"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, September 28, 2007 || 7:01 AM

When i look at her f*cking red eyes,
i want to strangle you.
Just bleed & die(now).
The timing is so wrong, just so damn wrong.

Monday, September 24, 2007 || 4:14 AM

Hehe i think i know the reason for not being motivated to study already. Come to my house, look at my table& you'll know. Random stuffs everywhere. Stacks & piles of worksheets (some're even sec2 ones), and there're's vegemite even ! It's a kind of breadspread that aussies eats in the morning. HAHA, & there's even the mask i wore for the masquerade party.
Not a condusive place *shakshead.
I should really start clearing up & start to stardeeeeeeeee( before more people nags )

Sunday, September 23, 2007 || 5:29 AM

Was the only one who rollerbladed while the others cycled (except shipeng hehe you should really try the four wheels bike i swear i wouldnt laugh @ you)
Sweated lots today the feeling is very satisfying if i do this every week i tell you i'd slim down for sure. Saw a dog which seems pretty dead i thought it was already rotting and adel said it's breathing and i was like HUH IT'S BLEEDING?! HAHA, BREEDING ( okay sorry you wouldnt get it) and there was a sign which says : beware of the falling coconuts HAHA it's so hilarious please i can't stop laughing.
Sorry, im kind of mental today.

Kite flying & frisbeeeeeeeeee.

I look fat so what ? Quit staring

Saturday, September 22, 2007 || 1:29 PM

I really can't stick to a blogskin for long.
It's 4.29 AM & i'm here blogging wow i should really hit the bed.
Tomorrow gonna be a busy day.
I don't even dare to count down for EOY i think it's less than a week away it's coming so fast it's scaring me i havent even really started my revision yet.
Hehe, like cheong says : ' Miracles dont happen'.
Well, sighsigh.

Saw these photos in ulfah's friendster. Love that place like how a kid would love their candies. Will give up everything to stay there (okay not to that extend maybe)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007 || 7:14 AM

You're directing the words @ me & i know it very well and somehow or rather it just keeps repeating over in my mind and it makes me v.stressed up/angry-at-myself/helpless/irritated.
I'm still not studying and like what jean said ' I dont feel the exam pressure yet' (super dangerous) . AND we found a new hideout (very condusive& artsy) environment - excited.
Oh yes, today is a v.boring day i got suspended i read my drama text for 3 hours and the rest of the time im either sleeping/looking at the dragonflies.

If i retain, it wouldn't come as a surprise.

Friday, September 14, 2007 || 9:13 AM

Yeah, recently cutted my hair(but to some people, still no diff) with fasha.
I'm going to put aside the plan of cutting bangs(for now).
Thanks to mad for being sensitive : you-know-what.
Chilled in starbucks & i think i drank half of your caramel frap hor, mad?
Yes, i dug out all the caramel on the top w/ the straw first.
Just came back from tania's house she was damn cute as a baby what happened to you now huh ! Clovie's class tee is v. nice (12$ only !) 3/6's is like 18$? : no offence wanie.
And hehe, i scared jess today.

Monday, September 10, 2007 || 5:47 AM

Read read read what's on the paper !

You're gonna graduate soon(in a few weeks time?), & yes i'll miss you i swear school's never going to be the same when you leave the school. All those times we used to spent recess together (we love prawn noodles w/ soup). And hehe, isn't your life great now w/ your loving boyf, & clique. Remember we used to hate each other 2 yrs back and how for the past months we chatted our hearts out by the river in bishan park. You better do well for your n's i tell you & study dont evr say you're tired of studying( i should really be saying this to myself).
(No, we're not going to drift apart im going to visit your house every week and stare at the korea hottie poster pasted on your parent's room)

Saturday, September 8, 2007 || 9:02 AM

Last gathering last last last i hate the word < ---
I'll miss lots of people i can't believe i'll only be seeing them like once every few mths with effect from tomorrow onwards. But it's all for a good cause so (i'll shutup)
Woo, & jacynda gave me a i love you teddybear ^^
Today is a happy/sad day.

|| 12:52 AM

It doesn't seem quite impossible so i'm gonna take your words into actions & i'll show to you i deserve what you hadn't given me yet.
Quite heartwarming yet freaky at the same time. Sorry for being harsh you know i don't mean it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 || 8:35 AM

Life's still good even when i'm sleep-deprived(Thankyou lesbian 1 ^^)& there's school tmr in the middle of the holidays . In the middle of the night when we're supposed to do some serious work( Im still stuck with my zuoye) we were talking about pickup lines =='
I swear jess is damn motherly which is a v.good thing& i want to bring her brother home (!!!!)
Hehe, so cute i tell you powerrangers/hi5/killing tania. Oh yea, who wants to watch secret & hairspray with me ? :(
P.s/ to jie : thankyou for the post dedication, my tag says it all ^^

We skipped beauty& the beast .

