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Sunday, December 31, 2006 || 10:12 AM

Okay , Im like super pissed offnow.
Blogger & youtube are being such a thorn in the skin&blood&whatever.
Im like trying to chiong the drama serials before school reopen-ing which is like soon .
& i mean, SOON.
But youtube can't load no matter how i hate it.
Thanks man .
& blogger is also being a _!)(@!*@*&^!(%@! .
Because i dont want to use blogger beta, so whenever i sign in, they give me this stupid sign telling me to blahblah & whatever.
& im like always stuck there.
And it takes me signing in like twenty times then i can get to dashboard lor.
Waste of my time.
But nevermind, here i am, blogging again.
& i finally created a goggle account for blogger beta so i need not go through all those trouble again . & it also took me like very long okay .
Argh! How i wished the earthquake in taiwan didn't affect us lor.
Anyway, accompanied lingyu to the hairdresser i always go for a haircut.
& i must say, her hair looks superb now.
Haha ~
& then we went to this chinese restaurant in hougang mall to have our dinner.
Cos she insisted on having the xiaolong pau there ~
Haha, & i ordered some sweeet & sour la mian , coke & dumplings .
And lingyu ordered some other dry lamian, xiaolong pau & dumplings.
Nice foooood lor ~! & i didnt like spend more than 10$ there.
cheap ~
Haha , & then we walked walked around for awhile and when we went out, we saw like so many aunties doing line dancing ><
Dancing to the tune of : cha cha cha , & other quite orh-piang songs.
Haha ! Very hilarious sight :\
Countdown to schooldays : 2 more days.
Okay, let's like all faint now.

Friday, December 29, 2006 || 9:15 AM


My cousins left for Malaysia back to their hometown alrdy.
They only stayed in Singapore for a pathetic 2 days only lor !
Wah sian ~
Cos my cousin has school, he’s in uni alrdy what . pro right ! doctor somemore leh><
Haha, but he said he wanted to go somewhere to get souvenirs back for his friends ~
Souvenirs~ ><
& my mum says that the best place is like Chinatown .
I wanted to bring him shopping one lor.
Spoilt my plan !
& then I tagged along with them.
But my mum said that she wanted to go airport to settle some stuffs first.
Uh, so we went there & its like my aunt & cousin’s first time in Singapore’s airport.
They took lots of photos there .
& they like DRAGGGGGGEEDDDDDD me along to take photos.
Sian-azation !

Haha , & then they wanted to go inside the place where only those passengers who wants to get a flight can enter , cos inside a lot of things to take photos what.
Then they were like quite disappointed laa ~
Haha :x
& then after waiting for my mum to settle those stuffs, we went to Chinatown !
They have like great food but bad clothes there.
Ate tons of weird weird stuffs there.
Haha, & then my cousin after buying his souvenirs, we went back alrdy .
& bid farewell to them ~

I pratically ROTTED @ HOME T.T


Haha , went out with taffy – again, to bugis street ~
& then shes like damn funny.
Before she reachd, she sms-ed & called me to complain to me about her shoes ><
That it totally DOESN’T suit her outfit at all ~
She was wearing the teeshirt we bought together and a super ‘prom-like’ high heels ~
I was wearing the same shirt together with her too !
Yeah, you see the point now.
Haha , & then when she got off her cab, we went to m(phosis straight away to get her a pair of shoes.
& she’s like darn funny, when she was choosing her shoes laa ~
Haha, & then she changed her nose piercing to a smaller one and it looks nicer.
And then went to hit the streets in bugis alrdy !
And later on, she was like complaing agn that she has to buy a new pair of shorts because now, her skirt doesn’t suit her outfit & I was like .____________.
Too many moolas to spend alrdy huh !
Lmao ~ & then we got her a pair of shorts, very very cheap lor please ! $12 only.
& then I bought a brown long tube myself ^ ^
and then we both bought a pair of shades each.
$10 each only leh .cheap please !
And then we went to bugis junction kopitiam and ate chicken rice.
I rmber-d we were like so hungry laa ! Like never eat for like weeks like that~
Pathetic. !
Haha , & then after eating, we went to cineyleisure.
No, I didn’t die-d there :D
Something worse than that happened.
It was like raining like cows & elephants lor.
And then we ran across the road to get to ciney and when we ran that time, my slippers broke.
& I was like so so so pathetic please. I had to like drag my feet across the road and to ciney and then I had like totally lost the mood to shop lor.
& then, taffy brought me to the kopitiam there & sat down to rest.
And then for me, -sobs
She changed into her totally prom-like heels and I wore her m(phosis heels.
Ah, I feel so bad !
& then, we went to took neoprints . & then, later on she wanted her shoes back and then she lent me money to hail a cab home cos my parents totally didn’t want to drive me back because they’re lazy .
They left their darling daughter there, in the rain with broken slippers hailing for cab which never seems to come lor.
& then its like I only have like $10 in my wallet lor & the cab fare turned out to be $16 +!
And then I called my maid up & asked her to bring more money down to help pay for the cab fare.
Wah sian lor. $16 + for a trip home.
Not worth it please!
Still so angry now ~
Argh !

29th – TODAY !
Haha, I was like sleeping til 1 + & my phone cant seem to stop vibrating ><
So, in agony, I checked my phone & found out that it was joann sending me sms-es , asking me to go out with her.
Haha ~! Very happy leh, cos very long never go out with my dear sister alrdy .
But not only me & her going out, we also went out with two other guys who are paul’s friend.
( think is called alex & zhirong or whatevr )
Uh, and then after going to bugis – yes, again .
( I’ve been like going to bugis for like a few times straight )
And then its like shopping with guys – sian leh .
Haha, ~! Didn’t buy anything T.T
And then, they wanted to go to cathay near plaza sing & joann wanted to try finding her friend who was working there.
But, we can’t find her though, maybe its her offday :D
Haha, & then we walked to plaza sing .
Was like feeling very thirsty so I asked them to go inside this shop which sells cheap stuffs ( including the drinks ) & then joann wanted to pay for me ><
It’s always her paying lor, so I was like arguing to pay but obviously she was like fighting with me for the role of who is paying.
& then somehow or rather, it turned up to be one of paul’s friend paying for the drinks .________.
Uh, and I somehow mananged to push the money into joann’s hand !
Yay me :D
Haha, & then walked around and felt sian so they changed the place to shop to heeren or smwhere in orchard. & then we WALKED there again.
So far lor ~
But nevermind >< poor joann, she has like blisters alrdy on the foot because she was wearing high heels , but she doesn’t allow me to tell paul or else I’d have gotten him or myself to go buy a plaster for her already T.T
Ah, and then shopped around in heeren .
Bought nothing there too ~
Nevermind, & then the guys wanted to go to fareast to shop ><
Eh, the guys are like more shoppaholics then us- girls lor.
Zzz ~
Hhaa, & then we WALKED there again . It’s like walking and walking and walking . Uh, something like walking marathon laa . But nevermind, can help to burn fats ! :D
Hhaa, & then we went there & shopped ~
Preetay nice clothes, but bought nothing too T.T
Ah, nevermind .
& then , finally after long hours of tedious shopping, they finally agreed to go to marina for dinner- STEAMBOAT! Yay –ness :D
Hahaha ~
But the butter- oil was like pricking and scalding our skin lor.
Pain leh !
Hhaa, but nevermind laa ~
Had a very nice & fulling dinner today .
I love steamboats ! Haha !
Went home at like 11 + today .
& I have tuition early in the morning tmr at 11.30am

Monday, December 25, 2006 || 7:29 AM

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Taffy & me .
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
At taka's toilet.

|| 7:15 AM

Went out with taffy today .
Hahahaha, she just returned from shanghai ~
She's like a traveller lah , no difference from busniessmen.
First, she's from singapore > Tokyo > Shanghai .
& who knows where's next.
Haha, met up with her @ bugis.
Happy to see each other ^^
& then, went to bugis street & she says she has to get her nose peirced which i advised her not to, because it will totally look like an ah lian :x
no offence.
but she did it, anyway .
The whole process is quite terrifying & she teared abit, natural reaction .
Haha, and then we shopped around abit and she bought two tops while i only bought one.
But the top that i bought is completely the same as one of hers.
It's a slogan tee that says ' Good friends dont let Good friends talk to ugly guys' .
So mean right, but cute :x
haha ~
And then met cassandra and took a photo together but i look very ugly in it lor T.T
& then, after looking around, we went to bugis junction & have pastamania for lunch .
I ordered seafood mania while she had some other type ~
& i found out that she loves tons of cheese on her pasta which i find revolting :x
We're totally different species.
And then we were like practically crapping in pastamania & did people observing .
sounds pervertic uh ~
And then, we later went to taka because earlier on in bugis, taffy dropped her phone & she can't on it because it needs some weird code which only her father knows.
But , we cant seem to find her dad .
& whether it's coincidental or anything, her dad sms-ed me .
which i dont know how the toot he got my hp no.
& then she finally got her phone fixed.
And later on, we went to doughy ghout to met up with Zachery.
A good friend of mine & taffy's.
But he's like so goong please, & taffy and i were screaming and shouting at him over the phone because he doesnt seem to know where doughy ghout & orchard is ><
And we totally consumed alot of time to look for him, because he's like in one side of the mrt station and we are like in the opposite side.
Hhaa, and then i had to leave them early for them to catch a movie together as my relatives came from m'sia today & i have to accompany them for dinner.
Haha , & so i took the mrt from doughy ghout to clementi which is a very long ride.
Everybody said i changed alot ~
Got meh, i dont see any change leh . Their reaction is like as if i have went for plastic surgery or whatever.
And then, we went to a famous seafood restaurant to have our dinner.
& on the way there, my uncle's car banged hardly into my dad's car.
And my uncle is like all guilty and everything & kept saying ' oh shit , shit shit & damn it !' in the car which i was smiling to myself because i knew my dad wouldnt mind.
& he didnt.
Thats the good thing i like about my dad, he knows it's an accident and he's happy enough that nobody was hurt & money matters doesnt matter.
And our dinner went on with laughter & smiles.
Anwyay, i dont celebrate christmas so dont wish me all those stuffs.
no offence :D
anyway, pictures !

Saturday, December 23, 2006 || 9:23 AM

-Pats myself on the back.
My room is like so much neater already !
Haha, but it's still a far cry from my dream room.
I want classic hangers to hang all my clothes, & a walk in wardrobe , accompanied by lacy curtains at the side.
& then it must also be equipped with a personal toilet , best with a jacuzzi.
Oh, and the aircon must also be on 24/7 & also having a mini fridge inside with lots of chocolates, sodas , etc.
My room is like so small that in my dream room , the bathroom will take over all the space.
Nevermind, i should be contended already.

Friday, December 22, 2006 || 6:57 AM

Went out with Sujie tdy .
Late for like, 30 mins + :X
But im not guilty, cos she dragged me to this totally anonymous place 'concourse'.
& then we dont even knw how to go there & such .
So it's like we were walking totally in circles in cityhall.
And she said she had to go there because she have to get some stuffs.
Okay nevermind, & then we flagged down a cab & she paid the cab fare.
She bought her stuffs & off we go to bugis.
We can't stay there for long cos she has to work later on.
So we randomly walked here & there and i bought two tops.
& she bought a offshoulder. & 3 pairs of earrings for each of us.
& then we went back to cityhall agn, cos there's her wrking place - Mos Burger.
And i was like fainting of hunger at that time, & i ordered some seafood rice burger .
It was deeeeeeelicious laa ~!
Hahaha ! But i didn't get any discount T.T
Haha . & then , i pangseh-d her. Or did i not ?
& went home.
Watched finished ' My girl ' already .
Made me cry & laugh at the same time, the female lead is like so darn hilarious.
But it has a happy ending.
I can practically drool over the male leads there.
& im still on the ever-procastinating mission to finish cleaning & packing my room.
My cousins from m'sia are coming ~
More shopping again ?
Nah, i have spent too much during this holidays.
More that i can save.
Taffy my good friend has came back from shanghai to s'pore !~
But i can't go to the airport to fetch her.
T.T Nevermind ~
Next drama serial on : Either Fullhouse ( I know im slow ~! ) Or My lovely kim sam soong ( I dont know how to spell )

Thursday, December 21, 2006 || 1:46 AM

I finally got my eyes fixed .
Sounds very wrong ><
Nevermind . At least my eyes are like MUCH better than yesterday night.
& at least i can wear my contacts now.
If i were to buy a pair of specs next time, i will definately choose frameless specs.
LOL! Im so lazy to type out the details of my malaysia trip.
& i havent even started to wrap my sec3 books.
What a big procastinator am i .
Later im going to the library with jacq choo ><
I've got a fetish for books.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006 || 7:55 AM

Now, watching My girl .
Very x100 hilarious korean drama.
& damnit laa, im now pissed off now.
By my contact lens.
Im having sore eyes again .
So irritating & pissed off.
I want frameless specs ! T.T

Sunday, December 17, 2006 || 1:31 AM

Finally returned to s'pore laaaa !
Bought 2 bebe tops, two tubes, a spag, a shorts, a forever21 top & shades, wallet, puma tanktop,bag charms & accessories. fake dvds, & a cooking book for my mum which cost like 70RM ><
& damn, i need to watch Ko one now.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006 || 9:08 AM

Leaving for m'sia tmr.
Bought lots of moolas to spend !
But when i come back, 'll be very poor T.T
Can't wait to visit my relatives & shop there .

Monday, December 11, 2006 || 8:28 AM

By my brother ! Heh, i paid him $5 though ><

Saturday, December 9, 2006 || 6:39 AM

When i woke up today, had a fright ><
I opened my eyes & saw a baby outside my room.
& it happened that my maid is helping her friend to take care of her employer's child.
Cute handsome little 2 year old baby though , but he's scared of meeeeeeeeee.
Okay , anyway, went to national library , drama centre today to watch a wildrice production play. Met up with jacq choo at serangoon & off we go .
Was chatting so much in the train that actually, we were supposed to go bugis, we overshot & went to lavender instead -.-
So, we quickly alighted & went to wait for another train.
Reached bugis, and went to the foodcourt and ordered some stuffs to eat.
Bought herbal ginseng chicken soup >< $6 leh !
Korea style. & i never really touched the chicken, only drank the soup .
waste my moolas !
not worth it, lor.
But nevermind, it was nice though.
And then quickly, we went to the national library.
& guess what play we are watching.
lmao ~ The play contained tons of s'pore lingo , & it was terribly funny & nice .
The money was well-spent.
Wildrice productions are always nice !
waiting for next year's production again .
Haha, then when walking back to bugis mrt, someone tapped me on the shoulder.
Then when i turned back, it was shuyi jie !
Haha, she was with her sister & her sis's boyfriend .
And then, i chiong-ed home as i have something on tonight.
& i just went to the pasar malam nearby & bought sharksfin !

* Im leaving for m'sia from the 13th to the 17 th
Yay !

Thursday, December 7, 2006 || 9:31 PM

Finshd watching LOVE CONTRACT.
now starting on 終極一班 !
But my mum is nagging me to wrap my sec3 books T.T
procastinating starts , again.

|| 6:59 AM

Receieved a very very precious book yesterday & during midnight, i was wrapping it .
Okay, anyway went out with jacq choo today .
When on the bus, she sms-ed me saying that she will be late as she's not even on the bus yet.
And then, i ignored the message and the next few minutes, she's saying she's reaching already
And then, met up in bishan,and walked around.
Went shopping & i was telling her that i must buy a pair of pumps as mine is spoilt already.
But she was telling me that she bet i wouldnt be able to feast my eyes on a pair i like as im so fickle minded >< & darn, she's right.
Anyway, i was arguring with her that bishan has a shop called X-craft, but she kept saying no.
Seeing how confident she is, i successfully bought her to the X-craft in bishan and i just love seeing her reaction :X
And then, went to mini toons and saw a cookie monster hand puppet.
& i took a very preetay photo of us playing with the cookie monster ><
And she was telling me that when she's in primary school, she had this cookie monster mascot for cheering of her team blah blah ~
Haha, craps .
& then we went to the foodcourt upstairs to eat our lunch .
I bought ra-men & she bought some tomyam stuff.
And we were talking about japan, korea, m'sia etc & drama shows.
And then we went to causeway but in no avail to buy any pumps again ><
& then we went to the arcade & i spent $4 playing the basketball there -.-
can't control.
Zzzz, & then we saw many freaky people spending $70 + to $100 +
Just to hit the jackpot & getting tons of sweets.
Crazy people.
& i very unwillingly followed her to the library ><
She insisted on going there. Hhaa :D
& i bought some jewels for my handphone ! So in love with my handphone now !
On Love Contract, Epd. 18
My blog's dying. Oh well.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006 || 3:03 AM

Havent been blogging for a long long time.
Heard great news from my friend in aussie, Laura Kettle .
She's starring in a hollywood movie ' Hey hey, It's Esther blueburger' .
Hope she hits it big then.
Now on love contract epd. 10 alrdy.
I so desperately need to buy more skirts, & tops T.T
Suddenly, i have a craving for STEAMBOATS.
!!!!!!!! - My huge appetite.

Monday, December 4, 2006 || 5:02 AM

Finishd watching tokyo juliet already :D
Now on Love contract Epd 7.
Another's Ariel Lin's show .
She's veh cute & talented.

Now i know why so many people are addicted to you-tubing already.

Friday, December 1, 2006 || 6:54 AM

Today is not a very fine day.
That's all & bye.