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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Monday, March 31, 2008 || 7:54 AM

I feel like trash now. Yes, like garbage shit.
Read a book, and it gave me an insight of life.
And that proves my point, only when you quit worrying things will get better. At least it's working on me.

Sunday, March 30, 2008 || 8:36 AM

(28/3/08 <-- we stepped down)
When i was in inspire town last friday, I seriously dont know how/what to feel.
To say the the truth i was pretty relieved that we are finally stepping down so that i can dedicate more time for studies(YES IM SPEAKG THE TRUTH). & b/cos i was never really active in drama, i dont think i feel the same pinch as the other fellow sec4 members (except for some HAHA). But when some of the juniors (totally came as a surprise) came and hugged me, i realize the friendship that has formed over the years are hard to ignore. Although i wanted to quit drama initially at secondary 2, i never had the courage and im glad i pulled through in the end :D
But on the other hand, drama ICGSE o's will make up all for the emptiness that i should have felt. But still, i will miss all the crazy things that we did, all the productions that we've came up with (crew AND cast).
Oh man, thinkg of drama reminds me of adelaide (one of my biggest joy in atc).
Band concert was good. I really liked one song which they played.
But it was more of the quality time spent with jean& adel& zoe. After the concert we went to have supper/dessert and we were just acting like a crazzzzzzzzzzy bunch of kids :D For the past few days i've been spendg most of my time with jean (33 over 48 hours) HAHA okay which reminds me, im going to see her in another 7 hours time!
OH AND ALVIN I SAW YOUR ahemahem* ! (thumbsup laaaaaah :D)
Recieved the news that sister's going to amercia to study nxt year after her A's and i felt kinda sad after hearg this hopefully she'll come back with an angmoh boyf ^^ Sigh, jiejie's only 1 year older than me and she has her future all planned out. What about me, what about me? So useless.
Oh and i (finally) filed my SS, maths notes/hmewrks my bag will be much lighter YAY!
I should really control myself and appear offline in msn so that i wouldnt be as tempted to chat.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 || 7:42 AM

I woke up from the wrong side of the bed today
Dad told me some things early in the morning which nearly made me cry --> sparked off heated convo --> nearly slapped me on the way driving me to school.
'm really relievd all the performances are over but there're still countless rehersals OMGXZ.
Had CIP after that &b/cos of some really traumatizg expirences me& jean practically jumped at the sound of dogs barkg. (So loser i know)
Can't wait for august can't wait to share the same hotel room as Jacynda & Joanna! Imagine how much fun we'll have :B :B *winkwink HAHA.
J'ygs being sucha dear she's going the(very) extra mile for me :D
Decided not to get tied down by certain things life still has to go on i'm gonna take a positive stride. Damn i wonder why im even feelg this way.
I realize, the more i want to make my life simpler, the more i complicate it.
So i tell myself 'Tomorrow will be a better day'.

Monday, March 24, 2008 || 8:00 AM

Y'knw sometimes when you least expects smthg everythg happens and vice versa i shall stop hoping for the hope of things to happen.
Yellowbananaschickennuggetxz me is berry mentally drained out.
I was wonderg whethr havg an overdosage (3 strepsils in an hour)can put a life in danger or smthg? HAHA. B/cos on the back of the package it stated : Do not exceed the recommended dosage (1) every 3-4 hours. Jean says im crazzzzzzzy to worry about things like that. O.O
Oh anyw staged a performance today @ art's house ( same space where Colbie Caillat performed ! Beat that manzzzzzz :D) We were rushg like mad, took a cab there as the bus was late &we couldnt miss the rehersal timings, but we later on realized that we might not have enough moolahxz for the fare khairi suggestd we threatened the uncle that we know mas selemat -.- Everytg went well & i reached home at 10pm(!!!)
Yesterday went out with sujie to bugis im cravg for orh-neee(yam paste) & subway and i totally fell in love with a dorothy perkin's semi eyelet tunic (could be used as a dress for me EH save $ k!)
I remember i have quite alot to blog about suddenly i forgot everythg & my bed is callg out to me so bye world hello nightmares

Sunday, March 23, 2008 || 7:11 AM

Changed my blogskin(Im so sickkkk of the previous one already). This time round the background's really colourful eh :D Yay no more black/grey. IM ADDING COLOURS TO MY LIFE! (daggers weirdlook to meself*) Anyway please dont mistake the cupcakes into piles of cutesy shit. Oh oh,& the header is for self-reminder.
Chicken banana founduexzxzxz tmr's gonna be a long day.
I shall start psycho-ing myself that im pluto now so that i wouldnt screw up the performance tmwr. No im not acting as a planet or a dog

Saturday, March 22, 2008 || 8:36 AM

HAHA Im like see-ing xq almost everyday! Had a slpovr & surprisingly i can fall asleep in her house like how i do in Jacynda's. She's one lucky girl she gets almost everything she wants :(
Her room is going to be a playroom/leisureroom soon i wonder how she'll be able to study after that -.-
I dont really have the urge to go online recently and thats a good thing.
Bye world, i need a wink or two.
Lickslips* : Lumont marshmellows sticks are bestttttt.
If friends drift away it's okay, so far they dont drift too far away.

Click to enlarge look at how sweet she is :D

Thursday, March 20, 2008 || 10:08 AM

Jacynda says my eyes are getting smaller and smallerrrrrrrrrr (reallymeh)
She gave me a bottle for a moment i wanted to start bringing waterbottles to school but i threw it away aftr drinkg it w/o myself realizing it -.-
And oh yes i was trapped in the lift today with vomit beside me luckily i was trapped for like 2mins(?) only before i saw light ^^
Jean says she'll slap my hand each time i pick on my pimples.
Self control!
I think, i think i hope i do, understand diff more i hope i can clear my maths homeworks
Hello muffin/cupcakes/brownies!

Saturday, March 15, 2008 || 9:08 AM

I think i'm going out too much, i shall(yes i will) coop myself at home and be surrounded by endless piles of homeworks &maths.
I really need to brush up on ... (everything)
Mummy doesn't want to come for today's Meet-The-Parent's, saying that the teachers will just be repeating everything over& over again. When will the bombshell be dropped on her ? Im kinda ... worried :\
Caught Stepup Two with jingyan, the movie's good, and the dancing's kinda hot. Also caught Sky Of Love with jacq choo. It's a really cliche movie, the supposed to be climax is really predictable. When Hiro was wearing a beanie, i was whispering to jacq choo : Bet he has cancer. And indeed -.- & another part of the movie, Jacq choo was like : I bet he'll die after she leaves. And indeed -.- But jacq choo kinda teared and the person sitting next to me was sniffing quite loudly. I wanted to uh, laugh? But i kept my eyes fixed on the screen. BUT there's a really good thing about the movie ! The lead actor is hot, like jaw dropping hot. Omg i shan't get all crazy here. BUT HES STILL HOT. K shuddup jacq, okayokay shutup.
My noobshiat LG phone(as the brand suggests), has GPRS activated by itself i dont know how to get rid of it! Damn irritating & it's super expensive so i got myself a spare phone. Super frustrating i've got to bluetooth the peekchaz t my brother's phone & upload them into the comp b/cos i dont know where the usb cable is.

three ds whereayuuuuuuuuuuu.

She's like amazingly stunning !

Sunday, March 9, 2008 || 8:35 PM

Look at her shirt ! Heh, I'm gonna steal it ^^

My sunday was spent waiting for clovie to wakeup and then we postphoned the movie date because everything was too rushed. So i met up with jacq choo, went to the library and borrowed three books. I think i'm gonna write a feedback letter requesting for them to bring in more Mitch Albom & Cecelia Ahern books.
Afterthat, did the chinese worksheet and some maths questions. Poor Jean, she is suffering from 2nd degree burns she claims she has got blisters all over her and she doesnt even dare to step outta the house. Too bad she doesnt want to take a photo of herself and send it to me :(
My skin is peeling i feel like a mutant ninja nevermind i can keep myself occupied scrubbing away deadskin.

Friday, March 7, 2008 || 6:28 PM

School as usual. Need i elaborate?
Was waiting impatiently for the last bell to ring. Caught leap years with shuyi :D
That movie is smashing awesome ! During the movie shuyi kept turning to face me and afterthat she whispered to me : 'Jacq are you crying?' . Im like : No !
HAHA, I find LiLin really pretty. The movie is worth the 6$!
Missing someone is definately more tedious than loving someone else.
I think leap year's a true story. Kinda heartbreaking.
After that we had pepperlunch for lunch and headed towards her house.
Actually i wanted to complete some homeworks but i ended up sleeping for a good 1 -2 hours on her bed. I could sense her shaking me up but HAHA, -.-
Our pact : we'll meet every fornight to catch a movie. Make sure ah, make sure.
Had crosscountry. At first adel,kt,jean& me agreed to meet at 6.50AM at hougang mrt.
But HAHA, why am i not surprised. We ended up meeting at 7.30 -.- But kaiting was punctual so i dragged myself outta house and we had macs breakfast while waiting for the other two. Crosscountry is such a bore please, 80% of the time we're at the other side of the beach, where it's quiet and calm. I can't stand the crowd. Spilled out some secrets + hidden feelgs (?). Jean & me only took part in tug of war. Heh, it's pretty fun actually, but we lost. Nevermind, it's the process which counts.
Oh yes, i got sunburnt pretty badly i look like a lobster now. And i hate the uneven tan !!!! I swear im going to re-tan myself asap. Oh yes because i was under the hot sun for (uncountable) hours, i had a frigging headache which wouldn't go ! After everything was over, went home and slept for a good 13 hours.
Headed over to kt's house. Caught Juno (The movie's sucha drag). Prank called zibing
M: Hi this is jean and im from ministry of sound. Your name is registered here and you're getting free boxers.
Z: Huh?
Z: Huh?
M: (repeatsmyself*)
Z: Huh?
M: (repeatsmyself again!*)
Oh my gosh tell me how difficult issit to have a conversation with her?
In the end we spilled the beans and i think she's kinda pissed with kaiting :\
Oh well HAHA. Tomorrow im meeting with peck ! Havent seen her for a long long time.
Gonna catch 10,000BC. Hope it'll be as good as leap years !
I cant escape 15/3/08.
everything will be fine

Tuesday, March 4, 2008 || 12:24 AM

Had too many wakeupcalls befr, thus this doesn't really hold any significant meaning anym. I really like Jacynda's pm : Time passes so fast, did I skip any days?
I think im just waiting for time to flutterby, not doing anything to revive the
Mondays nights with jean, drowning in the night breeze makes one high.
Oh, and im meeting princess tomrrw! Can't wait to give her a bone crashing hug.

Sunday, March 2, 2008 || 4:54 AM

On lazzzzzzzzy days,
Minyi has got a really weird quirk! She has got this habit of taking e-v-e-r-y single flyer which is handed to her. Even if that particular person missed out handing her one, she will approach the person & request for one. Poor girl, she just wants to make life easier for those people, but instead she was thrown weird stares by me & Jerald.
Allrighty, and so we headed towards fep as Jerald wanted to get some threadless teeshirts from there. But after walking around in circles & trying to search for the shop, we realize that it’s closed for the day. Conclusion: Online shopping is so much more convenient + the fact that it’s so much cheaper & has got more designs to choose from. After that we pretty much shopped without any items in mind and I got myself a set of dirtcheap bangles.
Had lunch& headed towards Pennisular Plaza. Pretty much dragged my feet around as I was feeling really worn out I think I was partially affected by the rainy weather. Poor Jerald, he totally wasted this shopping trip as he couldn’t find anything he wanted as everything’s either overpriced or not to his liking. Oh well, certain things takes time. After that, Jerald suggested to head over to scape and chill and do some homework together which seems like a pretty good idea but once we got out of summerset mrt, me& minyi was totally ( -.- ) as the rain was getting heavier+ we’re tired + they’ve got to leave really soon. Still Jerald insisted so we had no choice but to reluctantly share an umbrella among 3 people which is equals to having none at all.
AND guess what ?! The studios are closed, entrances closed AND it was still raining.
Decided to head home & guess what? WE WENT ON THE WRONG TRAIN.
Today ishxz a berry bad day outtttttttt but I’ve got peekchaz t share !
Oh yes I receieved an mms which includes the terrorist’s picture I wonder how I’ll react if I got it when I was sleeping I will most prolly die of shock or smthg.


Giam looks like a tourist

Angmohs nose berry sharp y'knw.

Saturday, March 1, 2008 || 10:20 AM

i think she's standg up, talkg t old friends/making new ones
sigh , this sentence is super heartbrkg !
today is a really bad day my nose is(please note im using is not was) being a tweeb i kept sneezing i predict it'll drop later.
OH, and i think i was subconsciously in the kitchen or smthg when i was video conferrencing w/ xq. sigh, how i wish i've a studyg khaiki as my neighbour for late and yet early nights like this we can hit macdonalds and study til sunrise.(2.29am)