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Monday, December 31, 2007 || 7:23 AM

Once again you strike the core of my heart.
It's so scary how you're able to read me like a book.
I'm so scrwd, so scrwed.
Im gnna study hard, not going to let myself have any regrets in the future.
And, im going straight for my 2008 new year resolution :)

Monday, December 24, 2007 || 4:07 AM

Jess told me that she has been thinking of who're the people who're important to her and that triggered me to think too.
Who are the most important people in my life ?
I asked myself this question, and i realized that i know the answer all along because some names flashed through my brain before i could even think.
This is kinda cliche, but well, firstly my family, then oddbesties.
Jacynda always says that she feels that i love my outside friends more, but that silly girl, she doesn't seem to realize the truth.
But of course i love my other friends too, but those people whom i mentioned are always positioned as top priority :)
Caught a movie with sujie & matin : the warlords . It's NC16 but we managed to smuggle through ! The movie's pretty good but we were seating at the first second row my neck hurts. Poor matin, on top of that he still has got to figure out what the whole movie is about by reading the subtitles. HAHA!
And aftr tht we ate pastamania & went to bugis which i got myself a hoodie& earrings.
Sister & brother were trying to teach my mum & my maid some IT basics, like how to send emails etc, but hehe they still couldnt master it even after half an hour and that lead my siblings to see some red light flashing.
went to bugis(yetagain) with mummy& sister. sister wanted to get her shoes but they were OOS. haha oh well, two retail shops, still OOS. superrrrr suay can !
did some shopping i got myself a dress from future state and a top from bugis strt. oh yes i got myself new pumps too. mummy didnt buy anythn & sister got herself a bag. Sigh, im pretty worried for my o's next yr i think im gg to polytechnic ? i dont know oh well it's kinda early to be worried right ? but still im not doing anything i want to hit the library badly but it'll be closed tmr so :(

Friday, December 21, 2007 || 8:45 AM

At Jacynda's house now.
& Im having problems with the spacebar :(
Before going to her house, had some conflict with mummy, regarding contact lenses issues. Parents because of their high ego, they insist they're right even though they're obviously in the wrong. Oh well, since it's their money im using, i shall go along with their wishes. Whatever they say i'll follow suit. I'll be good, i'll be. Even though in my heart anger is running through my arteries.
And my quarrel(oh well sigh, all that drama) lead to my mood to a very big :(
Thus, i cancelled the trip to clerk keyyyyy.
Went kovan instead, shopped around & grabbed some food. Hehe, i realized after today that i'll have a free flow of stationaries!!! One more tick to moneysaving. (Please do not call me a cheapo)
Bought tissues at watson, because they're of disney princess& 1.50$ only !
Jacynda bought a pack together with me :)
After that, went back to her house & we played monopoly.
As stated in Jacynda's blog ;
Jacq kept entering jail. Serious crime offender. Bahaha
Joanna doesn't seem to be any richer and her desired properties (blue area) was satched away by Daddy and Jacq, which caused her to scream with tears.
Her mum bought a lot of properties and feeling happy when others pay her subsequently.
Her daddy had the correct choice of land and is rich despite the few numbers of properties that he had.
Herself(Jacynda) was very lazy so she volunteered to be the banker and halfway through, I wasn't that enthu anymore because the tv is snatching my concentration away and also, the sms.
She indeed has got such a cute family :)
And after that i went to shave my legs in the toilet with joanna ! We were screaming like wild monkeys and laughing like crazy hyenas? , but i accidentally cut my finger, the sharp pain is still lingering on my memory. Creepy feeling. Hehe, after some hard work in the toilet, my legs feels smooth like velvet(no joke !)
Tomorrow is another long day, but im :) although im tired.

Thursday, December 20, 2007 || 6:58 PM

She spells jiejie as che che :)& a cindiwang lookalike.


A human transformer (Robot in disguise)
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com
Im made up of mecury, steel & chemical X so beware.

|| 6:10 AM

Not the prettiest pictures, but it has the prettiest people in my heart.
Okay yay finally i've a peekture of all4 of us. Hehe, like after knowing them for 4 years ?! Hehe, nevermind i'm happy as it is. Went to bugis, & ate pastamania. Jacynda bought Joanna a cardigen. Such a sweet sister please ! My sister doesnt even want to LEND me her slippers so there -.- And jacynda bought a miniskirt. I didnt buy anything i was looking for skinny scarves but they were selling it for 8$ ! Its kinda cheap for smth which will make you look err, sophiscated ? I dont knw the exact term for it but it's like only a piece of cloth ! Oh well. I think i should heed jacynda's advice and go cut my clothes into drapes and use it as my shawls instead. I really think i'll do that. yes i will. Encountered some scences in a video shop which dampened our moods for awhile but oh well :)
Suddenly remembered smth : You're worth lesser than my num bag. (walauuuuuu!!!!)
okay i know you're kidding you better be !! And while we were taking peektures in the bus a lady was staring at us and laughing walauuuuuu (inserts shy emotion)
Tmr clerk kkkkay.
Im watching a korea drama serial with lu inside ! (screams and pullshairout). But they dont have subtitles in english. Only in chinese im having a hard time understanding it and im staring at the words more than lu so, :( )

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 || 5:37 AM

We're humming the same song among the black frost
Met up with effa at dhoughy ghout & headed towards cathay cineplax where jess is working. That bimbo, trust her to ask me 'Whats the different btwn ' the cathay and cathay cineplax ah ?' Effa and her awesome bimbotic questions :D
Hehe, ordered caramel frap & the staff there is kinda weird/funny/o.o
Me: Hi can i have a caramel frap please?
Him: So do i give you a discount since you're wearing a starbucks teeshirt?
Me: Well, hopefully :)
Him: So you worked in starbucks before?
Me: Err nope
Him: So why did you buy that shirt ?
Me: I love starbucks ?
LOL. But i reckon starbucks will be my future company. My love for coffeee ~
Or perhaps prolly only caramel frap and mocha.
And i think i was being influenced by effa because i spilled my caramel frap on my phone :( Hais, if only my hand was positioned 10 degrees more to the left/right. It'd have landed on effa's phone !!! Okay i'm so evil. No no im supposed to be a geek 8-|
After our drink we walked around walking up and down and up and down again then left to right then left to right. To the left to the left. Okay it reminds me of smth which ranjini told me. There was someone who dedicated a song 'To the left by Beyonce'. HAHA, Damn funny please. And the DJ was like totally :' Erm, the song's Irreplaceable'. Okay and then me & effa went to a bookstore at the basement and i read 3 magazines there ! Like seriously wow i think i should go there every month and read seventeen so that let's see, i'll save 3$ every month which will amount to 36$ a year ! Hehe, a little goes a long way down the road okay !
And talking about books, i finished reading a library book which i borrowed : ' How to take out the ex out of ex-boyfriend'. The title is interesting but it's still those cliche romance stories which bore the ____ outta you.
I think i should switch to more intelluctual books instead 8-|
And after that, jess knocked off at 4.30PM and we headed to plaza sing to get my slippers. But oh well, i didnt manage to get anything from there.
Tomorrow, & friday i'll be going shopping with my besties. Hehe, superbigsmile.
Taffy arrived in SG already ! Finally she's back, hehe and she also brought back a weird french accent. Hmmmm.

Sunday, December 16, 2007 || 6:10 AM

Cheapmonks, cheeeepmunks,chipmunks(kawaiinehhxz)
Caught 'Alvin& th chipmunks ' w/ Effa,Ranjini& Jiangmei. Met at amk, had early lunch @ macs. Had mudslide Mcflurry and effa asked me how i ordered it. ' Is it order half oero and half sundae' (smth like that). Super bimbo i tell you !!! And evrybody gave her that -.- face . The movie was overall allright(but a lil boring), the chipmunks are so cuteeeeee hehe cute to the max! I sat with ranjini on a couple sofa (EEEEE).
When the movie ended, we walked out and saw mascots of the chipmunks ! Ranjini was like shaking with excitment i tell you. Kids surrounded the chipmunks and err well, we wanted to take peektures too but effa was like acting grownup claiming we're childish& all. hehe like look whose talking ! After that walked around amk hub (yes frigging boring) and headed home. Rushed off to ngee chuan's funeral. Super heartwrenching i tell you espically when i see them cry. Sigh, learn to cherish those around you. Okay i think i should tell that to myself every morning when i wake up. Sigh. After that sleptover at Jacynda's house for 2 nights. Hehe, had lots of fun with joanna & jacynda. (holding pinkys to sleep, made consolation cards, laughed, joked, pigged out, blahblah) i think i will be sleeping over every friday? ( big questionmark). Really love them lots :)
It's so stupid why cant you open your eyes and see who are the ones who really love you. You're falling into a deeeeeeeeep pit which you already know you think you're so strong its making our hearts ache. But even if you fall we'll be there to pull you out, making sure you're on two feet again.

Thursday, December 13, 2007 || 7:00 AM

The ultimate bimbo
Starbucks fling / brokkenx-o7.blogspot.com says:
you disappointed me effa
Starbucks fling / brokkenx-o7.blogspot.com says:
EFFA says:
you disappoint me more jacq... *shakes whole body
EFFA says:


Wednesday, December 12, 2007 || 8:33 AM

Absolutely mundane with nothing new. (S'pore fits in the criteria well)
Was crashing my head about somewhere more exciting to go, but somehow or rather, i end up in town. Like again to the power of two thousand. Went to far east with shuyijie, walked around trying to look for good bargains from the pre xmas sales. But nothing caught our eyes, so we ended up not buying anything. Dined at the korean cuisine restaurant which I ate with minyi & fangxian earlier. Hehe, the food there is still as yummy ! Oh well i should stop thinking of how the meat juices sinks in when i chew them because it's making me hungry -.-
And and and/ but but but shuyi keeps calling me ling ling ling ( the bell's ringing) ! I regret reminding her what my mum calls me : ah ling . Argh, thattttttttttt ah yiiiiii. okay stop it stop it.
me : eh how much you bring !
shuyi: only 30$ +
me: i also ! how much exactly ? i bought 34$
shuyi : eh me tooo !
HAHA, we never fail to have something in common :)
After that we went to tanglin mall (smwhr thr) & went to find jolyn ! she's working and hehe we appeared there and because she's working in a children's wear boutique they keep making fun of me :(
Damnit ~
Haha ! & im really jealous my heart is aching because jolyn's colleague got 6 guess? bags (authetic mindyou) for 60$ !!! SIX FOR SIXTY BUCKS! I bet she will sell me any :(
A fake one is already like 30$ !!