nevermind ~
I think im noctural.
Im always super refreshd at night, but super tired in the morning.
Hhaha, oh & mr wong didnt come to school today. So i slept for 2& a half hour straight , until recess. then finally, i have energy to listen to history & art .
HISTORY !!! Ah, history has alot of chapters to learn eh. nvmd ~ i can do it !
But maths, blah ! I shant care. but i still dont wana fail. AM I being a nerd or something ?!
Nvmd, nerds are cool. that will shut u up, wont it ? joking ! Then had lunch with jingqiu.
Had package noodles @ the indian stall . The indian lady's son is like SO CUTE !
Hes my baby ! whatever ! He keep trying to talk to me & i keep going huh. cos i cant hear a single thing he says ! Then, he will show me his green plastic ball, dont think dirty pleaese . & then he will try to play with him, making a gun with his hand & trying to kill me. so childish & cute !
And then i had tuition which was super boring. gah !

Wednesday, September 13, 2006 || 6:33 AM

Okay. Wednesday already. Countdown : Around two weeks to EOY.
what the ...
hais. i really need more time to prepare please. regretted slacking during the holidays.
ARGH ! nevermind. everybody says that they have not started on their revision yet.
When i hear those people saying that, I would be wondering whether what they say is true.
I mean, they are the ones who score almost all. YES, ALL As . What the ... ?!
I mean, then how they do it ah. They dont have elephant brains right. Sometimes i wonder whether its whether they will think that i will be wondering that they are a nerd.
I mean, hellooo. Nobody would think that way. allright, im just guessing that they did study. Which i think is true. Cos i dont believe they will get their results so high & never do anything about it. I shall admit : I started doing some maths today !
* enough praises please *
HAHA. & i shall start on history. so many topics can. Im from STM alumni. ( just a joke )
but i would be inside if there is one. I can go out with you for like one whole day and the next day , i wouldnt be rememebering what u wore the previous day. What a chicken brain !
I know i know.
Okay, anyway. after school had drama. watched those vedios that ganghao very nicely taped down for us so we can view it and do reflections. & everybody is like so excited and all in the beginning. & started laughing when we see ourseleves on screen. LOL! Then some sec5 people came into the room and started viewing. SO PAISEH CAN?! how i wish i could just chase them out with a broom
Allright, nevrmind. then i accompanied jacq choo to the jubilee popular as she wanted to buy a very challenging maths book that she said it was very good and challenging for her.
But too bad, it was out of stock. But, she bought another book. Yeaps, maths also.
Argh. I bought a assessment book which was very thick like at the beginning of term2.
& i did only like a few topics. GAH ! but nevermind, im doing now too.
Then after that, I went to kovan to meet joann and joanna came slowly after.
Searched for seats initially, haha. it's like most of the people there are studying.
Then finally settled with a table & ordered some food to munch on while doing my maths work.
Wah sian, did maths for like 2 hrs + . MATHS ! lol. nevermind ~
At least i knew how to do them. But indices is still a gone case for me.
Then we studied & studied & still studied . Then after that, we went to kovan and walked around abit. Then, we went home soon after.
How i wish we can hang out like this more often ! Jacynda too.
haha (:
love them to bits.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006 || 8:45 AM

AH. tuesday already. soon, the week will pass by oh-so fast.
I also realized in mr wong's lesson that finding the volume of pryamid is like difficult.
An idiot like me wouldnt understand if he explains once.
not even twice, thrice. the fourth time ? U might want to try .
I always make those who tries to teach me maths boil their blood.
AHA. not my fault that im slow ~
Now thinking of failing the EOY maths really freak me out. i mean, maybe cannot promote ley !
WTH~! i dont wna make my friends,parents disappointed lor.
So i must pass. But i find no motivation to do maths.
what the *@#@#&!)!##!$)*@
I hate maths !

Monday, September 11, 2006 || 8:13 AM

Ah. my brother just turned on the animal planet channel. & it just stuck me of steve irwen somehow. In my last post , allright at that time when i was posting about him just being a wrestler with crocs. DARN ! im so totally wrong. Im even guilty right now okay.
The days before my sister was tune on the television , watching bout the Steve Irwen's marathon special. Darn ! I was so tuned to it allright, i watched til like 11.00 -12.00 midnight ! Evn though the next day was school. the first day at that. Ah. Darn, now i know why some people are so sad and grieving over his death. Gosh, now that he's dead then i know how great a person he actually was. am i slow or what ?! AH. and one more thing. my mum is upset too.
-slaps forehead. -sigh- his daughter is like super cute can ! I think his daughter's english is like much better than mine although she is very young. OH ! & i looooorve her blonde hair ! So chio okay ! Allright, wait. im supposed to grieve right. Think bout this man. Such a cute &pretay young girl losing her daddy. A very accomplished one at that. It's so sad ! (Hey, im not being scacastic okay) Im feeling sad now. I want more Steve Irwen's shows ! Argh . i shouldnt have even thought of calling him a croc wrestler at all. im so guilty. T.T
Eat more stingrays ! Make them extinct ! So they wont harm any innocent people already.
(P.S stingray is supeeeeeeeeeer nice when barbequed ! )
Okay, im still sad although this came a little too late.
Oh, and why the heck i cant sign in to MSN? Its making my blood boil.

|| 4:30 AM

first day of school has ended already. how time flies ~
& i was nearly late for school today. Yes, nearly only. im not late ~!
Mum woke me up late today. then she cant drive me to school as she has to drive my sister as she studies in like east coast area ? wth ~ nvmd nvmd. then i quickly chiong everything & rushed to the bus-stop. waited for the damn bus for like 15 mins. then it finally came. then tried to catch some sleep in the bus but i couldnt. AH ~ so watched diva on dime on the bus which the television is starring. Finally, i reached the stop at the amk MRT. then i walked to the part which it links the pathway. but wow, guess what ? it's blocked ! So pissed off already ~ when i was in the MRT it was already 7.13 , which means 2more mins im late. then i give up already. decided to stroll slowly to school. then i walked slowly and then i admired the scenery laaa ~ wondered what excuse i should give. Allright, when i was nearing the school, it was already like 7.17. then i saw one guy running towards the gate. then i ran also
>.<"" and the security guard was like SO NICE ! he allowed me in.
AHAHAHAHAAAAA. so i wasnt late !
Lessons were boring, as usual. vanessa was sick. didnt came to school.
u sotong ! get well soon please for your sake ! drink more vitamin C and calcium laaa ~ :D
Had four periods of home econs (YAYNESS!) but well, 2 hours of theory -.-
& then the other boring lessons followed on.
Had ICGSE drama after that. supposed to look forward but i think because its the first day of school & im like so dead tired already, i seriously wasnt lookinf forward at all.
darn. i need another good week of rest please.

Sunday, September 10, 2006 || 6:19 AM

Arent you guys sad that the holidays are over ?
Have to wakeup so early again& more boring lessons that cant be any worse.
oh man. i dont wna look forward to all these please.
nevermind. i shall be optimistic and look forward for the nov/december holidays.
damn. mugging time again ?
-slaps forehead. i seriously need a new brain. like seriously.
no more capacity already for maths. i forgotten like almost everything.
So sick of school im not even looking forward to drama already !
what the ... ?!
ah. today was like a seriously boring day please. give me some excitment in life please.
had tuition. and i still cant really draw those light reflecting diagramms.
*(@!##@)(#)! science.
& i was kinda sick today. WHY DONT IT DRAG TO TOMORROW INSTEAD?
haha. nevermind. lets countdown to the next holidays.

Saturday, September 9, 2006 || 8:10 AM

and i will.
i shant worry bout how others treat or think about me because
i know i have done nothing wrong.
at least i think so.
cos i really want that happy life back.

|| 7:34 AM

holidays are ending soon. Why dont they like seriously make holidays like 123,678,098 days ?! Gosh. im dying allright. EOY are coming like real soon. Who wna die together ? Ah. i totally forget about indices , factorisation, algebra, and even the simplest maths a pri 6 knows.
pathetic la hor ? i know i know -.-
gosh. i dont want my report card to be full of red marks lei. i mean , erm, yah. maths.
M.A.T.H.S . killer subject okay. for me la.
I still cant accept the fact how come maths can be in ACE in like so many people's reportcard ?
The subject they treat it with love cos it pulls up their total marks ?
It's dragging my marks down okay. What the heck! Pull out every maths whiz's brain !
hahahahahahahaaaaa. (-laughs) Oh yah, not forgetting science too.
but i will let it pass la. since my science this term pass leh ! not bad for me liao okay.
allright, stop complaining. i shall hit the books or maybe not.

Friday, September 8, 2006 || 6:06 AM

ROAR/ i have like a total unexpected new addiction.
guess ,guess ,guess .
allright, let me reveal the answer.
take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath first.
its XIEXUE's blog ! hahaha. guess why i used pink ? cos in her blog she says that her favourtie colour is pink -.-\\ nvmd. lol. every single of her blogspots are like so true lor. like really deep down from the heart. okay, i guess this addiction came late, but i used to detest her.
nvmd nvmd ~
allright.btw ~ went to mac study with bryan&jacq choo. haha. both of them were late, but i cant blame them. When i was waiting for them in the hougang interchange and i was like day-dreaming. (what else can u do in a place where its flooded with buses ? ) , i saw one man behaving like a wolf, slowly coming to me. gosh, i wnted to scream okay. then he was like suddenly looked into my eyes. then i stared back. then he was like ' bu yong pa, i only want you to do some doantions blahblah . ' haha, in the end also nvr donate. too bad la, im a poor poor girl allright. then he walked away smiling .____. allright, so much for this crap. anyway, jacq choo bought like 2 terrapins. cute okay ! then stupid jacq choo so ti ko pek. whenever the terrapins like having some akward positions, she will like go all crazy -.-
nvmd nvmd ~ her raging hormones must be at work. so much for a fourteen year old.
AHA. btw, IM SO PISSED OFF BY SOME chicken salespeople okay.
{ this is told to me by my mother }
as she sets off on a quest to get our digital camera which is like sitting in the old cardboard for like months. haha, and of cos another reason which i wont tell u.
>NEHNEHHYPOO.{POO< beg me. beg me laaa . beg sumore ~ not enough.
AHA. allright ~ there goes my story.
my mum is bringing our rotting camera to get repaired. what the heck. u should have seen the person's attitude. my mum says its like darn idiotic. her ku gua lian.
Below is a short conversation of them. { they speak in chinese. im translating in english }
Mum: Hi, I'd like to know how come this camera cant work properly& how much would it cost to repair it ?
Salesgirl: Aiyah, what else. u never use for a long time liao right ? I think dust accumulate inside
Mum: Oh, then how much would it cost to repair it ?
Salesgirl : You want you sell to me lor ? I give u $300. then u topup anoter $300 i give u a brandnew camera.
Mum: - ponders.
Salesgirl: (knowing my mum isnt at all interestd, she said this } AIYAh.. u think i really want your camera meh. i take already also throw away what. [BAD ATTITUDE]
Mum : (shoots back , abit pissed off ) Got people so good one meh ? like this give away free $300. uh ?

BAD ATTITUDE. *#@(*@!()#!(_!#($&#&^

Wednesday, September 6, 2006 || 7:23 AM

So i wont be online for arnd a week or even longer.
for some reasons (:

|| 6:45 AM

Didnt blog for a long long time already. hahaha.
Tuesday :
had like 6 hours of drama.
SIX HOURS. haha. was quite boring initially but in the end, its was quite okay.
had like one hour in between for break for lunch. & jacq choo,huixian,bryan&me went ALLLLLLLL the way to sumo house for lunch.
hahaa. i couldnt finish. surprisingly. haha. then i just realised huixian could eat tons !
dont be tricked by her slim figure. -jealous-
haha ! & bryan could eat tons lots too ! & jacq choo couldnt like finish even the rice ?!
haha. & i gave my miso soup to bryan. haha.
then after that we chiong back for drama. passed by cheers and i bought
qing chow shui (grass jelly drink ) . then suddenly when i was raising my hand for the change,
the cashier gave me a pair of skull-sunglasses those kids wear with flashlights along with my ten-cent change. i was shocked. LOL! then she quickly told me it was FOC.
i politely declined.
HAHA. then i went to 7-11 and saw shalini & 'gang' . then syrania was wearing one of those skull-headed flash-lighty shades, like proudly showing it off.
HAHA ! then i laughed&laughed. gosh, they are like addicted to those shades okay ?!
and they blamed me for not taking the shades so i could give it to them ):
haha. then continued with drama & went home happily ~!

WEDNESDAY {aka today}
went out with lingyu. hahaahahaaaa. met her at kovan KFC then went to collect her new spectacles. ORANGE&BLACK. nice lor. then she keep telling me thats hers is nicer than mine.
allright, nevermind ! -.- then went to macdonalds to study. we really studied okay !
haha. coudlnt find any seats initially . was so fulled with people to the brim okay !
everybody is like crazily studying laaa ~ haha ! then finally settled down & bought fries,drinks. haha. was quite hungry la ~! both of us did maths, and was like super pissed off ! poor lingyu seemed as if shes going to EXPLODE any instance. haha. then halfway thrgh, i gave up doing maths and did chinese zuo wen instead. haha ! luckily lingyu had the chinese electronic dictionary so i could check up on the words i didnt know. haha ! her pencilcase is like twice the size of mine la, inside so many stuffs ~! haha. could help her items to myself . haha.
around 3.30
, we went to kovan and walked walked abit. the 'banana' brand are having sales again ! darn it ! felt tempted laa. but no $, so cant buy anything. walked away lor.
haha. nevermind ~! then took bus to mr ho tuition, and we bought alot of snacks from 7-11 again. LOL! eat til i was like so full laaa ~
& im feeling so full now too

Monday, September 4, 2006 || 8:41 AM

DIED. yes. he's dead. allright, if u didnt know, steve irwen is the guy who goes around treating crocodiles like his wives and other animals like his children, then he makes wonderful documentries to help bioooooooology freaks (:
*sigh. i remeber i love watching him wrestling with the crocodiles.
and he always win. he was the hero when i was small okay.
better then those sumo fat-ass :X
he died. DEAD. yes, allright i got to accept the fact.
no more nice documentries already. actually, i forgotten bout him until jacq choo was like
'Please put a tortoise in your msn nick for a tribute to Steve Irwin '
I was like O.O why should it be tortoise ? not crocodile meh ?
then she said because he died, then no more crocodile, become tortoise
but nevermind. haha
allright, then i went to check other people's nickname.
DARN !almost everybody had that four legged creature on their nicks !
i was hysterically laughing . and, now. i have a four legged creature in my personal msg.
then i went offline. NOW, im online again& more people had that four legged creature in their nick&personal msg.

If i wld see u agn:
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
If i wld see u agn :

i thought u askd me to put, now i put u never put.
If i wld see u agn :

Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
it's night alr
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
If i wld see u agn :

LOL. so
If i wld see u agn :
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
If i wld see u agn:
dont u know toroitse can live to like 1000 yr
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
i chatting with a friend
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
he's not in a very good mood
Jacq, love me, love me not? says:
reckon the tortise will make him badder

LOL?! allright nevermind. this shall be the first chance i wont be seen as a freak putting a tortoise in my personal msg. people will think im caring & nice instead (:
but stil steve irwen, i miss your wrestlingwiththecrocodile documentries

Sunday, September 3, 2006 || 8:04 PM

gosh la. TWO 2 TUUUUUU. of my laptop chargers are being spoilt by my wonderful brother. CONCLUSION = cannot online once the batt dies off.
WOW?! & one charger is like $100+
greatness. how great. maybe he purposely does it so i can study without the great tempation of wonderful songs in the laptop & the oh-man msn.
well, thnk you my wonderful brother.
Okay, nvmd. another rant :
i seriously want to kill that brainy twit who invented indices.
convert blahblah to blahblah and end up the same thing ?!
i wonder why MOE allows this topic. its seriously insulting us. cos i dont know how to do a shit.
damn. allright, algebra is fine cos at least next time when i grow up i wont forget my
im so pissed off now.

Saturday, September 2, 2006 || 8:12 AM

Ah. im supposed to be studying.
oh whatever ?
shit it. everytime i set a target to study, i always use the computer instead.
stupid msn, its seriously tempting me and ruining my maths results.
okay, i shall blame it on myself instead.
hahaha. fine ~ i swear i will get down to some serious work after this blogpost.
Haha, i just returned from compass heights, from a barbeque.
haha, at first everybody was like soooooo seriously hungry laa, but after eating some cooked food like beehoon,corn,jelly,marshmellows. blahblah, we got kinda full laaa.
thats why theres so much leftovers.
haha ! oddbesties espically me & jacynda was like so seriously greedy for thee marshmellows laa. i mean, we were supposed to like barbeque it and make it all soft and hot ?
i know i used the wrong word to describe but who cares la.
haha. but we were so desperate for marshmellows that we just like err. ate the whole packet without barbequeing. luckily someone else was clever enough to know the greedy us and they bought an extra packet :X
haha. then we were like arguring who could stick the most marshmellows and barbeque it.
& the greedy jacynda stuck like 5 marshmellows, while the others just took 2 or 3.
HAHA ! & i think i was the first one who successfully barbequed the marshmellows by sticking them near the chicken wings.
man ! it tastes nice with the chicken-ey taste !
LMAO. haha. then jacynda just spent almost all the time barbequing food for other people while me &joann&joanna went to take photos and blow aircon. cant blame us. we are pampered (:
talked bout sarawak&korea&how the sake&the scorpion&the bettle& the ... blahblah
i felt so jealous la ?! nevermind. u wouldnt gedyt.
haha. then darn ! i ate so much okay. i swear im getting bigger in size each day.
argh. haha, then after much crapping& eating& crying {because of the smoke from the barbeque pits} , its already 9+ 10+ & everybody else was heading home , and we went home too ! rahaha.
i didnt take any photos with jacynda ):
but i took a photo of her barbequing !

Friday, September 1, 2006 || 2:36 AM

Click. Very nice movie.
|| 2:29 AM

it was surprisingly nice okay. recommended ! haha.
some tissue moments but i didnt cry . haha, say im hardhearted. i dont care.
but i seldom tear for movies. and some really funny parts.
initially was quite boring but in the end, was darn nice ! haha. went out with jacq choo. went to plaza sing. initially wanted to go j8, but we chnged the venue at the last moment. haha. AND GUESS WHAT ? we got lost at doughy ghout mrt. lame right ? i cant believe myself either. LOL! then jacq choo went underground der shopping center and bought a white hairband {those thickthick kind} and i kept calling her bimbo . ahahahaa. then i saw one shop selling alot nice retro earrings. haha, nice prices too, but i dont have money . how i wishd i bought more cash out. hahaha. allright, then we finally reached plaza sing and we were like 2 stupid poor pathetic idiots walking arnd, looking at all the nice clothes, nice brands, and NICE PRICES?! -.-
total turn off okay. cos all the nice clothes were like tempting us laaa.
haha, then jacq choo complained that plaza sing very cold , then we went out to the carpark &
took some photos. hopefully can post them later.we were just like acting like one bunch of monkeys on the escalator trying to take photos {cos there nobody laa} , running up &down, and down and up. LOL! then we saw so many ah-lians wna bes. small girls, grow up laa can ?! sorry but they are seriously turning me off alot. allright, then after that we went hougang mall for a
very very short while. cos i was tired, then we decided to head for home.
i reached home super early okay ! like 4.30 ?! haha !
yayness, tomorrow having barbeque & im the one whose supposed to buy the marshmellows!
haha. whats a barbeque without marshmellows ? :D:D