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Saturday, June 28, 2008 || 7:57 AM

I am craving really badly for aunty anne's pretzels. Stupid Aisyah, all your fault lah! :(
Joseph is really really hilarious. My personal msg is : (dear heart, please keep pumping)
Jospeh says:
omg .. what happened to you?!

HAHAHA he thought i was suffering from some illnesses.

Friday, June 27, 2008 || 2:35 AM

Picturing scenes. beautiful scenes
Met up with this silly pretty girl after so long. I always love sitting outside the mrt station talking about everything under the sun( even though there're bugs and rats eeeeew). Had dinner together and studied for awhile. Realized we bought the same mp3 ( but obviously hers is in a far better condition than mine :( ) And mango are having crazzzzzzzy sales like 10$ per top ? Isnt that the bugis street price ?! Omgz too bad im broke now. Gotta take the 8 letter word (shopping) out of my mind. It's practically manipulating my life man. SELF CONTROL! Hmm oh yes i finally bought the poster which mdm wong bought for the whole class home. It reads ' The best time to study is between ytd& tmwr'. But im not gonna stick it on my screen though, it'll be too depressing. (Yes yes failing o's will be even more depressing). But im gonna stick to studying for at least 2 hours per day. Hey, that's a great start allright ? Oh yes, im gonna study later at starbucks hehe what a great timing im craving for dark mocha frappe!! :( Oh yes, had a new SS teacher and i think he's awesome, in a way that he is quite engaging& funny. I cannot believe SS is starting to appeal to me now.
Heh heh, just came back from thrifting with aisyah but the thrift shop's closed but it wasnt a futile trip we had lots of pretty pictures !!! (or so, i say) and i hate that bimbo she made me fall in love with auntie anne's pretzels ! There's a flea market on sunday too bad i dont have ka-chingz :(]
Sigh, msn's acting up again.

Monday, June 23, 2008 || 2:34 AM

Sigh, i should have totally took a video when we were bladg espically on the grass and rocky pavements i am sure it'll bring some smiles and laughter to a handful's faces. Look whose the turtleduck now manz! Heh heh ^^
School's totally pathetic it's the end of holidays school's starting allright fine school startd. Survived first day of school despite having two exams on the very first day of school the school treats us like robots hello we're not machines. They badly need to get this fact right. Oh yes, 'Labels or Love' is a total right on song. Love the lyrics. Dont cry, buy a bag and get over it (!!!!!!!!)
Heh, and many many lurbz to Jacynda for buying me lunch because i was helping teck wei out. Berry sweet of you lah! Had two lunch-es(?) that day and mummy bought tons of brownies, secret recipe's cakes. I swear my tummy is growing bigger than ever height and weight will be taken next week! Wah piangzz. Tmwr tmwr, hmm, there's ss and chem CA2 ...

Not even a decent goodbye?

Thursday, June 19, 2008 || 11:10 AM

(priz ignore dees)

Im pretty glad myself that my life is finally starting to pick up again. Sigh, next week will mark the start of school = study more = insufficient sleep = late = dc = ... HAIYA. But hey! I finished all my emaths homework like zzomg i think this is one of the most productive holidays ever! (And one of the fastest holiday ever)
Speaking of holidays, when will be the next holiday ? Let's countdown !!!
Yadayada whatever. I hate madz she said that she wanna chop off my hair and i told her no it's too short and she was like oh yeah i forgot its so short as you. That bitch !!! Oh yes, drama rehersals pretty much screwed up the whole of the drama students were in self-denial (since when have i not). ' When Mrs K enters we siam from the backdoor k!' and ' Let's off the lights and lock the doors she can't see us we are not hereeeeeeeeeeee'.
Let's take a look at the (inserts word) list manz.
- USB missing (for both the camera and the handphone)
- Laptop's charger spoilt = cannot use laptop
- My earphones are spoilt the wire came out and they're like ... new ?!
- My room is berry messy it's a warzone.
- My wardrobe is berry messy it's the warzone2
- I need new specs
But looking at the more positive side, because i didnt use the laptop i chanced upon 100+ songs my sister downloaded and whoohoo, 100+ songs are added to my mp3 ! (just with a few clickz man !!!) Although my earphones are screwed up but hey, one side of it still works okay omg i sound like a pathetic a-hole.

(this is madz who is pretty much like a bitch)

(Now you see why we're good friends)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 || 9:52 AM

OKAY this is tough but im gonna get it over and done with. Tmwr rehersals leh wah piang *slaps forehead.
I love all my friends man, they seriously know what to do/say at the correct times!
Thank you bryan for helping me out (even though this isnt the first time and it wouldnt be the last !!!) Be honoured! Okay stop rolling your eyes now.

stuv says:
tmr.. AU GUO QU! (a wonder how simple words like this can help me to NOT dread the rehersals THIS MUCH)

& yes effa they should improve the technology wouldnt it be more than awesome if we can offer each other hugs through the internet? Espically on that night when we both needed it so bad. Thank you darling for being there! And yes let's go stargaze soon! :D:D:D AND WE SHOULD TAPE OUR MOUTHS WHEN WE ARE STUDYING !

Jacynda im sorry if i scared you just now i really didnt know ... what came into me i really dont wanna end up like (you know who). There'll be no more times of me being silly and wanting to say im sorry to jehovah. okay ? (: We will hang on together, hold on tight to me okay ! :D

Coming back to reality means snapping out of the dreamland which everybody would love to stay in although it might hurt (very much) once the pain is over, you'll find that you've grown stronger and move on with life. YAY TO TOMORROW!!!!!! Now that i've reached the end of my last rant (!!!!!!!)
I'll do what the David and Goliath tee says :

Sunday, June 15, 2008 || 10:15 AM

Xq + effa keeps telling me that everything happens for a reason. Really?
I want need to believe in it.
Screw it man, im having o's this year why is my mind filled with smthg else !!!!!!!!
I hate emo posts it only makes me seem pathetic.

Out of my mind, nothing makes sense anymore. Why do i feel like crying when i saw what you typed why can i relate to smthg which has never happened to me befr why have i said all that i never had the courage to. A side of me tells me to ...
(forget it)
if only we have a little bit of trust& faith here and there.

Saturday, June 14, 2008 || 10:03 AM

Many things happened during this week. Mostly emotionally drained stuffs, shan't elaborate. Let the pictures do the talking! And, for those feelings which i will never get to put down on words because i dont know how to, it's allright because what matters is that i pretty damn well know how i feel, and what i should do about it.
Friends are heros, forever. I really really really like this quote because as cliche as it might sound, they're the ones who'll be there for you when you need them. True friends will, at the very least
I have to restrain my fingers from doing what my heart tells them to. I think many of us went through days of which we'll just keep cursing a particular somebody even when she/he did nothing wrong. It's just that she/he failed to do what you want. Pacing to and fro and then plonking myself on the bed letting the vugularities flow, cursing in my heart silently doesnt really make me feel better, but i know at least that's what every normal person would do. I dont have anybody to blame really, but myself because i am the one who screwed everything up, and then when i have the chance to make up for it, i let the chance pass. At least I'm not some weak shit, I felt pretty glad when i realized i was crying, at least my instant reaction was ' Why the f* am i crying'. I continued to curse yes i did, but life for me picked up pretty fast after all that emotional wreck shitz and at least after the horrible night, i woke up to a beautiful 7 year old hugging me in bed.

Thursday, June 12, 2008 || 11:24 AM

Friends are heros, forever.
for the rest, trash them away.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 || 9:02 AM

(you're my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey)

Reminded my mum very politely that she owes me a shopping trip and off we went, to vivocity on the saturday. It's really tough to find a day that she'll be free. Most of the times, she'll just be busy with her work which never seems to have an end so it was more like a mental diversion of work for her and an escapism from mugging for me.
Skipped the expensive boutiques and i tried to choose shops which has the big 'Great Singapore Sale' sign out of their windows/doors.(Who doesnt love cheap bargains) Whoohoooo, got myself a topshop outerwear which i was eyeing on for like 987654years. Okay yeah right whatever, i only saw it say, 3 weeks ago but it.was.love.at.first.sight. Stupid F21 salesections are forever so limited it's quite obvious they have the sale because they have no choice cos the other shops are all having sales. Got myself two T-strap sandals& a white cuffed shorts i found out that my mum loves T-strap sandals toooooooooooo ^^ Had dinner with mummy at a really cool restaurant called 'Pocketful of Posies', the ambience was totally australian-ish yadahyadah yes yes reminded me of aussie WAH hate this deja vu shitz.

Spent my sunday w/ mingai making sushis HAHA mine were like all )_@#(*!)#(!&#^@$&% but nevertheless it was yummy (i insist!!!)Let's make more next time okay? :D
Gave ruiqing two rolls of the sushis and i placed the sushis in a 'brahouse' plasticbag we were laughing like mad when the person who came to open the gate turned out to be rong hui HAHAHAAH. Headed to bugis to meetup with Jacynda and i swear she wanted to hit me so bad :( Saw this prettypretty top retailing at 15$ but i was too broke so i let it go OHWELL it's okay! Pretty much did some window shopping and i think the three of us can be future professional AHEM AHEM photographers it felt like as if we were doing somethg bad+ sneaky then. Went back to their house and had a sleepovr THANKYOU jacynda for FINALLY letting me to sleep on your bed and THANKYOU mingai for always scacrifcing to sleep on the beanbag whooo love you guys many many many many many many many.


(I do not know how to put my feelings into words at this point of time)
(I can only say that, the best things in life are free)
(No more if onlys im gonna be as brave as the girl in the book which inspired me yes a book inspired me yah lah k bye im going to bed.)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008 || 10:43 AM

Hate life now.
B/cos of whatever exam which is supposed to determine my future(60 years down the road if i can live that long) / determine how much knowledge one possess/ to get that certificate with that stupid seal/chop on it i am going through self-torture trying to pack everything which i havent learnt in classes(3years) into my pea-sized brain and because of that above-mentioned i missed a shopping spree in bangkok my cousin organized for me.
oh yes heard you're from anderson now so you're aiming for a jc? RJC, VJC?
if only they know.
Miss talkg to samuel on nights like these he'll humor me up. Should have totally saved that conversation up so i can read and re-read and re-read and re-read again at least i'll go to bed happy. I wish i reside on some amercia city where people there appreciates you as a being, not gauging one by what certificate one has, or rather SHOULD have.
(doesnt all these sound so familiar?)
No i dont need to wake up have been mugging so much i dont really see a point but still, im going mugging tmwr so tell me wtf did i just typed?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008 || 8:13 AM

B/cos seeming and being differs a hundred notch
Whoooooo, the starbucks number 1 fans! Tried dark mocha for the first time and i think it's comparable to caramel frap? Yummmmmmy with bits of dark chocolate ^^ Shitzzz the thought of it makes me crave for more.
HAHA me and xq were trying v hard t study but that aisyah(shakeshead) has a really, emphasis r.e.a.l.l.y short attention span keeps wiping out her camera ah HAHA. WHOOHOOO finally i find somebody who has a shorter attn span than me ^^

Look closer t this pic and wtf xq what ayu doing !!!

Had lit seminar today. How i filled in the feedback form should roughly give you the idea how it went.
Comments (if any) : Couldn't catch the lecturer's slang at all (-.-) + zzz.

Finished (finally) reading P.S I love you i know i know i know im slow but still better late than never! :D
(but it will be my last shopping spree til after exams :( )

Monday, June 2, 2008 || 9:03 AM


(omg I don’t know why im typing like this)
- The Romantic Run
OKAY IT WASN’T REALLY ROMANTIC AT ALL BECAUSE me & effa were like ‘ 5 more mins !!! ’ and ‘omg I cant see the time the sun is shining too bright !’ and ‘OMG WHAT IS TT SOUND IS IT THE HORN THEY START PLAYG ALR AH?’ We laughed looking like shitz while running.
- Scissors Paper Stone
HAHA, for one, we don’t know where to alight, for two we don’t know who to stalk & we were trying very hard to guess which group of people looks more like those who’ll eat at macs( that group of people we stalked settled at some kopitiam so zzz!) and whether to cross this or that trafficlight so we used the good ole method of deciding ^ ^
- Gay Bangala Couple
Okay I don’t know why im making such a big hoo-ha over this but it’s the first time effa has ever seen a gay couple so yeah. Tsk tsk, wonder whose the one who was saying quite loud ‘GAY AH?’
- Stargazing
Effa, there was only one star which wasn’t very bright.
- O.o
I think the people around us will be either secretly very happy/horny or turned off . We laughed like shitzz espically while me & effa were tryg to make up questions to ask xq and we also made up her answers which were funny x 10 ! And when effa excused herself to go to the toilet xq was like ‘ I think she’s checking her ahem out now’ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
To sum it up, Sunday was a smashing day.