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Wednesday, February 28, 2007 || 6:01 AM

My handphone is nuts .
First , it goes down by itself for no reason it scares me.
Because the shortcut for calculator is the down button ,
my handphone makes me look like some idiot who likes maths so much she's playing with the calculator 24/7.
Some minutes before, i just solved the 'down' problem & my handphone went nuts and now i cannot press '2' & i cannot press down already =.=
What the ... ! ? ?!
Beacuse of it i cannot sms, & stuffs.
So irritating & my family members doesn't even have a sparephone cos they used the sparephones to tradein for a brandnew sleek samsung phone for my sis.
Now im the one suffering.
I cannot live without handphone you know ?!
And my dad blames me for not finding a phone to replace it , Im like so busy already luh .
Argh , i can die without my phone.
I better buy a good, new phone & take good care of it.
i better.
Anyway , TANGS is having sales & i swear im going to buy the GUESS wallet there.
$34.90, dirt cheap !
my gosh ~
And one more thing, my friends are psycho as in, seriously .

Monday, February 26, 2007 || 6:35 AM

Weeeeeets !
& My chem also ! -Grins
Furthermore, i passed with quite a high mark for Amaths okay {23/25}
Heh , dont blame me for being such a showoff here.
Anybody would, after failing maths for like 2 yrs ?!
The sad thing , i failed my Emaths T.T
Thats sad luh, cos i expected a pass cos that paper was fairly easy.
I must say a very big thankyou very much to Jacqueline Choo cos she was the one who was patient & taught me throughout.
Also Jingqiu ^ ^ , for helping me out .
Hahah, enough of maths talk alr.
Had phy test today , kind of difficult luh . Argh ~
& i have drama test tmr -.-
Drama + Exam = Terror =.=
Anyway , went gym-ing today with ranjini & puaying .
Sweated lots & i feel healthy ! ><
Will be going gym quite regular already ^^

In comment to the phrase with a asterik , it's difficult cos my mum bought like what 10 slices of
cakes from secret recipe the super yummy cake store . damnit lah , how to lose weight like that.

Sunday, February 25, 2007 || 6:01 AM

Went out with joann today to bugis street .

kinda sick of that place already T.T

We walked in circles in bugis street & junction .

I bought a dress( similar to what joann is wearing tt day ) , & two tops while joann bought a top ^^

Things are so cheap there luh.

So i went to the toilet and chnged to the same dress and people kept staring cos we're wearing the same thing o.o

& joann kept complaining that all the walking around makes her legs aches.

It made mine ached too :X

Aiyo, we're so weak .

Anyway i have phy test tmr so yeah , i will keep the post short.

* That woman doesnt want to take photos with me T.T

Act shy !

Saturday, February 24, 2007 || 6:08 AM

Everybody is getting new things at home.
My mum bought a new computer =.= ( which is totally redundant )
& my sister got a new phone ( which is also totally redundant )
& Im getting a new phone too ! I desperate of a new phone, because my keypad is spoilt & it just presses ' down ' by it's own .
So irritating . Can't even sms properly & stuffs.
& tmr's shopping day with joann !
We'll hit the shopes til we're happy.

Friday, February 23, 2007 || 5:16 AM

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I swear , this guy is love.
I'll be your teddybear sweets ;

Thursday, February 22, 2007 || 7:09 AM

^ ^

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 || 4:41 AM

I've updated/altered/changed/edited { whatever way u wish to say it } , my wishlist ^ ^
& replies to tags !
Jingqiu : Haha, nah i didn't buy anything on that day .
lingyu : Haha ! I know i know ~ But that phone quite new lor. Im buying a new one, soon : DD
angeeeeeeeel : Haha, yeap ! A LONG row of eeeees !& i want to see hanakimi like now >:(
& relinked !
Sujie : tsktsk, still need me to tag first u then will tag .TSK! :x
jingqiu : Haha, ure not stupid lah, or else how come in 3/1 hur !
JINGYING! : Haha, Yeap , [ Look above ! ]
effa : Hello to the one who im going to pull out your stitches- GRINS . & wonderland is really preetay , with erm , all the wonders ? LOL!
SHIHUI: Haha, okay relinked !
sylvia: Haha, okay im so sorry ><
angeeeel : Haha ! U changed to wretch - SCREAMS .
welkome : erm, okay . So im supposed to link u or somthing ?

