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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Wednesday, January 31, 2007 || 7:41 AM

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Being spastic during drama brighten up one's life.
Contridiction between blue & grey & white.
Preparation of monolouges didn't go well as we were infected by the laughing gas started with Bryan because of a slight mistake of pronouncation .
& so , we slacked alot and prakash yanked off the water tap and resulted in afriqa's wet pinafore which looked like she has just pee-d.
Skipped SS lesson & the teachers made a bug fuss over it.
And i didnt hand in the excuse letter for not attending drama CCA 0open house.
That resulted in 9 hours of DC by mrs kamal the great.
( Discount 50% alr )
Allright, shan't rant too much as there are teachers reading my blog.
Dont talk to me about farenehit because i dont want to be mad over them anymore even though they're cute like mad .
Pull out my senses so i wouldnt think .
Thank you very much .

Monday, January 29, 2007 || 6:35 AM

There's this craze going over about feilunhai , farenehit.
I find the farenehit very difficult to spell.
Uh okay , nevermind.
Went out these few days with jazzy,jasselyn & shuyi ^ ^
I think i'm obsessed with feilunhai alr. esp , aaron & then jiro & then wuzhun .
{ the other one not at all }
I know it's not a wise thing to be so crazy over them as it wouldnt last & it's like going onto the black area alr.
*Sigh, but their looks are so attractive. I can say that they're the only boyband out of so many which i really like . Perhaps, it's because of the drama serials they are acting in ?
When they're in singapore , it's like the feeling : ' So near yet so far ' .
Stepping on the same peice of land doesn't mean anything actually.
Well, they dont know me what.
& all i know is about their looks , looks & still, looks.
And anyway , imagine if they're our age, & study in the same school,
we might just discriminate them like how we last time did to dona lee.
Or we can play pranks & pour hot soup our his head or pair them up with okay , erm dona lee again. Urgh, but the contridicting thing is, how come i am still so nuts over aaron ?
Forget it. It'll go away soon.
Anyway , Monday a.k.a today . Jiro&aaron&calvin has alr went back to taiwan . ( supposingly )
But Wuzhun stayed back for the publicity of his new drama serial ' Hana Kimi ' .
Woah, i know so much about their shedule right ?
Haha, I've got lots of friends crazy over them , & they fill me in the information .
Please don't think im so nuts to go online and search about their time flight, etc.
But i do know their personal blog though , it's quite 'public' lah actually.
Urgh, anyway i went to see their live performance & their singing is not bad actually.
Never to say about the looks, the eyes which can send out electric signals.
Urgh , i hate this i hate this.
Shan't say much alr.
Pictures shall do the talking.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The glossy like bag i've always wanted .
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Preparing out .
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Haha, spastism.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My gold heart necklace.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
jazzy& me.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me & shuyi in the toilet taking reflections
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me & jamie in school. Pengyous :D
I didnt took these photos, my friend took them when she's in bugis tending to a pushcart store & they happened to pass by . Lucky her (:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Aaron , the cool guy with the charming eyes.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
His smile melts a thousand hearts.
I hate to hate celebs.
i'd rather they be my friends so i wouldnt fall for them .

Saturday, January 27, 2007 || 6:42 AM

Random facts :D

Me & Jacynda were comparing tongues & my tongue is sharper & longer than that of jacynda's .
& when i was showing that 'Haha, Let's see what you have to say' face to her, she shot me back by saying ' thats why you're so talkative '
Sian full -______________-
It makes sense lah, anyway .
& then, later we were kind of crazy .
Each of us were trying to make poems ending with the same rhyme as 'dull'
& i was so pro at it i tell you !
Jacynda still has to seek help from joanna .
-grins .
Anyway, i found the cantonense version of ' Never let you go '
Darn nice i tell you ;D

|| 1:05 AM

Argh, i hate liking celebs. because it's a very surface liking
It's all about the looks & it's bringing me nowhere.
Pui ~
Nevermind nevermind ><

Anyway, i shall reply the tags here because it's faster & makes my post looks longer .

