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Tuesday, July 31, 2007 || 3:55 AM

Maths paper is screwed.
i dont want to drop amaths , leh.

Sunday, July 29, 2007 || 7:52 AM

Effa texted me saying 'Jacqueline, i'm very disappointed in you .... (cont.)'
Heh, this trick really works because somehow or rather i couldn't get this disppointment part off my mind. No idea why either. I hate it when people tell me that, because i'd feel veryvery, guilty- no idea why.
Okay anyway, performance was great. At least i didn't screw up my lines. Had the fugly makeup on though & the disgusting dandruffs caused by don't-know-what( Must be the comb ! )
Was pissed off later on by my mother & for a moment i really wanted to scold the f word in front of her face. Luckily my nerves calmed down in time. Oh ! & i had dinner with my besties, the food was great. Jacq, don't bother counting the calories already, you know they don't work on you. & Uh, went to watch performances on the PlayDen, Art's House. I don't really care how the performance is, 15$ for the ticket is worth the memories of the Maryatvillians.
Ryan Vivian better get his webcam soon or else i'd drink all the juices in his fridge.
OH, & i'm waiting for nextnext week to come, jacynda,joann,joanna (besties!) will be going to malacca together & we'll be sharing a hotel room together. [!]
Hady owes me starbucks & i'll be getting my little miss tee online soon !
* Can't wait.
Busy weekend, tmr's monday, i can feel the blues already.

Monday, July 16, 2007 || 5:49 AM

Humorously interesting quiz from Minyi's blog !

Farting in a public toilet that amplfiles the sound OR Farting in a public bathroom that amplfiles the smell? :
Obviously the sound one ! I hate to smell my fart myself. Ew
Being eaten by your family member OR Eating your family member? :
Double ew, being eaten by my family member, it’s grosses me out on the fact that I’d choke on their hair.
Telling someone you like them, and have them humiliate you OR Not telling someone and never knowing if they felt the same way? :
Second choice ! I hate being humiliated.
Having the best make-out session with someone you hate OR having the worst with someone you love? :
Uh, since I’ll have to choose one I’d choose the first one, I’ll just ignore his face.
Having your dog poop on you OR Having your dog puke on you? :
The good thing is, you know what ? I don’t have a dog HAHA. So jacq gets a pass on this.
Receiving a throphy then find out it was a mistake OR Not getting a throphy when you should have gotten one? :
Not getting one, I don’t really care about those scrap metal.
Frontal wedgies or Back wedgies? :
Wedgies as in shoes ?
Waking up to find yourself in the desert OR Waking up....in the Artic? :
Desert, I can distill some water myself there! That’s when chemistry comes in whoo !
A noisy neighbour OR A smelly one? :
Argh, this is difficult. A noisy one I suppose, I’ll make all my walls soundproof.
Walking into a pole OR Walking into a spider web? :
Web, I’ve walked into all these tingly stuffs tons of time. Doesn’t hurt to walk in another. Sorry spidey.
Eating a goat's eye OR drinking a cow's blood? :
Oh my, what a question. I wouldn’t have this predicament because I will never join fear factor. So I get another pass, right ?
Slipping and falling backwards OR Slipping and falling forwards? :
Whoo, forward, at least that’s how everybody falls.
Being grounded OR Being spanked? :
Grounded sounds cooler than being spanked, so there.
Go insane OR Become paralyzed? :
Another difficult one. Insane I suppose, I can have the trees & the birds as my friends.
Pissing a marble OR Crapping a baseball? :
Huh whattttttt ?!
Having an itch on your foot with your shoes on OR Having an itch in your butt with your pants on? :
Itch on my foot, it’s quite challenging actually. I love the fact it is to scratch my foot without being obscene.
Banging the funny bone OR Getting kicked in the groin? :
What is the funny bone ?
Slamming finger in car door OR Dropping bowling ball onto foot? :
I’d choose my foot, because my finger will just drop off there & I hate the idea of stiches. My foot is strong (:
A lie that draws a smile OR The truth that causes a tear? :
The truth that causes a tear. Because its only one tear, what.
A horror movie that's not scary OR A comedy that's not funny? :
Comedy that’s not funny, because lame is good, lame makes everybody laugh & sweat.
Hearing someone puke OR Hearing someone poop? :
Either would be fine ! I’d lose my appetite for the day & it helped for my diet you know.
Kicking a puppy OR Making a child cry? :
I’d rather make a child cry, it’s part of their life & they’ll remember me as the person who made them cry when they because famous when they grow up YAY.
Being stalked OR Getting harrassing phone calls? :
Getting harassing phone calls. Stalkers f r e a k me out. Fullstop.
Being tickled until you wet your pants OR Being bitten until you bleed? : I’d rather get bitten until I bleed. Being tickled until I wet my pants ? Triple ew.

Sunday, July 15, 2007 || 5:40 AM

You'll know how to get fun, from simple pleasures.
Bought two bags today with ziai in tpy on a good old early afternoon. Thank you fake puma bag for sticking with me through the hard times. I promise i wouldn't ditch you .
& then met up with shuyijie for some studying sessions but we didnt really studied at all.
Anyway, there's literature test soon/tmr, chinese o's listening compre tmr & maths test tmr.
Red light beeping, i'll have to pass . pass . pass .
Take out all the useless stuffs from my head, add in knowledge please someone.
Uh one last thing, diet starts tmr .
Tmr's monday ! Feeling the blues ?
Replies to tags :
inez : HAHA yes, that's why i'm not linking him anymore
wanie : Im fine too babe !
shuyi : Hello precious jie ! Thankyou for all the studying sessions !
mon : AHEMAHEM. Clears throat. I'm not obsessed okay ! Denise is the one . - point fingers
shalini : I think j maniac sounds good ! HAHA,& im obsessed with dunkin doughnuts !
Aisyah : You're a mean girl ! HAHA, jonny is cute but you can't have him. Aww~
minyi : Okay babe , i'll link you up like finally & takecare of your broken legs okay.
vinson : Linked !
saranya : Gosh stop being obsessed my dear girl. tsktsk.
effa : ! ! I swear i didnt sleep okay. Mrs cheong is just being plain bisaed !
samchng : HI SAMANTHA ! smiles & waves.
Ryan : Yay i love the way you say jacqy wacky. If im ever going to aussie nxt yr, remember to host me okay ! & yeah, i miss you guys tons ! xoxo
Cass : Hello! Thanks alot babe !
Mad : Ah, now then you tell me about your new bloglink. Im so disappointed in you HAHA kidding i had a great time studying with you babe ! :D

Saturday, July 14, 2007 || 8:10 AM

Im trying to perfect this blogskin with an ideal background . I'll add one soon !

This guy is special i tell you.

Saturday, July 7, 2007 || 6:29 AM

& Proudly presenting, once upon 5 times.
The aussies put up a thumbsupx1000 performance.

Those were pictures taken during their rehersals, now it's time for more random pics.

(Seemed minor, in my heart it meant quite, alot.) Just so you know, my heart is this emo now.

Friday, July 6, 2007 || 5:00 AM

- Image heavy !
& Farewell, - for now loves
We'll meet again soon, right ?
Read between the lines !

The truth is, my heart is boiling acid now. With so many lovely-s & eye-candies leaving me at the same time, I really want to cry. (Tell me we'll meet again soon, even though it's impossible for me to go adelaide next year & the following year i'll graduate. Eff it) Can some big bird fly me to penang now?(I'll be satisfied- rlly. seems so fast because i still remember the first day when we're at the changi airport, waiting impatiently for them to arrive looking kuku with the stalk of orchids in our hands. Now, it's all hugs goodbyes. ( Pardon this semi-emo post )

For the first day, my partner felicitiy, (i call her flick for short) , we went to art's house & then got to meet them and we mixed around exploring the once-parliment-building after having our buffet. After that, we had rehersals til late & got back home and because of the time, i only had time to bring her to hougang mall (which is really un-interesting) & you know what ! Flick is one fickle minded person- JUST LIKE MEEE ! So afterthat, we got some baked rice at delifrance & shopped around.

For the second day, we went to the art house AGAIN. This time, it's more of serious rehersals & they got to participate in our lessons. Hush, pretend you don't know this okay . Flick calls mrs cheong a bitch & this is the conversation between AlexRamsyMrscheong.

Mrscheong : Do you guys do these maths back in Australia ?
Alex : No we don't . we do the stupid maths. The one without any alphabets. Only numbers
Mrscheong : -Rambles on how algebra plays such an important factor in life & how you're a loser if you can't do algebra. (HAHA) And then after the rehersals me& jacq choo brought our buddies to AmkHub and walked around and had some local food like hokkien mee,oysterwithegg,dumpling,claypot etc. Heh, & then we got home and prepared for the follwing day - PERFORMACE .

Thirdday (Performance ! ) : OH MY GOSH. Okay i would be lying if i said i'm not nervous or whatsoever. There was more & more rehersals and BOOM ,after a long period of rehersals, we put up a great performance. ( At least i though so ). & we had tons of photo-taking sessions & after that a big group of us went home together - By mrt. It was quite a hilarious scence because i made a fool of them ! HAHA, when they were crossing the road, i told them that it was a law for them to raise up their hands when they cross the road & they raised their hands. HAHAHAHAHA, i laughed like a doughnut (no link ah nevermind). & then i continued by telling them that they've got to raise up their hands too in the mrt, which sadly georgia said I'm not going to believe a word that you said & that in aussie, they have toraise their knees and touch their noses when they go into the train ; which is obviously scarcasm.

Fourthday : IT IS THE BEST DAY. LAST DAY THOUGH .- super big frown face. Now,actually me& khairi were supposed to go for lessons but as our dearest buddy alexandra the great ramsy was missing, we had to miss the lesson & went to look for him . (Not really a tough job though) And then we got free BK vouchers & we watched transformers together as a super huge group. Flick is weird i swear ! I mean, she laughs at everything ! I mean everything. The theatre was drop-pin silence and she's the only weird one, laughing like nobody's busniess, she's so weird omg, but it's her laughter that makes her what she is. And then beside me was daniel. (HE IS ANOTHER WEIRD GUY). He kept making weird noises all of the sudden HAHA, but it was kind of cute. I hate transformers though, because i do not understand a shuck of it,and i fell asleep at some climax parts of the show. ( Guy movie ah guy movie ) AND FINALLY WHEN IT'S OVER, Flick went to explore vivo city & we got lost. OMG, luckily denise was beside me. & then there was this girl named Chanel who bought 600$ worth of stuffs in Topshop & forever21. YAY HOODIES ! Heh, and after that, we went to catch dim sum dollies which was also a hands-down performance. But the performance was based on singapore history & lingo and bits were made up of cantonese language so actually the Maryatvill-ians didn't understand it at all. Ah ~ It's like 80$ for one ticket. EIGHTY BUCKS MIND YOU I CAN BUY A HOODIE OKAY& WITH THE CHANGE I CAN HAVE A DELIFRANCE DINNR. ( Ah shut up) And then i invited Hady & JacqChoo over to my house to bunk in as for the following day, they'll have got to leave for Penang. Report to school @ 5.30 AM, so david,tom,jess,hady came to my house & we went to playgrounds, played monopoly and went to the kopitiam. ( David wants a tiger beer mug , he thinks it's cool ) but too bad the coffeelady doesn't want to sell him any . HAHA. So the following day, it was sending them off. SIGH, I wonder when i can see them again.

Thankyou for teaching us some weird handsigns, & shucks , I NEED A BREAK FROM SINGAPORE. ( There were tons of stuffs which happened but i am too lazy to write every single thing down ) HAHA, thanks johnny for helping me to copy my chemistry notes & to Alex, sorry for pinching your fats, they were just so adorable i swear. Also HAHA to the guy who kneeled down, i WAS KIDDING ==

PART ONE OF THE PHOTOS. ( These are like only some of the many photos we took ) Not in order

Alex& Khairi, after their farewell huggy

This girl is beautiful.
This one, too.
At 2am in the midnight, they're walking around in my estate.
Oopsie, where is our faces ?

Too lazy to name them out :P
Refers to above.
This guy is like 9196763198391m tall.
Where's your smile ?

From tallest to shortest.I was bending down okay !

I swear, this guy is mad.
Me& jonny.
Twist !

me & hady

heart is fragile. Handle with care okay !
In chemistry class
Avaitarshades HAHA.
her tonguestud !
r lending me your f21 shades.

Alex Ramsy carrying Hady