"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Sunday, November 25, 2007 || 8:13 AM

Things that've hidden spoken aloud. Emptied all my words, soothed my heart. Some words've been gg thrgh my head again& again it's making me smile like an idiot hehe but i dont really care evn if i look spastic
Movie with matin today. Watched enchanted. It was awesome, worth the money ! Thumbs up :)
In the end, didn't go to the aiport & welcomed denise and monica back.
Oh well, *slapsforehead.
Tanning at sentosa was okay, but nobody could see any diff so oh well, i'll go tanning again soon. I want want want my bronze tan !
Drama camp starts from tomorrw, i've to wake up at 6.30AM until wed! AH, WHAT A TORTURE :(

Friday, November 23, 2007 || 7:43 AM

Been leading quite a healthylifestyle except for the fact that i ate steamboat today. Kt is super evil! She fried a prawn ALIVE, on one side it was already turning reddish orange but the poor prawn was jumping in the pool of butteroil. Xinping was no better :D
(Badminton, swimming, gym)-ing recently!
Hehe, I'm going tanning tomorrow ! I hope i achieve a bronze tan !
Tuesdays with morrie is damn awesome, teaches me how to view things in a different perspective
And i think the auntie at the mama shop near my house is hilarious.
Me : Hello aunty, do you sell hi-chew ?
Auntie: Huh, simi hee qiu ? Xiang Yan ah ? ( What hee qiu ? Cigarattes ?)
And and and, shuyi's cousin is getting married on the same date and country on the same date & country MY cousin is ! What a beautiful coincidence :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007 || 5:09 AM

The heart can build a wall, but eventually, walls crumble.
The mind can hide in darkness, but eventually comes light.
The eyes can go blind, but the memories are visible.
The ears can go deaf, but the notes still play.

The wind blew us some distance
Shuckxzxzxzxzxzxzxz. Didn't went to arab street today !
Met up with Minyi first & went to wisma, I suddenly realized that Topshop has got this egyptian style. Pretty fascinating actually :)
Now I'm hunting for a leather jacket ! Guys look super good in them, but for girls, hmm. I don't know. But one thing for sure is, it'll def burn a hole in my pocket :( Cheapest i found is 109$/119$ in dorothyperkins. GAP is selling them at 999$ & zara is selling them at a 400$odd price. Gosh~ *faints. F21 stuffs are getting boring, except for their shades which they restock very efficiently, & i never seem to get tired of their accessories ! Minyi the very mad tried on a sunhat there & a group of schoolgirls were giggling. Hmmmmm...
After that, Fangxian joined us & she wanted to go to tanglin mall but no wonder how long we walked, we cant seem to find that place( highly suspecting it doesnt even exist) and we ended up in some hotels. Found a place with a very pretty background wall and we started taking pictures. I swear a delivery man looked at us with quite a distorted face. After that, we gave up &walked to fep in the rain -.-
Wasn't intending to window shop but oh well, nothing caught our eye because somehow or rather, every shop seemed to be selling similar stuffs. Ate our latelunch/early dinner at a korean restaurant. Awesome food + funny waiter + Low cost totally made up for the fact that we didnt buy anything home. 9 side dishes, dessert, soup & one main course only cost 12.10$ for one person ! And and and plus the fact we got to barbeque the food ourselves !Hehe, the waiter threw me weird looks even when i asked him for the bill. Walked some more& headed home we didnt went to arab street because minyi had to head home for pilates! :(
Sigh, there's drama tmr at 9AM. I wonder if i can wake up. If i do, oh well things i do for drama. If i don't, it's quite ecpected really. Allright, I'm back to My Lucky Star ! :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 || 7:13 AM

Small frayed splinters that once worked as a whole,
Now everything is taking it's toll.

Gym + swimming with clovie,jess&abby.
Sister & I shall work hard ! To achieve a figure like clovie's. Hers is like hawwwwwwt. (drop it like its hot drop it like its hot~)
Jess was rather quiet today, hmm. i think she's insecure ^^
I think i'm going swimming tomorrow again ! Yay,say bye bye to jellyfats !
Town tomorrow, suddenly i feel like going to Arab street, for something different.
Town just spells : b-o-r-i-n-g.

