"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008 || 10:58 AM

Feels good that the tuned heart actually listens to the mind for a change.
keep it up, hang on til tmwr, tmwr's tmwr, tmwr's tmwr's tmwr okay?
Wish i've a boost chocolate to look forward to.
'Your mind ah, just wants to do anything. Anything but study.'
(Conquer that please)
I realized i love two extreme ends of music : Screamos & slow songs.

Monday, September 29, 2008 || 9:30 AM

The sun has went down, and when we left, the sun still hasn't risen.
Hey you know when the disc turns ... It turned into a smiley face.
Sometimes i feel strong, sometimes i feel weak.
Hate feeling needy. Gotta buck up regarding this.
Turn your heart into stone. Cold,grey,hard. Not hollow though. Selective selective.
Hey jacynda and mingai, i love you two alot you know? I'm sorry i have been rather shitty lately.
Don't wanna chase things i'm not supposed to go after. Shall stop from this point onwards. Jacq, relish this feeling you're feeling now. Keep it there, keep it there.
Wish i can inject some of the determination out, and when i need it i'll inject it back. Very rarely i feel like this anyway. Think of all the struggles. Do you want to go through all these again?
Once and for all,

Sunday, September 28, 2008 || 3:59 AM

Don't lie. Unless if you're 100% sure i wouldn't find out.
please ...
Figuring is tough, espically when i'll never have the answers.
For now, i'll just learn to cope
Hope you'll feel better over there, if you're even over there.

Friday, September 26, 2008 || 9:17 AM

Thank you for waiting 3hours(and a few mins)for me. Thank you for making me fatter.
Still cannot believe you studied for 3hours straight for phy! *thumbsup.
RQ said this to me : i realized that recently you're ...
Never spent more than 2 hours with her each time and for the past few weeks have only met up with her twice and she can sense my changes. Feel touched, and loved.
Thank you for being so concerned, thank you for being such a wonderful bible teacher.
Let's give it three months, - I dont wanna be under another person.
The problem is that words seem to be restricted i dont know what to say but the ironical thing is, i have so much to say... to you
Fabricate dreams, getaways, everything i don't believe but hope it'll happen.
Note the word fabricate.
I am really worn out i just feel like roaming around singapore in thick black eyeliner and faux lashes wearing a leather jacket and boots lying down on the grass listening to my music.
(Yes i know i just wanna look tough)
Not that i wouldnt do it. I just wouldn't do it alone.
If only i've friends who will do crazy mad stuffs with me even though it's late at night and doesn't give two hoots about O's (ksc, after o's give free hugs ah)

98 degrees should sing more songs

Monday, September 22, 2008 || 7:22 AM

(words shrink things that seemed limitless when they were in your head)
It's okay to make it smaller, think lesser. It might be easier.
Gotta store in what ksc said.
Cannot wait to see taffy when she returns in decemeber -- another thing to look forward to!
Saturday with mummy :
Raoul -> A|X -> Ciney -> Subway -> Mustafa
Madz, don't let me face too much wrath from you. Please bitch :(

Thursday, September 18, 2008 || 7:26 AM

Currently im drifing super apart from three people.
One has already gotten outta my life completely.
Unexpected things really happen unexpectedly sometimes.(dont make any sense)
Receieved two texts from two people which left me grinning widely i can feel my heart fluttering (EEEEEE)

Friday, September 12, 2008 || 8:27 AM

(I'm not letting you go, I'm just trusting you enough to come back)
Plans for tmwr:
* Clear the study table
- Thrash nonsense worksheets
- Find another place to occupy non textbooks
- Get rid of collecting dust, if any (99% positive)
- Paste a motivational quote somewhere obvious
* Calculate the number of subjs divided by number of days left
* Tuition
* Bible study
* Stationary shopping
* Bug Denise for pichaz
* Stalk blogs (Actually i shall do it today heh-heh)
Hmm, the power of cancelling.
I surprise myself at the things i do, including copying down notes when Mr Kamal was doing a motivational talk. Oh my gawdz.
Really feel like watching a drama serial now BUT i must hold back. Must hold back.

Monday, September 8, 2008 || 5:47 AM

This is an awesome lj community to stalk.

Sunday, September 7, 2008 || 7:53 AM

(If all the world's a stage, where's the audience sitting?)
Shakespeare you havent thought enough regarding this one ...
Oh gosh, i sense a drama serial addiction hitting me soon.
For the first time, i thank my speakers for dying on me ...
Speaking of addictions, i think i'm addicted to Mcflurry with effect from today(with double topping) oh mai gawdz wah madz all your fault luh.
Addictions aside, i've been having really weird dreams lumped together with no connections whatsoever. Caused me to wake up with a feeling of de javu, like i dreamt of something similar before. Love/Hate this feeling.
Dreamt of Jonas Brothers rocking my lala land off HAHAHAHAHAHAHA and bumping into a particular very special person in a theatre (dreamt of it twice this week sumr and it looks exactly like the one on top) and i dreamt that i got a miss call from Zachery. Wonder how you're doing now dear friend.
Oh yes i was attempting to pull the hood down Aliya's hoodie and she totally went crazy and shouted ' Jacq i'm claustrophobic!!!! DONT DO THAT'
(HaHaHaHaHaHa AhAhAhAhAhAhA sorry but funny siazZZzz)
Damn food still occupies the top of my mind, discussing supper with xq now and it totally reminds me of :
stuv says:
i think of fried kway teow then i think of you
(thank you ah berry flattering lei)

Saturday, September 6, 2008 || 3:00 PM

Story of my life right now:

you were the switch on the wall
in the dark of the hall
I'm still fumbling for

Espically love the beginning part of the song where the piano plays.
Studied for 4 hours, overnight at madz again. Now the tables are turned and im wide awake while she's slumped over the table sleeping. Too bad there's no deejay on saturdays. Pffft can't prank back!
Aye i think im kinda loser-ish i pointed the 'L' sign at her and then i tripped ...
'Luckily you're a girl'
'Err wait, okay the fact that you are makes it more freaky'.
Oh yes i was walking along the road and then i saw a shadow and my ears were plugged on with 'Get that freak on' and it was at the part of the song ' Whose that bitch !' and i saw madz LOL it was really funny okay fine im not a good storyteller.
Mummy sponsored me and sister a f21 spree but i only chose one item! I only chose one item i only chose one item i'm not out of my mind i'm just becoming more mature :D Heh heh you know i really love my mum im gonna study hard for her. (you're right, there's no self anym) she promised me a taiwan/hongkong trip after my o's (befr the release of results so she wouldnt regret or wanna refund the tickets i think...) Oh yes, the sister has been into a baking fetish -- yet again.
If i eat another brownie again i think i'd wanna puke.
Im craving for B&Js. Me & madz just finished a huge packet of Lays.
(Ratio J:M = 3:1)
Dammit lah. Okay back to maths

Self Reminder: Bug denise's conscience for pictures and AND WHAT AH? (twiggles eyebrows)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 || 2:27 AM

Singapour is pouring rain. Gimme moar, lurbxz th smell of soil ...
So calming, & on such days, being curled up tucked warmly in the blankets reading a book is love. Absolutelyyyyyyyyy.
ANYWAY, extracted from madz's blog (hehe, im berry lazy to type...)

As you all should know, Jacq the bee ai tee si hedge(BITCH) is over at my place. We mugged overnight(She practically ATE overnight, not to mention being a really noisy eater in fact, while I did productive stuffs. woo.)


At around 4am that bitch decided to take a rest till (her self proclaimed) 4.45AM(As you can see on the conversation on the tagboard).

I was determined to wake her up at 4.45AM but I watched Friends while she slept and didn't bother to stop watching to wake her up... (WHAT? Friends is too addictive.)


After watching a few episodes that damn laptop decided to die on me, and I was too lazy to charge it so I went to brew some coffee and tune in to the radio while looking at Matrices.

(Turning naggy but who cares.)

As usual I'm on 98.7FM, my favourite radio station(Favourite DJs are The Muttons), and at that time it was 5.30am.... So, it was AM Mayhem with Daniel Ong and Vendetta And young.


So they were asking people to call in, and I've never done that before in my whole entire 6TEEN life(except for sms dedications which never got called out), so I decided to try my luck.

I was PLAIN FOOLING ARD, not expecting to get through.



This is how the conversation goes

R: " Hi, this is?"
M: "Madeleine"
R: "Hello Madeleine! Are you having the holidays now?"
(This line makes me feel like my voice is so young... hehhhehehhheheh)
M: " Yea.."
R: " No wonder! So what song can we play for you?"
M: * I have no song in mind, I didnt even expect myself to get through that damn line* ANYTHING THAT WILL WAKE SOMEONE UP. You see, my friend and I, we were supposed to be mugging overnight, BUT she's sleeping like a pig now!!!!"
R: " HAHAHAH AWW MAN... ok how about a song by Linkin Park? "
M: " Alright, as long as it can wake her up!!"
R: " Ok we're gonna record you okay, we'll give you the cue to talk later."


R: "Hello, and this is?"
M: "Madeleine!"
R: "Good morning Madeleine. And I heard that you are supposed to be mugging with your friend overnight but she turns out to be sleeping now huh!"
R: "HAHAHAH. Well I guess no one likes to wake up on the days they don't have to wake up! Haha!"
M: "Maybe..."
R: " Ok tell you what Madeleine, is your friend sleeping right beside you?"
M: " YES!"
R: " Ok, go to her and poke her till she wakes up!! Go now, bring your phone over and poke her! "
M: " Mmm Ok!"


And that bitch stared at me with fiery eyes. VERY FIERCE!!

R: " Is she awake yet?"
R: "HAHAH. WAKE UP... What's your friend's name?"
M: " Jacq."
R: "Jac?"
M: " Yeah as in like J-A-C-Q "
R: "Okay! Wake up Jacq!!!! Now Madeleine, put the phone over there and get her to say Hi!"
M: " Ok."

*Puts phone over Jacq's ears and said " SAY HI!! SAY HI!! SAY HI!!! "

Jacq : " Who the hell is that?" (STILL IN SLEEPY MOOD, SLEEPY VOICE.)

R: "HAHAHHAHAHA CLASSIC. Ok I tell you what we'll do for you, we'll have a song to help you get your friend to wake up alright, Madeleine? "
M: "Thanks man!"
R: "So here's Linkin Park's song for you, and any other people you want to dedicate it to while enjoying the wrath of Jacq? Hahaha!"
IN CONCLUSION, ME GOT PRANKED. AND MY FIRST WORDS ON AIR WAS ' who the hell is that ' Blooooooooooooooooooooody madz.