To Darren :
LOL, well at least u passed the interview & ure working there alr ! :DD
To Inez :
Haha, yeaps. Just typical schoolife= boring :\
To iduntellu(aka alvin) :
Lol,poor thing. I have lack of sleep also lor , T.T
To rin :
Haha ! He's like 3 in one. Cool, cute & handsome. Wuzhun ah, cos hes muscular & stuffs & thanks, hopefully i pass my maths test :D
To vinna :
Eh, nope he's not from ke mi xiao zhi last time ^ ^
To angel :
YEAP YALUN . Let's faint :D We're now on the same piece of the lil dot land with them.
Is it surprising or surprising ? HAHA !
To Jiayu :
Hello there [:
To jingqiu :
Haha ! Log is a very difficult subject lor, zzz & the test is coming soon so lets faint together.
I can finish 3000$ in 1 mth , provided i have the money luh .

Friday, January 26, 2007 || 3:13 AM

& hes in singapore now, in the little red dot on the global map , the same small island as meeeee.
& i mean, ME.
& maddie told me just now that her friends saw feilunhai at bugis.
And sigh, If only i have a chance to see them in real life ...
Argh, now it's like ...
Thousands & thousands and tens of thousands of girls crazy over him.
And im like only one of them .
He doesnt even know my existance luh & its like so lame being so in love with him when he can choose any prettier girl among the thousands.
Im contridicting myself, yes i know but.
He's so cute !!!! At least for me, to resist.

The bad school boy looks.

Its the first time im so crazy over a guy who doesnt even know my existance

Darn it, why must he be so cute ?


Thursday, January 25, 2007 || 7:19 AM

Maths common test is coming alr.
what the ... ?
So fast please ! 3/6 will fail together & like tania said, we'll get one mark to prove that we're not stupid. At least we won't score zero.
& the topics included is log, which is preetay difficult.
& i just came home from tuition , which i completed my maths homework there and my tuition teacher says that my maths foundation is darn weak.
but whatever, i completed my maths homework at least.
Urgh, okay enough of maths.
School's boring & i need more sleep.
If there is 30 hours per day, i'd dedicate the extra 6 hours to my sleeping time.
My ipod's earphones have spoiled T.T
& i need new ones but apple is selling them at $60 + , so i might just get those retailing in popular , some unknown brand for less than $20 :D
But urgh, im broke. Anybody willing to pay ?
LOL! Anyway, watched girls out loud hosted by rozzlyn & xiaxue.
& found out that teenagers out there, mind you they're 16 , spends like $3000 per month
on shopping. ( Inclusive of guys )
Wow, if i have those money , i'd fly.
like FLY.

Monday, January 22, 2007 || 4:20 AM

Im a heavily drama-serial addict & crazy person.
Maddie is just starting to watch my girl & darn, i don't know why but i feel like watching it all over again.
& whenever it started with a kiss & silence is on TV, i'd just get all emotional.
AND , everytime im home, youtube is mostly the one on my mind.
And now im wondering , how come hanakimi ep 10 havent come out yet ?!
Anyway , these are the dramaserials i finished during december :
- FullHouse
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Im heavily addicted to rain's smile & im on the same island with him now !
Lets all faint.
- My girl
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
{ watch this } and look out for maddie's comment ?
ANYWAY, ITS VERY SWEET OKAY , & the male lead is like omg, shuai dao !
- KoOne
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
This is the drama serial that made me fall in love with aaron from feilunhai.
Very long drama, BUT worth your time.
- It started with a kiss
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Guess what ?! Last time i used to think that joe cheng is a GAY !
But now, im head over heels with him. Argh ~
- Love Contract
❤ ❤ ❤
Starring MikeHe&ArielLin, its quite err, boring BUT the cast , mike is so cute !
You can just drool watching him :
- Silence
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
VIC ZHOU ! Please dont think that although he's from F4 is deemed as very disgusting or out or whatever. This show is darn nice okay ! Its like one of the favourites luh !
MUSTWATCH. Very touching .
- Tokyo Juliet
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Another of feilunhai's movie. Well, as interesting compared to Silence or whatever, but you can just drool on the guys while watching it too :X
-Goong !
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Oh man ! Goong2 is coming out alr ! Hope they keep those beautiful & not forgetting -GRINS handsome & cute casts !
Anw, if there is someone as cute as YULGOON in that show, i tell you.
I will be melting like a icecream under the hot sun. REALLY !
-One Litre of Tears
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Its a very very sad dramaserial because the female lead died ..
& Its just sad luh ! BUT , the thing i dont understand is that why i cried in the other shows but not this. One of the few jap shows i like.

& Now, im currently on hanakimi [ which is like loading ever so slow]
And a game about love . After a game about love, it'll be show luo's new show !

Sunday, January 21, 2007 || 5:10 AM

Had a super bad hair day today .
& i had tuition today: Phy.
Quite happy luh, cos i managed to answer the questions my tutor gave me.
There was one reason to it actually.
I felt guilty.
Know why ? Because i saw my mum forking out the tuition fees & giving it to me.
For that moment, i felt a strange emotion taking me over : Guilt.
The tuition fee is not cheap you know, & so , i decided to work hard to like 'repay' her.
& now im wondering, is it just a 3minute thing that i felt again ? & then for the rest of the year, i would just slack .
But its kind of stupid, i felt the guilty only after 1 yr + of tuition .
So guess how much money i wasted.
Urgh , nevermind.
Anyway, my mum after tuition dropped me off at amk station , cos im going to meet shuyi jie :D
Haha ! Havent been out with her for a long time alr .
& so , i went to admarity & went to her house first.
Haha ! Her room is small , but super cosy , & i absolutely adore her closet.
It's quite jap style .
Haha & then we fooled around, goofing around & she has like lots of princess hours posters in her room & i tried to snap a photo with me & the golden hair guy in the show but i failed.
Reason being: Im the short T.T
Aiya, whatever !!!
Haha, & then , we dolled up and decided to go to vivo city, as she said she wants to buy a bag .
And so, we went to vivo :D
Firstly, we went to eat as we were like super hungry by then .
Me & shuyi played scissors,paper stone as i wanted to eat KFC but she insisted on Macdonalds.
& I won the scissorspaperstone lor ! 4:2 somemore.
But guess what, we ate Macdonalds -________-
& its like super scary because there was a luggage beside our table which stayed there like 30 minutes and i highly suspected whether there was a bomb in it or anything.
If explode, we first to die leh .
Uh, nonsense. Anyway , shuyi jie wanted to buy a necklace from heeren because she spoilt the one her boyfriend gave it to her. Its a necklace , circle one with a crown in it.
& then we walked in circles in vivo & then found out later that its actually in the harbourfront place thingy.
Haha ! That blur thang !
And we were on the great search : The necklace.
And i was the one who found it okay ! $18.90 leh . Not verycheap .
Hhaa, but she was willing to fork out the money .
Anywayyy. Later on we went to shop around & mango is still having the 70% sale.
But please luh, even if there is a 70% sale, the items there are still like expensive T.T
So i didnt buy any .
Needless to say, Zara which is having a 50% sale is more expensive than mango . So being poor folks , we cant afford to like even look at it.
& then we went into this shop 'Pull&Bear' . Woah, the items inside also very nice.
And me & shuyi jie eyed on a jacket, which cost $49.90 [EXP LUH]
But nevermind, it's still going into my wishlist anw.
Haha, & then we went to the kiddyland area to rest our aching feets.
The kids are so cute ! I miss my childhood.
After that, we went to another area which was flooding with water.
& i actually thought that it was because of the massive rain these few days T.T
But it's like man-made, supposed to be like that.
woah sian, i felt so stupid.
Anyway, there were so many children in swimming costumes there.
If i were a kid, i sure jump in & fool around. But too bad ... ...
& then i saw my class der girl , aquiah there. Haha ~
And then after resting for quite a long time, we went to the arcade & played one game there.
Dont know what it's called but its quite fun :D
& i won shuyjie ! shes lousy at it :x
Haha ! Pretend u didnt hear that ~
& she owes me one drink tmr at recess :D
Haha ! & then we went to get a drink and went back home.
On the train on the way back home ...
Shuyijie : How come the handphone mp3 no sound one ah
Me : -blurface-
Shuyjie : OH ! because i never on the volume what -grins
Me : -diaoface-.-'''-
Anyway, pics !
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The jacket , or rather top that me & shuyijie wanted.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
But we want it in this colour [ :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's a little too bright. No ?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
She says i resembles emo. No luh please !
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You've got us upside down .
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Reflections . Can spot us ?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Chanel boutiuqe in vivo !

