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Thursday, May 31, 2007 || 7:38 AM

Using my dad's computer now. Really love the new windows thingy he has got.
Makes the whole computer looks really sleek& classic. ( Aye black )
Haha anyway, really have no motivation to blog whatsoever. But i'm really bored yeah so :)
Tags ah tags, where're you.
Anyway, on wed went back to school for lit.
Pathetic please, only 10 students turned up. None from 3/6 except for goodness gracious me.
Was late for 30 mins though, so not fashionably late.
& then went shopping with jacq choo to get her stuffs & get our masks(darn pretty for a 3$ !!! ) for drama farewell party.
Nothing much happened on that day.
And today went for a gathering . Super fun.
Lots of ball games & bible games.
Tmr's the farewell party. I'll make sure there'll be lots of pics, even if im the only one who'll be appreciating it :x
Know what ? Nowadays i just have this fetish of electric blue ( or you might say, royalblue )
The actual colour is more striking & brighter than this.
I'll lay my hands on that electric/royal blue spag from topshop - soon.

Stuffs i must get myself during this holidays
- ElectricBlue Topshop Tank/Spag
- Stripes Cardi (White)
- Bag For School
- Vest

Monday, May 28, 2007 || 7:47 AM

Eleven years of friendship& still going strong.

Went out with lingyu ! pretty coincidental actually, when i stepped into the train going towards plazasingapura in hougang, i was in the same area of the train with her ! & then, what's more coincidental is that samantha was also in the train ! & they both know each other because they share the same track&field teacher. Singapore ah singapore, so small.

ALSOOO, samantha is going to watch pirates&th carribeans and me&lingyu is also going to watch the exact same movie. Except same place T.T

So anyway, because we went to buy the tickets late, we had terrible seats, like 2nd row from the front. The show was pretty long : 200 mins !

Poor Lingyu missed some climax parts of the show because she had to use the toilet - thrice !

I thought i was the only one who had these problems x:

Okay, after all that, we decided to head back home, and in the train, she kept telling me she have to watch the 9pm, channel8 show because it's the last episode and she suggested going to my house, she soooo desperate, & guess where we went. HOUGANG MALL FOODCOURT.

( because they have got tvs there )

But it was really akward for us to stand there & watch the show, so we went to my house (despite the high chances of my sister grabbing the tv)

& yeah, going to my house was a wrong decision afterall , so we decided to go to our tuition teacher's house who we're quite close to , because we've been attending the tuition for like years ever since primary school, or was it kindergarden ? o.o

So we bought some good quality chocolates 12$ for 10 small balls okay& headed to her house.

Haha, had some spastic conversation & yeah, anyway, really glad mummy is finally taking out some time to accompany me to go shopping.

Spas lingyu with her white beanie.

Cute rabbit teeth ! :P :P

I went gym today too ! But it was really quite a waste of money as i ate alot (thanks to ranjini) after the so called workout. Tsk tsk tsk.

Saturday, May 26, 2007 || 7:14 AM

wow, so im actually craving for some ben&jerry's.


You scored 77% SWEET, 74% CHUNKY, and 70% UNIQUE!

brownie batter ice cream with a rich brownie batter swirl

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Link: The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor Test written by weered1 on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Friday, May 25, 2007 || 3:02 AM

&Sinful for them,tempting for us.

Dear dairy,
Jacqueline failed three of her subjects.
She's sad. Very sad, very very sad.
She is devastated.
Very devastated.
She thinks Amaths,Emaths& Science are ruining her life.
She wants to go on retail therapy.
Yay, she's emo and she covered her eyes with blackeyeliner & super red lipstick.
She looks like a panda eating beetroot

-- Aye, crap

Got back our report slips today& our class did really badly.
As usual i failed my maths&science, & mrs ong was trying to brainwash us after she returned everybody's reportslips.
I d o n o t k n o w w h a t t o t e l l m y m u m m y.
Anyway, i didn't go to the sports carnival thing , no mood & i need my sleep.
Went on an eating binge ( Hello pounds, i know you're increasing )
Okay, actually i didn't eat so much, not much at all but looking at the way adeline eats makes me feel fat O.O
But she's still skinny.
She ate 3 different dishesat foodcourt & then couple foundae at andersen's icecream.
? What's all this ? Food Therapy ? I need it, but i'm not willing to spend my money on food.

Sinful food.

Hello, wax.

Chocolate-coated strawberries

Monday, May 21, 2007 || 5:00 AM

So screwed .

All the last minute mugging doesn't seem to work & i scored F9s for Amaths&Emaths.
I deproved ! At least i only failed by one mark the last term :(
Shucks , & i seriously don't have the guts to tell my parents my atrocious marks. I don't them to faint of shock or collaspe of high blood pressure or whatsoever .
I swear i'd start to mug (Yes, during holidays nownow don't faint. ) after the shopping spree my mother promised me. & then after the shopping spree i'd break the news to my mummy that i got F9s for both maths . She cannot threaten to cancel the shopping spree by then !
-Laughs wickedly.
Aye, allright i am not that bad . But i have the heart of a chicken & guts of an ant so much that I dont dare to face the consequence of being lazy .
And another bad thing , I didn't pass up my drama journal & becuase of that, mrs k is so pissed off that she doesnt want to return me,khairi& huixian our written scripts ==
It's a very effective technique of making me feel super guilty & my heart now is super itchy .
And also , i did terribly for physics too , which is not really surprising because physics involves numbers & formulaes which i am seriously allergic to.
I don't really care about physics anymore.
BUT, i passed my lit,english okay ! I didnt know i had language potential until today !
Aye okay i shut up. & im seriously wondering whether i'll pass drama overall after not passing up my journal ( Mind you, it's 30% & im getting a big herbal egg for it )

Jacqueline Koh Hates Secondary Three Life.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 || 12:49 AM

& If th codes are giving you problems,

Blogger is kind of screwedup , but if you login & go to th dashboard , change th url from
http://www.blogger.com/home to http://www2.blogger.com/home ( Note th extra '2' there )
& all will go well again, & you'll be able to upload photos/ etc without any hassle.
Anddddddd finally, today is like the last day of exams , not really for me because i still have got my drama practical (!) - Sick or what ?
But tmr i'm going to catch 200 pounds beauty , like finally. Hope the movie is still there !
Anyway, tag replies

wanie : Haha, i added you alr babe !& i'm in drama (: Thanks for th comments anw .
tresssa : Yeap sure np, linkd !
jacq : -slaps forehead, i didnt thought of that . Wah, you look at every single detail uh ~
Maddhs : Wah ~ Prove it to me you can ! yay , my exams is over& you still have two subjs right :x
-dannie :Thankyou ! (:
effa : Yay, horrible exams are finally over. Shucks, now im dreading th results :( & you , don't so mean leh ..
jini : hahahaha, i did studied okay !
adel : Lol, cos you didnt ask me to :x okayokay, linked !
song : heheheheheehee :)
jac tanguo : Wah , so touched you still remember my blog (: & which kfc are you working in ?
saliviaboy : Hi (:

Monday, May 14, 2007 || 1:24 AM

Lit was ... ... .... o k a y
The passages is somewhat rather similar to th standards of primary schools .
However, i think i did pretty bad because during th 45mins, i was seriously slacking away looking out of th windows . Shucks, i can't find the mood & motivation to take up my pen and complete th worksheet . So , i just glanced at th passage & casually did the exam.
Know what im feeling know ? - regret.
Zzz . Sigh, & tmr's chemistry ! (Last paper whee whoo wheet ~)
I've got plans when th exams are over .
- Gym ( What's up with all those KFC ? )
- Work for Mr Lim (:
- Seriously go & do my talk , with the heart in it (!)
- Shopping ( Courtesty of mummy ♥ )
And after im satisfied with the post-exam activities, i'm going to mug again .
Haha, & anyway , i know my blogskin looks pretty too bright , but heck, im too lazy to go search for a new background .
AAAAAAND, let me tell you i'm soooo into books right now so much that i keep going t th library for th hope of finding books to read .
Heh, who knows i might upgrade t english band 1 ? :x
Ah, kidding ~

Friday, May 11, 2007 || 5:05 PM

Blogger is super screwed up so much that i cannot
- Make my fonts bigger ( so tht you wouldnt strain your eyes )
- Bold/Make th fonts italics/ etc . ( Too lazy to actually type th html
Okay anyway i've slept with my contacts today - again.
Think i must be really tired cos i just fell asleep with a book i borrowed from th library ( Aye okay chem txtbk i will read you later okay )
Anyway , overall i think drama,english was superbly easy & that chem,&bothmaths are really like no-hope-kind-of-case. Shucks, & i really did study okay. I derived stupid ways to remember th complicated formulaes. Like hello, now i can still say it to you.
I think i can be compared t th txtbks alr but whattheheck , I DONTKNW HW TO BLOODY USE IT OUT ?!
Okay, so tell me how can i be saved ?
If i fail maths seriously i'd disappointed alot of people. (Can you feel th stress ? )
Oooooooh, and i like fell asleep two times during maths paper . ( Point proven to t stress part. )
Shucks, i shan't cont. talking greek here cos im supposed to go rmb my chem formulaes.
Hello books& chemicals.

Hello, i was cute as a baby okay.

By courtesy of adel's money .

Tuesday, May 8, 2007 || 3:43 AM

Menstrual cramps are causing me terrible backaches & i feel like an old old woman >:(
Anyway, phy is a killer paper because i dont know the topic on lights well.
Aye, so much for mugging & studying .
Higher mother tongue is also quite tough .
And for today's social studies paper, it's moderate , but the time isn't enough .
Sigh, anyway mrs kamal is really sweet to give me a 'jiayou' note & also thanks, shuyi jie (:
Got to go back to drama notes.
Im feeling the stress, & im seriously sick with all th flu & coughing.
It's always not right to fall sick during exam period. It makes matters much worse.
Tmr's drama & after drama will be th horrifiying maths paper.
I hear my graveyeard calling out to me.
I should seriously crash all my calculators& stamp on them.
Anyway, i fell asleep yeaterday night while mugging SS & i didnt' took out my contacts !
Luckily nothing happened to my precious eye .

Hello redface& saltytears. Bye , my sweet smile.

Sunday, May 6, 2007 || 6:53 AM

Hellothere, longrulers,calculators&compasses.

Tmr's phy test & i'm soooooooo un prepared for it.
Thankyou computer for acting like a sweet dangling in front of a kid.
Yay, i hear t-e-m-p-t-a-t-i-o-n-s screaming out of it.
Anyway, did some TYS & it's like seriously easy. What's up with the difficult papers in anderson ? Soooooo demoralizing i tellyou.
And i cannot do ray diagramms for nuts.

fangyin : hello,hollaback spreeeeee girl aha.
inez : haha, allright & you, please stop changing blog urls every now & then.
cherie : hellotothegirl who owes me a neoprint, i dont care you're so going to treat me to that neo okay.
effa : hahhaaha ! aye , shopping shall be our motivation & i already tried so hard not to fall alseep during lessons ! but cheong's voice is like a lullaby to me.
jingqiu : you always says that but in the end, you marks are like 2137921387 times better.
Tess : Haha, still as crap but i like. All th best aye.
jacq : hahahaa, procrastinating seems to be a bad habit of all jacquelines uh.
samchng : yo sam ! i love your sunburnt hair :)
sujie : hahahahaha, okay . yay (:
Maddhs : hhahahaha, sure & im like soooo surprised that you can focus better than me when studying ! loveeyou.
kor & flooder : hahahaha, thanks leon ! :)
wanie : haha, aye i just tagged ^^ & thanks !

Shoots, & darren asked me to create a post specially for him because i didnt reply to his tag the other time. Seriously, I dont remember when& why !
But aye, sorry okay == '
Anyway, hope that you & your girlfriend last long regardless of all the obstacles you guys are going through okay . & hah, i'll remember th score
9 :13 right ? ( But i dont rmb whose is which ! )
Surely i'll be th leading one though :)
Okay, back to phy TYS, sayonara ~

Friday, May 4, 2007 || 7:25 AM

Friday with maddie !
I swear i am not going to skip any remedials anymore.
s-w-e-a-r okay.
Anyway, guilty of skipping chem remedial lesson because i'm out with maddie, my biatch (:
To study ayeeeeeeee ! * (Note,note.)
But that lady made me wait for like half an hour, & i feel so seriously weird waiting for her in lavender's mrt station alone .
& then met up with eric and one of his friend called (miniwong) , don't ask me i have no idea why . (Not mini at all kay.)
And i mugged part of phy, taking note that i don't study the wrong chapter alr.
I spent yesterday &the day before yesterday mugging the wrong chapters , wasting my precious time. Phy is on monday ! :(
I finally understand what stress means.

She loves the kissy* pose.

& the tongue one.

Maddie with Eric behind.

Going to cut my fringe, soon !*Buaytahan myself.

Look what she's doing !

Thursday, May 3, 2007 || 7:21 AM


Im getting weaker day by day with no reasons whatsoever.
Tell me, what is the problem ?
Peppermint is said to make th heart weak. I think i've had too much of them.
Time to stop.

Some stuffs to crack&spice th day up.

Beautysalon : Where woman curl up & dye .
Gossip : A person who'll never tell a lie if the truth will do more hurt.
Raisin : Grape with a sunburnt
Yawn : A honest opinion honestly expressed
get it ?