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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007 || 7:39 AM

Hello world, i didn't go to drama today because i was super lazy&tired. But despite all that, i went to meet lingyu. (she's my oldest friend okay. 10 yrs & still counting)
Yesyes, since kindergarden hehe. And she suspects smthing really omgxzxzxzxzxz.(-)
Oh, and one of my nail chipped .Sigh
Lingyu says i ought to study w/ her more because she'll give me motivation. Haha yes lingyu i so believe you Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And heh, i wrote the letter to mrs k alr so yay, im not going to serve 9 hrs dc.
Wow hady owes me starbucks, jerald owes me yalkult& ribena and jacynda is treating me to subway cookies. rightright ?
Hehe, i swear she was retarded at least 10 yrs before.
Wow, this is ben& jerry's okay.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 || 9:00 AM

Jean has no common sense please she doesnt know what kang-kong is.
she thought it's some fish HAHAHA i can die laughing. (It's a veggie in case you doesn't know).
& omg im smiling to myself because i think bestie'll be meeting me tmr @ amk.
hehe, haven't gone out w/ her in quite awhile alr.
Like what mad does (-throws fist into air)
Gosh, and i texted van today(she hasn't forgotten her honey yet !), wooooo i think im going to hang out w/ her really soon too.
AND, i swear tess'd make a good bimbo.


Tags replies :

rachel : hehe, no i kop-d frm blogskins&then edit&relinkd !
JACYNDA: i love you & yes, meetup real soon ! (LIKE TMR?)
effa : i passd up one worksheet today ! i'll try okay darl. & hehe, thanks . oh, & welcome LMAO.
t : haha hello lazy one, i don't suck ^^ (fullstop)
wanie: yeahsure, relinkd, (:
u are fugly : wow yeah sure :D
shuyi,jying,maddhs!,effa : thanks ! love you all. & to shuyi & jying : mug hard okay! and biatch, you owe me a trip down t hougang (throws fist into air- ) x:

Sunday, August 26, 2007 || 8:57 AM

Now i don't even know whether i've done wrong.
I feel so irresponsible& helpless tell me what i should do.
Okay & today i left my wallet in mum's car & coffeebean can't be compard to starbucks. I drank so much of it i want to puke.
Wow & so i spent 14$ trying to get hair off my eye.
Yes, i went to the hairdresser & according to others, there's no diff.
Is it a good/bad thing.

Saturday, August 25, 2007 || 7:08 AM

t-hehe, like singing& yoshi.
sad* , not going into bukit indah tmr. (when'll mum&dad put down their work for more imprt things ?)
okayokay, i'm supposed t be understanding.

Friday, August 24, 2007 || 8:01 AM

Smuggle in some starbucks &we'll whisper til dawn.
Chant along w/ me : steamboat steamboat x3
Wow so tell me, since when does my life revolves around subway cookies& steamboats.

Teehee, i bought a red bag, dress,& my starbucks tee(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) within one hour.
-More items off my wishlist !
P.s/ though we don't usually hang out much, i'm kind of sad we won't be able to go shopping together for 2 yrs, all th best in aust ! Love you vinna.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007 || 7:46 AM

Teeheehee, fooling around w/ bryan's costume.

Omg like how small can the world be i met up with two friends after drama rehersals at the busstop. Hehe, we didn't like meet for around 1 yr+ & when i walked past them i didnt know it was them until i heard one of them said smthing like ' eh, i think it's jacq leh.'
HAHA, then i turned around and stared at them & it's them lmaolmao.
And oh my gosh how cool is ganesh he uses a armani jacket as a raincoat whoohoo i wonder if he wears french connection clothes to sleep or smth.
& it's drama exam tmr and everybody is like so not prepared.

Tags replies :
vinesha: Haha yesyes i know you now (:
jacq : hehe, who says one ahhhh.
minyi : haha yesyes, tyvm dear :D
JACYNDA : Haha yes, i knock out super easy righttt.
shuyi : Love you too & thanks for the concern !
vini : & who're you lol /
tess : wow is that a good/bad thing.
darren : haha yes, & how pathetic are we.
fiona : yes sure babe-y.
adel : hehe yeah why not, & idk why but the frame looks super weird with only abby pic !
aliya : lol, hellohello back.
meiru : yes sure linkd.
effa : haha, you didn't ! but you did suffocate me kutu.
aisyah : woahwoah look whose talking . okay lah linkd ! happy ? XD

Saturday, August 18, 2007 || 5:49 AM

Hehe, went tuition today and i learnt some trigo stuffs ! Like finally i can stop saying i dont know anything about trigo because i finally know some stuffs ! I'm feeling super proud of myself Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Buttttt, abby and jasselyn kept calling me some nasty stuffs about me

- sobxzxzxzxsobxzxzxzxz.

Then i went amk for the theatretrip which i swear was really boring (okay except for the part that it was quite glam,lah) because mrs k fell asleep herself , so you can't blame me for catching a wink too , okay fine few winks :D

Oh & it's like damn cold today i was freeeeeeezing like a snowball (except i wasn't in white okay sorry super lame & no link). And my eye suddenly turned red in tuition jean had to beat me several times to prevent myself from rubbing it x:

why does it seem like a masquerade fashion show rather than a theatre performance o.o

Friday, August 17, 2007 || 10:40 AM

Went out with effa,ranjini & aisyah !
Headed twards tpy, for their netball nationals thingy, and left like within 20 mins ?
Hehe, flip a coin flip a coin & out we go. (I love tails ,lah)
Then we walked around tpy hdb hub, which is really boring but effa bought a really cute book for her nephew ! & then went to bugis without aisyah :(
Went around bugis street,walking to & fro to & fro looking for the best pair of cheap new future skinnies for ranjini because me&effa are such good friends.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
In the end, she bought a pair of black ones for 29$. Sigh, can't seem to find the 20$ ones that danielle told me. (Hehe, but since she's the one paying for it ~ ......)And then we walked more until our legs are breaking and our heavy schoolbags aren't helping - at all. So we went to cityhall.

Fireworks are like glitters in the sky, so beautiful but so suffocating.
And then we went to starbucks to have our dose of coffee because it was so hottttt.
P.s/ I really don't feel like going to the theatretrip tmr, i'd rather study maths and if i get 0 again, i'd shoot myself i think

Omg , this is rayner !

Sunday, August 12, 2007 || 7:57 AM

You appear like an angel w/ wings, but on the inside, you're a devil.
Seriously, my sincere utmost gratitude to you for making my life so terrible. Are you at advantage when you see me tear like a baby ? I hate my dad.

Pictures not in order . The hotel's wardrobe is supernice.

So lame please =='

We love hoodies
Some weird beer/wine

That's Jacynda sleeping :P

So decent lah omg. She's staring @ meeeee :D

My brrrrrrrrruder.
Jacynda insists that he's wearing pink shorts ==
P.s / M'sia Mango is having kraaaaazzzzzey sales ! Bought a pair of black mango skinnies at around 30% off i think -grins .