"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Thursday, July 31, 2008 || 7:52 AM

I need alot alot alot of kachingzkachingz i need to go on a shopping spree i cannot wait to get my hands on those two vouchers i cannot wait to get new loots to satisfy my need for retail therapy i ... badly need to (study) regain my old life of spending hours and days in front of the computer watching countless drama serials and only get to feel empty when every single one ends.
I had a really interesting conversation about life with madz. She's one strong strong strong babe. No doubt about it.
You contain the whole of my heart but my brain tells me i'm better off without you but the problem lies in which my heart pretty much takes over my brain ...
So how?
I'm like the role i played in the most recent drama play, the character suits me really well i wonder why i didnt make a good job of it. She does all sorts of weird shit to release stress, for escapdism.
I think i just found a chinese song which i really really like ...

Saturday, July 26, 2008 || 8:51 AM

Starbucks fling says:
xie xie ni arigato
EFFA says:
bu ge zi! lol
Starbucks fling says:
HAHAHAHA, it's bu ke qi !
Starbucks fling says:
ge zi is some bird in chinese

the faster the world spins, the slower i react

Monday, July 21, 2008 || 7:10 PM

If you're nice, please donate a smiley icon. If you're not nice, please don't steal the smiley icons away
Dammit, haven't been blogging in ages.
Can't really remember what has been happening in the past few days/weeks but they've been nothing but fun. My friends have been espically sweet to me recently! (Espically love the day at ruiqing's house where me & jacynda has to stifle giggles so bad)
Mental note to self: O's coming in less than 3 months (correct me if im wrong)
Heh heh, bought a science assessment book i hope it'll churn up my interest in science. Peekchaz peekchaz. Oh yes have i mentioned that i'm craving real bad for pretzels?

Sunday, July 6, 2008 || 8:43 AM

I secretly love watching air crash investigations because it reminds me that somebody out there is in a worse plight than me, someone out there is struggling so much harder. Pffffft, human beings ought to invest much more in faith and hope. Faith and hope … Reminds me of zachery. I wonder if you’re reading this I wonder if you’re still alive I wonder where the hell you’ve gone to why did such a good friend of mine suddenly asked me to f-off in msn did I even do anything wrong ?! You said actions speak louder than words allright fine perhaps I was too hooked up with other things in life but now im trying to make things up to you but you don’t frigging bother yes it was my fault but cant you see that im trying ?! Chyeebonz.
Faith and hope reminds me of taffy’s, Alegria’s happenings seriously WHY CANT HUMAN BEINGS HAVE A LITTLE MORE FAITH AND HOPE. Yes yada yada who am I to say this I AM LOSING FAITH AND HOPE TOO I hate letting my mind wander off. I love songs which makes me stronger, songs I can relate to.
Talking on the phone with another party on the other end facing the same problem as you, screaming your heads off (not vocally omg it’s okay if you don’t get what I mean), hearing their inner voices screaming, so loud their voices begin to shake but they don’t cry but you know pretty damn well what’s going on, how much they suffer how hopes turn into anticipation but other human beings just have to crash them into nothing-ness.
Oh my gosh why am I typing all these things are indeed going my way I should be happy, I should rejoice I should jump on my bed but why am I feeling like shit.
Human beings are never satisfied. You give them a little bit, they ask for more.
You give them more ? They trample all over you.

P.s/ Thank you bryan for helping me out on my drama shitz I swear it was really productive. Allright, off to maths. Jacqueline Koh you are not allowed to sleep until you finish your damn maths. (Uh huh uh huh)

Saturday, July 5, 2008 || 9:23 AM

Heart thursday. Love that traffic light which doesnt turn green.
Taffy & Brownie : both of you are strong babes, chin-up. smile :) Love you girls many many times 409172.
Why is the same thing repeating over and over and over again (?!?!?!)
Im going make tmwr productive im gonna complete as many props as possible, im gonna complete some work im gonna take ownership over my brain. Im not going to let my brain wander off on it's own again if i must i'll lock my heart up too.
Things are going my way now but im not satisfied. Im never satisfied.
Shit i need a chill-out pill. I need motivation i need .......
Every single time when the lights are turned on & off i think about the same issue/happenings/scenario
I really need to take control of my life again, because a few years/months down the road, i dont want to be saying
' If only ... '
Dear heart, just keep on pumping, keep on breathing.