Monday, September 3, 2007 || 9:13 AM

Hehe, today'd be the best day . Met up w/ besties& we caught the rat-ta-tu-ee show(at least that's how i pronounce it) . Although we were rushing all the while but we managed t do lots of stuffs(movie,arcade,shopping,eating,caughtup with each other's life) within 4 hours.
The movie was allright, but all of us expected more to it .
Pretty cool act. cos
vinson,wilson,amanda(sorry i keep calling you cheryl) : one grp &
jess,sister : one grp went to watch the same show on the same day but diff cinemas that is.
okay anw, i want t tell the whole world that i love you guys. always on the top of my heart no matter what.
Besties from 2004 - 2007 & still counting.
Looking back at the neos we took, wow all of us really changed alot!
Jacynda still had her bangs(which was pretty ugly but hehe, well thats a compliment because you're looking v.pretty now okay dont blush get back to your maple ) and for the times you stood by me no mattr what, & we shared our problems together no mattr how akward the situation might be , & yes im very happy for you that you've found yourself a good boyf who loves you (but not more than i do i think) - okay you'll deny it T.T
Joann (havent went out with you for a long time but well, you know we guys still love you &all. hopefully you'll turn up on wed *fingers crossd but looking back at the old testymonials you used to send & all, aye well you know i'll be here for you )
Joanna though we have diff opinons about the slighest things( abt the fbt colour ==') which was pretty lame but we can still laugh heartly about even the minor stuffs together, remember malacca when you came ovr to my hotel room and the restaurant opp our hotel the cakes & my brother acting like a silly fool & arguing w/ jacynda that the shorts arent hot pink it's red.

Like those times when we'll play ball w/o fail at kovan(woke up at 7+ am everytime & i'll be the stupid one waiting for you guys to arrive) and then we'll have our breakfast tgthr at least once a week. Damn, not being sentimental & all, but damn i miss those times. Hehe, & i still remember the first time i saw you guys, labelled the three of you as noisy bitches laughing/giggling behind me during convention but well, who'd know that you guys are the ones who walked through my primary school life (when i was still having short nerdy hair w/ geeky specs ) til today.

Sunday, September 2, 2007 || 6:21 AM

Brother brother brother warms my heart.
Love you vivi !

Saturday, September 1, 2007 || 7:03 AM

Beared my heart Met up w/ vanessa , like after 948327389215 years . She's still as pretty as ever ! Hehe, i love you lah honey,& thanks for the chocos ! Talked in ex-2/3 classroom for quite some time and i went home to sleep. After that, met up w/ clovie @ amk hub to take the bus to night safari, but she was late so i was walking arnd & guess what , i bought myself a black bag! Two bags within two weeks wow. It's like 10$ only & no clovie, i'm not a cheapo !
We bought pretty bracelets together ^^(buy one get one free) nono, not cheapo k Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I thought the animals are roaming around so ...
clovie : Leopard trail !!
-pulled my hand really hard and i was resisting very hard too.
People lookd at us as if we're idiots.
And then tania came and we went to the animal show. I swear i wanted to kill those people who were using flashlights(aftr repeatd reminders !) , omg dont they have any sense. We went on the tram & i was practically sleeping throughout it. I can't understand how the guides memorize the whole big chunk of facts about the animals. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
After that went to visit jess & waited til she knockd off from work. Hehe, ate ben&jerrys (thankyou tania cher :D), then cabbed to amk to eat our dinner/supper. Clovie left & me,tania &jess slackd at some stairs. Went to mac's aftr that and yesyes, hot chocolate w/ marshmellows gives you the 幸福的感觉. Talked alot & some of them made me feel like Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket .
Well, at least life is much much much better now isn't it ?
After that, cabbed down to hougang area, the playground near my house.
Talked/laughed/slept under the moonlight (was there any stars ?)
Reached home at arnd 5am in the morn, no doughnuts as breakfast though Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Love you guys. (More stuffs like this soon,okay?)

She is forever with her nano.

Get what i mean ?

Miracles do happen. Hint* : height. ZARA.

Honeyhoney very gooey hha.(no link but nvrmind)
gorjess. (: