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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Monday, February 25, 2008 || 1:03 AM

S for superwomen!

When my friends are down, i find it tough for me to comfort them. Im sorry im not good with words, and im sorry that im bad at consoling people. It's hard, to see you cry, it's hard to hear even you sigh. And every single word i say, it ran through my mind thousands of times, worried that i might say the wrong things that might further aggravate you. I cant do anything to improve the situation, but i'll always be here, standing by. Look out, for the rainbows!

loveyou jacynda


y'knw i really hate myself for not being able to stay at home b/cos i'll feel restless which results to not studyg enough to meet the very minimal standards. anyw, met up with shuyi (aftersolong). went to esplanade + marinasq i bought a top thr which im lookg for so long retail therapy really ... soothes my mind. Okay dont really have the mood to blog when im owing so much homewrk.

so, when you lose hope what should you do?

p.s/ shuyi thr're more peekchaz, nudge me whn you're online (:

Friday, February 22, 2008 || 6:23 AM

Comfortable silences
Conversations :
JHM: if you're a drug i'd have died of overdosage.
JK: OMG, so sweeeeeeeeet!
JHM: ... i meant it as an insult but you took it as a compliment.
JK: (gives that face) i dont even know why we're even friends
(we got lost aftr tuition in sembawg -.-)
JHM: I think we should learn to read the stars
JK: ...
JHM: Fyi im tryg to initiate a convo can you dont make it a onesided convo !
JK: havent you been doing that all the while & in case you dont know im giving you that tone of voice and that look.
JHM: HAHA, sorry can't see .

omgxz, she is so m-e-a-n but nevermind HAHA through the busride home we were talking about comfortable silences and to say the truth i can't even count with one hand how many people i can feel comfortable when being with them even though there're no conversations at all.
OH, mummy met with VP alr she commented me as the most polite girl of the lot she met HAHA i am so proud of myself ^^
when i told this to my drama friends they went ' EH, it's just like saying you're the tallest girl she has met '. (NEHMIND I IMMUNED ALR)
Aliya is super sweet she told me she wants a piece of me everytime and everywhere !
Zzzzzzzzz BFG is angry with me i suppose eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(

Sunday, February 17, 2008 || 4:04 AM

spraycans and cameras
Met up with fullofphilosophy/alarmclock/moron(chooseone)! Went marina & we spent like frigging 60minutes in world of sports. All her fault tsktsk shakeshead*.
She bought a swimming costume (HAHAHAHAHA)& i found out smthg shockg, shan't say it here b/cos it'll be super akward for her. Aftr walkng arnd the small retail store in 110000 circles finally she got what she wanted and we went t topshop of which she went topman and i went t errrr, topshop? she bought a top thr ( i didnt buy anythg agn sigh*) anddddddd aftr tt headed twards ahlian strt i was tryg to find a white/checkerd boyf top!!! but i couldnt find any aiyaaa so depressng but i bought a black clutch and shorts from m(phosis (they were having crazzzzzzzzzy 50% sales!) the queue was soooo exaggerating it totally shows how kaisu/kiasi sporeans ah. (eh dont include me k) Anyw i find this from xq very ... unlike her ' slowly see buy things must slowly one '(in chinese). OH, and we went to haji lane THAT PLACE IS SUPER COOL OMG ! it's super artistic it's a place all local music producers love to go and their shops are like totally foreign-like it felt like as if i werent in spore ! Xq bought a tee and a bag from thr walau she spent alot can wow i only bought two sales items. SO DEPRESSING BUT NVMD! ^^
Aftr tht we went to have dinner at this super cool restuarant(?) it had this stage where gigs could be performed. Aftr tht i was just actg very crazy i dont know why too and we went to had dessert ^^
This is kinda depressng but it felt good to let everythg out and cry ranting all the unfairness and struggles in my heart what's really disturbg me& all. luckily besties were there thanks for understandg everythg if not i would really ... not know what to do. Life is kinda contridicting sometimes you complain when you've got a certain smthg but when it's gone you feel so lost. Cried like crap it was totally embarrassing but ...it felt really good and i think i grew from this experience (?) but sigh i broke my record tsk. Thanks jacynda& joanna for being there. love you guys, you guys are th best i mean it.
Starbucks with lingyu ! 12 yrs of friendship, actually didnt want t met her up b/cos my eyes were still red&puffy and all but yeah studied phy test and i got this shockg understandg abt a particular smone omg im dreadg to .......(inserts sentence)
okay nevermind people will change people will change.
and lingyu it's okay you're outta track i'll still accept the way you're even though you're in ROBOTICS!
so many movies to catch this season : ps i love you/27 dresses/ ah long pte ltd/ stephen chow's movie. but unluckily, it's also the exam season so ... (idk)

Thursday, February 14, 2008 || 6:01 AM

VANESSA. I'll be forever thankful baby says:
im asking u to see the baby clothes
VANESSA. I'll be forever thankful baby says:
VANESSA. I'll be forever thankful baby says:
VANESSA. I'll be forever thankful baby says:
for u just nice

perhaps 365 days dwn the road she'll ask, 'huh whose jacq?'

Monday, February 11, 2008 || 2:57 AM

trash trash trash trash, berry like trash
Skipped school on CNY's celebration b/cos family's gotta head twards my cousin's house in KL. After a long 5 hours carride plus an approx 1&1/2 hrs stop-to-eat & shop session, we finally reachd our destination, greeted by erm bobby (their dog) and LOTS of cousins, so much that i lost count. Heh, as usual the first 10minutes was akward but quickly after, we were catching up with one another's lifes. Had dinner together and my cousins gathered together to watch movies. But as for me, i was totally checking out my cousin ( who was the host ) room + her stack of m'sia CLEO & seventeen. Heh, & as for the next day we went shopping + ikea shopping + midnight lan games. Sigh, totally regrettng tht i didnt take hold of the opportunity and shop my cash away. SIGH.
HAVE BEEN EATNG LOTS OF GARBAGE+TRASH (walau why my input forevr more than output)
Totally hookedup with the pineapple tarts my aunt made for my family, been eating the crust and throwing away the inner pineapple fillings. HAHA, okay abit deeishgusting right.
Daddy's up with his nonsensical shit nonsense now and whole family can't take it. Sigh some adults just dont think befr they speak its a wonder why mummy doesnt cry. If i had a gun ... (i wouldnt shoot him)
No i wont.
common tests are cming real quickly. aiya i take the gun shoot myself la.

She took a post-it, & wrote my name and stuck it to my forehead.

i love her tan+ skinny legs.

CEDRIC&ME. why you so tall!!

yikes im gettng sick of this pose alrdy.

Monday, February 4, 2008 || 1:57 AM

I WANT A POLAROID CAMERA ! Instant peekchaz w/o any waiting time AND plus the fact that i dont have to depend on my phone's lousy megapixels (is there evn any!?)
I think i should just add it on my wishlist so it'll remind me to get one asap !
Omgxzxz, i think im super materialistic but but but. okay nehmind.
ANYW I PASSED MY MATHS ! (I think the whole class passd) BUT thats not the point yay finally i passed maths like omg k shuddup. AND jean got a1 ! (inserts geeky emotion)
Ss was crazzzzzy everythng i learnt came out ! But i had a mentalblock the othr day i couldnt concentrate and all so from the vague memory of the things i actually remembered i managed to errrrrrrrr, pen down some realtd stuffs i hope i can pass.
As for Amaths, forget it. Redmarks (again) but nvrmind i'll work hardr !

til nex adveho, addo licentia says:
what's zuo ye?
(oh.my.gosh how bad can your hua yu be)

Sunday, February 3, 2008 || 1:42 AM

breaking routines (leaving me all strangled up)
Sleptovr at bestie's house ! HAHA, actually i thought she could motivate me but (-.-)
okay lah my fault actually after preparing wt i complained that i was tired so i ended up not doing any homeworksssssssss (and revisions). Sigh, getta lazy bug out of me! Aftrtht we went to gathering & had supper together :)
Studied with ranjini & jiangmei. Zzz, got scolded by jini and afiqa(i could hear you over the phone) for making a comment about dieting -.-
HAHA, in the end i ate two piece cheeeeeeken(without the skin) but aiya no use the cheese fries made up to the caloriexzxzxzx.
And omg why im becoming more & more gulliable for a second (luckily only a second) i thought ranjini & jm were together !
I think i had a mentalblock today or smth everything just couldnt register into my brain ! And then one of the bimbos said that writing notes in pink pen helps, so i gave it a shot but still no use ley. Aiya, my brain is the ultimate.
And they updated me about their lifes (sort of) & i was kinda shocked o.o
After that we went to walk around abit. And jiangmei said that she hasnt step into LRTs before so HAHA, super proud lah hor me & jini accompanied jm on her first LRT trip.
I swear she was DAMN excited k.
Camwhored in the lrt, despite the stares i poked my eye while tryng t act spastic zzz -.- (I swear there're alot more funny moments but i can't remember!)
Sian i took a video about jiangmei's first LRT ride but i accidentally deleted it !
Shoot me please :(
P.s/ Laughing is very very very tiring.
I don't know whether he'll see this but
zachery i knw what you're gg thrgh i didnt mean to be harsh or whatevr but smtimes you just seem t misunderstand what i say. but all of these piles up to the fact that you dont understand me enough. But still, you're a great friend and seriously i dont want t have nthg to talk t you if there's no taffy around b/cos i dont want t lose a friend of which you can relate to what im thinking evn w/o me speakng a word.

Off to cram some SS notes into my headdddd
Peeeeeeekchaz :