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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008 || 7:37 AM

OMG!!!!!!!!!! CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!
Starbucksfling : me , stop saying im fat :rayner seow (yes that one from my class!)
stop saying im FAT! says:
im going to be on the radio
stop saying im FAT! says:
Starbucks fling says:
Starbucks fling says:
which channel?
stop saying im FAT! says:
go hear
Starbucks fling says:
987 ?
stop saying im FAT! says:

I seriously thought he was lying but after 5mins i really heard him on air !!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH it's not the on-air part that's hilarious, it's the fact that he's rayner AND he's on air that makes it funny. OMG HAHAHAHAHA.
If you're raising your eyebrows now it means you dont know who rayner is HAHAHAHAHA
O-mi gawdxz me still cannot believe my ears!

stop saying im FAT! says:
who cares
stop saying im FAT! says:
i was on radia
stop saying im FAT! says:

(can't stop laughing )

Monday, April 28, 2008 || 5:20 AM

FREEDOM AT LAST. Whoohoo, thank you blondie& zeshuo for always helping out (you guys arent obliged to!) although ahem* some cues were wrong :D
Thank you tania cher for spending time to watch the performance although it wasn't up to standard& you could have been better off mugging for the exams.
Goodbye pluto! I wonder what's my next character ...
I can't wait for the ikea date, im trying to revamp my room bit by bit ...
Current ikea shopping list : New Rubbish Bin, Chalkpaint(!!), New bedsheets, Accessoriez hanger.
TMR IS FREE CONE DAY FOR B&J omgxz who want to kiasu with me ?!?!
And juicy culture is coming to singapore ?

Sunday, April 27, 2008 || 8:00 AM

So , we've given up ?
Or did we already, silently in our hearts ?
(The fact that im using the questionmark to end my sentence proves that im unsure, uncertain. I dont want to make anymore mistakes, don't want to lose any friends)
We're all busy with our own lives, but ultimately we know that we're heading towards the same goal.

Friday, April 25, 2008 || 9:53 AM

So ... in love with this song :)
Everybody's dead sleeping now, but im wide awake.
I think i'm turning nocturnal and i realize that my best studying time is from 12pm -2am. Crazzzzzzy right! (I can't survive long this way)
OH, i learnt a way of keeping myself awake; clench both of your hands and hit them side by side together (they've got some veins/bloodvessels there). It works! Or perhaps it doesn't perhaps im just being weird again And so, skipped NFA 5 items today for the making of props/sets for preparation of the drama exam which sadly, will be held on monday. Ironically, YAY finally will be done & over with it soon :D
OH, did you know that mr wong foo kit's english name is actually tony ?
HAHA, reminds me of the tony sun of 5566.
Samuel got enlisted i wonder how his hair is like and i feel weird not talking trash to him :(

Im sorry i didnt know why i reacted that way and turned to look ...

English paper 2 was sucha killer. I couldnt understand what the passage was trying to say even though i read through it 2 times and the third time, word by word. I was staring at the paper and the paper was ... staring back at me ...
Emaths was pretty allright surprisingly. I really hope i can pass (*crossfingers*)
Had enough hopes that were dashed before, so i shan't hold too much hopes regarding this matter. But im still pretty amazed that i've got more confidence in emaths than english! Whooohoooo, the sky is blue.
I was sneezing+sniffing nonstop throughout the three papers it's a miracle how the person sitting beside me didn't throw me any irritated looks (or perhaps i didnt catch them HAHA).
Caught definately,maybe with shuyi aaaaaaaaaaaah i still dont understand why so many people are crazy over that movie i find it really boring and i was feeling really tempted to walk out of the theatre 1 hr into the show ... Bought some really cute stationaries from more than words (i really like that shop!) Got the news that shuyi will be enrolled into a private school soon (yay!!!!) Word hard yeah, though school is always mundane but you've got to prove to others who think you can't make it (okay, implies to me too) Shared with me what her priorities are and im really glad that she has sorted out her thinkings/feelings :) Workkkk on your aims! The dictionary will be your new bestfriend okay 8-| + <3 :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 || 8:55 AM

They say jealousy is like an ugly creature, & it robs you of your happiness.
I realize im jealous of lots of people.
(Jealous of someone's intellect, someone's height, someone's weight, someone's wardrobe, someone's talent, ...)
They say we must lead our lifes happy, and be contended with what we have.
I'm on the process of trying to, and i think im pretty sucessful (?)
Unknowingly i clasp my hands together and it calls for a prayer
Screw those people out there who accuses me of things I've never done, labelling me as an irresponsible girl for things they've never understood.
Thank you ranjini + sujie + effa + jingying for always helping me in my studies even though my brain lags alot + i'm always staring into space.
Thank you for all the patience :)
Looking forward to this friday : Good food + Maybe, Definately
Dreading friday : Samuel will be away for 2/3weeks?

