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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Saturday, June 30, 2007 || 3:39 AM

& Weirdest of all. in all
In the dictionary as Jacqueline. K, im defined as an alien.
Gobbers horriblehorrible ah chew !

Friday, June 29, 2007 || 8:36 AM

HAHA, I feel so accomplished. Finally finished my host buddy's present ! For those who don't know, i'm hosting an australia friend from Adelaide,Maryatville. & she's staying over from Mon-Thurs. I've seen her alr & she's real pretty. So much like a barbiedoll ♥
Im considering making one of the tees for myself too. Perhaps i can start a collection.
(Slogan & Funny tees HAHA) Diamonetes always stand out ! But flick's tee alone made my fingers hurt like abcdefg. But it was fun & eased my boredom .
Next week shedule will be full to the brim, watching funny theatre shows, shopping,steam-boat & etc. Okay this might sound insignificient but i paid my library fine 7$ & i can borrow books without relying on others again !

Her name is Felicity, Nick : Flick. Oh man, i feel like a PRO.

Raidthouse, my favourite err-don't-know-what.


Replies to tags :

Jiangmei : Okay, so thanks == You're ALWAYS bored HAHA.
song:HAHAhello !
effa: Lol, in the end i also never buy ==' I bought ahem, 8cm heels ah. tsktsk
Maddhs : HAHA, im focusing more on the ecomotion than your tag LOL
jy'ngs : HAHA~ Toot lil things , SO LITTLE AH LITTLE.
saliviaboy: LOL, i love my blogsong HAHA.
shuyi : HAHA sure no problem i enjoyed msyelf too !
Alvin : The way you type reminds me of someone .
cAiwEi : Hello senior ! Im doing well HAHA thanks !
bry : HAHA im wondering whether i should reply to bry or brybry. Get the joke ?
Wenxiang : Not linking you alr, you don't blog& change url once every two seconds.
Inez : Okay, relinked.
denise : HAHA junior ah junior with green braces okay relinked !
Wanie : HAHA yes, long time no talk alr, how're you babe ?

Monday, June 25, 2007 || 7:16 AM

♥Can you see the fudge oozing out ?
Darn, good food is beginning to be a part of my life, influencd by Jean Ho Min .
Im beginning to fall in love with delifrance , esp the cheesy seafood pasta and the lovely range of desserts they offer. Wheetwheet.
& today, watched fantastic four with SA guys, adel, evelyn & ziai.
Kind of nice, not those stereotypical yay hero you saved the day kind of thing (HAHA reminded me of powerpuff girls :X )
And then after that we ate family foundae in Andersen's .
Hehe, today was quite special because rarely i don't suffer from monday blues :D
Although it's like the first day of school ==
Sad leh sad { Irony }

Jean Ho & her can-faint pastaaaaaaa.

Sunday, June 17, 2007 || 9:45 AM

Went shopping with my parents (both mummy&dad) in m'sia. They went to settle some stuffs first and then we had dinner . Not a really pleasant one as there were cats roaming around. Okay, minus the s, there was only one cat. But those who knows me should know that i don't really fancy cats . So yeah, most of the time i wasn't looking at my food. I was looking around me for uh, cats == .
I saw a dead kitten today ! Kind of sad for it actually when i saw flies flying around it.
Okay, & then after that went to a m'sia shopping center & i bought a pair of black pumps. ( Heels only a few cm ah, so im still short! ) And also a vest & another top.
Mummy bought two pair of shoes too . If only we share the same shoe size, then i'll have got lots of shoes to wear ! Despite buying two pair of new pumps, i still don't bear to throw away the golden one although it's so old & wornout. It's so comfy lah, and doesnt give me blisters .
Allright, tmr still have got to report for drama maryatville thingy.
Sighsigh. Have to wake up early !

This is a really dark & bad picture of mummydearest.

Friday, June 15, 2007 || 3:50 AM

Red Light : Danger.
Went out with Effa & Aisyah yesterday to bugis to get my heels. Well, i did bought a black pair from Anna Nucci.
But the heels were too pretty high for me ! 8cm ~ -Faints. And now, im having blisters because i changed to the heels immediately after i bought them because Effa was psycho-ing me to wear them ! Sigh, being short indeed has tons of cons. Sian, I think i want to get another pair with shorter heels . HAHA, & I bought a flowery tube and a white tunic from Ice Lemon Tee.
The white tunic is for my mummy dearest . & heh, i had dunkin donuts recently and they're still tasting good !


Wednesday, June 13, 2007 || 5:35 AM

& 42 shades of brown.

( dont ask me why, 've got no idea either )

Went to tuition, and my slipper broke went i went downstairs. Luckily it didn't snap when i'm on my way to tuition, or else i'd so much to love to just die there.

I hate it when my slipper breaks , & i'll just look like some weird idiot.

Heh, & i went immediately to buy a new pair of slippers. LOVE IT VERY MUCH ! 6.90$ only,

but not that comfy thou the design is pretty-so-much-like-me.

AND I just checked andportal, so my host partner from australia will be arriving in july, it'll be real quick, & the day will be here before i know it.

Pretty excited actually ! :]

Sunday, June 10, 2007 || 4:07 AM

I don't usually like leopard prints, but ...
Okay anyway, back from M'sia convention ! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
& Jacynda gave me a freddo frog chocolate . HAHA, so cute !
I really love Mayling's hair , soooooooooo nice. (Okay, i'm talking spanish to you)
After the convention, dad& mum bought me&siblings to secretrecipe to have our dinner.
Ordered lots of cakes & etcetc. The food are cheap there ! Worthit ~
And then i bought my Forget Me Not perfume , similar to DKNY, & SO much cheaper.
Only 9.90RM ! And my shimmer liner.
Jacynda, when are you inviting me over to your house for tea ?!

Saturday, June 9, 2007 || 5:58 AM

& The fairytale life, isn't for me.

Today's work is tedious. As if the papers aren't heavy enough, it started to rain .
And what could be worse getting chased by your worst/since young phobia ; DOGS.
Yes, i got chased by a big & ugly dog. Police dog to be precise. Those crazy ones which will chase you for no reason whatsoever. Me & Jeanho was trembling in our undies when the police dog chased us from nowhere. May i curse the owner .
Luckily we didn't get bitten, or else i might die of rabies you know.
Sian z x z x x z x z .

Friday, June 8, 2007 || 7:18 AM

&you can't drive me away, with just a bunch of white balloons.

Yesterday i was too lazy to get out of bed early to go to tuition, so i slacked around before meeting jiangmei,effa& ranjini for a game of basketball in kovan, & just shopping and slacking around. HOWEVER, when we reached Kovan, the kutus didn't want to mug anymore, & then we started on shopping, which i didn't bought anything at all. Shopping is getting quite uh, boring.
I don't see what i like anymore. Sighsigh, zzz okay it's supposed to be a good thing.
And Kovan has got this weird youth thingy, which we went into, & played 5 mins of tabletennis and 5 mins of monopoly. We're so fickleminded. Don't know where to go & what to do next.
So, later on we went to bugis instead. They bought some slogan tees & then we left, because they've got to rush home. heh okay actually i bought smth, watermelon juice !
♥ ♥ ♥

& For today, met up with shuyijie at cityhall. We agreed to have dinner tgthr at pariss - buffet.
Th last time i went, i was totally in love with the chocolate foundae there, but sadly to say, (SOBSOBXZZXZXZ) , There wasn't any today ! Super big exclaimation mark & a super big sad face. The buffet was expensive though, 40.20$ . We tried to make the money worthwhile by eating all the expensive stuffs, abalone,sharksfins & everything/anything under the sea.
Had an oyster which is like RAW( I think), & cold and slimy and ew ! But oysters are supposed to be expensive, ( no ? ) , So we thought the waitor/waitresses there wouldnt want to clear a brandnew-just-licked-a-few-times oyster, so we mixed it around with the abalone's soup & tada ! We got rid of it. Seriously it tasted like a snail ( Okay haven't been eating snails actually)
AND THEIR DESSERTS THERE WERE SINNFUL. Chocolates with all the tiramissu thingy.
They could just overtake the chocolate foundae, anytime !
Had lots, & tons of pictures. The pictures doesnt give any credit to the delicious food though :( except for the sushi, & some random dingdang stuffs )
Oh yeah, I bought a really pretty necklace from diva, 6$ only ! UP, 18$ !