Monday, November 19, 2007 || 7:28 AM

Some words are just dying to fall out, making everythng out of place
Met up with jingyingtheverylate. Super mean ah her, she was laughing me for the first minute! (inside joke)
Walked around aimlessly, & we were talking about stuffs which resulted to an emotional roller coaster.
Was from (happyface) to (sadface) to (laughingface) to (hyperface) to (crying face)
Both of us have a same aim: Never let ___ affect us. Nevernevernevernevernevernevern.e.v.e.rann.eeee.vi.eeee.rrrr
(okay u can stop chanting it). Reason being? Totally not worth it. Tired of walking & settled in starbucks. Ordered my usual caramel frap & she had some bitter coffee .___. (I secretly think she’s weird!) Kidding yo! Heh. But whenever I have something to say she can always read me like a book. She knows ALL the subtext of my words (Not a wonder she’s an ace literature student!)
It’s kind of scary but it’s comforting nevertheless, that someone understands what you’re going thrgh, & itsaves me from all the hassle to speak actually, the trouble of going in-depth which for some stuffs, it’s rather tough so yeah, it’s more of a pro than a con. And after that, we walked from hereen to wisma to plaza sing which we camwhored & sat down again. Haha, talked more (Ah yes we talk a lot) & bidded farewell because it’s getting quite late.
To remind her of her secondary 2 days :
JjiIng yyiNngs~ xiie xie nii zhe gge meii ha0 dder yii tiian oooOoo!!
HAHA, I shall shutup before she comes & slap me.
Andddddddddddd, I learnt a new word today ! :CHICKENMOVE.
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Sunday, November 18, 2007 || 5:05 AM

You crashed my head, but made me stronger
Was supposed to go to M'sia with family but because of some unforseen circumstances, it was cancelled. Oh well, nevermind ! There's always the next month although i've missed quite some many benefitial talks. And so, mummy bought me & brother to shopping. Was supposed to look for clothes for brother, but the brands i had in mind didnt suit him at all because of his size -.- Nevermind, shall try again next year !
Shopped at Wisma and i bought a shimmery silver dress, and pair of studded leather shoes. They're my new loves :)
Mummy bought a pair of heels to go along with her dress for cousin's wedding.
Sister isn't going to the wedding and i think i know the reason partially. I feel bad, but oh well. It's up to her anyway.
Went to Amk after that,but it was raining so we left after buying two polo tees for daddy. Coffee& Dinner with jingying tomorrow !
My aim: I must reivse at least one chapter of maths every week !

Friday, November 16, 2007 || 10:05 PM

Fking regretful i didn't go& send the NZ people off.
I miss monica& denise already.
Remembered we had so much memories in adelaide last year, now i feel so leftout.
Hello jacq sees the green light flashing.
Nevermind,i'll welcome them back at the airport when they come back.
Finished whywhylove, it was awesome.

|| 3:22 AM

3/6's bbq !
Too bad adel is grounded& jean didn't want to go :(
A cat brushed past me EEEEEE my hair is still standing.
So deeeeeisgushhhhhting please ! Bloody ass tania didn't even warn me it was behind me all the while -.-
And sigh, the rollerblades shop was closed i didn't blade = didnt sweat = didnt lose weight = still fat

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 || 5:55 AM

Each of us are like angels with only a wing, we can only fly by embracing one another
Hello world ! Went out with sujie&cherie (Yes, finally we fufilled our 1 yr +++ date !) Heh, ate at fep KFC, cracked some jokes, &laughed like crazy. After that, we went to shop and yes ! Cherie has the same taste as me : we love floral prints ! Hehe salute toss ! Sujie bought a very emo glossyprint shirt though. The front says : ALONE, & the behind says :AGAIN.
Tsktsk, she ah. And then went into a shop called zipples or something & i totally love a shimmery black dress there. Sigh, when my pocket permits me to, i shall go & purchase it. Oh yes, cherie bought a pretty green dress. So tell me why.am.i.the.only.one.who.didnt.buy.anythng? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And then, went to this shop which sells bikinies & summer dresses anditotallyfellinlovewith a mini summerdress ! So pretty it can just blow me off (hehe kiddng). So there you go, another item just added to my wishlist !
After that, we took peeeeeektures at the fountain area but all of them turned out to be like crap. After that, went to wisma and i have no idea why i saw like 8 of my drama seniors altogether, in town at different places. Hmm ...
After shopping @ wisma which didnt turn out to be fruitful, we went to hereen for our chocolate foundue(yes yet again!). Aww but we didnt enter NUM (okay shutup!)
Headed towards ciney, and then to taka which we rested our legs at kinokuniya(pardon the wrong spelling) and we were practically flipping chicken soup books for quotes !
Read one that says something about telling people arnd you you love them before its too late and we took turns telling each other we love each othr. (hehe so cute right !) And then, headed home ! BBQ tmr, sigh should i go ?
- - -
Told samuel i had chocolate foundue & this is what he said -.-
til nex adveho, addo licentia says:
chocolate is cheaper than a bf/ gf
til nex adveho, addo licentia says:
plus chocolate can be kept in the fridge if u can't finish it
til nex adveho, addo licentia says:
bf/gf can't!
Starbucks fling says: