"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Sunday, November 30, 2008 || 7:31 AM

Eventful + productive equals to jacq being a really happy and contended girl.
Oh my gawdz stupid sujie doesn't wanna join me in digging for good cheap thrills. I GOT A FRIGGING ZARA EYELET TOP FOR 5$. FIVE BUCKAROOS. Tell me now tell me , who ownagezzz?! Sigh, rethorical question.
Tomorrow, gonna meet hazel to dig for more cheap kicks! Hehe ^^
OH YES, I have two interviews tomorrow. Hula&Co and Tangs.
Well well well (grins) I really really hope i get a job soon because i am feeling really guilty about taking money from my mum. I swear half of my first paycheck will go to her. Hand on heart, half of my first paycheck will go to her (if i even get a job) You know the best thing to do when your feet is aching like crap and when you have nothing better to do is to go get yourself comfy in a bookstore and be immersed in books.
CHECK THIS OUT. Primordial collection

Tuesday, November 25, 2008 || 8:39 AM

Haha somebody’s lazy to complete her work at home, so she came over to mine to try and find (coughs) motivation. Well well shuyi, hand on heart, you came to the right person :D
Tues was a long day, first me& lingyu went for a job interview located at redhill. It was the factory district so we were pretty lost, and walked in circles for quite some time before flagging down a cab to ask for directions. Sigh, why are people so unwilling to help nowadays. Will a smile kill? Seriously… But oh well, we managed to find the place and the place’s super high tech. It’s like a peep to how earth will be in 2090. It’s like robots era. The lady who interviewed the both of us looks pretty stern. She has the i-don’t-want-any-nonsense-from-you-teenagers face, but it all went pretty smoothly so yeah, hopefully?

After that, we went to town to have our lunch(which sucks). I made a mental note never to order ramen anymore because they’re just seriously maggi mee- which I can easily cook myself. Walked around pretty much and we were trying out shades. Seriously lingyu should adopt the fedora + shades look. Haha I know im exaggerating but when she wears it, it’s like fedoras + shades are tailor-made just for her. Okay you’re rolling your eyes now. Shitzz man, now to think of it almost everybody looks good in fedoras O.O We lost track of time she was supposed to meet her friend at 12.30 and I was supposed to meet mine at 1 and her friend called her at 12.57 (or somewhere there) and we were like oh shit oh shit cos I was queuing up to try a dress which I bought it anyway before both of us rushed off.

Met denise,izzah,alvin,saiful,fadhil,siti to zouk for some singapore poly event. The events were boring but as usual the dancing after the crowd left was good. Well at least we kinda sweated it out. Hehe there was a freeflow of hershey kisses + lollipops + doughnuts though. Met some new friends and there was this espically funny dude who kept pissing off the deejay LOL.

Went over to madz’s chalet haha she always say the same old sentence when she sees me -.- it was pretty good and I met some more new friends lol sigh who are mostly bimbos (HAHA okay youuuu know im kidding) okay I reek of meat now I shall go get rid of itttttttttt
Yesterday met syah the a-hole to have brunch. Had subway and she spent 11$+ on a meal because of an extra serving of meat. K, shan't rub it into her face that that amount of money is enough to pay for nyny dessert x2. After that, she brought me to NTUC, houseware section. Aiyaaaaa shy, want to start a family with me also don't need so straightforward one what. Had our usual tour around watsons/guardian/(inserts-cosmetic-shop's name). Apparently syah couldn't pass the blusher discount deal and is going to get hers soon before the promo ends. See, this is what i call the victim of pre-xmas sales. Bang, one down. Also, to kill time because i was meeting drama peeps later in bishan, i followed syah on her train ride to woodlands which was hilarious btw. At yck station, there was this mix-blood dude who stepped in and syah started to hyperventillate. If you're intd to know more, check her blog out. She is in love with a mat yo !
Had lunch/tea at mrs k's house. She wanted to include everyone in the preparation & cooking of the food so yeah, i was in charge of the omelette which failed terribly.
Apparently it has holes in it and wasn't in the perfect omelette-y round shape and there afiqa was like ' what happened to the omelette! ' *inserts very sad face* LOL!
Had chocolatezzz from adelaide! And and mateen (mrs k's son) started whining for us to play musical chairs with him so yeah, we did. Had a few rounds of (unsuccessful) murderer too. It was funny recollecting moments when our batch was in adelaide. Stupid kangaroo story in the hostel was ELL-OOOO-ELL.
Today! Met kaiting bfg after her training and went down to town (thank you for the ultra extra long busride!) There was this inconsiderate lady who was carrying a dog sitting just opposite beside us (if you get jacqolanguage) the dog was making really weird wheezing noises and kaiting asked ' Is the dog having asthma?' LOL! Went to do kaiting's stuffs first before heading to the usual old place in fep to have lunch ^^
And then walked around to find more jobz i saw rachel in nike! And then i asked whether there're any more positions and apparently there is! And i filled up the form and the person in charge said she's a jehovah witness too! What a coincidence. No idea why but that really made my day. It's like the worry of wearing a santa-hat went down by 90%. Also, applied for hula&co. I bet if i work in the latter i'll spend all my pay in the shop itself. Went to creative to have my earphones fixed and i'm having a really bad nose day.

Sunday, November 23, 2008 || 5:51 PM

I bit into a rotten apple this morning.
Cool. No wriggly worms seen in cartoons though :(
Okayyyyyyy, so i've to pass up the chance of going malacca with denise.
Blame it all on the paranoid dad. Mum's cool with the idea, but dad is overly concern with my (coughs) wellbeing.
Right ... I shan't say that it's because he has to find fault with every decision i make because my mother shooted me back with a bible verse which made me shut up.
The black thick book of scriptures really does wonders. I mean in the past i wouldn't give up such a chance to shop for days straight up.
And aww somebody's so mature~
[i]▪ The voice of yours is the song on the radio [/i] says:
haha! but is the true. we'll never understand our parents feelings because we dont know how they feel and we care about our own feelings only! You'll understand how difficult to be a good parents. its nevr easy(:
+ movie with aloy. Caught 'Body of Lies'. Haha didn't want to let him overgo a chickflick for 2hours thus the movie selection the movie turned out to be a terrorist islamic movie -- what?! LOL there were some pretty funny bits but there was a part where i fell asleep. Oh, i really really want to learn the piano.
Haha when sam talked about trucker caps about how malays are able to pull it off, as in the trucker caps wouldn't drop because their curly hair serves as a velcro. LOL i thought that was pretty clever. Yeah, and the first person who came to my mind was khairi. Prolly it's time for khairi to ditch his fedora.

Friday, November 21, 2008 || 7:59 AM

Khairi's fedora. Me lubrxz
I'm listening to this chinese song which rung a bell in my head. I can't remember what but it's making me feel pretty bitter so i should stop.
Where did creative in PS relocate itself to? Listening to music with only a side of the earphones working sucks -- yes my earphones are spoilt again but hehe this time round i kept the receipt to serve as a warranty so yay!
Headed towards town with lingyu. We held hands and there was this lady shaking her hand at us. LOL. Went to enquire about the sales associate in f21 and they said the position's filled up :(
They must be rejecting me because of my erupting pimples which are really hideous.
And pain. And big. And red. 3 somemore
Hot shot's so lame, but i find myself laughing to myself in the middle of 3AM.
I need some form of therapy. Must be drama therapy.
Thanks man, now 'If one day you wake up, and find that you're missing me ...' is stuck in my head.

Hi this is my friend. Her name is aisyah. You can call her aisyah the idiot.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008 || 10:07 AM

"I believe love is an energy, and thus follows the same rules. It exists in all of us, yet can neither be created or destroyed, only change form or shape. I didn't stop loving him. I started loving other things more."
This particular dude made me fall in love with Eric Clapton. Haha isn't it weird how i love metal rock and songs like these at the same time? Top four guitarist in the world yo ! This is a damn damn, sad song. Prom's over, shall blog about it someday soon when i feel like it. Aisyah agreed with me that 2 pump toffee nut choc cream chip frappe is orgasmic and absolute love. Thank you starbucks hardcore for YOUR drink ^^

(Heard that this song's dedicated to his son who died)

Sunday, November 16, 2008 || 9:59 AM

Today, after our manicure, effa crashed my place and we had facial masks slapped on, blackheads sheets stuck to our skins and pigged out pretty much. There were lots of incidents whereby we laughed like mad and yeap we'll still cont to hang out, in, up and down after prom -- which marks the end of our secondary four life. Lubrxz lubrxz <3
Today, we had our weekly badminton and went to have supper at chomp chomp! Lots of good food and i pigged out some more.
Today, my dad slapped me after not hitting me for 4 years. It felt pretty good actually. I dont blame him for not turning on the joke- detector. I don't feel angry at all, but just pretty numb and thank you dad, for switching on my nerves - thought they arent working anymore.

Saturday, November 15, 2008 || 7:33 PM

Air of reality too thick for us we choke on it. Darling, be strong. I’m here for you. Here for you for you you u. Sometimes when the fact is straight into your eyes, shoved into your face, right in your hands, accept it. Don’t flick it away, finding truckload of excuses. Graciously. Take it and show the world you can do well with a fall, even if you fall, fall with pride. And then after falling, pick yourself back up again. Wouldn’t be easy, but wouldn’t be too tough either.
Don't tell me you’ll never love again. You will, you will just treat everything with more caution. It's human nature to trust and love (good thing or bad thing?) and a few months or maybe years pass by, you will look back and shrug and flick everything off with a laugh. Laughter of stupidity. Muffin, remember ‘better in time’ ? The song’s there for a reason !!!
Allright, and so I ‘ve gotten myself a sunburnt, red patches on my face. I look like an idiot who slapped on an overload of blusher in town. Just hope it wouldn’t start peeling or else … oh my gosh -.- Toffee nut frappe’s quite good it tastes quite awesome actually ^^ I’m falling in love with hula and co damn the person who got the job faster than me. Hehehhehehe I found another pretzel partner ^^

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 || 9:09 PM

Such a good start to a wonderful morning. Okay afternoon actually.
Woke up and saw a tin of butter cookies. Im a sucker for those. Polished 1/4 of the tin off (sugary ones) and left the chocolate cookies and non-sugary ones for my siblings. Hehe once i start popping one, I can't stop. And then I felt fat and i ran for half an hour. (Like as it's gonna work)
Yesterday, met Denise at town, walked around and saw a pair of heels which was lubrxz at first sight. Hehe potential buy ^^
Bumped into sujie. Everybody seems to be having back up dresses (sigh you guys are filthy rich). Some two summore. Haha anyway denise and me are having this metal fetish although they produce lots of clink clang clank noises. Wanted to go wisma and check out dresses but we're running late as we had to meet the guys for supper.
Oh yes we saw this dude who fell slow motion-ly and his phone flew up and his friends were laughing like a hyena. Poor dude.
Oh yes, talking about food. Being good and understanding and nice and awesome and fair-weathered and errr... friendly(?)- you get the drift- friends we ordered everything halal so khairi can join in our food therapy. Haha marking territories by peeing on furniture. Khairi has a scary uncle. Alvin has a scary hometown. But scary people make awesome friends. Oh yes my dad was screaming and shouting at me before i left the house because i plugged off his phone since we wasn't charging it and i had to charge my phone. I think he thought i ran away from home or something he called me twice to ask where I was - he usually doesn't. LOL like seriously i wouldn't do shit like that come on.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 || 7:44 AM

I am lost. I have gone to look for myself, if I get back, before I return, please tell me to wait. <--- this is so awesome
Okay so you think Im gonna start my post with a ‘OMG O’S ARE OVER!!!’. Fine. OMG O’S ARE OVER!!!! Damn, no more texting to the usual people ‘Eh today wanna go mug not?’ & ‘Die lah die I neh study leh how!!! This is life'
Oh gosh what is this I actually miss doing maths. Damn. It’d be pretty insane trying to finish up the pile ofworksheets still sitting on my desk – which reminds me to burn them all away.
My stupid nose is acting up again. It’s calling for apple cider vinegar + honey + ice. Shall go make a cup for myself later.
Was deciding between two pairs of 4 inches heels or flat pumps to wear to town just now and I choose the latter which resulted in achy and sore feet (serves myself right). Stupid plastic pumps cheapskateeee 9.90$ only okay lor good now my feet hurt like crap. Dad gave me money for prom stuffs. Mummy cancelled my holiday trip but I don’t blame her I know she has lots up her sleeve sigh im such a mature kid HAHA OH I NEED A JOB.

Monday, November 10, 2008 || 4:07 AM

When the going gets tough, the tough punch going to the face and tell it to shut up.

Sunday, November 9, 2008 || 7:24 AM

Autumn shows how changes can be beautiful
To everyone/ anyone out there who're worrying about something : Stop it, because if you think back, you've worried about so many frigging things before, and look at you now, everything turned out fine. You're just wasting your time worrying, because life works in a way of which you can never understand. So quit worrying because there's a solution to every single thing. Really :)
(a sigh of relief)

Thursday, November 6, 2008 || 8:33 AM

You know, sometimes you gain enlightenment out of the slightest things?
It might be a sentence out of a stranger's mouth, or something you see on the streets
Leaves you thinking all day. It makes you see things from a whole new different viewpoint. The two [(item/words) and the matter (in your mind)] doesn't have to have any linkage at all. Sometimes, the two most absurd things connect. Quite amazing actually.
Rawr i'm feeling damn hungry nowwww my house has ran outta instant noodles and my brother just finished all the beehoon. I need gummies. Or better still, bar chor mee with extra vinegar.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008 || 6:52 AM

