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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 || 7:18 PM

finally found time to blog.
my charger is always screwed. :(
actually ytd was online for a short period of time, but later my mum came to nag about my tuition teacher complainging to her that im doesnt take initiative to think about MATHS questions. its the holiday & i still have tuition. thnk you very much man.
someone, screw him please.
Then guess wht ? After waiting for like 4 days then i finally can get online, my precious lappy is confiscated - again
Nevermind nevermind ~!
Then today, i begged my dad to let me come online.
I seriously wanted to die there.
but im still alive ! :D
Okay, then i had no choice but to use my dad's pathetic computer which the keyboard is like so flat i have problem typing lor. zzz
Ytd my sis quarelled with dad.
Dad agreed to give my sister $800 . Yes, NOT $80 but a effing $800.
because she promoted in NPCC. what the !!!!!!??
& we are not even supposed to join these stupid cca.
(no offence patricia&yuxuan&rayer&jiachern&etc.)
Sis hollered& cried that dad broke his promise.
HELLO? My dad in the end gave er $800 . & my sis is not satisfied ?!?!
If its me, i'd be flying already
but i wouldnt be joining that stupid cca lah.
My sis is damn xian shi lor. because of $ quarrel ?
I think my family is already more forunate than others & shes still not satisfied
I had that nerve yesterday to just slap her there.Nevermind
Haha, anyway, done quite alot of shoppping in just two days.
Bought a new bag, a new tube(can be used for skirt too),a new top,accessories & fake nails.
haha, quite satisfied . but im seriously broke :(
Went to vivo& bugis strt two days in a row. vivio is quite boring except that they have ALL my favourite stores.
- M(phorsis
- Bebe
- Forever 21
- Mango
The stocks in bebe are quite new, but the prices are shockingly shocking.
$69.90 for a plain top with studded BEBE on it.
Wanted to buy, but luckily i didn't or else now sure regret.
Anyway, saw forever 21 shades, $11 only !
dirtcheap please.
regretted not bringing more $.
Haha, meeting sujie up tmr to buy beads to do farewell present for vanessa.
She's leaving ander for VJ. bo xim .
just joking (:
Haha, bought warheads liquid sweet for jacynda & her siblings.
wonder if they like it.
I hope they can suan si ! instead of tian si (:
Among all the friends, they 're the darling-est.

Cant upload photos. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Friday, October 27, 2006 || 8:18 AM

I typed a whole lot of stuffs that happened in the past few days &
screw blogger ! Cant load.
Thank you very much man.

|| 5:52 AM

Wheeeee. finally i can use the computer.
darn the lousy charger though :(
- Tuesday -
Had gathering (:
i swear its the best gathering, compared to class gatherings, etc.
Got to see him, but we didn't talk much.
Sometimes i was trying to avoid him, sometimes i just want to get closer.
My feelings are all churned up already.
Anyway, played ball with those little kids. They're very adorable (:
Haha, then jacynda fell down & scraped her foot.
Played volleyball with her too.
I win her leh ! xD
Played alot, fooled around & the most of them went to play soccer.
zzz, soccer is so boring pleaseplease dont let joann see this. i'd rather volley (:
I swear tapita ,or however u spell it. ( She's only 5 or 6 ? )
is quite irritating at times, spoiling our games & etc.
Hmms, then we wanted to rent rollerblades, but too bad there aren't any , cos
we went Changi beach, something like that lah.
Knew more people& widen up my circle of friends.
Then sadly , it rained. Then we went home.
Flashbacks repeatedly flashed through my mind.
-Wednesday -
Had back report book. i can just go & jump down lah. Just joking.
Tess's results are very chio, not forgetting chuyun,jiahui,jingqiu,vanessa's too.
Chuyun: 1st in class
Jiahui : top few in class.
Vanessa: 9th in class,she's going VJC. -sobs
Jingqiu: 3rd in class.
Tess: just very chio, compared to mine.
Wondering how they did it lor, i mean we studied& mugged hard together.
& the results are so different. They will be going to take triple lah.
While, im taking double pure science. hope i go into biology . -prays.
Everybody is telling me to take physics, except jiahui who thinks the same as me.
Is physics so important & can be applied in life ? I mean, biology is about ourselves.
Ah, nevermind. I put biology for the first 3 choices, then physics for the last two choices.
If im going to a physics class, then im so dead.
because physics is another form of maths & my maths is just ... always screwed.
Okay nevermind. Anyway, had some rock bands coming into our school. -.-
They can just rock their toiletbowls. Act cool people, wearing white wig & making themselves looking like micheal jackson. Oh, anyway, miss thoo seemd to be so hooked up with them , dancing along& clapping hands. What is this world coming to.
Then halfway through, i walked out for the art binale thingy.
Ah, the art binale is so nice ! So many mysterious artistic stuffs.
Grouped out together with Joseph,Pearlyn,Nattanich,Jenny,Siva,Jacq choo.
& we went on to complete our mission.
Actually we cheated, we asked around for directions & stuffs. Was too impatient to look for the art works door by door. So we got away with the mission quite fast.
& guess what, we got top lah. & then spent our times searching around for badges, etc.
okay, i know you dont know what im talking about.
Meaning, Last day of 2/3 together.
Sigh sigh. 2 years of classmates.
Sad ... nevermind.
Vanessa is going to VJC already.
Wondering if next time we see each other, will there be a hi ?
Or just walking past each other,like strangers.
Nevermind. Let time go by, & actions will determine.
Btw, Mrs lowe is retiring. Actually, i felt sad. Wanted to cry.
But nevermind, she will be coming back.
She's actually a great teacher, caring bout students & stuffs.
Feel guilty that i showed her attitude some times.
During the concert, sat with shuyi jie. Hha, talked lots & fooled around.
She sent me some items to help her upload too into comp.
Cant wait to go out with her & stella.
Went to the 90% warehouse sale with mummy& jiejie.
Brands like FCUK,Nike,British India,Zara,Ripcurl, etc.
But the items there all is so fugly please.
A normal tanktop is $29.90.
Only the lingerie there is worth buying.
Anyway, left the warehouse sale empty handed.
Was expecting nicer stuffs.

Im so going to be alone in biology class lah, cos all my friends are going to triple.
Yay me. Im a loner.

Monday, October 23, 2006 || 3:13 AM

There wasn't any assembly today because it was raining !
Yay the rain ! But i still had to go down to meet mrs kamal though.
For some art thingy. Gah, i hate art, though its like damn easy to score.
I mean, compare it with maths.
Okaynevermind, when i reach G-O, saw jacq choo & bryan already.
& then jacq choo gave me some thing. It's in liquidform & its like red & blue in colour o.o
She asked me to try it & assured me that it's nice & edible.
I thought it was detergent at first lah ! Still being the chicken me, I didnt dare to try.
So jacq choo asked bryan to try and bryan dripped a few drops & said that it was nice.
Uh huh, so i tried lor. sour lah please. But nice ! It's a nice product from warheads that brand.
Haha ! she's so nice. she know i like warheads & gave the whole bottle to me.
Heh, then we had to proceed to hall & watched some movies.
Some circus movie thingy & the people inside were so pro please ! Its like the first time when everybody was watching but stupid fiona lee was behind me , making all sorts of noise.
nono , you didnt see anything ! im supposed to be nice ):
Haha, allright then i was so cold inside ! Hah, anderson rarely have this type of standards for the aircon.
Okay anyway, the rest of the day was boring lah, except that i went to cut hair with tess.
& i emphasize to the hairdresser not to cut spiky & in the end , guess what ?
its kinda spiky. darn her, she doesnt understand english . Okay, nevermind.
But it turned out allright, then the worse thing is we cant figure out the way back to the busstop, walked in circles & tess say i lu chi :(
& tess wanted to topup her ezlink card & we went into a 7-11 store hoping that they have the service,tess very suay lah, we go inside, & saw this sign
smthing similar to this lah
Sorry for the inconvience but these following services are temporarily unavailable :
-Topping up of ezlink card
haha, so i went to buy a drink & got the chnge to xchnge with tess to take bus home.
& guess what ? i gave her like all my coins & found out my ezlink card bo lui also.
So i have to like fork out $1 for a pathetic bus ride home.
Btw, tomorrow having gathering !
yay yay yay ! :D

Sunday, October 22, 2006 || 4:42 AM

Im rotting at home now, seriously.
Except going for tuition, what i do is to stare at the computer screen,
and i highly suspect its the computer which leads me to fail my maths , taking up my practicing time.
Lol, allright, shant blame the innocent computer.
I should blame myself for being so lazy.
& heck, im still blogging ?!
nevermind, i need a rest.
after staring at the computer since 4.00 pm, now its 7.38pm
wow. anyway, my mum says that she just forked out a huge amount of $ for something personal. Ah ! that means i cant go shopping for a long time lah.
Wah sian, but nevermind . Let's hope my dad can afford to fork out $ for me to indulge in shopping.
Gah, went to tuition just now & Mr ho said he was surprised i failed maths.
he excepted me to pass leh. But ah, i failed. badly.
Didnt dare to tell him the marks. I was afraid he would just pee in his pants lah.
I was just pondering what if i fail my mastery test.
Complication 1 : Cannot take A maths if i cont. to fail in sec3
Complication 2 : Cannot take A maths = no JC
Complication 3 : No JC equals to = poly
Complication 4 : I will be letting myself down , although i think poly is a better choice than JC
Letting myself down not because i cant go JC, is because i am inferior to the others.
Darn, so i should pass my mastery test & there are so many maths pros to teach me leh !
If i still fail, i really wouldnt know what to do.
but if i pass, must treat them steamboat leh

Saturday, October 21, 2006 || 9:15 AM

Isnt this blogskin nice ?! I love it lah !
Btw, i lost all of your links & please tag to leave your link so i can link you.
Thank you for the trouble & sorry for the inconvience caused
( I sound like some construction worker. Allright, anyway )
I failed maths.
Yes, I FAILED maths.
that explains why maths is my biggest enemy.
& i abosolutely cant stand those who crys & say that they're screwed because they never aced their maths. SCREW THEM PLEASE ! I got such pathetic marks & im not whining over it.
So please, dont be such a pest.
Okay nevermind. Anyway, jiayou for myself, cos during the holidays i will have to go back to school & take the mastery test. what a holiday ! I still have to mug for maths while the others just enjoys. How nice.
But nevermind, very kind people like chuyun,tess,yuxuan,jingqiu,fionalee did i leave any out?
promised to coach me on maths. Wow, im so loved.
& i promised to treat them eat steamboat if i passed.
What a clever suggestion, i hope i fail pass so i can treat them !
Anyway, i passed all others. Maths is such a cold-blanket please. I can be like cheering now since exams are over & my results are up to MY expectation.
yeaps, maths isnt up to my expectation.
This holiday is so going to be such a nice one.
By the way, im so surprised that i passed science& geog& history.
I thought i'd flunk them ! Surprise surprise :D
Allright, anyway, bought a aunthentic & i emphasize on this aunthentic puma bag online.
Its so dirt cheap ! $10 ! Haha, what a steal ! But im not going to bring it for school.
Buying another one for school. Mum just gave me $50 to buy one & she was complaining away how i keep spending her money. My dad promised to give me a shopping spree !
I have such good parents lah ! After i fail maths they still so nice to me.
Those who pass maths, be jealous please. Cos im jealous you passed.
Oh yah, i cant stand my stupidity of maths.
Im so brainless. Im more sotong than vanessa ! Beat that .
Anyway, was really touched when my dad told me that even if i failed my mastery test,
he wouldnt bear it against me because i tried my best.
When he said that, the first question that came to my mind was :
' did i really tried my best ? ' & will i ever ?
A maths is really important & im so going to murder myself so im not going to pass it.
Oh, 2 more days left to 2/3 together before we're being seperated & going into different classes.
& im promoted, After all those talks with tess ( her results are very chio lah ! )
We keep talking bout being re-tained & going to other schools , after all these, we're sec3 of
anderson sec next year !

Thursday, October 19, 2006 || 8:06 AM

Oh man, im so dead please.
Its going to be the holidays soon & im so going to spend so much money.
I need more $ lah ! Darn, espically when the new vivo city is being built,
bebe ! my gosh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
& im so going to spend a bomb there.
I need to get so much stuffs.
shopppppppping spreeeee !
& i just love a vintage dress i saw in teenage.
-screams .

|| 6:28 AM

The main highlight : Caryl& fiona lee.
My gosh please, i didnt know they were lesbians !
just joking laaaah xD
Caryl is helping fiona lee to massage, & caryl gets paid for it .
what the ...
Caryl this type of friend ah, tsktsk lah.
Btw, i got free massage for 20 whole minutes ! while fiona lee needs to pay.
know why ? i have a ba bing of caryl.
A vedio of her crying -.-
So she asked me to delete & she 'll massage me for free.
Childish hor ? xD

Wednesday, October 18, 2006 || 9:10 AM

Today was a waste of time , time-consuming idiotic school.
we only went through exam scripts today which i slept all the way through.
I mean, nobody listened lah, except for hist & geog. But luckily , nobody failed geog overall.
which means i passed ~! & miss sheela better not get the details wrongly or else she's so dead, for giving me confidence.
Oh, i passed higher mt too, i mean nobody failed, except for rayner.
So, hes demoting to express :'(
nevermind, i will be the next to demote lah . zzz
Oh, & we stayed back for art today, please it was a torture.
Had to cut up so darn many arrows cos our theme is 'directions'.
Cut until i feel dizzy lah, & so sick of arrows now.
The penknifes are like really sharp , i think they can pierce through my heart .
So im like really careful handling with them, later i die how ?!
Okay, then, we painted the cube which is supposed to be a table ?!
Aiyorhs, i bring from home also easier lah :but overall, it was quite nice .
Then after that, went to buy more DIY stuffs (:
& erms , tess,chuyun & i talked bout how teachers of various subjects communicate.
MAN ! it made me laughed so hard.
You wouldnt gedyt lah. Its seriously funny though.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006 || 3:02 AM

For the first time in my life, i love schoooool !
Today espically can ! Cos we had rollerblading for two hours xD
But their guards,helmets were stinky . i wonder how many poeple has used it before.
AH ~ Btw, we looked like constructions workers wearing those helmets. But whatever, whatever . It was FUN can ! There were two groups. Beginners ( for those who dont know how to blade) & intermediate ( for those to showoff those who know abit how to skate )
Okay, then me, fiona lee, samantha,jocelyn & xiaoling went to intermediate.
There, we learnt sliding backwards, and a few other stunts.
Sliding backwards was fun but difficult. Haha ! Suddenly felt that i can skate much better.
Btw, FIONA LEE FELL ! & she pulled jocelyn along. muahaahhaaaa.
Me&Sam didnt fall xD
Then after that had recess, one hour please, though it was long but too boring leh.
When we have our twenty-five mins recess, we complained it for being too short, when we are given one hour, we complained that its too boring.
singaporeans ah, tsktsk .
Okay , anyway, went to hall for some opera sun wu kong thang. It was boring lah, was trying to catch some winks but it was far too noisy, so i just watched . lor. Then some pupils very suay lor. Got chosen to go up stage & imitate the opera people. WHAT THE ?! haha. but it was amusing, espically when mr neo acted like a lady walking down the stairs. He must be attracting lots of gays. Allright, then after that had student forum. wah seh, mrs poh actually allow us to wear ankle socks from monday-friday. finally , they have some sense & finally i wont be caught for these type of stupid things again Btw, it wasnt of any good use as we are mainly all wearing ankle socks already ? Haha, then after that dragged caryl to buy the correction tapes with me. They're selling 1 correction tape & 1 refiller for $0.50 ?!
& they're nice to use okay. not cheapskate tt type.
haha, then she complained & grumbled , & grumbled again.
But heck, when she went there, she couldnt ressit but buy 2 correction tapes too.
-.- tmr gg thrgh paper alrdy. sigh

Monday, October 16, 2006 || 4:20 AM

Had drama today.
yes, wth, holidays also have drama hur .
Lol, at least it wasnt as traumtiszing lah. Cos my performanced was way far bad.
& today was the day which we are viewing our vedios which miss lee , so "nicely" taped down for us. Allright, then i went to school reluctantly. I mean its the holidays & heck ! I have to wake up so early ? Nevermind.
Then went to art room for drama, & first we had some lectures , & notes.
I seriously was closing my eyes please ! Then some drama mates kept looking @ my directions,
asking me if i was tired. My reply was a silent nod of head & tried to sleep with my eyes open .
But i tried my best to listen what mrs kamal had to say though.
Drama blah blah lala blah blah.
Okay, then finally was the showing of the vedio.
Heng im the 8th or 9th ah, or else paiseh can ! When it came to the 4th or 5th , everybody was like zzz-ing or aiyah, another vedio hur attitude. I was secretly happy please. then suddenly that bryan told everybody to have respect & watch the vedio. HECK PLEASE ! I rather they dont watch. & then everybody laughed & commented about my black face which seemed blacker against the black drappings. Yah lah, charcol hur.
Haha, then i smiled & yah yah papaya.
After that, went to makan & watched a moveie with jacq choo.
Zzzzz. i was so looking forward to that movie please. Argh ~ watched another movie instead which i forgotten the title cos its hard to remember. Oh btw ! I ate penang laksa again !& also , jacq choo & i went to buy DIY stuffs from amk. Haha! Okay, back to the movie. The movie was about some stupid racing car then after that, he won the race. Something like that.
& the movie theatre only had like a few other people. Pathetic leh :But the movie was allright lah, at least i didnt feel that my 7 bucks went down the drain.
It went down the canal lah, just joking.
Then, i went home & im so bored now please.
tmr have school! - Sighsigh-
Im worried bout my results esp for maths & science.

Saturday, October 14, 2006 || 4:33 AM

I have so many stuffs lining up for me lah.
( not lined up by importance )
But the most most most important one is to : prepare enrolling in the ministry school
only jacynda, joann & joanna will know.
* movie date with jacqueline choo
*girls outing with stella& shuyi
*meeting up with taffy
*might be going out with jazzy & clique
*& another outing by alot of girls
*changi gathering
*hopefully a steamboat outing with god's lovers .
*i have to watch snow angel on you tube
* drama camp darn ! :(
*more outings with oddbesties, hopefully ?
* hanging out with benda
* hanging out again with my tanguo, peiling
* buy more beads for DIY
*bitching session with shirui
*chilling out with enqi
*might be going overseas ?
& more. trust me, more ladys will be asking me out.
but i will remenber the 1533 .
bad assosication is still bad assosiation. * reminder.
do not be an ah lian again.

Friday, October 13, 2006 || 9:55 AM

Before we left, i took this.

Chaoqun & me.

First picture with her. ROAR ! monKEY


Me kissing sujie.

By the beach :D

We adore the tree.


Had class gathering today.
it would be the last one lah. So, i went. If not, i wouldnt have bothered.
Haha, went to meetup with vanessa, jingqiu then went on to pasir ris .
we are barbequing there. Thats why.
ROOOAR. then we were like so kiasu please, we reached there @ 2.00 + & the barbeque starts at only 3.00. But when we reached there, fiona tan & clique were already there.
More kiasu than us please ! Haha. & then, we crapped & fooled around.
The beach wasn't like a beach at all, cos it was high tide & there was only a pathetic space of sand for us to fool around. Then, we sat down & talked. There were so many crows there !
i hate crows. Scary black birds, they attack humans ! No wonder people are killing them :Okay anyway, the highlight of those blackbirds are those i saw one of them shitting !
& i mean i saw that feaces coming out of the anus on a bench !
Lalalalaaaa ~ I saw a part of nature lah ! be jealous now !
I mean it'd be hard capturing another bird shitting.
Sorry for the crude words, its not intentional. Allright, then we crapped somemore & more people started to arrive, and some people came like terribly late. & i mean really late, like 5 or 6 + . But heck, its their problem lah. & i kop jingqiu's bike to cycle around. sian !
I bo lui to rent lah . 1 hour : $5. daylight robbery, i think they are practising black market.
Cos eastcoast 2 hours : $6. & i so wanted to go fishing at the longkang river lor. Tess wanted badly to too. But we walked & walked & walked again to the destination which we thought 'd be, but turns out that it's already torn down. sad lor. It has been a long time since i long-kaned . I remembered the last time was during a K2 outing -.-
How many years ah ? 8 YEARS ! Nevermind, then we went to the playground & felt like

small little kids again. The feeling was good anyway, carefree.
For once, my mind was off from thinking what if i cant promote.
Oh btw, if i cant promote, i'd probably hit the nearest neighbourhood school.
Heck bout anderson. Its so stressful. Allright, then the barbequed started very very long after 3pm , cos the fire couldnt start. think it took them around 2 hrs + to start the fire eh.
Nevermind, i was feeling SO sticky all over, so disgusted with myself. Hate the feeling of feeling dirty, so i asked caryl whether she wanted to go home with me & just skip the barbeque instead. She agreed with me lah, i knew she would anyway. Guess why ? she wants to catch a show. !!!!!! Okay, nevermind. Then chaoqun wanted to go home with us, but she said she have to eat at least some satays. Fine, then we stayed for awhile longer, but still the fire couldnt start for i dont know why , so in the end we kept dragging the time, & chaoqun still didnt have any satays to eat. Poor her. Nevermind lah chaoqun, after we graduate hor, i buy you satays to eat !
-.-~ ! Okay, nevermind. Then me , caryl& chaoqun shared a cab home.
I hate the cabby , he went the extra long way = more $$.
& he still show us attitude. Please lah, uncle, u dont even know where's hougang mrt ?
Shame on you. Btw, pictures taken today , surprisingly, blogger isnt THAT lag already.

Thursday, October 12, 2006 || 9:56 AM

Today was fun. seriously
It beats going out with other of my loved girls.
Cos today was oddbesties day without joanna though :(
sigh sigh. she has school lah ! stupid school.
Okay, woke up @ 10.00 am + i think, then was lazy to get up, however thinking of the fun we will have later just pushed me off the bed. jacynda & joann, see how much ure loved ?
Of cos, joanna too xD Allright, then joann sms-ed me and told me to go her house & eat breakfast : yong tau foo. Abit paiseh at first lah, then told my mum & my mum told me to buy back something in return . Also good lah, can get $ from her as an excuse :Then my mum asked me to buy more shi ji stuffs like fruits . So, i went to her house downstairs & bought a watermelon . very red somemore -.-
lame ? not ok. watermelon is nice. Anyway, wanted to buy their most loved marshmellows
BUT they dont sell there. either is all sold or never sell.
Okay, then i went to their house. their yong tau foo is nice !
duper nice, nicer than my maid's cooking. roar ! envy those three ladys lah, got so nice food.
okay, then jacynda took a duper long time to get ready.
Know why ? she was on the phone talking to _ _ _ _ _ _ _
wah sian. that couple ah, tsktsk. let us wait. then she keep saying that she can come out with us very good liao. wah jacynda, okay lor. u win liao.
Anyway, after her ' 5 more mins lah, & okay lah' we were ready to hit bugis .
Shopped abit around bugis mall first, then proceeded to bugis strt, as the mall is just 6 letter to describe : B O R I N G. ; oh, and expensive to mention .
Bugis strt has so much nicer , cheaper clothes. Then, we went there. walked around & i saw a super duper nice top. Red&Black striped off shoulder. the sleeves are puffy one.
DAMN NICE CAN ! I was so tempted to buy lah ! But i didnt buy at first . However, it was quite cheap though : $16 after discount. Cheap hor, but i stingy lah. So we went to the 2nd floor, and we bought earrings.3 for $5. CHEAP LAH ! so jacynda& me bought some. To be exact, i bought 3 and jacynda bought 1 xD joann didnt buy cos she also stingy lah , just joking. She bought it a few days ago when she came to bugis. Then we walked walked . Then, i suddenly felt like buying the top again, so i bugged them to return to the shop with me. then after much consideration, i bought the top. It comes with a black beaded necklace & a flowery brooch.
The flowery brooch is disgusting on the top, but looks great on my bag xD
haha, so i bought it without regrets. OH WAIT, did i mention that jacynda & joann stepped on my shoe for dont know how many times ?! Around 10 + times to be exact.
haha, but nevermind lah (;
Haha, after that we went to dhougy ghout. There so sian leh, we walked til our legs want to break lor. Walk & walk. Laugh& laugh. Gossip&gossip. fine, exclude the gossip. We're nice peopoos. Then, alot of shops are having sales. Haha ! cool , but didnt buy anything there lah ! Bo lui . Then we ate long john's silver. Ate clam chowder, i love that soup allright ! My favourite!
Gah ! Then, i went to check out m)phorsis , my favourite brand & i absolutely HAVE to get that pair of polkadots slippers. CHIO LOR ! haha, then we walked some more & Jacynda had to leave to meetup with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . Then me &mingen went on to chinatown. Cos i want to get some handicraft beads/strings/etc. Walked & walked & walked & walked. Went to this super
ulu mall lah, so scary lor. Then went i walked up the stairs, i nearly fell down, cos its steep then i thought im falling down to the 1st level, oh, im on the third level on that time btw. ITS SO SCARY ! feels like bungee jumping. Heng i never die lah, still can blog. Allright, then we two were so tired. Then, jacynda thought that we went there to meet _ _ _ _ . Haha, she very sensitive :D Then, we walked somemore to more ulu places. Oh, theres a mall in chinatown that stinks. Smells like the garbage dump downstairs my house. We nearly suffocated -.-
LOL! then finally, we found a shop that sells beads, BUT THEIR BEADS SO EXP ! $$$$$$.
So, in the end i only bought the chain -.-
Allright, then we walked some more to another mall. WAH PIANG EH ! there got so many , and i emphasize so MANY beads shops lor ! siah lah, waste our time in those ulu & stinky malls.
I sound pampered, ah, ignore me. haha, then joann bought some DIY stuffs too. & i bought some beads & string - again, some more DIY stuffs. Haha, then headed home.
Guess what ? Just now i showed my mum the top i bought, & she said she loved it & asked me to bring her to buy the same one, other colours & she was theone who insisted not to pay the top for me when i called her in bugis strt. LOL!
My mother ah, tsk tsk lah.

*Its 1.11am now& i think this is the longest post ever ?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006 || 7:22 AM

yay ! But to think of it hor, 2/3 going to seperate lerh leh.
Happy for what huh. A class that went through thick & thin for 2 years leh.
365 days x2 leh. u can continue to timex 24 hrs to make it look longer
sian leh. Next year upper sec liao, to think that time i sec1 come in, still so innocent.
of cos i now still innocent lah.
sigh. but i will miss 2/3 hor. guess most of my nutty friends are aiming to go triple science ?!
Okay, all the best. If we're true friends, then we will keep in contact no matter which classes we're in. i told so many people already. LOL! Okay, today's home econs test was easy lah.
Didnt have to study leh. But the weightage the same as history ! then for hist, i mugged like a crazy old woman. Oh, drama exam was a total flunkage.
stupid drama, wear so many costume for what.
HECK LAH ! I dont like ICGSE drama. if ure a teacher reading, then too bad !
im still writing . HECK ! ( you know there are teachers who actually reads blogs ? )
You dont ? Now u do lah. I prefer drama CCA lor. more fun lah.
Haha, holidays are al the same : steamboating, shopping, spending money, going on sprees, starbucking, aiming for new phones again , gatherings (i like it ! ) , hanging out with my girls.
Hahaha ! For my holiday to pass hor, i need $1236,401 ( okay, maybe more cos i can spend these within an hour or two ) really. So my dad always not @ home during holidays, cos he scared i make him pokeye. too bad lah, who tell him got such a materialistic daughter.
Man, i sound so pampered. Ya ya papaya, i feel so irritated because of some reasons.
Been giving attitude to those in msn.
Yayapapaya. please note that im not being myself & dont take me seriously
Tmr going out with joann :D
help her find jobs, arcarding , arcarding & shopppppppping.
Yay !
for me, i also want get job leh.

Monday, October 9, 2006 || 6:51 AM

Ah. today was lit.
it was the easiest subject among all . excluding home econs ?
haha. & i didnt study much. it was just all about writing & writing AND writing again.
wrote until my hand seriously want to break & until my G2 pen ran out of ink.
but the comfort that this paper surely can pass !
later i fail so malu.
Anyway, after the exam, wanted to go eat with tess&clique. but jacq choo suddenly appeared outside my class. haha, then i forgotten that we had agreed earlier on msn to help her shop for her costume for drama. She's acting as a clown, which duh, supposed to find some comical stuffs.
but jacq choo ah, what if on that day nobody laugh neh ? MALUUUUU.
but wouldnt one lah, me & bryan sure will laugh :D
then me,her & bryan started walking around kovan. walk here walk there, walk everywhere also cannot find clown costume. then suddenly, the very very clever me suggested this fashion.
cos jacq choo was finding something like jumper, those boyish & jeans material with polka dots ?!
she says its comical . well, it IS . then in there, we found a jumper, but its not those that she wanted, but bo biah lor, the only next to suitable jumper, so just have to make do since the exam is like wednesday ! streeeeeeess. sometimes i just dread drama. << U didnt see anything ! Okay, anyway,
then she bought that @ around $19 bucks. quite cheap eh. then after that she tried shopping for a long sleeve polka dot top. those super baggy type, but cant find any eh. so she suggested herself that she will just wear her own long sleeve & buy construction paper & cut polka dots and paste it herself. Oh btw, you might be thinking wheres bryan right? he's gone long long away in the town of paris eating steamboat. just joking. the very mean him pangseh-d us.
reason? cos we forced him to go inside this fashion too many times & cos inside all lady's clothes.
Oh well, nevermind. Then , next we went to mini toons & bought a strawberry bedroom slippers! GORGEOUS LOR ! too nice for a clown already ! then i asked jacq choo whether after the drama exam she can sell it to me @ half price. she said YES !, just joking lah. no lah.
she wants it for herself. SELFISH LAH ! Joking again ^^
haha. Okay, guess what im dressed up as ? A BOX LAH ! cos im acting as a computer.
what the ... ?! nevermind, at least it's comical. might be funnier than the clown lorh !
So guess what my costume is ?
The best joke of the day :

Qn: what is jacqueline dressing up as ?
Ans: A cardboard box with her hands&legs sticking out !

Laugh for all you want. this is drama. another special form of art :D
at least let me comfort myself please.
well, i chose the script myself, so had to do it lah, whether i like it anot.
haha ! Oh well, tmr jacq choo is coming over to help me do the box !
Anyway, just came home from tuition & my mum bought two tubs of ben&jerry's icecream!
I chose the flavours myself . YAY.
some nice food to indulge in finally.
oh well, tmr is math's paper2. im scared. booooo!

Sunday, October 8, 2006 || 6:53 AM

Im so bored.
Boredom is coming over me. Okay anyway, i still have abit of lit to mug.
tomorrow is lit :D
& while studying, i was playing with 4 metal wires. twisting & turning them into shapes.
First, i made a super ugly one. then, i made one which is quite nice lor !
so proud of myself, can go sell liao xD
just joking. anyway, when i was mugging halfway, suddenly i sensed something amiss.
i looked through my pencilcase like dont know why many times & i knew what was missing.

dang ! tmr lit leh. need to write alot one lor. then i panicked can.
asked my sister whether she had corretion tape for spare. & she said she has.
then when she was finding, okay, she took like 20 minutes to find. still dont have lor.
then i quickly asked everybody in msn. then everybody said dont have lor.
& i wanted to cry.
no lah, i where got so easy cry one.
then i called meishan , as i saw her lending a correcto to someone.
then she said maybe she can lend me only cos she hate me.
Just joking lah ! cos she doesnt knw whether sujie still needs it. Okay anyway,
then she asked me to call doreen, whom she thinks has extra. then i quickly call doreen lor,
hoping to get a confirmed answer. then she say she can lend me !
guess how happy i am ? i can give you $0.93942301543 cents !
Anyway, after that, sebas suddenly tell me he can lend me his extra correcto.
then my expression was -.-!!! Nevermind, at least i will have two in the examination hall.
then around 5 minuts after that, my sister told me she found her correcto.
i think she spent hours trying to find that pathetic thing.
Okay ! now i will have like 3 correctos in the examination room. WOW.
& meishan & fionna might lend me . WOW. i think i will have 5 correctos .
the examiner must think im mad.
okay, i blogged cos im bored, now back to lit !

Saturday, October 7, 2006 || 9:04 AM

I just came home from the wedding.
Well, its just like any other wedding lah :D
except that the food is not really nicenot bad lah . but what matters most is not really about the food. Its about the beginning of a loving couple together finally.
But well, the bride& the bridegroom is already quite old eh.
But nevermind, love has no boundaries, morever age huh.
Then saw kok yeow, hes my cousin and ex-andersonian. so its like abit akward.
then we sms-ed . haha, another of my cousin sat beside me become so mature already can !
help to serve us food, etc. grow up liao laah ! hahaha. then he keep saying the next one to marry is him. hope is reallly him. then i keep wanting to see his sms , he paiseh. say sms very personal & private. aiyah, got gf jiu say lah ! nobody will like tease you or anything like primary school kids does lah ! haha.
okay anyway,
haha. after this post im chiong-ing lit so tmr at least i can sleep earlier .
Monday: Lit
Tuesday:maths paper2
Wednesday : home econs
yay .last three paper & this is my third post for the day .
how bored can i get.

|| 2:21 AM

1.single, taken or crushing?single & crushing. hard.
2.are you happy with your life now?no. i want to die :(
3.when you meet the right person, do you fall in love with him fast?for him, its swift (:
4.have you ever had your heart broken?i think i was the one who broke his heart.
5.do you believe there are some circumstances where cheating love is acceptable?huh?
6.would you take someone back if he cheats on you? no. please
7.have you ever talk about marriage with another before?all in the past.
8.do you want children?yeah !
9.how many?two ! xD
10.would you consider adoption?adoption ? no.
11.if someone like you right now, what do you think is the best way to let you know his feelings?
hahahahaa. no comments.
12.do you enjoy getting into relationship?yeah. but after that, it hurts.
13.be honest, what is the furthest you and your ex did?why'd u wna know ?
14.do you believe in love first sight?no. its all about the looks lah.
15. Are you romantic?i guess so? i can be, but seldom .
16. Do you believe you can change someone?maybe ?
17. if you could married somewhere, where would it be?eh. i dont know.
18.do you easily give in when you are fighting?you think? depends lor.
19.do you have feelings for someone right now?yes.
20.have you ever wished that you could have had someone but you messed it up?i dont know.
21.have you ever broken a heart?yah. so ?
22.if one day your best friend fall in love with the girl/boy you deeply in love with, what would you do?aw. i dont know lah ! wont happen cos my best friends have their own prince charmings right xD
23.are you missing someone now?(:

now you have to ask 5 of your friends to do this survey in their blogs.write down their names in the list below.tag them in their blog to let them know
- Jacynda
-vanessa lam
doubt they wld do lah, anyway

|| 2:11 AM

Oh yah ! i forgot to post smthing yesterday.
I OVERSLEPT IN BUS ! Its the first time i oversleep until so jialat lor.
Cos i was supposed to alight one busstop before the interchnge .
actually it means i overslept one bus stop only . but no !!!!
when it reachd& STOP. i was still sleeping like a pig. then guess what ?
a primary school kid woke me up.
the kid: -shaking me a little, fine, not really shaking but have body contact. -erm, excuse me we reachd already
me: woke up in a fright, then rushed off.

what a sad thing. im a pig ! WO SHI ZHU.
okay, thats known to everybody actually :D
Allright, stil have 3 subjs for exams.
Literature : IM NOT SCARED!
Maths paper 2 : I WANT TO PEEEE !

hahahaha ! :\ exams are over. but im scared lah. later cant promote then im prepared to switch schools. please please let me promote. all the exams so far are like chao ji super difficult can !
fail fail fail fail fail. boo, i want to pass please.
I just dug up all my lit notes. preparing to mug for it . what a nerd right ?
nevermind. then i shall be a nerd & hopefully i will pass laaah.

Later on i shall do fiona tan's survery !

Friday, October 6, 2006 || 6:59 AM

Today had higher chinese exam
& it was terrible.
when i mean terrible, it is terrible. i almost didnt finish the paper. like 1/4 of it.
-phew i managed in the end & i swear that it was so cheem.
after that traumatising paper, went to makan with tess,chuyun& jocelyn.
Hahhaaa ! then tess was so afraid of the cats & dogs there. okay, plus chuyun. & me
jocelyn was the bravest one ! she not scared eh.
Okay, anyway. we went to makan & i ate kuay chup. It was allright, soso lor.
$2.50 . expensive ? allright. anyway, after that i went straight home & slacked around.
tmr weekends ! no need to mug like crazy already :D
then after that, went to hospital to visit a brother. he very poor thing, had stroke.
his wife was very loving lor ! see liao also feel for them :(
jacynda was asking me what if next time my husband likedat.
me : be like the wife lor :D
jacynda : really meh
me: yah
jacynda: i think u wont be whispering in his ear to tell him to wakeup. you will be pushing him hard and shouting at him to wake up.
me : .......

i swear i will be as loving as the wife ! :D
tmr i have to attend a relative's wedding. since quite long i've not been attending any weddings .
tmr will have good food,good ambience to eat already but i have to miss a sister's talk.

Thursday, October 5, 2006 || 12:28 AM

Im weird.
Because eating raisins gets me a headache.
Oh btw, today's english was also another killer. so difficult !
espically the compre laa. but still manged to complete the paper anyway.
this term's result will be a total diaster. really.
regretted sleeping so late yesterday. during the exam i stared at the question, then i slept abit. say, 20 seconds? my head was drooping ! cant concentrate. then i pinch myself, no use still -.-
then i pinched myself again, no use again. then the third time i pinch myself, i nearly SCREAMED. wth ! so pain ! argh . but finally, i could concentrate just abit more.
darn ~ then i was quite scared i couldnt finish on time. cos at the beginning i took my
own sweet time to do. i skipped editing then went on to cloze passage. then i did like 4 qns /10
then skipped again. yes, this is how i do my papers.
then i went to comprehension . wah ! very difficult can. most difficult paper in my whole
14 years ! for once i felt as if im in a ang moh country taking their papers.
my answer the longest is only 3 sentences. like this

while normally my longest wld be like this
( or even longer )

so i had this very terrible feeling that my answers are wrong. but guess what !
after exams everybody was like complaining that their answers are short.
then after that i went to eat breakfast. yes, i didnt type wrong.
its breakfast . cos its only barely 10.30 ? @ the coffeeshop.
i ordered PENANG LAKSA ! i was craving for it like so pregnant woman.
& i found it at some corner of the coffeeeshop in central. for your information, penang laksa
is VERY rarely found in singapore :D
then we went to popular to slack.
then im back home :D
oh btw, tmr's higher chinese. cant study for it thats why im so slack !