|| 3:45 AM

I spent the holidays at m'sia ! Those who stayed in boring ole s'pore , be jealous ! :X
kidding ~
The ride to Ipoh is like a frigging 13 hours ! & also there was a heavy downpour .
But it's worthwhile laa.
When we reached Ipoh, we first hit a restaurant which our family booked & we had a scrumptious meal , but i didn't eat much because the atmosphere was totally akward as i haven't seen most of my cousins for like 3 yrs ?!
Most of them have matured already ^ ^
& then after the dinner, we went back to my grandmother's house and catched up with one another, following up with a girl's night.
And the next morning my relatives all gathered together, giving out red packets which my family is supposed to decline as due to religious reasons, i cannot celebrate CNY.
Yes, another akward situation , but some of them kept insisting that we had to accept them ><
& then , my cousin who is only 18 yrs old , drove me & some of the other cousins to a shopping mall but there's nothing really to shop as most of the shops aren't open for busniess due to the festive season going around.
Kinda sad , as i so wanted to shop there, & spent the RM my mother sponsors .
But in total , i bought a puma tee, a nike tee, & some makeup.
{ It's so darn cheap compared to s'pore puh-lease ! }
Should have bought more luh T.T
And then, after that we went back just in time for dinner. But it was a really traumatizing expirence cos there were wild dogs roaming around , like around me !
Remember i have a phobia of dogs ? -.-
Okay nevermind about that, & to make matter worse, there was a bunch of old banagalas , ( No racism remarks here please ) , & i mean really old like 40 - 70 .
They were acting like hot popstars , singing away those old-ies , dancing to the tune of it, & acting all bling. They're trying so hard , too hard that it's such a turnoff.
And the only chinese words they know how to say is ' Gong xi fa choy '
& everytime they sing finish a song < -- {can't bring myself to say this}, they'll like ask us to clap or whatever & everytime, our reactions will be like this :
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's so len3 chang3 lor.
& then after eating { but i must say , it's quite delicious } , my cousin again drove us to eat supper ><>
Talked & crapped & laughed lots.
The conversation was darn funny : DD
& then the next morning is quite boring as i stayed at home, catching up with my precious sleep.
& then went shopping again - at the same mall -.- , as my mother insisted on it.
Didn't buy anything already this time, & i slept early , & the very next early morning , it's time to come back to boring ole ' singapore T.T
* Didn't take much photos as my phone broke down on me >:(
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 || 7:01 AM

It's a super nice song& it will soon be my next blogsong ~
I'm kinda looking forward to saturday because it's the date im going to meet all my cousins i havent met for ages and i miss them alot.
Ps, have i told you they're kinda shuave too ?
Psst , pretend you didn't see that >:D
SS test was postphoned so yeah, i've more time to study for it.
& tmr's chem and hmt test. All the best ~
Miss ong complained to my dad that i'm always late & that i dont hand in my homework and that my fringe is too long and that i talk alot.
Am i that bad in school ?
Whatever, but i didnt' get a scolding or whatever which i expected.
Instead, he talked to me nicely & cracked jokes in between and apologized to me despite me being late for school for an hour + because i ran to macdonalds to eat my breakfast .
Okay , you wouldnt understand , but i think i ought to be nicer to my dad.
And from tmr onwards , he's going to drive me to school so i wouldnt be late again .
But i predict that i will be later because he sleeps like a log which is 100x worse than me.
So yeah, more dc-s ?

Monday, February 12, 2007 || 3:16 AM

I hate it when shit comes to me,
& I abhor all the stress I can’t manage.
Or those whispers that tempted me from moving on,
It makes my entire day feels so damn , long.
add maths into it, too.
& i just cut my hair which looks terrible .

Dont you find the tunes of the piano so beautiful ?
the melody that comes alongside with it,
totally mesmirizing.

Sunday, February 11, 2007 || 5:26 AM

Random fact : People in china cannot view blogspot because it's banned there.
Make no sense does it ? But its true !
Anyway this song is by lily allen : Littlest things > :D
Nice song & the lyrics are very meaningful !
Anyway , had tuition today & before that i went to lingyu's mum store to eat the noodles.
Very nice esp the soup ~ ! Punggol noodles , forever the best hahahahaha !
& then set off for tuition which seems to end very early but argh , it's a good thing !
& then i went to meetup with jacq choo because she's very rich and her hands are itchy to spend them off !
can you feel the jealousy brimming in the inside of me ?
Haha ! we met in serangoon and then set off to plaza sing.
Urged her to go vivo instead, but she didn't want to , so bo biah , go plaza sing .
She bought loads of stuff ~ ( refers to list below )
- Green &white stripped tube from fleshimp . $18 , CHEAP !
- M(phosis dress
- Black pants from IPZONE.
- Black pants from ebase
- Tube bra from anonymous shop ><
& looking at jacq choo's sleek, elegant chocolate phone, it doubles the urges of me getting a choco phone.
Is it a good thing or a bad thing ?
Haha ~ & then later me and jacq choo went to kovan .
The banana shop as usual, sells tons of beautiful & fabulous stuffs which i cannot afford ~
& thats a very saddening thing allright.
* I am very very very very very very very broke now.

Jingqiu : Wah, thats so sad lor T.T
Inez : Hhaa, allrights & relinkd :D
Darren : Hhaa ~ okay .
Effa : Haha crap ! But i got two digits - Smirks.
angeeeeeeeeeel : Precisely ! But i hope it wouldnt be ruined like how they did to meteor garden II >:(
tania : Wah, i dont know who was the one who only scored one mark higher than me lor !
jacq : hahahah ! I chnged the blog song alr ~
daphanie : Hhaa, thanks (:
BRIIANA : Hhaa, allright .
rachel : haha, i posted it on the blog post alr & i love it too !
Maddhs : whats mofo ? :X & we have the same taste whatttt !
TAFFY : Hhaa chill ! sure thing, whn are u coming back ?

Saturday, February 10, 2007 || 7:35 AM

I better update before my blog gets too dead .
Luckily i don't think there are any test on monday or else i would flunk it.
Argh , now my mind is like super mixed up with the subjects & dates ...
I remember i copied it somewhere ...
Forget it nevermind.
Now my house smells as if it's burning. I wonder if my house will explode anytime.
Hopefully not .
Anyway , i saw this show which this maths genuis . Mind you , he's 10 .
He could do sums like nobody's busniess ! bet he has an IQ higher than 180.
He just look at the sum & write the answer. No need to think at all lor , wth .
& he's 10 !!!! he can do sums like 389 x 647 without thinking. Just see & write answer.
Okay anyway , on the other hand . Jacq choo told me she forgot how to even do simple division .
Okay nevermind. Anyway , i think i want to submit a story to fanfiction !
Write stories as my pastime :x & improve my language at the same time ! ( the rhyming is not intentional ) . & also , i want to jog everyday, starting from tmr ! ( which i doubt i will & like mama cheong always says , there are hundreds of tmrs )
Okay , ignore me im mad.
Anyway , jacq choo asked me to accompany her to shop as she has to get some nice dress that doesnt exceed 100$ T.T I also want to shop lah , but bo lui & she got a white slider chocolate phone today ! My favourite phone that i'm aiming for.
Can i slap her or slap her ? T.T
I owe mama cheong alot of homework which i dont feel like doing because im not as clever as the ten year old boy and she doesnt seem to mind at all cos my class is like no hope at all haha im trying to finish off a super long sentence so ignore me again cos i think im really mad muahahahahahahahahhaa & i took some really spastic photos which im too lazy to upload & i like saying ali baba ! Muahahahaha, bye .

Wednesday, February 7, 2007 || 5:38 AM

My desk is piling up with maths homework & im so demoralized.
But i scored double digits for maths & it's something worth celebrating over because i got 0 last year : DDD
anyway, i find mrs cheong very inspiring. no scacasm.
Yousucku is so disgusting i want to puke & dig out his intestines and stomp on them .
Oh !Boon bin got 49/50 for maths which is absolutely ... ...
Common tests are coming . Time flies like the cheetah ...
Im so busy nowadays i dont have time to catch a breath.
Stayed back for drama today until 3 & then found out that drama is only meant for those in charge etc. - rollseyes.
Going back to m'sia during the one week holidays.
Get to see my cousins ^ ^
Im still demoralized T.T

Monday, February 5, 2007 || 2:29 AM

Replies to tags :
Maddhs : LOL ! Fine , im blur okay :
Darren : Hahas, you better take care of youself.
Angeeeeel : Precisely ! They're so famous & seem so happy but inside them is like full of sad memories T.T & concentrate on your work laa !
STELLA : Hart2 ! Haha ~ Yeap , i agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
Jolyn : You're nuts ! When did feilunhai become feilunhair . - runs after you with a chopper.
Effa : Haha, u didnt know ? Wang& Ong T.T
Afiqa : Haha , okayokay . linked ~
Jingqiu : LOL ! Woah, so many ~ all for me ? : DD

Jacynda's baptised already , 3/2/07. a date to remember for her ^ ^
So happy & delighted for her .
Hope that she'll remain in the right track ( that applies to me too ) : DD
Cheryl baptised the same day with her also .
Double wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.
Haha, anyway . Joann bought some chocolates & they've got really nice wrappers .
Anyway , watched hana kimi ep 12 alr ! 'Freestuffs' & 'cutesheforum' is uploading these chapters real fast. & anyway , i hope to complete ' The hospital' soon . 've already given up on 'A game about love' already . So boring ~
& this year is a drama serial season . Super nice drama serials like
Hana Kimi is out - 2 or 3 more chapters left only.
Goong 2 - They're two versions. One is the original cast & the other one is not.
It started with a kiss 2 - Hope it's as nice as the first one !
Anyway , i think my optician is weird. The tag @ the contact lens solution says $13.50 , but she's selling it to me @ $7 .
Anyway, my crush for feilunhai is slowly dying already , however yet still deeeply infatuated.
Argh, nevermind. After this post, im going to revise my Emaths.
Nice wrappers ~
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
You're a cutie.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Will you be mine ?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I love you.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I miss you.
* I resolve to be better to my father & pass this e-maths test .

Friday, February 2, 2007 || 4:54 AM

Replies to tags :
Briana : Haha, thanks i will :D
Fiona : Yeah ! Hes like the best boyfriend, in terms of looks one will ever go for
Rin : Haha yeap precisely :x Looks does matter.
jingqiu : Haha, i knowi know . Why headache ?
JACYNDA: But at least my tongue is longer than yours -bleah ! & haha, AARON is always my taste thank you :D
angeeeel : Let's melt under the sun & the sun is aaron . okay im exaggerating :X
Darren : Haha ! take care of ureself okay . Work is tiring ?
Jolyn : Iie am n0tx twiitxz nehxzz ~ They're so cute lah , ure blind :x
jacq : I found it , but it doesnt seem to be aaron, but ... I just have a very strong feeling it's him . Or perhaps its just what my mind wants to think about. -shrugs.
Cassandra : Misses * Anyway, what happnd to ure blog ?
Effa : Yeap, heng ah we went , & yeah, dont pon alr. The teachers are like soso upset T.T & im guilty.
Ranjini : Haha ! Allright, taggd & linked sweets
Lingyu : LOL! & u and ure rock bands. tsktsk.
Anyway, one of my drama mates told me this.
' If a guy buys you a bunch of roses, & then place a plastic fake rose in the middle & tells her that his love for her will last so long as the roses don't die. '
It will mean eternity.
So sweet right ? Aww.
Been digging out old photos & i think that im super cute lah, when i was a baby & i turned into a geek from primary three onwards , then become a ah-lian wanna-be from pri6 .
& now, i think the most dumb thing is to be/act as an ah-lian .
I mean, think far & big ! Do you want to be those old slutty women on the streets, splurting out vulgarities every two seconds ?
People will just stare at you & roll their eyes.
Tai-tai will be the most elegant & be leading a life free from worries.
Bringing out LV shopping bags , accompanied with one or two of Chanel's and their wallet will be full of spas & facials membership cards and whenever they've to go for a holiday , what they'll be thinking will be ' Wah, this time bring my LV luggage or that other pretty gold plated one ? '
I mean, which one will you choose please.
Seeing so many ah-lians in anderson, tsktsk. Grow up !
no offence.
Allright, Anyway , i think that im beginning to be attached to 3/6 already .
However, ex-2/3ians are greatly missed T.T
Sighsigh* Emotions are taking me over : Happy & sad.
What a nice combination .
Anyway, 3/6 is a monster class. Within a month , 2 teachers cried alr.
Me,Jean,Effa,Szuhsien,Adeline,Sujie,Tania,Eddie Pon-ed phy class yesterday because today have maths test. So being the ones who want to score & prove to mama cheong that we wouldnt score zero , we decided to go KFC during phy remedial to study maths.
Okay, & i like slept throughout and done 3 questions only
Nevermind, but at least i secured 10 marks out of 50 . -GRINS
Hello, at least its better than last year which i never even bothered to do one single question.
Ah . I have a long list of things to do .
- Helping Jazzy to create a blog
- Buy plug-in earphones ( cos mine spoilt )
- Help a haircut
- Buy deodarant ( Mine is finishd )
- Put more songs into my ipod , it's like empty T.T
AAAAAAAAAH. & im so lazy T.T
Sigh * Nevermind. & my dad is so pro ! He totally beautified my house's living room by making a mini waterfall surrounded by some plants . He did everything himself. o.o
Anyway , learnt from youtube that aaron , yea that cute guy , had a girlfriend who died from a car accident. It's so sad ... People keep dying from car accidents. Maybe, cars should be banned.
Anyway, pictures !
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Drawn by me during that very boring english lesson : DDD
Ugly i know, but it has the big scary eyes i want .
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
That's my hand & jacq choo's backview.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's a badge pinned @ shyat's pencilcase.
It reads ' When someone annoys me , it takes 42 muscles in my face to frown ..
But it takes only 4 muscles to extend my arm & bitch-dap you ! '
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
& this is the mini waterfall im taking about.