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
& this is a totally random picture.
Ex2/3-ians !

Saturday, January 20, 2007 || 7:33 AM

Now on the game of love : Epi. 9-2
slow luh :x
But nevermind, urgh ~
After that i'll be watching on show luo's & barbie hsu's nice show.
so many dramas to watch luh.
- Friday -
School is super boring luh.
& was working on the sets during drama and the guys are like fooling around.
Showed us super funny vedios of their classmates which they took & they cut something like a mask and acted totally retarded.
& I have the vedio luh ! Maybe i should post it on youtube.
If i do , i might be the second one in anderson on the newspaper alr.
Ah, whatever.
-Sat, today -
Woke up early today, considering that it is a saturday.
& Jacynda finally like created a new blog & actually took the effort to blog:X
But i bet it wouldnt last long.
( Judging from her previous blogs ) - note the bold S :X
Ah, & then my afternoon is quite idle.
And i did one step to further improvement of spiritual stuffs.
I did my talk today ! ah, u guys out there wouldnt know what im talking about luh .
But nevermind.
I was nervous, & i thought i show-ed it out.
But how come everybody say i never ?!
Aiyah, bet that's what they say to every single one who does their first talk .
Allright, anyway when i was sitting there.
I could feel beads of sweat , not running down my forehead but running down my butt.
Which leaves my skirt like super wet :X
okay not that wet actually.
But i stumbled over some words which was obvious .
But i did tried my best, did i ?
I think so , haha.
& so , haha. although its scary or something, it's worth it luh .
Looking forward to the second one.

Thursday, January 18, 2007 || 4:07 AM

Replies to tags :

jingqiu : Huh , what u mean by she talked bout the two jacqs today ? & yeh, 2/3'06 rocks.
Fion : -________-linked alr ! later will tag & heh, the burger's nice okay
Shuyi: <3> Im bored T.T
Darren: Haha ! Aiyer, nvrmind luh.

Anyway, chnged blogskin alr. how issit ? Find this plainer than myprevious one T.T, but i like the colour. The song's nice ? & my cbox's having problems >< so im changing it to a new one, thus replying the tags in post.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 || 7:47 AM

Had four periods of maths today : 2 hours.
My brain is like overloaded alr T.T
Mrs cheong says im indecent ? Cos she thinks my pinafore is short .
she should say that to everybody then .
And anyway, i failed my first chinese compo this year by one mark.
The standards of it is like a primary school one, no wonder the teacher failed me.
AHA :x
& then the other lessons were boring ...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The pic i took with jialin during english class.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
in case u didnt know that :D
Did this crap thing with pins during english lesson too.
Mrs lawrance is boring :x
Urgh, zzz.
& then, met up with jacq choo to have lunch in KFC.
Bought shrooms burger meal & cheese fries .
But the cheese of the cheese fries are like so little T.T
So, i went to the counter and asked for more cheese, & it's delicious lah !
& we made this using the food of our left-overs.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The heart is i made one leh, with chilli suace.
Chio right !
Haha, & then after eating lunch, we headed back to school talking about
fei lun hai.
Haha ! Jacq choo really knows how to fantasize luh .
I shouldnt post up what she said to 'keep' her face :D
& then mrs kamal gave us lollipops during drama .
& i got two ! because jingyan doesnt want hers, so she gave me hers.
& just a few minutes before, i was talking to maddie and she kept telling me she wants to change her name luh !
From madeleine > Ma(something, cant rmb) > Maddhs > she wants to change again .
I forgot to save our conver >:(
If not, i can post those super funny names we invented.
Haha ! Loooooooooveeeeees
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Monday, January 15, 2007 || 1:56 AM

The class seating plan has been changed & i hate it luh.
Im like in the super front row , sitting beside eddie { the talk-alot & sleeping king }
I seem to bitch alot these days .
Anyway, argued & pleaded with the teacher & she changed my seat.
Wah, heng lor, or else sec3 life will be a dreadful one.
Schoolis boring, as usual .
Anyway, i felt a sense of achievement when i could understand what mama cheong was talking about.
gosh, to think i actually find her inspiring. - NOT
Anyway , after school met shuyi jie, jazzy & jasselyn .
Kelian der shuyi T.T Her eyes are like all red because of her contact lens.
Sigh ...
Anyway , went with jazzy to amk central to collect her contact lens.
Super super exp .
$60 + for 2 pairs/ monthly, while mine is like err, $12 / month ?
Anyway , went to her house & her house is like BIG .
& so nice somemore. haha ~
& she has this super big golden retriver which scares me alot.
aiya, i got phobia what.
Anyway, she went to shower & changed while i used the computer.
she only took around 5 mins to shower LMAO
& then she went to doll up while i fooled around with her makeup.
Didnt take any pictures though T.T
And now im home, feeling super hungry .

Sunday, January 14, 2007 || 7:11 AM

Urgh, tmr's monday again .
I don't want to go to school leh& i shall start thinking of excuses .

Uh, sian lah . These lame & stupid excuses won't work . IM BORED .& i dont know why people keep asking me to send them songs today . Anyway, the german guy in my class is not cute. NOT CUTE . Until now, people are still asking me about him . Anyway , A game about love is nice ! Go watch , aha. But youtube is like super lag luh , so if you're as impatient as me , dont watch , or you'll end up smashing the computer screen








{ See my super reluctant face }

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

{ Or does it look more convincing like this ? } eh, with tears leh .

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday, January 13, 2007 || 8:30 AM

My parents are taking away the fine ole' piano at my living room & replacing it with a waterfountain with flowers & whatever surrounding it.
> My mum's idea. She loves flowers & trees lah .
& then at the wall near my room door, they're taking away the expensive hung-up paint & replacing it with a brick-like wall
> This one i like !
Haha, & they're like doing everything themselves cos my dad knows how to, so they'll be saving quite a bit of cash .
I'm having lots of blisters on my feet cos my schoolshoes are new & im not adapted to it yet.
Woah, is my life boring or what.

Friday, January 12, 2007 || 5:18 AM

Rained like cows & bulls today .
Weather is getting cold, so prepare jackets to school everybody .
Heck, my back is hurting again & my contacts are dried up & my blisters at my heels hurt.
Everything's not going my way. Im mad & irritated

I dont knw why im feelng lyk this

Thursday, January 11, 2007 || 6:18 AM

The new geek in town .
Borrowd two books , each from tess & farah seperately.
' A shopaholic's confession' & ' All-amercian girl '
Mind you, it's like thick okay .
Haha, but they aren't those typical lit. books like the pearl luh.
Had extra lessons & they're boring, esp for literature.
Just showed us some kukoo movie & i slept all the way through , & when i woke up , ulfah was like ' Good morning ! '
Maths & Phys are killing me , help somebody T.T
Done the billboards alr & im like actually nice enough to erm , help monica cut her polkadots circles. Agh, & my contact lens are being a nuisance today .
Anyway ,Im beginning to love 3/6 alr , but 2/3 ' o6 is still the best class ever :D

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 || 3:37 AM

I can't understand surds .
& i tried to pay attention alr lor, but nothing seems like going inside my head.
Someone teach me please >:(
& now i've the billboard thingy for drama to design.
It's black& white.
Woah, since when drama become so emo uh ?
since when mrs lee left . No lah, kidding.
And for a random thing, my chinese compo is like the standard of a primary five.
Not kidding .
I must start being cheena already to improve my chinese .
Zai Jian Da Jia ! :

Monday, January 8, 2007 || 2:15 AM

My new shoes are being a bitch lah, it's like my heels are a little red & swollen with blisters.
& yeah, i remembered to bring my tie luh !
First Lesson > Lit.
M.S Yeoh is like darn pro , she can like actually talk in the whole hour.
Without stopping & asking any questions , she can like go on & on like a television lah .
& i'm like trying to keep myself awake for the sake of passing my lit.
And i only slept for like 5 mins .
Second Lesson > Physics.
It's like super weird. Miss Ong told us to call her Mrs Ong. She's married leh !
Woah, am i slow or what. Anyway , just cannot believe it. Wonder how her husband look like :x
Then i think her husband sirname's also ong. ( No offence )
Cos i heard some monkey asking her ' How come ong & ong can get married one uh ?
Anyway, physics is allright , haha ~
ThirdLesson > English .
Had some surprise compre. test , which isn't like a test at all.
& me and tess basically crapped the whole lesson talking about drama serials & the hot guys in there. LMAO .
Fourth Lesson > Chem
Mr Wong , my ex maths teacher is my chem teacher.
I think i'm like going to disappoint him again lah man .
I mean, my science & my maths are like the worst of all & last year i failed my maths terribly.
Wow, am i like going to fail my chem terribly too ?
Then did some basic stuffs with the apparatus luh, boring like what the toooooooot.
Fifth Lesson > Maths
Know what man ?
Halfway thrgh the lesson, i was like sensing my ipod is missing & i like searched everywhere but it was MIA lah , & so i couldnt concentrate .
Well, maybe mama cheong was jealous and she took it.
What the , Aiya anyway i found it in the chem lab ><
Heng it was there lor, or i'd have banged my head against the wall 1234567 times.
& i mean it okay .
And after that it was dismissal time for me ! But the others have to like stay back for an hour more for geog, but we didnt have drama.
muaahahah :x
im dreading tmr's massworkout.

Saturday, January 6, 2007 || 7:02 AM

Allright, & so i bought my school shoes today .
It's from ALL-STAR , school shoes that those typical teenagers wear.
Actually i wanted to buy the high cut one, but ALL-STAR isn't retailing any of them .
So if i want, it'd have to be from converse.
Exp ~& so, i gave it a miss.
Anyway, Taffy has returned to shanghai already & she's coming back on feb again !
Haha ! The aeroplane is like her second home.
Anyway , went to kovan's bata to purchase my shoes with my mum & i also bought one clutch and one slingbag .
why am i buying these bags ?
I mean, i should have like bought a schoolbag or whatever instead.
Ah, nevermind.
And saw Jacynda & Joann just now.
Joanna didnt attend as she has just returned from her camp, so she's like sleeping like a dead log. Haha , pig laa ~
Jacynda showed-off her new-brought watch & bag -.-
Exp leh ~
Watch : $100 +
Bag : near to $50.
Her bag is totally gorgeous ! It's from ink & its like the first ink bag that i'm in love with.
Argh ~
Jealous !

Friday, January 5, 2007 || 6:24 AM

Changed the blogskin already !
Haha ~
This one has got my BIG NAME in it ^ ^
Today was abit better than yesterday .
& i mean abit.
First lesson > Massworkout.
It's a new thing lah , & i find it useless because it's like only the teachers doing.
& mrs lawrance , who was the teacher who led the school must be quite discouraged.
Haha ! How i wish the school can like recruit Mr Shaw ( He's the one who teaches drama people dance- a pinch of hip-hop, etc )
And i bet the whole school will be into it.
Second lesson > Drama
All the drama-mama stuffs again , & did some err, improv.
During the lesson, had fits of laughter and shock.
Im mad, ignore me.
Third lesson > P.E
Me & khairi were late for the lesson, & then we took height & weight, which is very sensitive.
& so, dont ask lah . But i grew taller ! By erm, 1cm .
But still got grow okay !
& then we were asked to run outside the school two rounds, but me & jean walked.
I walked partially because my shoe is like spoiling alrdy lor.
It's like so pathetic & im like worrying whether it'll drop and then i will like go around the school shoe-less. Great man .
Fourth lesson > Maths.
Mama cheong came in despite the slip that said she'd be absent lor.
& did one maths question -______-
I made one ultimate aim ,I WANT TO PASSS MATHS!
& then it was > Recess .
Met up with shuyi jie & clique.
Haha ! Crapped lots there and i didnt buy anything because it's like after recess one hour will be releasal of school already .
& then the last lesson is > H.M.T
My chinese teacher is Zeng lao shi lor. Sian dead !
And then , it's like she asked us a very no-answer question & she says it's for working on our brain. what the ?
The question is
' There is a train & there was a point where there were two tracks. On the left track is a deserted track . And the right track is the point where it is supposed to go. However, there were seven mischevious kids there, & on the left track, there was one well-behaved kid playing there ( He played there because he knew that it was deserted ) . & then the driver had to make a choice. Right or Left ?
& then when i said the train should just go backwards ( kos tan ), cos many MRT trains can one what, the whole class burst into laughter .
Not funny lor please. rollseye -
& after that i went with jacq choo to eat penang laksa ! After craving it for don't-know-how-many-days . Haha ! & then it was drama .
Mrs Lee is leaving already.
Although i didnt really like , like her, I dont want her to go.
Im contridicting myself.

Thursday, January 4, 2007 || 4:48 AM

School's being insanely boring.
First Lesson > Lit.
all the introduction & stuffs.
boring ~
Second Lesson > English
Mrs joanne lee went into our class & she's like funny. I want either her or miss shamilah to be my english teacher. I mean, it would be much more interesting rather than hearing teachers just talking away . Anyway, I'm in the Band2 english class.
Teacher : Mrs Lawrance .
Nevermind. can't do anything.
Lesson was as usual, more talking & intro, i just wanted to die there - of boredom.
Third Lesson > Drama
Haha, & the drama class has like erm, around 8-9 people ?!
super small class please.
But we didn't like do any practical stuffs cos it was cca screening & we helped out instead.
I was dressed with a pair of black wings, and a black tee & stuffs.
And we helped out , & this year's sec1 is like cute !
Like those primary school kids . So innocent lah !
Haha ~
& then, skipped recess & the fourth lesson
> Maths ! [ partially cos teacher is mama chong ]
Uh huh, u get what i mean.
& then , went back for social studies which is the last lesson .
Boring- again .
Maybe im still in the mood of shopping & slacking ?
But i must , must & must like really pay attention already.
Killer Years : Sec3 & 4.
've got an aim already ! - claps.
English : B4
Maths : 'd be very satisfied if i passed :D
H.M.T : B4
Lit : B3
Science : B4
I can do it , right ?
I must must stick to it & pass , espically my maths.
Reason isn't because that mama cheong is the teacher.
Anyway, my dad is like being really nice.
What's up his sleeve ?

Tuesday, January 2, 2007 || 6:14 AM

Seriously, what's wrong with parents ?
My mum just told me that she's going to confiscate the laptops ?
Because i've been sleeping at around 4-5 am ?
I mean like, hello . It's the holidays .
Obviously i will be matured enough to like hit the bed earlier if there's school ?
& i wonder if they have ever heard of rebellion ?
The more they dont want to give, the more i would want to use.
Why can't i have freedom to use the computer ?
Mutal trust la come on.
Parents don't know what generation they're in now, seriously.

|| 2:03 AM

Went out to bugis street - Yet again , yes with peiling.
Bought one white top & one pair of slippers & dorothy perkins clutch .
Yeh man ~
One more item off my wishlist !
Dorothy perkins 's bags are like cheap laa.
& peiling wanted to buy a schoolbag but she only has like 14$ with her -.-
So she didnt manage to buy any schoolbag but she got her eyebrows trimmed.
& went off the KFC to have our lunch and later on, when we went to a cosmetics shop ,
we quarreld there.
've been quarreling alot with my friends lately.
Whats wrong with me ?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
School's starting tmr ?
Have to wake up early again & no more slacking.