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Monday, April 30, 2007 || 7:42 AM

& no more beautiful music to keep me company.

My beautiful black sleek ipod nano is lost. Or rather, stolen. ( Not confirmed but my instincts tell me it is ) . During tuition, when me & my friends went downstairs for a break to escape from the reality of maths, it was stolen by some idiot who doesn't have any sense of integrity. & the stupid me didnt realize it only after half an hour after it was stolen, ( meaning when i came back from downstairs ).
Points that made me so sure that it was stolen.
- Another one-week old ipod was stolen, & it costed a hefty 600$ + .
- The girl whom i suspect obviously, always lies& duh, she looks like a thief to me. A sloopy one to be precise.
- Before i went downstairs, it was there, & when i came back, it was lost and ' coincidentally' the girl was in the room.
Okay, perhaps i shouldnt jump to conclusions and point fingers accusing the girl of theft, but urghxzxzxzxz, i don't know how to describe the very strong instincts that tell me that it's her, & mr lim thinks so too.
Pointers, why i didn't lost it.
- Because i think i saw it in my bag during tuition ( 90% sure )
- Because there were the wires dangling down & even if it dropped, i would have suspended on mid-air for perhaps 12019210 seconds ?
- I always check my bag once in a while to confirm that my valuables are there.
You know something ? Actually i don't mind giving away the ipod for free to some orphan who really loves music or whatsoever, but the thought of that the whimpsical idiotic fat girl stealing my beautiful sleek ipod nano just makes my blood boil.
It's not about the ipod really, it's about the girl.
No money don't wish for so many material things lah, bloody low class idiots.
* Oh yah, if you were wondering how come i didnt requested for a bagcheck or something, that's because when i came back to the centre, i 'conincidentally' saw the girl leave the tuition centre .
& my tutor rang her up and asked whether she has taken something from the students . And guess what's her reply ?
( Some parts of the conver. )
Mr Lim : Have you taken any of my student's stuffs ?
Lowclassgirl : What is lost ? Ipod or calculator ? ( Note that she used the word 'ipod'.
Mr Lim : I also didn't tell you what was lost what, how you know ?
Lowclassgirl : Errr , ... Always these items lost what.
LIKE WHAT THE HECK ?! She's obviously such a bad lier/thief. Oh please, get a life. - rollseye.
- - - End of rant.

Okay anyway, had english paper one today& it was quite a breeze .
And with 123291872626 friends urging me to mug, i'm alr mugging - Phy&Maths.
Yay, i hope i dont get red marks
End the post with a smile ( :D )

Friday, April 27, 2007 || 10:27 AM

& Christobel Swen is love.

! Exams are around the corner, panic alert. Fasha is really panicking because she gets irritated when people don't listen in class, & ...
anyway, i am really happy with myself because i understand today's maths test , like in 230493294396 years. & I passed up the graphs homework ! Yay jacqueline loves graphs. Okay anyway, after tuition today i went to visit my beautiful lil cousin today.
Yay, presenting christobel swen

Once in a lifetime that she'd actually stare right into the cam oky. Christobel is seriously fortunate. She has a cool bag .
Cool shades
Cool toys
Cool hairband
Okay , pretty nonsensical actually, but you cannot deny it's cute ayeeee !

you know what ? she's my eyecandy (:

* !! Forever21 sale starting from 26th May, yay time to save up & sigh, drama had gold for SYF, it's kind of expected actually . Sad part is that, seniors are stepping down. S-I-G-H.

Friday, April 20, 2007 || 6:34 AM

& …

Just yesterday, my dad dragged my mother to plaza singapura to buy a new handphone , her’s in like totally stone age condition already. So my mother got a really cool new phone . She’s not really happy over it thou, she misses her new handphone I suppose ? ==’
Anyway , had maths test today & I practically slept throughout it. I did tried hard to understand the night before but I couldn’t understand a single shiat.
Sigh, what’s gotten into me , why am I always getting red marks for tests now ? Not as if I don’t care. I do , really. Now, I’m like armed with my TYS maths book and I’m going to try to pass the mid-years.
Anyway, tuition was cancelled & so I headed home, and my mum asked me to bring my cousin out and so I did, - happily treating it as a retail therapy session.
Brought her to bugis street and I bought a babydoll top and a forever21 look-alike polkadots collartop. Also , a leopard printed big earring studs& some random earring. Wanted to buy some for her, but she’s like totally shy and everything so in the end I only like bought one for her. What a failure being a cousin . But I treated her to pastamania – YAY !
The pastamania there seriously reminds me of taffy , okay nevermind.
And later on, went to doughyghout and we wanted to take neos, but I think the one beside action city closed down. ( WHYYYYYY?! )
So , went back to hougang as there’s one in hougang mall, but whatthetoot, it’s like closedown, - TOO ! Sigh *
And then afterwards I bought a really cute handphone key thang J
Anyway , I’m seriously addicted to the fruits game in my handphone, it’s so lame but it’s sooooo addictive. Guess what the description reminds me of ?
Maple story ==’Okay, I shall shut up now & get back to my game.

Replies to tags :

` EEPHENG ( : - Linked , thanks& stay cute too (:
denise: Denise, miss ya tooooooo! What’s the new url of yr blog ?
effa : Walau ,do I look as if I care, don’t’ care don’t care ~ ( Rmb camp cheer ? ) Anw, I’m still so going to call you lily !
Inez : Haha, he’s like on his way to becoming a single luh, & he’s not sissy, he’s hot J
Jingqiu : You always say that, but you still always get good marks & all =.=
Inez : I don’t go to churches J, it’s more of a gathering thing.
Darren : Hhaa, okay thanks J
Xinping : Haha, thanks & anw, all th. Best for yr finals !
Maddhs : Eh, better than you let it rot in the box or smthing right ! At least I use it for my buttttttttttttt ! pffffft :X


My pretty cousin, she's 24 alr okay !

And the 15 yr old kid.

Thursday, April 19, 2007 || 7:02 AM

Let me have my drink with a slice of lemon please,

Mathe. test tmr , wow red marks again uh ?
Zac, I'm waiting to hav. a spin in yr car, you wouldn't let me wait too long, right ?

Monday, April 16, 2007 || 8:06 AM

& BittertearsandWidesmiles.

(!) Got to wake up later than usual because of the very lovely SYF. Sigh, how i wish everyday's like that. Then i wouldn't dread going to school already. Anyway, everybody was so excited & all but it's pretty weird, I don't really feel anything.
Like Miss Lee says : ' Perhaps you've lost the passion for drama ? '
I'm seriously pondering over what she said. Is it true? I don't know.

Anyway everything went well for SYF except that Prasan, who scacrificed his leg for the performance. ( Remember the previous posts i mentioned he had a leg injury ? ) & he really exerted lots of force/energy/tension on his leg that after the whole performance, he couldn't walk properly & has to sit on a wheelchair instead. See-ing the whole thing, it's really sad , see-ing how he scacrificed& although i kept quiet throughout, my heart felt for him, seriously. Oh, & after the performance we went back to Anderson and sighsighsigh, it's time for the seniors to step down. Seriously I dont know whether to feel happy or sad for them. Made so many good friends in drama & now they're leaving and now the sec3 are of the one with the highest authority, ( perhaps, not ) .
It feels really weird & i remember when i was sec1, how i felt etc.
Seriously I don't know how i should feel. Even though we can see them in school but the feeling's not the same anymore. Okay fine shan't act all emo here.

Anyway, have you heard of what's water monkey before ?
Dinah bee told us that when she was in primary2 she had this water monkey as pets and they're produced by a type of powder or something and they resembles seahorses. Okay dont ask me why they're called watermonkeys i don't know why.
Anyway, they're quite expensive & retailing at Toys R Us (Super weird please) at $15 .
Super cool ! Such a novelty, haha perhaps i should go buy some next time .

Sunday, April 15, 2007 || 8:43 AM

It's so quiet around me,
& im munching on the delicious bread i'm supposed to have for breakfast tmr.
It's pretty late already, nearing 12.00 within a few minutes.
Sighsigh *
Midyears are coming & i really don't wish to flunk them but i know i would and disappoint so many people okay shuddup jacqueline you ought to go study now and stop procrastinating and get a good grade cos talk and no work is useless.
o.o what a long setence without any fullstops or commas .
Okay back to seriousxzxzxzxzxz matters.
Tmr i can report to school at 9.00am , without ong calling my parents and the lecture i would receieve & i can go to macdonalds to eat the $2 breakfast there ! ( Ah coke& lovely burgers here i come ) ~ because tmr is SYF day , & we are ought to get more sleep.
Sleep does help ah ? o.o
Okay anyway , my dad really is being pretty funny lying to me that his car is away for servicing because he doesnt want to wake up so early to drive me to school.
Okay anyway speaking of cars, reminded me of Zachery.
That guy ah , is so ambitious i tell you. He wants to own a BMW and then a ferrari and looking at the words he types thrgh msn, you know he's serious & definately not joking. Aha, more materialistic than me . ( Not a good thing i tell you )
I know he's going to make it , because he doesnt make empty promises or whatsoever, so yeah (:
Aite, anyway , took my first neoprint with adeline today . Heh, turned out to be really spastic . Alllllllllright 5 more mins to Monday !

Saturday, April 14, 2007 || 10:02 AM

& when you get too bored.

|| 7:40 AM

Officially less than 30 hours to SYF day (!)
We're going to rock the audience off their seats - not ?
Everybody around me seems so confident in getting a GWH, but can we do it seriously ? It's up to the cast already ; what i can do is give moral support.
It's kind of funny actually, Prasan (One of the main lead okay, mind you )injured his leg& he's limping.superrrrrrr bad omen timing.
Okay anyway, i'm really looking forward to monday because i can report to school at 9.00 which means i'll have two more extra hours of beautysleep - I need it laa, seriously.
Okay anyway , my dad got home a gymnastic ball ( I dont know the specific name) for it , & it's really quite huge, resembles a purple balloon & i seriously is super tempted to burst it. Okay it's night time now & me shall not break the beautiful, serene silence.
It's really cool because i'm using the gymanastic balloon , okay ball as a chair & it's super comfy to my butt.
*Midyears are coming, less than 3 weeks ?
Oooh ! & my another laptop has gone NUTS & i mean nuts . The screen is like upside down & whenever my sister wants to use the computer, she has to move it upside down. Wah sian

Friday, April 13, 2007 || 4:47 AM

Finally've got my ATC shirt alr, it's a black polo w/ a metalliczipper & masks behind.
Sigh, i've got enough of black polo tees& my classtee is also going to be b-l-a-c-k.
Zzzzz, Nevrmindnevermind. I really like 5/1's class tee.
So preeeeeetay ! And only $30, adidas jersey with gold fonts @the back . Chio !@*!()@!^%^@,!
Tsk, i'm such a poor girl , been overspending like mad- on food.
Seriously my body must learn how to digest food faster.

Monday, April 9, 2007 || 5:25 AM

my back hurts for after having a break , & then it hurts again .

Sunday, April 8, 2007 || 7:29 AM

♥ Fools don't fool us back;

{it says it all ; - refers to top }

Partner in crimes : Adeline,Jean& Zi ai.

You'll figure it out someday. -LAUGHS.

It's okay if i don't make sense to you .

& maddie scared me for one whole minute.


Saturday, April 7, 2007 || 8:43 AM

& whenyougetbored; surveyscomeknocking~
Sorry if my blog is boring, i find it a complete bore.

The Job Survey
(c) DarkestStar_Surveys [do not remove please]

[x] the jobs that sound interesting to you.

[] Lawyer
[] Doctor
[] Dentist
[] Councellor
[] Psychiatrist
[] Therapist
[] Teacher
[x] Singer
[x] Actor
[] Barman/woman
[] Dancer
[] Poledancer
[] Stripper
[] Hooker
[] Garbage man/woman
[] Artist
[] Beauty Therapist
[x] Hairdresser/stylist
[x] Clothes Stylist
[x] Fashion Designer
[] Graphic Designer
[] Web Designer
[] Administrator
[] Typist
[] Audio Typist
[] Judge
[] Office Worker
[] Tattoo Artist
[x] Model
[] Author/Writer
[] Journalist
[] Sales Assistant
[] Cashier
[] Bank Clerk
[] Architect
[] Surgeon
[] Vet
[x] Interior Designer
[] TV Presenter
[] Sports Coach
[] Zookeeper
[x] Babysitter
[] Childminder
(c) DarkestStar_Surveys [do not remove please]

*What i find interesting doesnt mean i want to grow up doing it so don't laugh
at my answers okay !

|| 7:39 AM

Replies to tags :
Mat : Agree ! & that's so her.
Tess : Sian, i can't believe you're cleverer than me -grins.
Sujie : Haha ! & relinked ~
Jingqiu : Haha, you flunking is still all about good marks, & aiyoh, lazy luhxzxzxz !
JacqC : Oh my, relax ! He's hot ? AGREEEEE !
Angeeeeeeel : Hahaha , now i totally dont watch it alr. Tell me when arron appears okays !?
Inez : Haha , hes the one starred in hanakimi ; nan xue zhang.
Jojo : Haha, allright lah, you're exaggerating !
Maddhs : Haha, lovelove. Anw, you're MIA-ing uh ? Nvr see you on9 so long alr.
rachelle : Hello~ Hhaa, okay linked !
STELLA<3 : eh, im not pretty laaaaa.
Inez : & once again, relinked ! U ah, one month dno chnge hw many links ~
fangying : Haha okay ! Linkedlinked :D
Effa : Im trying hard alr okay lily :D
michelle : Relinked babe !
shuyijie : Haha , no problem, you're a great friend too. Dont think too much about it okay ? Im sure your boyfriend would do a great job in cheering you up (: -hugs
shereen : haha, sure thing ! & linked ~
Jac : wish me the best , for ? o.o

Friday, April 6, 2007 || 6:26 AM

& when you have to make a decision, wht matters is that you choose the correct one.

I know you're fuming over the top now,&i'm sorry


Met shuyi jie today, & headed for bugis.Sigh, it's getting to be really bored there.
Ate drank clam chowder soup, & she ate her breakfastcumlunch.
Didn't buy anything except for some really pretty fake nails. Perhaps i should do some DIY ones instead, but the jewels are really exp.in a set, so forget it.
And went to vivo city and i want GAP's peach&white striped top , and also forever21's black&white top. They have so many attractive stuffs there . Okay, & then got tired of it and went to amk hub to shop, thought that more shops would have opene-ed , but i was greatly disappointed. Shuyi jie went to print out some photos for a surprise for her boyfriend & then both of us bought some finger-food to munch on, & then went to bishan park and we chatted our souls out.
Things will get better when your self-centered friends know how to think about others, trust me.
I think now , only her boyfriend can cheer her up ;
do make a good job out of it.

*Sigh, i hate my phone. The inner speakers are spoilt !
and it's like what, a month old only ?
Saw tons of people today ;

The lovely tuition centre !



Vivocity !

Wednesday, April 4, 2007 || 8:31 AM

& Darkeststar surveys are the love ;

[ + - Assorted - + }
© DarkestStar_Surveys [Do not remove please]