Chomp chomp with the besties! I remembered dad loved to bring the family there for occasional suppers and stepping in that place brings back a déjà vu feeling. Love that oh-so-familiar yet a little shitty feeling. A little shitty cos I really miss the good old times with my family. Supper makes you fat, but it makes you happy too ^^
Jacynda and I must have got coffeevibezzz running in our blood and thank you ah mingai make me crave for that apple gummiez ZZZ [well at least I’m having DECENT cravings unlike … coughshard* frog porridge coughs]
Alegria you know you don’t mean it when you say you’re gonna buy me B&J every time you meet me. I’ll make you broke and I’ll be fat. You’ll have jacq-o-phobia.
Met lingyu and tee hsiang (think I spelt it wrongly) for the action packed James Bond movie. Feels so much like a ah-neo gathering. Tee hsiang remembered I used to drag a baseball bat at the park every evening I almost forgot myself that I used to play baseball. Helloooooo my life isn’t just about drama drama and drama okay. Woah talking about drama reminds me about Adelaide. AH STOP IT OKAY STOP IT. Okay anyway, we crapped pretty much and walked around pretty much. WHATS UP WITH TOPSHOP’S NEW COLLECTION? Lingyu calls it the ‘ladybug’ clothes. Yes it’s THAT bad. *slaps forehead* Anyway, coolio I always have got this thing against anime (no offense !!!) because I find it a waste of time. Lingyu agrees with me and calls it ‘ not practical because it’s unreal and you don’t see monsters roaming around’. Say hi to drama serials instead! And and, i'm so jealous of that ass she looks so good in fedora(s). I want one i want one i want one !

Monday, November 3, 2008 || 4:58 AM

in every case, we usually know the answer
we ask for advice because we want to hear the same answer.
to reassure?
to feel better?
to live in denial?
what is decency? to shrug off everything you secretly want?
if i were to tell you what i want, all hell will break loose.
i dont want to disappoint anybody, the ones i love and espically my mother.
am i being immature?
i want to know how my life will be in 10 years time.
i want to know how my life will be tomorrow.
trails of thoughts. slashkick it.
now i just have to mug hard and memorize for drama.
the bloody bellcurve wouldnt work on me
ss is such a disappointment.
i am such a disappointment
these are so awesome. i can listen to both of these all day
(funeral of hearts)

(song or suicide)

Saturday, November 1, 2008 || 10:15 PM

'8 numbers away'

i did not take this!

awwww. sujie's looking at her prince charming so endearingly


woah this is the best

okay you're so sick of me alrd BYEEEEEEE

|| 9:42 AM

If you think your memory sucks, wait til you meet someone by the name of jacqueline koh.
'nuff said.
outside a photobooth
(we saw this pair of legs with boots and a pair of fine trousers[don't ask me why it's fine, i just insist it is])
syah: eh, dyu think it's a statue inside
j : no darling, be patient and wait
syah: eh i really think it's a statue
j: syah they dont put statues into photobooths la
syah: okay okay fine
(and that dude came out and stared at us. i heard him muttering smthg like 'moving like i'm moving or whatever shit)
photo came out to be like shit. i have four on the wall now. 2 includes syah's face HAHAHA no wonder im having nightmarezzzz.
OOOO anyway didn't know fep's laksa's soooooo good.
while trying to find our way to haji lane (yah lah yah lah my memory sucks lah k)
j: hi, may i ask where's the route to haji lane?
t: oh yeah hang on a minute (takes out map) while s gave that O.O face
t: haha where're you guys from?
me & s started to stare at one another and laughed like mad.
s: oh errr, we're locals
t: OH. hahaa, im a tourist
three starbucks drinks and two pretzels (my love!!!!) in 2 days. hahahaha im so sick of starbucks !!!!!! I NEED A BIGGER BRAIN I NEED TO BE ABLE TO MEMORIZE shiteeeeeee ... :( :( :( suckkkkkkkk.
if i can, i just wanna cuddle you to sleep now and forget about mugging tonight :( aiya shite lah hate feeling needy thanks ikea for that very huggable black cushion (which looks like a cat when lights are off which is kinda freaky but nevermind that's not the point)
I HAVE BEEN TRYING VERY HARD TO STUDY HOR aHaHaHaH HaHaHaHa ksc hahahahah ksc hahahaha ksc hahahahahaahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA