"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Thursday, November 30, 2006 || 6:48 AM

Argh, hate boring afternoons.
Spend my whole afternoon trying to look for preetay blogskins but duh, failed.
Very un-satisfied with my blogskin right now.
So, i went photo-bucketing ( sounds wrong ) trying to look for cute images & tada !
The lil girl on the top of my blogskin.
Cute right ! Haha, & the wand at my wishlist area.
Nice lor, please !
& i gave my friendster profile a brand-new makeover.
So un-satisfied with it too. Argh, make do make do laaa.
& freaky zac called me just now.
He's always so random , & he talked to me about mr bean -.-
& whether he should go to the airport and fetch *****
and later he says shes a bitch.
wah lao.
-rolls eyes -
what's wrong with guys nowadays.
Buying books tmr with jacq choo & going shopping with my tanguo tmr [:
& i swear im going to get one item off my wishlist.
Darn the headache im having.
Back to you-tubing ~!
TOKYO JULIEThere i come.
I love ariel , the main female lead :D

Wednesday, November 29, 2006 || 8:01 AM

Today's a boring day.
Went for tuition & did some Amaths questions.
Honestly, Amaths is so much easier than Emaths.
Well, maybe those which i did are those easiest of the easiest.
But, i really dont want to slack in sec3 anymore.
I dont want F9s & E8s topping my reportcard.
Darn, if i ever will have an A for maths, i will be on cloud ninemillion.
Till now, im still wondering when's my mastery test.
Anyway, my back is allright already. Maybe jingqiu's right, im getting old T.T
& Tokyo's Juliet is nice.
Do watch it , it's about fashion designing & love .
Very random hur but very nice :D

Monday, November 27, 2006 || 9:02 PM

stabbed by tess to do this uber long quiz >.<

1. What Time is it now?12.54pm
2.What is yr full name?Jacqueline Koh Yu Ling
3.Single or taken?Taken by single-ality :D
4. What does yr name means?Not very certain.
5. Who picked out yr name?Parents supposingly.
6. Whats yr nick name, if u have one?JACQ or jacqueeeeeeeeen.
7. Do u have an innie or outie?hur. i dont get you.
8.What color are yr eyes?Brownish black
9.What size are yr shoes?6-7.
10. How tall(or short) are you?hurrrr . it's a sensitive thang !!!
11. Honestly, what do u lyk abt yrself?i like the way i am , not.
12. What do u always get complimented on?cute-ness >.< but i dont see anywhere spot on though.
13. Wad is yr worst quality?Uh, for me to know & for you to find out.
14. Wads e last four digit of yr phone number?5454
15. Do u tink u r cute?duh, no.
16. Hair color?Black.
17. Do u wear contacts?Yeh.
18. Living arrangements?Now ? With family, lor.
FAVOURITES!19. Fav. drink?Tons.
20. Fav. alcoholic drink?Vodka. but i dont usually drink it.
21. Fav. month?december. the weather & the holidays !
22. Fav. food?penang laksa !
23. Fav. board game?GOL.
24. Favourite web site?friendster,blog,youtube.
25. Fav. clothing brand?mango,bebe,m(phosis,forever 21.
26. Fav. day of e year?I dont know.
27. Fav. color?Blakc,purple,brown,white
28. Fav. animal?I love them, but have a fear./
29. Do u have more girl or more boyfrens?Kinda mix, but girls i suppose.
30. Whos yr best fren?For me to know & for you o find out, too.
31. Are my parents together?Uh huh.
32. How often do u get together wif yr family?Not very often & not not often. gah, ignore me.
33. Do u tell yr frens or yr parents more?I talk to myself.
34. Anything special abt yr parents?I love my mum who shops like me and i love my dad who supplys the $. Just joking, i love them who for they are.
YES OR NO!35. Are u a flirt?No.
36. Are u slutty?No.
37. Are u mean?Yes.
8. U lyk sum1?Yes
39.Can u keep secrets?Dont know.
40. u dance infront of e mirror?yes, during dance lessons or aerobics.
41. u have watched a porno?No.
42. U sing in shower?I sing to myself.
43. U lyk Britney Spearsyes?No.
44. U lyk a cousin?No
45. U had been in e opp. sexes bathroom?yes.
46. U've seriously hurt sum1 close to u emotionally?yes.
47. U drink alcohol?Yes, but not often.
48. U swear?I always swear last time. Now, no.
49. U get yr way?Yes.
50. U willing to try new things?yes.
51. U've cheated on a test?Yes
52. U' ve smoked?No.
53. wad r u wearing?Stripped top, demin shorts, bra & panties.
54. Wad color r yr pants?You like a picture of my wardrobe ?
55. What r u listening to?The raindrops.
56. How r u feeling?My back hurts.
57. Wad r u doing?Doing this thang.
58. Wad r u eating?nothing, but soon some sweets.
59. How many ppl online?I dont know.
60. Hows e weather?Abit cold.
61. Wads on yr mouse pad?Mouse, lor ?
62. Wad r u reading?'What are you reading' lor.
GIRLS ONLY.63. Wad perfume do u useI use deo. Anna sui dolly perfume is nice , too.
64. Wads in yr wallet or purse?Random stuffs.
65.Thong or regular panties?REgular, please-.-
66. Tall or short boys?Not too tall ,please.
Blonde or brunette guys?Blonde.
68. Gd or bad boy?good.
69. Boxers showing?LOL! gruesome.
70. Long hair or short hair on boys?Short.
71. Wad do u find anonnying in a guy?The way they game & act cool.
72. Wads e first thing u notice abt a guy?His appearance& clothes .
OTHER QUESTIONS.73. Wads e last movie u saw in e cinema?Step out.
74. Wad did u have for dinner?Eh, it's only 1.00 , honey.
75. Wad r u hoping for?Hoping that my hopes will come true.
76. Have u ever fallen asleep in sch?Uh huh.
77. Wad movie do u rly wna to watch?Nothing in particular now.
78. Tell us abt those scars.No, i dont have scars dude.
79. Wad is yr locker combo?03 17 22.
80. Whre is yr fav. place to travel?I'd like to go to paris & canada.
81. u last dream abt?Damn, i dont want to say.
82. Wads was e last thing u ate?Lunch.
83. If u were a crayon wad color wld u be?Royal purple or black.
84. Who was the last person u tok to on e phone?Ehs, my maid i suppose.
85. Do u lyk e person tt sent this to u?Hahahaaaa. tess u mean, yeh.
86. Ever had crush on a teacher?Yes, a 3 mins crush.
87. Are u too shy to ask sum1 out?Yes,.
88. Scary movie or happy ending?Happy ending >.<
89. Summer or winter?Winter.
90. Relationships or one nite stand?Relationships.
91. Chocolate or Vanilla?Chocolate.
92. Do u wna yr frens to wrt bak?hur.
93. Whos e most likely to respond?those who are rotting @ home.
94. Whos e least likely to respond?Ego-istic people.
95. Wad did u do last nite?Uh, youtubing & moaning from my uber pain backache.
96. List out those ppl to do e quiz!Short & sweeeeet : Anybody (:

Guess what man, my mum brought to to the doc for my backache & we waited there for a frigging half an hour & it turned out that tuesday's the doc's offday.
What a way to treat a patient man, i want to cry.
Just joking [:

|| 7:44 AM

My back aches more & more.
Darn , and my mother is bringing me to see chinese doctor tmr.
hopefully, i will get better.
I think im lousy at using PDA phones, writing a sms in my brother's phone takes me more than ten minutes >.<
Argh, i can go online but can't use messenger.
Nevermind, you-tube is here to accompany me.
Staying at home is uber boring.

Sunday, November 26, 2006 || 6:13 PM

Okay, im super pathetic.
Both the laptops at home are spoilt. Yes, - again.
& dad asked some repairman to come and take a look -.-
Their conversation was hilarious , the repairman kept insisting that the laptop's lifespan is up ( 5 years ) which we only had the laptops for not even 2 years .
And i was pointed the main culprit for hogging the computer.
Unfair family.
Oh ! Anyway, my brother got his handphone already .
It's a super new & big hp. ( hate big phones )
Like those busniessman carry. My brother wouldnt be able to carry off that style laa, trust me.
& he's spending his holidays playing those pathetic games in his phone, which i think dad should buy for him an Xbox or whatever instead.
P.S, my brother dont even know his own number -.-
Okay anyway, went shopping with mummy ytd.
love shopping with her !
Went to kovan 'banana' shop first, always my main target.
& bought one silky spag top there ( My mum says it's like nightwear -.- )
Wanted to buy some skirts, but the condition is poor.
& then accompanied my mum to more shops there.
She recently has a serious fetish of dresses >.< , which i might be buying one for her.
if i see a cheap & nice one :x
& then went to toa payoh and walk around.
Bought another schoolbag ><
Non-authentic puma , abit like small version of luggage bag.
& one more razerback.
two bowls of cheapskate sharksfin , pandaol for sis, hersheys chocolate
Still have my pumps to buy, zzz.

Friday, November 24, 2006 || 3:20 AM

Argh, today was raining.
bad timing >.<
went out with stella hart2 & shuyi jie today.
and we went to cineyleisure first.
ate long john's as they have not eaten their breakfast yet.
& i ate the hersheys chocolate cake there .
$2.10 , but worth it.
& stella and shuyi jie ate combo 1.
crapped lots & talked lots. laughed lots too.
then shuyi & stella that day like zhen dui wo >.<>.< & in the end i bought all 3 pairs. Just joking ! i bought the white pair one :D hahahaaa, and then we left fareast and went to wisma or paragon ( cnt rmb ) super high class .
& shuyi says that i walk and carries myself like a tai-tai -.-
but when i talk , it spoils everything.
thank you very much man ! .____.
& then we went to the foodcourt ( the only place we can afford )
and i bought some herbal soup >< & i treated stella& shuyi to black chicken herbal soup too >.<>disgusting i know, but nice please.
they said that the chicken legs looks like baby's hand -.-
disgusting freaks !
Hahahahaaaa, & then we took photos in the toilets without any disturbance :x
& then we went home :D
tmr's anderson having a very stupid carnival, still wondering whether to go or not.
the answer is : no.
Stupid lame carnivals, wasting my time
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
me , shuyi & stella.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
shuyi, stella & me

Thursday, November 23, 2006 || 5:11 AM

& i adore the song in my blog.
Anyway, today is a very suay day laaa.
Lots of malu-ation .
I went to amk for tuition & meet christie to pass her some stuffs.
and what the toot, my slipper broke , then i can't walk.
i had to drag that pathetic slipper & sometimes, it just dropped.
chicken backside.
Zzz, then i sms-ed christie & then she said she'll help me.
Uhkay, then we just stood there discussing bout my broken slipper.
& i was already running late for my tuition , double zzz.
Anyway, christie accompanied me & flagged down a cab to rush over to my tuition's place.
That driver is so irriating, zzz.
First i politely told him to go to jalan leban, near upper thomsom road.
& then he just stared at me.
then i smiled & tell him it's somewhere near Mayflower sec.
& he asked me ' what & where is mayflower sec uh ? school or ? '
then he just shoved me a street directory & coldly asked me to find the route out for him.
If he done that in a polite way, i wouldnt have mind.
& he darn irritating, i swear.
He added with a ' U never study one ah, dont know how to find meh ' .
After hearing that, i seriously flared up.
But i kept quiet. If it's my last time character, the cabby sure kena retorted by me like siao.
I seriously felt tempted to say ' Kns la, u driver you also dont know, then i student i know huh, sumore is you poor qualification then become cabby one right, or else go be tao-kway shake leg la. Talk so much, somemore impolite ' .
I seriously wanted to say that, but i cooled myself down.
& so, i was late.
That's not the point. Anyway, back to you-tubing. Bye.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 || 9:03 PM

& jacq choo and i went to bugis street yesterday and i only bought a rose ring.
$3.90 . cheap considered to anna sui $20 +
good imitation though :X
haha, & we watched step out.
very nice dance movie.
the guys are hot & the girls are pretty.
okay nevermind.
im back to you-tubing.
(it started with a kiss)
i know im slow. tsk.
my brother got 266 for psle -.-
so in my family, im the lowest.
nevermind, studies aren't everthing.
he's going hwa chong, mixing around with the gays.

Friday, November 17, 2006 || 4:36 AM

wheeeeeeeeeeeet !
Haha, i can wake up as late as 1.00pm again !
beauty sleep is important okay .
Haha, today drama was kinda boring, nothing fun .
Had more & more improvisation and more & more ideas are surfacing.
I found out that drama people like to use the word : rethorical ( duno how to spell )
I mean, i heard tons of people said this word today.
Haha, ignore me & yay, msn is finally not that problematic already.
Anyway, had 2 hrs of lunch break today which totally bore-d me, & monica,jacqchoo&me had a
small sun-tanning session under the sun at the open field.
we're mad.
Anyway, today eugene & jen lee is in my team.
Haha , & eugene is sec1, jen lee is sec3.
And eugene has this accent as he lived in the states for 7 years.
cool uh .
Anyway, it is rumored that jen lee has a crush on eugene because his voice is so sweet to listen to ! I mean uh, the accent la.
& throughout we were crapping and jen lee insisted on taking a photo with eugene which made him freaked out like mad.
& we were so hungry when devising we made abraham(a korean sec1 junior) to supply us with crackers - BOUGHT FROM KOREA!
& he barred me from eating cos i took so much ):
Haha, anyway for random info,
2oo6 batch of sec1 drama people is kinda international.
There's people from korea,states,m'sia,etc.
Oh anyway, mrs kamal was like bragging how hip her blogskin was -.-
Oh, yes she has a blog for her studies, broadcast msg, etc.
& when i went to her blog, i nearly fainted >.<
Haha, & my sister returned from hongkong already.
Fast uh.
Haha, anyway, if you're bored during the holidays, watch 'Silence'
It's a taiwan's drama serial . yes, love- again.
It's darn nice !

Thursday, November 16, 2006 || 2:46 AM

Argh, can't sign in to msn now.
Msn is so problematic laaa.
Anyway, 2nd day of camp & rmb yesterday i was late ?
TODAY IM EARLY. like one hr early.
I could have spent the 1 hr sleeping , but heck.
I thought it starts @ 8.00am, in the end 9.00am -.-
nevermind ~
Anyway, walked in ang mo kio central in circles to let time fly.
Haha, then jacq choo came to pei me , then i accompanied her to the coffeeshop& had breakfast.
Okay, anyway , today's drama was fun !
I love the first session - aerobics.
But it's not like aerobics at all. It was more like a dance class.
Those hiphop songs, & dancing to it.
Love it laa ~
Haha, anyway, sweated lots -again.
& had puppetry courses. Learnt quite alot bout puppets.
They're really interesting, trust me. Haha, & err. had more of improv & all.
Anyway, found out that afiqa also watches princess hours !
Cool uh, & i told her the ending for it .
More dramas on youtube now ! Yay-ness.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 || 7:38 AM

& its time to let go.
for all the fool i've been,
i understood one thing.
To let go is not to be protective,
it's to permit myself to face reality.
the meaning's more deep,
but i promise i will be strong
and not let emotions get over me
although im just a human being
it will not be easy
& deep down its still misery.
I wont deny
but i will accept what holds in front of me.

To some : Thanks for listening & being there for me although you might not know much.
& sorry for the curt and rude attitude when ure even trying to comfort me.
To others : Just, dont ask.

|| 3:30 AM

Had drama day camp.
& i was late, just ten minutes late.
And jacq choo waited for me to go inside the room together so because of me, she's late too.
awww . haha
Anyway, had the atc fun game.
Had to go over ang mo kio & search for clues,etc.
Just like a mini amazing race & treasure hunt.
Pretty fun but very thirsty. Hahahaaa.
& dinah was very funny.
She said ' Well, if u all could get lost in Ang mo kio ave 5, just call me '
Hahaaaaa, i wonder who will get lost laa.
Anyway, went to places like the sumo house,the bishan park,etc.
Had to do lots of outrageous & malu-ing stuffs.
Zzzz.drama, its like that laaaah.
Haha, in the end, my group got 3rd. out of 5 grps
& the last group has to drink some kind of mixture which contains :
( As shalini says : Just like a whole sandwich in a blender mix with coke )
Gross please. Luckily my group isn't the last.
Then we have our break, & mrs kamal prepared catering for us.
The lunch is gross & i only ate some spoonfuls and i threw away the whole packet .
Waste of food laa, tsktsk , i know. But it's just so not nice.
& chatted with monica,jingyan & jacq choo.
We decided to go vivo to shop . - again
darn, money money again.
Haha, anyway , we had lots of devising laa .
i hate it lots though sometimes it can just make me laugh alot.
Heck, anyway. After drama went to central with jacq choo & da-bao penang laksa.
She bought two packets -.-
She has an enormous appeatite, dont judge her from her peitie size please.
Haha, & anyway, jacq choo bought for me a wonka brand new type of sweet from candy empire.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 || 6:38 AM

Es pena .
Its in my nickname in msn.
Everybody ask me what issit.
Its sadness in whatever foreign language , i forgot.
Nevermind. this will be a super short post.
I dont know why but im super quiet today.
& my heart hurts alot.

Monday, November 13, 2006 || 6:27 AM

Btw, i forgot the post out the most important thing !
My sister off to hongkong already & she better buy back some stuffs for me or else i will eat up all her chocolates laaaa ~
Anyway, today was a freaky day. Had tutition & it rained heavily.
& i mean heavy.
So i called up my mum & asked her to fetch me home.
and i waited for like 20 mins .
Nevermind, thats not the point.
the point is when i was waiting for her outside 7-11 munching my chocolate
yes, chocolate - again. as if im not fat enough .
Anyway, theres this CENTIPIDE & I MEAN CENTIPIDE
And i got so freaked out. & luckily it didnt bit me or else i would be in hospital now.
Hhaa, im so lucky please.

|| 3:42 AM

Oh man, i think im hooked up with princess hours already.
no no, this is not the highlight of my post.
Anyway, I can melt, i swear.
Haha, if only they're mine.
Mua hahahahahahahahahahaha, siao lar me.
i know laa ~
Haha, anyway. chiong-ed youtube to watch princess hours.
Yesterday went to johor, bukit indah.
Haha, the talks booast my love for god .
Okay, anyway
he was the one in charge to go round with the mic.
& everytime he came near to the people around me, i will turn away.
I dont want to see him laa.
Anyway, my maid's friend bought a 6 yr old xiaomeimei over.
& while im blogging now, she keep telling me
' I press one letter then u press one letter '
-.- then i wonder my blog post will come out like what man.
& she keep insisting that i play with her barbie doll
-.- as if my house have lah. siao gina.
& she keep telling me she say she doesnt friend me because i keep ignoring her.
& guess what , she's very into makeup.
She asked me ' Jiejie, wheres your makeup . I want pretty pretty '
& now, shes hitting me with my handphone.
Kao. Childhood memories .
Bye, off to chiong-ing youtube again.

Friday, November 10, 2006 || 8:00 AM

& so my back hurts tons lots today.
if i could, i would just change another spinal cord lah.
Okay, nevermind. I dont even known whether it's the spinal cord problem.
Please let it not be, or else i think i would be bed-ridden.
i think i think alot.
Nevermind ~
Anyway, went to jacynda's house today. Very long never go her house ler.
But they longer never come my house.
boo them.
Just kidding lah. haha, me & jacynda went to buy bubbletea and i bought ice blended coffee with double pearls & i think her house downstairs bubble tea very nice, & the double pearls is FOC.
But while ordering, theres this little girl in front of me, & then suddenly she kept sneeeeeezing.
Human nature laaa ~
BUT, suddenly got one time she sneezed, i saw the mucus FLYING out & i got SO disgusted.
Gross lah please.
But i still enjoyed my bubbletea nevertheless.
& then we went up to jacynda's house.
Joann is away going out with her friends & joanna has audition .
So the house is like super empty.
& we played water balloons.
Just joking. That was random.
Anyway, i prepared my mag while jacynda prepared her tuesday book thing.
& halfway through the preparation, her bed just looks so tempting.
Nevermind, i didnt sleep hor. I prepared finish then went to lie down abit.
& i swear her bed is super nice to sleep in.
it must be the aircon
Anyway, i dont know why jacynda suddenly said something that made me laugh
& at that momement i was drinking my ice blended with pearls & one pearl just stuck in my throat, and i felt as if im going to throw out everything that's in my mouth
So i kept coughing & coughing, trying not to spit out anything.
gross , i know
even more gross than the small girl at the bubbletea shop leh.
& jacynda didnt do anything to help me -.-
she keept laughing & laughing & laughing while the poor me is coughing away.
But in the end, she offered me tissue paper after she felt full of laughing.
Thanks tons huh, jacynda -.-
btw, i managed not to spit out anything lah !
Haha, & then we just basically crapped around & wait til joanna to come back and we headed towards hougang mall.
First, we went to mini toons & looked around. It's boring laa ~
but we bought pix&mix though
So we decided to go kovan (heartland mall) instead, & joann will be joining us later .
haha, so we went to kovan's mini toon - again
& crapped around. I FOUND OUT SMTHING.
Joanna like the brand 'banana' too ! Yay her !
Btw, please note that joanna & joann are different people (:
Its confusing lah, i know. Anyway, went to this fashion & joann arrived [:
So we looked around abit & went to macdonald's as they want to buy some setmeal or something. & by then i was dead tired.
Like a zombie.
Haha, & then they're very nice.
Accompanied me to wait for a bus which seemed to come only 20 minutes later
Haha, super slow laaaa ~
Booooooo, & my back's much better already.
I think i better go to see some chinese doctor.
( Suggestion by my dearest Jacynda )

Thursday, November 9, 2006 || 7:21 AM

I cant belive it lah, i actually went shopping with my sis ,bloodrelated. & enjoyed it.
-smacks forehead.
Nevermind, it might be a sign of maturity, of my sis of cos :Allright, anyway. She made me wait for 40 mins.
Okay, maybe longer .
& so, i waited there for an effing 40 miuntes for her, and the last night she was still saying,
Aiyah ~ dunman high VERY near bugis one lah !
How near is it man, like from singapore to antartica.
Pui ! Okay anyway, we went to bugis junction & shopped first.
Brands like Dorothy Perkins & Topshop are her favs. [ TOPSHOOOOOOOOOP! ]
Okay, anyway. She didnt buy anything there.
I nearly bought a spag there, $16, dirt cheap please, cos its topshop !
Anyway, my instincts bugged me not to, & save money for bugis, streeeeeeeet .
Okay, & so i controlled myself. And then i pulled my sis to bugis street.
I so cant afford the stuffs in bugis junction.
So, bugis street is only the choice. sumore can bargain, please !
Haha, me and my sis went to bugis street.
I bought a cardigen, a spag, a striped top, leggings, a purple two peice striped top & a white top.
& watermelon juice and old chang kee's sotong ball !
& guess what my sister bought.
i bet you wouldnt even guess of it.
& not even dreamt of it.
& not even thought of it.
Because its really really really really too random.
So, start guessing
Okay, she bought a suitcase, as in luggage .
I mean, who wil go bugis & buy a suitcase.
That's too random already.
But, shes leaving singapore on monday for hongkong.
& so, she bought herself a suitcase.
& it was also dirt cheap.
A big suitcase will get a free small one, & the small isnt small at all ! It was just a tad smaller than the big one.
And, guess how much is the suitcaseS, $39.90.
$39.90 !!!!!!
& it was supposed to be $79.90 i suppose.
Wah, my sis hor, aunty liao lah. tsktsktsk.
Haha, and then we shopped til 8.00 + ?
Or was it 9.00 + ?
Forget liao, & i called my mum up to ask her to fetch us back home.
And my mum isnt free, & my sis doesnt want to drag the suitcase on the mrt back to hougang
as she says , ' very malu leh '
Hanorh, i will also feel malu.
Anyway, we flagged a cab home & my mum refuses to pay :(
Haha, & then my sis ask me to pei her go vivo forever 21 & shop.
Wah siao, i think i will spend tons lots there, too.
so i will only bring $10 out.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006 || 2:57 AM

Haha, saw fiona tan doing this, & i think i shall do it too !
what i really, truely feel about 2/3 ppeeeeeepooos

Yuerong: He's the classroom cleaner ! Nono, hes the second discipline master :D
Caryl: She's quite nice & times but like to take advantage >.<
Guang Fu : Okay, i only know he likes scoccer. bwah-.-
Samantha : Preeeeeeeeety babe ! Running pro, too.
Jieying : My enemy in sec1, but he matured & be friend with me. Cute guy !
Zhiying : He's twin with jieying, bet u dont know that. & hes more matured than jieying :D
Jiachern: A supposingly outcast, but. he's clever.
Doreen : Cute & enthusastic, brings a smile
Fiona Tan : My babe-y . She can be very red at times.
Jia Hui : Very very very logical person & shares the same thinking : bio is better than phy.
Junxian : The monkey of our class, very shuai also.
Jacqueline : Thats me, please !
Tess : My crapping partner. She can sing very well, oh man.
Jocelyn : Haha, she can be very hyper, & very dao [:
Cherie : Cherie cherie lil fairy, laalalaa ~
Gladys : She can be very red too, & erm, she's preety.
Fiona Lee : An irritant at times, but can be very very nice too. She offered to help me in maths.
Chuyun : She's very nice. & another crapping partner. OH ! SHES CLEVER TOO.
Mei shan: My jie :D & shes preety. Her neice is preetay, like her, too. :D
Ting Li : She can go very red also. Last yr , we hated each other. But now, we're friends(:
Zhao Hua : He sends me alot of cutecute msg, & of cos , its me who snatched his phone.
Sujie : She's also my jie, & she can be quite unreasonable, but still we get along very well.
Chao Qun: Preetay girl too. From china, but not cheena :D
Sebastian : My kor. He's very nice ! Offered to buy me a pair of socks when mine kena confiscate.
Nigel : Eh, he's rich :Wei Jun : Clever nerd, okay, not nerd. Hes nice, too.
Patricia : She's a NPCC addict. Hha, & she's very friendly, too .
Rayner : Mr bean of our class, & i adore his curly hair, just joking please.
Wei Hao : Haha, hes also quite cute because of his weight (:
Steven : The horny guy which i suppose his handphone is full of porn
Teck Kiang : Very nice guy, keep calling me xu chun mei >.<
Vanessa Koh : Okay, i think she bossess around, but she can be nice.
Vanessa Lam: My honey ! I love her & she loves me :D Action speaks louder than words , laaah.
Szu Hsien: Lol, quite shuai , & like a kor kor to me.
Boon Bin : My kor ! Haha, people says his head is big, but i dont think so ^^
Yu Xuan : Very nice & caring person. Offered to help my maths, too.
Yi Long : I only know him by cyber-long.
Jia Lin : We hated each other last year, too. But now, i find her super nice !
Jing Qiu : My sitting partner ! But sometimes she distracts me in class. Very nice to talk to, though :D
Xiaoling : Haha, She offered to buy me bin tang hulu from china ! Thats why i love her.
No lah, shes nice, really.

Haha, dont get offended or anything.
It's just what i think.
but overall, 2/3 still rocks !

Tuesday, November 7, 2006 || 5:04 PM

& so i mastered up my courage to meet mrs lee yesterday.
Uh, and we talked in the library with her sitting just opposite me .
It was like some kind of jap restaurant eating that type of arrangement >.<
& she was being an irritant lah, she asked me what's the reason i want to quit drama, and when i finished saying.
She stared at me, & said it's not a valid reason at all.
It so much like a valid reason please.
I wanted to box her so much .
Nevermind. & she tried to let me understand what benefits there will be if i cont. staying in drama rather than studying geog, and i think some parts make sense.
I was very lost then, & i felt guilty, so i broke down.
Mrs lee understands & she didnt force me to stay in drama.
In the end, I chose drama after much thinking again.
& then i sms-ed mrs kamal to apologize to her.
Actually, the content of the sms is actually quite hilarious if u view it differently.
She counselled me for like near to one hour.
I dont know whats happening to me lah.
& when i smsed jacq choo&monica that im still going to stay in drama,& that fact i broke down,
jacq choo replied to me 'Everybody except monica who went to see mrs lee all broke down (: '
its really a comfort.
Monica is really pro lor. I'd rather mrs lee scold me & not talk to me so nicely.
If she scolds me, i will not break down. I think it's my guilty conscience working on me.
Sighsigh. Its 9.06am now, im meeting jacq choo @ 11.00 later outside anderson for me to appeal. I seriously dont want to take phy&chem.
I must must must appeal for bio&chem .
If im taking phy, i will die, cos its another maths.
So, i must must die die must take biology .
& i hope my appeal will be approved (:
first time appealing ~
Haha, anyway. My sis is leaving for hongkong soon.
& my mum gave her some money to buy and prepare stuffs.
and guess what, i dont know whether im dreaming anot.
But my mum forked out $100 to let me shop.
She's being such a darling [:
Bye for now.

Monday, November 6, 2006 || 7:27 AM

Today was streaming result day.
Actually i had totally forgotten about it, until when i came to msn, i had like 10+ conver.
ALL asking me about my results.
So kan chiong for what , results only what.
I chose not to reply alot of people.
Well, except for tess cos she was the first to ask.
Im asked to go back to sch, so anderson portal doesnt have my results.
So, quit asking me. no offence.
Anyway, crapped & nearly rotted away at home today.
& i went to school reluctantly today @ 6.00pm, to attend the stupid briefing.
I was talking to myself on the bus on the way there.
obviously silent whispers in my brain
Me : One more stop amk mrt, sian lah
Me : Aiyah, go all the way to Clementi, then come back lah, can sleep more.
Me : Uh, theres a word for it
Okay, so i let the principal & peeepos to wait for me for one hour.
& thats all a joke. Im responsible enough to reach there at exactly 6.00pm on the dot.
Okay, on the AVT room should i say.
Uh huh, so they started on their talk, its bout our L1R5 being low & so on, blah blah
then we are advised to get combined science instead of pure science, which means we will be taking 7 subjs instead of 8.
I think 40 + people were there. Some even came with their whole family like their small brothers, sisters & great-grandfathers ( Okay, im not that sure bout it )
Our class have rayner,sujie,zhaohua,& me.
But sujie& i went without our parents, cos my parents need to go airport fetch people.
Aiyah, my parents doesnt even know what i ticked for streaming lor, these type thing to them
tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk lah
Omg , & guessed what ? That batch of people L1R5 aggregate 30 + !
Ki siao please. Im although lousy, but not THAT lousy lor. I got like near to 20 only.
& sujie was telling me, she no face to be there.
Me too please. not that 30 + is no face, but... okay , nevermind.
Anyway, so we'll be offered pure geog & combined science.
For me, geog will be replaced with pure drama ( which obviously doesnt rock at all )
So i did the bravest thing on earth, which i had been thinking to do for , since i joined O's drama.
Guess what ?
I told mrs kamal i wanted to quit.
I told her i seriously must quit.
I told her i will quit !
I told her drama doesnt rock ( no , i dont have the guts )
Okay, i told her i wanted to quit.
& she, obviously called me up.
Please, it takes lots of courage to tell mrs kamal u want to drop drama, cos she will make u go through lots of difficult scenarios , etc .
People who told me this : Monica & Meenatchi ( she would if i were to ask her )
Okay, reasons for quitting drama.
1) Drama obviously is a very boring subject
2) It is more difficult than science, i swear to that please.
3) I dont have the passion & enjoyment of drama already
4) I can score As for geog.
5) It will implicate O's .
So i decided to break my ties with O's drama, & im meeting mrs sally lee tmr to talk to her about it. All the best to me man, Im so going to be lectured & counselled & advised .
But the thing is , It's confirmed.
I want to quit drama, & guess what ? Im not the only one who wants to quit.
Im not a quitter, i just want to get out of this mess.

Sunday, November 5, 2006 || 5:41 AM

My back hurts alot.
Shit, i dont know what's happening to my back.
Perhaps its old age, or perhaps its the after-effect of bending so much after washing the car.
I need moolas urgently lah !
My piggybank ( please dont think i really kip my $ in a pig), is like left with less than $40.
That's pathetic. Cannot survive the holidays.
Perhaps i should start working for my dad.
Perhaps i should go find a job.
Perhaps i should just stop shopping ( very impossible )
Haha, just now talked to fiona tan & vanessa.
Then we decided to go bugis strt someday.
& im like ' Oh darn, & im going to spend tons there, again. "
Seriously i need counselling in how to control my moolas, or else next time im going to be like
bankrupt. Im so pathetic.
boo hoo.
I need to buy more skirts & mummy giving me the $ !
Yay. I think i spent alot during holidays already.
And its like barely two weeks, im so dead please.
Luckily my parents didnt allow me to have a cashcard, or else i think they will be bankrupt too.
Sigh, i really need to learn self-control.
My wishlist is getting longer & longer by the day.
& my moolas are getting lesser & lesser.
By the way, penang food is really nice.
Ate Penang prawn noodles today. was really super.
Okay my parents are back, time to get my pocket moolas.
Bye for now.

i hate my back.
it hurts

Saturday, November 4, 2006 || 6:54 AM

I simply adore the song in my blog [:
It's super nice, & i can listen it on repeat mode for hours and hours.
The lyrics are so touching and .......
sti tahw i tnaw ot yas ot mih
Haha, tomorrow after coming back from tuition, im going to johor with my family to meet
one of my cousins& then we will indulge in Malaysia food & shopping !
Hopefully, time will permit lah.
Im eating so much during the holidays lor. Sure get fatter& fatter.
tsk tsk . - shakes head
& guess what, after my ipod is spoiled for like 4months or so quite long ,
i finally stop procastinating & my father went to sent it for repair.
& guess what ? Its still not repaired >.<
nevermind ~! Today is a boring day.
Bye earthlings ~!

Friday, November 3, 2006 || 6:29 AM

Im such a filial daughter !
I helped my mum to wash her car today & i think i can be car-washer.
Allrights, just joking.
Im a very high class person okay. really !
Haha, just joking allrights.
I hao xin helped my mum to wash that darn car & she keep telling me this/that is the right way to wash the car & say the more i help, the more troublesome it is.
In chinese it is yue ban yue mang
Wah sian lor, car-washer dreams shattered ;(
Haha, I mean why must the car be so clean ?~! Its only a car !
Its only metal& rubber. im exaggerating. but heck !
Lol , besides washing the outside, she expected me to help her clean the inside too !
What a troublesome chore & she says im very very lazy & irresponsible.
So much for helping her clean that car .! )_@#*#+(!()@^#!*@&#%^@$^!~
but its kinda fun though, the water & all splashing.
make me feel as if im small again, enjoying the thrills of water.
but with my mum ?! oh my gosh please.
Haha, then i really buay tahan liao & i went home first. Yes, leaving my poor mum to cont. with her car-washing thang.
& someone from school called me & asked me to go back on monday to talk to principal bout the streaming thing. Well , im so dead.
They will most probably ask me to drop a subject ? heck , no please.
But im not the only one. -HENG AH.
But im one of them , darn it please.
& sebas asked me to quuckly spend all my money cos he thinks i will get grounded .
Wow, thanks for the comfort man.

Thursday, November 2, 2006 || 5:15 AM

Look at the height difference ?
One friend of mine says my hand looks as if its in a cast.
Its my handbag ):

Went out with inez today :D
and i made her wait damn long. ~
Think she shld be honoured , cos im usually the one waiting, not making others wait.
Okays, i think i made her wait for 30 mins ?
Cos suddenly my mum asked me to accompany her eat lunch, so being the filial daughter, i agreed not so, the real reason is because she brought me to makan penang laksa ! my fav xD
Okay, so i made her wait for 30 mins.
Okay, anyway, bought a brown cardigen with mum.
I love it please ! it has preetay laces !
yay, finally i dont have to stick with the stinky black one
Haha, then me & inez walked around plaza sing. She wanted to buy chocolate .
Haha,so we went to carreefour & bought crunchie.
& she spat out the honey cos she thinks its too hard.
-.- LOL! then we walked around & i just cant stand going inside m(phosis & not buying anything.
Boo my wallet :(
Hhaa, okay. Then we went to this shop which sells everything for $2.
dirt cheapplease.
Bought a bronzer & fake nails.
( Cheapstake lah me, i know :D )
But i cant stand the price ! $2 ! Not $20 !
heh. then walked around more & eat those small octopus balls.
sounds wrong eh.
The balls are nice ! haha, then we went outside to rest our aching legs.
T.T & went home !