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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, May 30, 2008 || 6:39 AM

Hi, there's a storm looming in my brain right nowwww
Hi there've you got a nail? -.- okay so you partially get how i feel from the above picture. AHA. actually i feel quite relaxed now. WAS feeling really stressed just an hour before.
The first week of holidays will be very very soon in two blinks. (shitz, why two not one !! no no why one not four. omg what am i talking about)
Okay and so the 'holidays' as the inverted commas suggest, has been not quite a holiday with all the days packed with extra lessons, extra lessons and more extra lessons. And after extra lessons = studying more. But GUESS WHAT i finishd two emaths paper alrd! :D
In delifrance ...
' Hi, can i have a hot chocolate? Hotter please'
HAHAHAHAHAHA it's so funny... studied with xq and the songs they played really amuses us. I hope she manages to find the song AND put it in her blog ^^
Lingyu came to join us too and she talked to me alot regardg studies how one can really step up from how others perceieve her etc etc. No wonder she wna be a psychatrist (however you spell it).
Allright, so now im stuck in two cecelia ahern books im trying really hard not to dog-ear the pages :D
I really have this sudden urge to buy a really big chain and lock and lock my damn computer up. Or perhaps i should just throw it outta the window and pray nobody is under my blk. For now, this machine is really the root of failure.

Sunday, May 25, 2008 || 12:00 PM

Stressed is desserts spelt backwards.
I need food. I need junkfood. I need some food. I need ...


Im back with some yoghurt gummies.

Friday, May 23, 2008 || 8:35 AM

Have this sudden urge to play rollercoaster tycoon but i can't seem to download it !!! (sian) Life hasn't been very meaningful lately, all the usual school crapshit.
Went to bugis with mummy,sister yesterday and got my creative zen. Jiejie is very against the idea of me buying an ipod because she says that mummy will only be paying for the brand. She's leaving SG for thailand tmwr and yeah man ! I'll have the room solely for myself and myself for 6 whole daysssssss! Oh yes anyw today is the last day of school and guess what i did?
No shopping nothing. I went to try and complete a maths holiday homework with ranjini at yoshinoya < -- (lately craving(!) their chilli is tenthumbsup*) on the last day of school. What is thissssssssssss !!!!
Ran around the stadium 6 rounds just now before heading to the pool to look for xq.
I decided rollerblading will be the best way to tone my legs up.
( i hope i stick to this )
I've lots of homeworks + things-to-do during the holidays i badly need to draw a shedule up or smthg but yknw i wouldnt b/cos im jacq and jacqueline is a very lazy girl. Somebody stab her please

Wednesday, May 21, 2008 || 8:04 AM

When your thoughts seep in so deep, you can't get them out
Read this book which really left me thinking. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have got a pretty bookcover, & the author is not well-known, the content in it really struck me in a good/bad way. It’s the first time I can relate to the character (so much). I thank myself for picking that book up in the library among all the others a week back.
What’ll happen if I plucked up my courage 2 years back ?
Caught 'Made Of Honour' w/ shuyi ^^ I should slap myself i was partially dozing off throughout the movie. Not that the movie is boring, it's actually kinda good but AIYA I DONT KNOW WHY i keep dozing off LAH. Walked around vivo abit andddddd omg (okay i know im slow) but have you checked out the gss sales they're having alrdy! I badly want to get some t-straps/gladiator heels from river island/topshop so pretty pleaaaase. Shitz man i should really stop being so materialistic and focus on other stuffs (eg studies) because if i do well i can find myself a good job and after that i can have good pay and then i will be able to afford a splurging lifestyle (dream on whose amaths and science still f9 ah?) After that, settled on some pavements along clarke quay and talked pretty much revolving around the same one person but sadly, i got reminded that i've got school tmwr so i have no choice but to leave that pretty riverside (HAHA i was really really afraid i'd fall into it -.-)

Sunday, May 18, 2008 || 9:34 AM

Picture a lecture for the three of us, with four hard-covered black books of wisdom ahead of our eyes
(scary shitzzzz..)
AH, jacynda jacynda get the greys outta you. c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y okay ! :D
Okay&so steamboat is definately a different expirence espically when a very clever somebody caused flames to be really near our faces. Who ah,who ah?(HAHAHAHAHA)
Ended the night with selegie's dessert ^^
Saw E at badminton today i bet she still remembers the incident in the car she said hi to everybody except me which was kinda obvious. What a bad first impression i left her but i dont really care. The funny thing is, her daughter kept talking to me and she was shooting me glances +stares i wanted to laugh out loud then seeing her constipated face. C'mon, as if i will eat her 17-yr old daughter up.
ME IS BERRY EXCITED B/COS ME MOTHER WANT T BUY FOR ME AN IPOD NANO. Sometimes i really wanna salute my mother for placing so much trust in her own daughter despite the fact that knowing her daughter will just treat it like some old scrap of metal. Oh well fine i admit that i dont cherish my stuffs.
Hmmmm, a mother's unconditional love...
Tmwr playg ball as usual i think i'll be just sitting there, looking at them shooting hoops but it's the quality company+ time which matters :D

They say there's an opening and a closure to every single thing so why not fast-forward to every closure to minimize the hurt since there'll be no more content left anym?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 || 7:20 AM

Silence is rarely a refuge
-SAW BIG SUDOKU THINGY (so many numbers my eyexz are crossxzed)
-SAW DANNIE (omgxz he changed so much like like from a triangle to a hexagon! okay, really bad anology but still ...)
-WALKED A REALLY MUDDY PAVEMENT ( eh jacq if i fall i will pull you down okay! zzz what a friend -.- )
I've tuition tmwr i've tuition tmwr i've tuition tmwr can i dont go for tuition can i dont go for tuition can i dont go for tuition please please please :(
HAHA, dannie and clovie are like two totally contrasting people one keeps telling me about RP's lessons, everytg and introduced many many courses while the other kept saying ' i seriously dont knw why the f you're here who in the right mind will come to RP's open house. It's like f !!! you better study hard and get into another school! -.-

Killer heels *meltssssss*

Saturday, May 10, 2008 || 8:22 AM

Because the deejay was talkg smthg about mother's day i turned to my mum in the car and said
' Eh mummy no need to celebrate mothers day because every day is a mother's day for you right right right! ' My mum just smiled.
After that when we reached terminal one, she bought some herseys chocolates for me and when i was eating really happily like some small kid, she said
' And there's also no need to celebrate children's day because everyday is a children's day for you ! ' And i just smiled.
The airport is really filled with memories. Memories of adelaide, memories of our family last trip together (a zillion years ago). I remembered how one of my holidays were spoilt because my eyes swelled when i took a panadol before getting on the plane and how before we got on every and any single plane i'd chant to my parents relentlessly 'What if the plane crashes, what if we die before reaching, will we die, the plane wouldnt crash right' so much that once my dad got so pissed off he slapped me -.- I kinda dropped hints to my mum that i really miss those times and yknw, i hope she gets the hint :\
Three books on hand now namely
:To kill a mocking bird
:Keeping corner
:This is what i did
Love lying down on the bed when skies are dark, reading books with pretty pretty bookcovers

Friday, May 9, 2008 || 1:04 AM

So unusual, smiling next to nothing
After the lit paper yesterday, was pretty relaxed. Finally, the last paper down.
Was happily bragging to my friends that I dont have to take geography paper tmwr and i can sleep to my heart's content.
But while i was having lunch, i receievd an sms and after realizg who the sender was, i know im gonna take back the words i said just now.
From Mrs Kamal(yes finally her name is spelt correctly) : '....Your practical component for sa1 is tmwr @ 9.30am at the mps...' Dang -.- There goes ...
But still, im pretty happy today considering the fact that mummy is bringing me to the airport later, shopping + eating + watching the planes taking off and landing and what's not. Family quality time is always the best. B-e-s-t :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008 || 6:27 AM

Sigh, Im still irritated at the fact that i spent 9$ + on cab fare to school. What's more i took the cab at frigging amk ! It was raining like no tomrrw i didn't want to enter the examination halls all wet :(
Anyway... Im such an idiot i stepped into the examination halls without my eraser (krrtxz) when i've got a graph to draw. I swear Mdm wong will be totally disgusted at my graph when graphs are supposed to be giveaways. Tsk ...
(so disappointed at myself)
Allright, at least i end exams one day earlier than others! Yayyyyy drama ^^
Aye, back to literature notes.

When midyears are over i want to
: go bangkok with my cousins/parents (!)
: hit the library on a weekly basis
: purchase lots of black ikea hangers so at least my room wouldnt seem so bad against the pink& erm yellow shade.
: perhaps i should learn from xq and draw up a shedule and more importantly, stick to it ?


HAHA fat hope manxz jacq after midyears you've got to study for prelims and after prelims there's still O's remember?

Monday, May 5, 2008 || 6:19 AM

I really really really miss (******) .
T is a lucky girl she escaped death so she can binge on whatever she wants :)
rather have cramps for the rest of your life uh ? HAHA
Raj's dog is kinda terrifyg :\ Tsk myself for having a phobia on anything& everything which moves besides humans. (HAHAHA RAJ IM LISTENG T TH SONG YOU SANG DURG RECESS NW) *goooooooooosebumps.
Morning exams, Afternoon chionghomework, Early evening tuition, Night time mug for the next exam.
(This routine is gonna stick for quite some time)

Thursday, May 1, 2008 || 8:41 AM

Went to ikea with some hope of buying something(s) to accessorize my bedroom with !
But unfortunately jean+kaiting was being kinda impatient so ... :(
But still i managed to get a cushion, a cushion-cover and erm, two stalks of flowers (0.70$ each HAHA)
As usual, being the draggyqueens as we always are, we changed the time to meet from 12.00PM, to 12.30PM, to 1.00PM, to 2.00PM then finally we settled at 3.00PM -.-
Jean counted the number of buses which whizzed by while sitting at the busstop waiting for me&kaiting to arrive. HAHA, knock my head if you must because me& kt were like totally lost in tamp ... we walked to the wrong busstop, nearly got on the wrong bus, walked to wrong side to hail for a cab and we realized that ... ikea is just a 5mins walk away ... After that, me& jean rushed to tuition and after tuition i must say we had one of our quietest moments afterthat :S
I swear sujie & i are the most chachat people on earth. Kinda overdosage on sugar uh... (AH ITS FALLING !!!! QUICK TURN IT TO THE OTHERSIDE) hahahaha
For a moment, i was about to rant about how terrigiblez socialstudies & the chinese paper is today but on second thoughts, maybe not. I swear my face lit up as bright as a 90000000volt lightbulb when i saw t to the i to the l convo :D:D
Jacynda sent me neoprints we took when i was in secondary one/pri6 OMG HAHAHAHA laugh die me

' Eh walau i tried opening my eyes big big but still end up like that ... '