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Monday, January 28, 2008 || 4:14 AM

All the screws & nuts, i'm leading my life like a robot's

Screwd drama performance ' I really hope this will be a wakeup call, espically to some people, a major wakeup call.' Point taken, mrs kamal.
But the thought of it that it can be re-accessd makes me procrastinate evn further.
Gosh, just look how pathetic i am. Totally no link, but eating dinner in msia with 3 dogs & 2 cats lurking around definately makes one jump (physically).
Speaking of dinner, haha did you knw fried rice tastes good w/ sushi vinegar ?
Jiangmei taught me maths today HAHA i can never study with her b/cos we get hungry after completing any one maths question and we changed location from library to food court to macdonalds. Am i slow or am i slow i only managd to solve 2 questions from plane geom !

Tuesday, January 22, 2008 || 3:07 AM

Feeling super drained out from school.
(All the rushing of hmewrks+ rushing of props/costumes(all the way to the other end of the world)+ super-unpreparedfor-drama-o's-thus-leaving-me-feeling-lousyallday feeling, demoralized b/cos i dont understand maths etc...) ;
I want all of these to be over really quickly i dont want to feel wanted by my hmewrks LOL -.-
Nevrmind i've my new favourite song to keep me company.
20/1/08 ( Studying @ starbucks w/ xiaoqian! )

*Points @ your eyebags & strt t laugh :D
P.s/ studying w/ her is pretty productive !
21/1/08 (Shopping for costumes)

Jacq choo & her starbucks whippd cream affair.
Anddddddd, today (detention -.-)
School's gttng crazier but yet cleverer. Using this method to drive the nuts outta students i must say they suceeded. I will n.e.v.e.r step foot into the detention room again. The teachers are pscyho, mixing 5 diff grains/oats into a container they ask you to seperate everything. After all the 1 hr hardwork, they ask you to pour it back again ( which led to loud swearings amongst the class - not from me

I feel like a hamster

Saturday, January 19, 2008 || 8:02 AM

've been really tryng v hard t stay awake during classes (esp maths,phy) but still sometimes i just zonked out. hehe, and mdm wong is my first maths tchr which i'd take the initiative to clear my doubts. I UNDERSTAND STATS. (yay!!!!!)
I dont know whether im slow or wht (im sure am), i just realized a week ago tht my upcoming drama exam is actually the real o's thingy. i just it was just another prep/assessment. Im like so dead can? zzz.
okay anw, went to bugis with my besties hehe i bought myself a mod/star printed scarf which im looking for so long. Hehe, very happy w/ my purchase and jacynda treated me to pepperlunch ! yummy i feel like having another one.
and on friday, slept ovr @ their hse i really hope it'd be a weekly affair actually wantd t go thr & find some motivation t study but ohwell -.-
you guessed it, didnt do anythn productive but it's okay! i'll try harder next week.
y'knw aftr talking t ruiqing i feel like a loser. a great loser all the things i wantd to do/accomplish kinda just shattered i want t do my bestttttt. my very best. i... just hav to gather more faith. ( nothng relatd t studies tyvm )

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 || 7:35 AM

Because everything will go away if you dont dwell on it.(??)
Jacqueline is being so absurd b/cos im picking faults in everybody.
Screw it, I've lots of work undone.
But i'm so drained out im heading straight t bedddddddddddddddd.

Monday, January 14, 2008 || 6:23 AM

Studied @ macs. But it was kinda slack b/cos we've so much t update each other & all (result of not meeting near to say, duno-how-many-weeks?) man, i really got to bury my already-bursting head into books and focus focus focus.
Anw, called peiling today, she MIA-ED for around a year ! Beat that manxzxzxzxzxz -.-
Dreading school tmr there's PE and most prolly we'll be taking height&w, i am really................ its super sensitive la walauuuuuu.

y'knw some things which are most imprt t my life will always stay the same no mattr wht. Going t shop@ bugis on thurs w/ besties. Can't wait. Realized tt i've been neglecting some things which i should have done since zillions of yrs ago. Today was v satisfying. I hope i hope i hope.
Sister is strumming the guitar and i think all she does is tune the guitar. Somewhat, another 3mins impulse ~

(God does)

Sunday, January 13, 2008 || 7:19 AM

& then i wonder why im doing this to myself -.-
Zzzz, PE on tuesday. Bet we're taking height and weight. Hmmm, i wonder if i grew -.- ( stop stop stop adapting t the grassxzxzxxzxzx)
Aiyaaaa but one thing for sure is that i've got more cellulite wrapped in my skin and under the layer of fats i already have.
I.AM.PATHETIC. (purr-tear-tickkkkkkkkk)
CCA open house was okay, fellow atc-ians doing the freezeframes super poor thing please ! They had to freeze for like minutes & hours (perhaps), but hehe not bad lah hor they attracted lots of sec1s to our booth and many of them were like trying to make them break out of character. So cute! After the open house, Me,Jean,Xinping& Kaiting went to bishan library to study. It was very productive okay! Despite the sun blazing right into our faces + i keep sneezing( Jean says im allergic to her) + kaiting keep kajiao us . But i managed to finish my compo + abit of the english book :D
P.s/ I want t slpovr @ bestie +maomao's hse *chants.

Hehe, tongues outttttttt

(Walau damn short please zzzzzzzz) MY FAV SENIOR.

Thursday, January 10, 2008 || 6:58 AM

Life has been pretty hetic recently. Trying to juggle drama(both cca & o's) + the countless pile of homework which never seems to be done because i keep procrastinating. Secondary four life is definately no easy feat. Heard from Jacq C that 75% of the things we need to know for o's is taught in sec3. And my secondary 3 life is pretty screwed + slack so i'm seriously worried now. Even if i start paying attn in class i might not be able to pull thrgh o's. Had E& Amaths mastery tests and Amaths one is a killer. I couldnt understand any of the questions it was as if the test paper is in french language or smth i just kept staring at the questions + turning around to see whether anybody is like, stuck together with me. And it doesnt help at all to see everybody writing and writing and writing while my paper remains blank.
Seriously, i can't afford to drop Amaths.
Gosh, stop it this is freaking me out.
Homework check :
-Drama journals [tick]
-Maths ws x2 [tick][ ]
-Literature worksheet [ ]
-English compo [ ]
-English vocab (5chaps) [ ]
To the brighter side, at least this year's maths teacher is much better than that of last year's. But one thing i hate is that she always uses height as a comparism -.-
(Ps/ we're learning statistics now).
In terms of height, normally people'll be 150 &above
Perhaps this is the reason why i dont sleep in maths classes anm ? Omg ~
Making beautiful compositions with the wind
Top of my list : 2008's newyear's resolutions.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008 || 6:18 AM

This is crazy. Im feeling pathetic for myself.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008 || 4:50 AM

School tmr ! Oh my gosh i still haven't enjoyed myself enough :(
Quarrelled with my brother today over some trivial childish matters.(1pm)
Now (9pm) & we still aren't talking.
Gosh, which reminds me im already turning 16. *Rollseye @ myself.
Okay and just a few seconds before i heard my brother yelling to my maid
I was the one who borrowed his schoolbag during the holidays when we needed to go back to school for remedials (Yes the turtle leather backpack -.-)
Damn, i dont know where i placed it.
Hehe, wow such an unexpected revenge.
Chants * : Junwei's lost his schoolbag & it's the first day of school tomorrow!
Hehe, that is unless if he wants to go to school tmr with one of my gayxzxzx red totebags ^^

Jacynda: you're so evil.
(certainly, certainly i am)