Wednesday, June 6, 2007 || 9:30 AM

I have one big appetite for books.

& Jean labelled me as a bimbotic reader ; hello, so no please.

I seriously love Meg Cabot books. They're so interesting.

I think i look kind of crazy borrowing 8 books at one go, & then bringing them up to my tuition centre. HAHA.

HAHAHAH. Okay fine, i shutup


BOOOOOOOOOOOOOKS. Yay, label me as a nerd. So i'll be a nerd. HAHA SO WHAT.

This post is kind of cranky . Post-Books stress you see.

Sunday, June 3, 2007 || 9:07 AM

Hello world,

& so, i went out with mummy today.
But, it was such a spoiler. When we reached vivo, i tried looking for andersen's icecream. But i think they don't have the shop there. So, we settled down @ kopitiam and i ate my chicken rice .
Heh, but while we were eating halfway through, my mum got a call from dad, & he said they had to leave singapore for malaysia. Just like that, for busniess issues.
Such a spoiler uh ? And then in the end we could only afford to like, shop for an hour.
Heh, okay better than nothing. Didn't want to show my unhappiness, because i could see that mummy is already kind of disappointed herself. You know, the sigh, im spoiling my daughter's day kind of look. So i smiled & asked her to bring me shopping when she's free. And then, she smiled :)
Okay anyway, i got my electricblue tank from topshop, & also another cardigen.
Im planning to get a top from topshop or mango for my mum. It suits her soooo much !
Kind of cheap, 79$ i suppose. Heh, & perhaps i should consider getting something for my dad too. He forked out 100$ today for me to go shopping. But, what should i get for him ?
Hahah, nevermind. I'll decide someday.
Anyway, i saw jacynda's hamster babies ! Omg, they're so tiny ! And bloodyred, but no blood. & their skin is translucent . Wow, i cannot wait for them to have fur. They will look so insanely cute . Anyway, please go do my friend test !

Saturday, June 2, 2007 || 7:33 AM

Replies to tags :

effa : heh, okay fine fine. im a twit & you're not a bimbo. - cursesunderbreath.
wanie : Haha ! they hey you reminds me of avril's new song
jc: aiyo, paiseh i was sleeping like a log.
inez : hey, did you chnged your blog link or smth, i cant seem to get into your blog.
daph : hey sure thing, np.
effa : heh, i needed my beautysleep. so sorry ! XD okay i sound like a bitch, but hey im really sorry okay & eeeeeyer, who wants to eat with a bimbo uh ;x kidding
Jac tanguo : hahahaha, okay sure np :)
Briana : hehe, glad you know , aye kidding .
wanling : yeap, sure thing linked !
fairy : what thing kidding ! lol, you're soooooooo weird at times ^^
afra : hey ! hello babe, why you give me the link of your blogshop ? whats your personal blog link alr ah ? ;x

|| 7:29 AM

Like naomi said : ' Shopping is the best way to slim down, because we walk alot, & we jump in excitment when we see beautiful clothes '
Wow, so i'm going to lose weight tmr, my mother has finally took out time & she's going to bring me shopping tmr. Hope nothing crops up and spoil the wonderful plan.
Jacynda's hamsters gave birth alr , to four babies ! & im going to visit them tmr.
They have got translucent skin, eeeeeeeeeew! But i bet they'd be cute.
Drama farewell party is cool, i had four plates of beehoon. I'm jealous of afiqa because her mum cooks really well& she gets to eat good food everyday.
Boo to her for that :)
I've got my wonderful stripes cardigen alr, it's so beautiful i want to buy the exact same one in electric blue.

Anyway, take my test @ http://www.truefriendtest.com/friendtest/488394