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Wednesday, October 31, 2007 || 7:03 AM

Saw rachelle organizing f21 spree, sigh. Temptations sinks in again.
I'm thinking of ordering all these(All i can affordPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket). It better dont go OOS ! Damn fickle minded i spent 2 whole hours @ http://forever21.com Aiyaaaaaaa, just click & you'll know what i mean.
So exciting, I'm going to the zoo tomorrow after phy remedials (Effa dont ignore me lei). Havent been there for a long long time. Chinese O's is okay. Planning to retake if I dont get my A. Badly screwed my zuo wen up though.
Out of point ah why why why why. I think i need chicken essence to keep me awake.
K lah, im off to treat my mum dinner.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007 || 8:59 AM

Helloyou, they say it's brighter up the tracks
Confused+Angry+Innerconflict+DisappointmentPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Jacynda gave my brother a please-dont-be-gay 'lecture'. HAHA it was damn funny.
Sigh, why must i give in to temptations so easily. Curb myself curb myself !!!
Blardey toot, I dont even know if it is please dont be an ass you should know what i want you should know you should know you should should should should please must.(No, Jacynda not to you)
Sigh, allright im off to irritate caryl.
Damn, tomorrow's chinese O's im having fleas in my stomach already jumping jump jump
i must have my A. CHOR HOON AH QUAN KAO NI LE ^^
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& they say i must've an aim in life. I used to have a very important aim. No, its more of a must. Now, i dont know. I really dont so i keep telling myself i must try to get it back.I cant afford to let so many people who loves me down. I already am, so much that im afraid myself. Nono jacq, be strong

Saturday, October 27, 2007 || 7:56 AM

The dreamer's charm. Now it's just the atmosphere

If you don't trust/believe me. I'd just throw the standard answers to you. No wonder we turn out like that, the way you discpline us is wrong. No wonder i prefer mummy, you only know violence & try to make us listen to you through endless screamings.
Damn. Meet the teacher-parent's session was okay. Mrs Ong was telling how i can't cope with the freedom my mum gives me, & that she hopes my mum will restrict me more.
How my behaviour & attitude sucks, & it's not acceptable to many of the teachers. How bad my studying attitude is, & I can't go anywhere with the shit results of mine.
I swear everything that's negative is there. She talked to others for only 15mins, but she talked to mine for a whooping 45 mins.
Wow, & how i sleep in class and the best thing i could do is to keep my eyes open.
Luckily i didnt get a lecture from mummy. Daddy screamed at me. Well, ironical isn't it. He's supposed to be the one who dotes on me more, & doesnt give a shit to my studies. Shi jie bian le.Oh yes, yesterday was akwardddddddd.
Aiya, enough of study talk
Melaine, the 5 year old darling strung beads of bracelets for yours truly. (Hehe even though I wouldnt dare to wear it out) but looking at them really warms my heart.
Jess came over to my house recently at 2AM. & we had doughnuts as breakfast !
Jacynda says : ' Congras Jacq, You're out from black' . (Walauuuuuu oi)

Thursday, October 25, 2007 || 8:30 AM

Throw in a sigh in between each alphabet

Today im shocked
Today i felt like crying
Today im sad
Today someone else must be feeling worse than me
Today i had a major shopping spree
Today i dont know what to blog
Today im scared of making people irritated/angry
Today is a really bad day
Tomorrow wouldnt be any better

Tuesday, October 23, 2007 || 9:57 AM

Starbucks fling

Ah, whatever. I totally wanted to change my twitish blog url to starbucksfling instead. But blogger's very screwed & I can't change any of the html it sucks so bad I didnt have the patience to figure out what's wrong i just gave it up.
Thus, I'll stick to my good old brokkenx-o7.
I wonder why i'm even talking about this, like as if you care.
Okay anyway, besides retail therapy, gorging on food is something that makes you relieve stress. So, me&adel&jean went to eat sakura, while kaiting& zi ai joined us later. Hmm, 22$ for a buffet lunch, I'll think about it and tell you whether it's worth it. Thumbsup for the mussels & dessert though. Too bad i dont like sashimi jean says, or else it'd be totally worth it. But, too bad I dont eat raw food ^^
Ate until i couldnt eat anymore i was on the verge of puking. Hey, i just wanted to make sure my 22$ is well spent okay !
And then tsktsk *shakeshead. Zi ai & kaiting only ate for say, 1/2 an hour ?
Okay anyway, before we went to sakura we headed towards toapayoh, relishing every single moment we spent there, we even included delifrance,kopitiam etc ( wow i sound like a glutton). Ah, okay stop it stop being so sentimental. It's only toapayoh !! (NOT)
hello you, i wrote something on the table but erased it. But it was still once there
i really hate the emotional spectrum im going through now. It's so ... ...
I'm telling myself to stop remeniscing about the dream, stop thinking about it stop stop stop stop stop stop rewind everything & press the delete button i hate the way my brain functions.
Tomorrow's be yourself day & we can wear whatever we want, & i know there will be bitches bitching about how ugly/childish that outfit looks, how fat you look how skinny you look blah blah . I hate people to compare, AAAAAAAAAAH.
Whatever, as if i can do anything about it.
Yes, you guessed it . Current mood : cranky.

Monday, October 22, 2007 || 3:27 AM

The scars, it's so visibly shown.

F*cked up day. Shan't elaborate. Reassurance :(

Sunday, October 21, 2007 || 3:37 AM

The beats of your dance left me sitting there, my mouth with an 'O' shape
Movie maranthon was good. Thumbsup to the organizers.
Before going to school, met up with Adel,Jean,Kaiting& Grace to Amk hub and went to NTUC and bought lots of tibits to keep us accompany through the night.
We ended up looking like auntys who just came back from the wet market.
Jean,Kaiting& I skipped all the horror movies and we spent our time in the classroom talking to the netballers.
Andddddd wtf, i fell asleep during 'Secret!'. Omg i should totally shoot myself i mean i came because of this particular movie which i missed from the movie theatres.
Now i've to watch it all over again :(
And today, i woke up with terrible soreeyes(had contacts on for 48 hrs) & flu.
Went to M'sia with a really i-want-to-die mood, my eyes were super watery i think i look like someone who has depression. But, i had a dream yesterday which totally made my day when i think about it. 'Dreams are stuffs which you dont dare to imagine, it exaggerates.' But still, i feel like as if im on cloud9.
And damn, results are out tomorrow.
Wo hen pa :(
My cousin is getting married on 2/12/07 !


Clovie pecker !

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 || 7:31 AM

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The DarkRoom Mishaps But it's okay you'll be there

Jacynda has got symptoms of dengue it's scaring me when thoughts of her in the cold hospital bedroom alone ... (stop it)
Let's just hope that it's the normal flu bug going around.
Anyway, turning up for drama is becoming like a chore to me. They don't tell you beforehand. On the day itself, you'll have random people coming up & telling you : " 3pm MPS, be there " .
(They just don't realize that students have got their own lifes/plans too)
Anyway, went to Adel's new house. Loaned some vcds but we just thrashed it aside, making more time for prince hours. Aaaaaah, xinping made me really hooked up on that drama serial :(
I guess i'll lock myself in my room staring at that drop dead hottie. No ?
Got my demin skinnies today they look fabbbbbb.
I scratched off a scab so hard and allowed the blood to flow it looks so much like a vampire's bite now.
Jerald is very irritating :
i dreamt of her last night, she said the end is near you. says:
Okay lah i go comment on your photos now lah k stupid angmoh-look-alike.
(kidding! ^^)

Monday, October 15, 2007 || 8:22 AM

Went town with jolyn !
Haven't seen her for a long long time after i quitted mr ho's tuition.
(Except the time when i saw her in amk hub)
HAHA, now she also quit tuition already ><
She ah, tsktsk. Pierce here pierce there. *Goosebumps.
Watched ' Mr Woodpeck' @ jubilee. Rating : 2.5/5
(Not worth my 5.50$ but, to kill time & i was quite in need for a comedy)
Ate at subway & i only bought 3 cookies ! And in the end i threw one away because i was already semi-full and I was afraid i'd feel tempted to eat later so ...
Brainwash the fact that there's in every second, there's one african child dying.
Oh yes, i collected my stony bracelet. Pretty in black !
Then we headed to fareast because she had to pass her friend stuffs.
Oh yes, i found a new love : toss!!!!!( sell damn gorgeous dresses&tops )
And then, we went to bugis for err, less than 20 mins ?
I bought a grey cardigen there. Jolyn said that the cutting wasn't really nice but Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket i bought it anyway ~
And then i had to head home early because i need to pass germaine some stuffs.
Hehe, now i'm addicted to sibehsibehsian.blogspot.com.
(Quite lame ar, but nothing better to do)
No mad, I do not want to watch drama serials because i'll get overly obsessed with the handsome male leads.
There's school tomorrow at 10-12.30pm, for hmt . wtf?!

Sunday, October 14, 2007 || 2:57 AM

I think im really bad at cheering people up.
I'll be afraid to say anything because i'm scared it'll agonize them even further.
Sometimes when i see people cry my first reaction is to laugh.
So i think i better shutup.
ANYWAY, i cut my hair today luckily the person didn't screw it up.
AND me & shuyijie had doughnuts and gummys for lunch.
Saw xiaoqian working hehe that lier (delifrance -.-)

Thursday, October 11, 2007 || 8:12 AM

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY(*jumps around)
MY.EXAMS.ARE.OVER (!)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Wave goodbye to late night muggings, say hello to beauty sleep !
Hehe, although i seriously think that i screwed some papers up, but aiyaaaaah, no use thinking about it already. What's over is over.
& so, drama practical today is kind of okay, at least my group didn't screw up the way i thought we would. See, told ya miracles happen sometimes !
Had heavy clown makeup on, & i had a hard time getting it off my face because i had to rush to meet shuyi& stella ! (Face paint suckxxzxzxzxz)
At first i dont even dare to go to the toilet because i'm scared people might just freak out when they see me. Luckily it's the marking day holidays!
Hehe, how i wish i can see their reaction on their faces when they see a clown(aka me) approaching them, & going with them to shopping.
I bet you 50$ they'll faint.
Okay anyway, many said i look like a freaky clown. ANDDDDDDD, mrs kamal laughed like shit when she saw me. Okay, it's a good thing because it's supposed to be funny is it Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Hehe, stella& me accompanied shuyi, walking around bugis street in circles trying to look for her rolling stones tee. Too bad, it's either sold out or wrong size/colour/design. Oh yes, i saw mad there ! &to control myself not to spend money, I bought only 8$ out ! AND GUESS WHAT, after eating my dinner & some snacks, i still managed to buy false lashes. Pro or pro ? ( Nono, not cheapo ).
And and, after stella left, i cont. on the search of the rolling stones tee, going to cineyleisure& fareast, but to no avail.
HAHA ! Now i've got to help her search on9. I can see that she wants the top pretty,very badly. It sucks not having cash with you, because i saw a dress & a camera graphic top i really like. Gonna put that into my wishlist, I swear im going to buy them after i manage to persuade mummy to go shopping with me (That's if i do manage to).

Sleepovers+shopping+starbucks+philiphines+kbox = holidays for the first few weeks
Mugging = holidays for the last few weeks.
(I can't wait for taffy to come back from jap/shanghai and also vinna to come back from aussie !)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Clown makeup credits to jacq choo the great.
(Me with my fellow jailer)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Shuyi & me !
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Shuyi with stella !
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hehe, me & shuyi !

Friday, October 5, 2007 || 8:14 AM

Aaaaaaaaaaaah, 4 more days to my doomday(Amaths)
Aiyah, just cast it aside because I HAVE A JOKE TO SHARE!
Yo mama is so stupid that when she asked me what's my jean's brand i told her guess and she said levis.
*drops off chair laughing. I think it's one of the best ones hehe
Okay anyway, met up with mummy for lunch and we had delifrance(hehe, it rhymes!)Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My mood for today : Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Just shoot me in the head)
I went to kaiting's house after tuition because i just don't have anywhere else to go
hehe, i love my clickclick button.
Khairi & jacqchoo is coming over tomorrow for drama discussion like finally !
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I think this picture is really nice.

Thursday, October 4, 2007 || 5:39 AM

Quite alot happened this week, (emotionally).
I was really silly, felt as if i'm missing out, & un-important . Damn stupid of me to think that you don't care. *Prayers always work somehow or another.
Had long hours of chat w/ shuyi jie( aaaaaaaah, i don't want her to leave anderson!). Learnt something from her : Life's tough but you gotta keep going, only then will you realize people around you care& love. Blardy stupid of us to ignore someone who is so nice & dearest to us because of a stupid comment some bitch gave us.
Our boo, forgive us.
Oh yes, adel treated me,kt& jean to sushi ! Damnnnnnnn nice of her Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ah, my maths is totally screwed up i don't want to care anymore so long i don't retain.
I did like, 37/80 marks of the paper.
Wow, what a pretty f9 huh.