Saturday, April 19, 2008 || 3:29 AM

This is bad. In the number of days of which i can count using one of my hand, I saw two dead birds along the streets :(
One of which is a pretty yellow bird smashed alongside of the road, and i swear if abby didn't pull me to another side, i would have stepped on it :\
Another is a blackbird without it's head with blood all around it. Double :\
HAHA, okay enough of birdtalk.
Thursday after school, went to grab some subway and met up with shuyi & denise after they collected their certs from the school. Denise went off shortly after buying her headphone accessories. Shuyi& I went to bugis street trying to get some cheap buys (hehe, it will be surprising if we didnt get any). Bought a bag, a dress and a top!
HAHA, I dont know why i'm into leathery stuffs this few days! Which reminds me : The leather jacket has been on my wishlist since forever ~ As usual we crapped around pretty much and while having our dinner i suddenly remembered the reason of our outing : catch 'maybe, definately'. Oh well, what two nut-heads we are :D
'Because I'm leading a happy life now, and that is what matters. Not riches, whatsoever'
Says it all
Friday, speechday was certainly a boring event. I believe the graduating classes were called to attend because of the purpose to form an audience -.-
Saw afiqa at the paradesquare and she mouthed ' EH, DINAH HERE'.
HAHAAHAHAH! I ran to the paradesquare and chased her to the porch area and back to the paradesquare in circles. I bet i freaked her out ;D Waited for ranjini and puayying for their conuncil duty to end to have dinner together and when we stepped outside school, we saw mrs chong on her knees near the grasspatch area, finding something. Ranjini went to ask her what happened and it turned out that she had dropped her diamond earring. & as we were helping her to find, more andersonians came over and the whole search turned into a mini game of some sort. In the end, a sec3 girl found the (i still need to emphasis), diamond earring and we went on happily to munch on some KFC :D
Melanine came over to my house! And me, mummy brought her to hougang mall where i coincidentally met lingyu. Went to the library and borrowed some books, and bought the 7 year old some candies :D
Lingyu joined us to walk around for a bit before heading home.
My sinus is kicking in again! :(

Pretty pretty pretty girl!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 || 8:11 AM

Me :'Rohit! Still remember me?'
-akward silence + i caught him staring @ my nametag-
Rohit: DUH! Jacq lah.
Very obvious ah rohit, very obvious

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 || 7:51 AM

Can trash away the 3$+ ah lian cheapo eyeliner o-ray-dee.
Totally overestimated my abilities yesterday, suddenly felt like studying at 12AM and took out some homeworks and went to the kitchen to isolate myself with the computer on beside me (very bad decision)
Ended up using the computer for a good 1& a half hours -.-
And yes, no homework done and i was felt extra sleepy in class today.
AAAAAAAAAAAAH STILL OWE MATHS FILE. so suay, why must index number 9! :(
I was just thinking, it's kinda weird how two friends can click so well but one of them just cannot click with their friend's friend(s)
Like example :
A can click very well with B
A can also click very well with C
But B & C cannot click at all.
Since B& C can click with A means A got something that B&C likes in common.
Since B&C likes the same common thing/trait then why they cannot click?


Saturday, April 12, 2008 || 9:15 AM

Prolly the last time we're taking a picture together

Mummy dearest! <3 <3 <3

Blackbox yo! Pretty pretty space.

We were doing the xoxo pose but it didnt come out right! :(

Friday, April 11, 2008 || 9:04 AM

A berry wordy post
I realized ... I havent been updating for quite a long time!
I dont know how others perceive blogging but for me i jot down the little things in life which is significant to me& of those memories which i hope to secure in my heart so that when im older & as friends drift apart i'll still remember the happy times with each indiviual.
(Which is why im still sticking to my twit-ish url :br0kkenx-o7 w0rxz~)
Dont wanna lose any archives!
For the past week i bought a aeropostale grey hoodie which is like only 10$! & lots of cute and cheap stationeries and plasters ^^ Had our last theatre trip - (Pinocchio's complex) together with ATC. I must say that it's a really awesome play and im amazed at the lighting/props espically. Come on you got to agree with me that it's at least better than beckett! And it's like the first play(sadly also the last)which i didnt accidentally fall asleep! Oh, did i mention that there's this really hot guy sitting beside me :D
Cleared misunderstanding with bestie i teared while talkg to her thrgh msn thou' it was only a really short convo. Sorry that i was being petty + didnt understand things btwn you& k. And thanks for the tube <3
Yesterday, went shopping with mummy we ate newyork newyork and the serving is like seriously HUGE mummy couldnt finish her grilled chicken she left half of it un-finished (such a waste!) and we had chocolate foundue as dessert but we left half of it untouched too! Okay you can slap me now. I ... :( :(
We chewed furiously for like an hour before shopping but by then almost all the shops were closed (!!!). Mummy went into a shop and chose clothes there for like more than an hour i swear i was so seriously tired and i went to hugged her HAHA
the shop assistant was like 'Eh i think your daughty very tired ah'. Heh, i was just using opportunities ^^ (if you get what i mean)
Oh yes, and i was so freaked out by augustine. He's those super quiet & doesnt speak type and i was sitting beside him during literature and i was telling huixian 'Eh you know he reminds me of those who goes around massacring people' and this convo developed.
Me: Have you ever thought of mass-killing people?
Augustine: Yes
Me: So when are you going to do it?
Augustine: Today.
I was starting to get freaked out
Me: Okay ... Are you going to kill me ? No right...
He STARED AT ME and said
: You . You? I dont know. Perhaps so.
Me: Okayyyyyyyyyyyy.
Afterwards he showed me a picure of a gun and he said smthing like 'Very cool right'
I swear i was physically jumping from my chair ...
OH YES, Rayner Seow gave me his nametag HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAH.
2.4KM run today i was finding excuses& told ranjini,puayying& jean 'Eh i got toothache leh can i dont run' (I swear my tooth was aching) and puayying was like 'I got mosquito bite leh can i dont run' -.- but still finally it's overalready HAHA kaiting still has got to run with the juniors. *shakeshead. So much for being lazy! Tsktsk.
And i finally caught up with xq a little today :D
Tmr gonna visit shaoqi tmwr @ the hospital poor boy he injured his head and kept vomitting. He's gotta be allright :(

Sunday, April 6, 2008 || 7:23 AM

Same shit, different day.

I know why i've been feeling like this and i know what's the root of the problem but I just dont want to thrash things out. Not that i feel better this way, but I dont know how to approach so that things can get better, not worse.

've been talking about my problems with less closer friends I dont know why im closing myself up to people whom i never thought i'll.

eff it man, seriously just f it

Friday, April 4, 2008 || 6:39 AM

'Mug hard for this few months, and your next few years will be an easy one'.
(point taken)

As always, had a smashing good time with shuyi. I’m going curb myself for good now. Shopping: studies = 1:13 (two weeks). EH actually keep saying going shopping but I also never buy anythg ~ It's always more like a catchup session.
Sidetrack abit, I really hate having to rely on my brother’s phone to help upload pics into the comp, it’s like taking forever. I’m not someone who spends on electronic devices but I think I got to spend the few bucks buying a USB cable. Zzz. My Thursday spent summarized in a few words:
-Bought umbrella, acting retarded
- Starbucks
-Walkytalky walk talk walk talk x100
-Drooled over mango& m(phosis’s new collection
P.s/ So sweet of shuyi to gimme that letter! ^^
(Omg I cannot believe that I was worrying/thinkg about that pile of neglected homeworks when I was out in town.) Zzz.
Jingying taught me chemistry and you know whats the best part of it? The fact that I understand! HAHA I swear she was being so patient with me and I think she was semi-counsellg me? HAHAHAHAHAAH she was trying to change my studying attitude & all ^^, from a – to a + (if you get what I mean).
Sigh tomorrw’s gonna be a long day of CIP + theatretrip .
I'm halfway through yearbook ! The publication is so addictive that I cant put it down :D

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 || 5:43 AM

Shakespeare said :
(All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players."
Which part do you want to play?)
I want to be someone who knows what im fighting for
I've been rather (insertsword) of late. Been feelg rathr insecure + stressed out. Finally tmwr will be the day to let loooooose, a day which i'll not be facing ink & paper aftr school. For the previous days it's all either tuition or mugging hard tryg to finish the differenciation wrkshts.(Tryg to finish wrksht6 but they're starting on wkrsht 17 now). So tell me, how to relax? Bfg is an a-hole we were stydyg in MOS and she used my certificate to fan herself :(
Eyyyy that one berry precious one leh.
On the other hand, I cannot understand why i just switch myself to sleepmode durg lessons i tried sleeping early & all sorts but i just zonk out.