01. Do you prefer handwritten letters to those typed on the computer?
It’ll depend on the other party’s handwriting.
02. Do you have a nice view from your window?
No stereotypical beautiful mountains/sea whatsoever
03. Is the light on in the room you’re in?
04. What is your favourite bookshop?
I don’t really fancy them. Library wld be my best ans but it’s not a bookshop is it ?
05. If you could be any animal that wasn’t a house pet, what would it be and why?
An endangered animal which’ll be protected& loved.
06. What colour was the last pen you used?
I cannot remember.
07. Would you ever consider being a Doctor?
Thankyou but no.
08. Are you smart enough?
If I am, I wouldn’t be taking combined science .
09. How old is your house?
As old as me.
10. Do you like Nightwish?
I have no idea what is that.
11. What do you think of “Everything I do – I do it for you,” by Bryan Adams?
Not bad ?
12. Do you like big band music like Frank Sinatra?
No. I listen to sad Chinese songs& I’m not emo okay.
13. Do you think Audrey Hepburn was pretty?
Okay, who is she ?
14. Apples or pears?
15. How long has it been since you rode a bike?
To think of it, rather long.
16. Do you think Scarlett Johannsen is slutty?
I have no idea.
17. Do you use Microsoft word?
Im using it like, now.
18. What was the last DVD you got/bought?
I go to youtube.com
19. What are the keyrings attached to your keys?
My keys aren’t attached to keyrings.
20. What are your favourite comedy shows?
Mr Bean.
21. Do you like DarkestStar_Surveys’s random surveys like this one?
Yes I do, ‘else I wouldn’t be doing.
22. Have you ever had a stye?
Stye ? Or style ?
23. What was the last chocolate bar you ate?
I eat soooo much I cannot remember for nuts.
24. Do you ever make homemade smoothies?
Eh, coffee ice blended not counted right ?
25. Is your bedroom a mess?
No, its pretty neat alr okay !
26. Would you rather ride an elephant or a camel?
Camel ! Don’t ask why, I don’t know too.
27. Do you think frogs/toads look disgusting?
No, they’re God’s creations & they taste yummy-licious –GRINS.
28. Have you ever thought someone looked like a frog or a toad?
29. What size shoe are you?
Currently Ladies 7.
30. Do you always carry a hairbrush with you?
No. I don’t like things in my pocket
31. When was the last time you had a cold?
I always sneeze so I don’t know when is the last time.
32. Did you ever hear the ‘myth’ that when you get hiccups, it supposedly means someone is thinking of you?
I thought it was sneezing ?
33. Are you an organised person?
Duh, no.
34. What was the last thing you argued with your mother about?
I cannot remember.
35. What do you think of cherry red hair, would you ever dye your hair that colour?
I don’t think so. Perhaps ?
36. What do you enjoy most about the evening?
Sleeping time is drawing near.
37. Are you hungry? What for?
No, im craving for KFC crispy chicken thou.
38. What does your bag/purse look like?
So are u referring to bag OR purse ?
39. Name the main character in the book you’re reading at the moment:
My a maths book ? Alpha&beta. No ? Im kidding.
40. Have you ever known anyone who was killed in a road accident?
Thankfully nope.
41. Did you ever meet any of your great-grandparents?
I don’t think so L
42. Do you even know any of their names?
I heard of it, but cannot remember.
43. How old is your dad?
44 or 43 or ? or is it 45 ? shucks !
44. What happens when you strongly disagree with someone?
I will argue my way out.
45. What do you want for Christmas this year?
I don’t celebrate them .
46. What do you think is the ugliest sounding language out there?
No comments, I don’t know.
47. Do you like the name Mary?
48. Or Alice?
Refers to top-
49. How long did it take you to fill this out?
I don’t know, I didn’t keep track .© DarkestStar_Surveys [Do not remove please]

Tuesday, April 3, 2007 || 8:13 AM

dramatextbook.circletemplate& etc.
What the toot , and i totally screwed oral.

Monday, April 2, 2007 || 8:54 AM

Finally for a thousand zillion years i passed up my indices&log.worksheet which i owed for {refers to beginning of sentence } .
It's uncomplete but heck at least i passed up.
So great we're having maths test on friday ;
congruency&similar tri.
Walau eh , i don't even know a single information/note/fact about it. Reason being : I mugged my homework when she was teaching so she wouldn't nag at me so much .
Nevermind, look at the bright side. I'm going to tuition (YAY!) on wed&thurs.
'Thou im stupid, i think i would at least not score a zero.
Okay enough about maths&results.
Bryan& drama people were rubbing into the fact that i forgotten to watch titoudao & blahblah how great the show was etc, my main concern is that i wasted $30 + on it okay.
-rollseyes. I can what, buy 2 maths assessment books.
Okay jacqueline, shut up.

And Huixian/Aliya/Sofiah/etc, I don't take drugs okay ! I'm just sleepy.
Okay i need my sleep . It's alr 12AM.
7 more hours to school walau it's not helping at all =.=

Sunday, April 1, 2007 || 5:35 AM


& so , i went to my new tuition centre recommended by dearest adeline, and there were three new students today ! : Me;Jeanho&Zi Ai.
The teacher is super cool& generous . He treated us to bubbletea and pizza { which is also open-ed by him } . Yay, double the surprise.
And i studied like some nuts today , from 1.30 - 6.30 = 5 hours !
Okay , perhaps should minus 1 hr off for slacking = 4 hours.
Woots ! Even if i don't do all my homework i should be spared .
Urgh there's school tmr , monday blues !