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Tuesday, November 25, 2008 || 8:39 AM

Haha somebody’s lazy to complete her work at home, so she came over to mine to try and find (coughs) motivation. Well well shuyi, hand on heart, you came to the right person :D
Tues was a long day, first me& lingyu went for a job interview located at redhill. It was the factory district so we were pretty lost, and walked in circles for quite some time before flagging down a cab to ask for directions. Sigh, why are people so unwilling to help nowadays. Will a smile kill? Seriously… But oh well, we managed to find the place and the place’s super high tech. It’s like a peep to how earth will be in 2090. It’s like robots era. The lady who interviewed the both of us looks pretty stern. She has the i-don’t-want-any-nonsense-from-you-teenagers face, but it all went pretty smoothly so yeah, hopefully?

After that, we went to town to have our lunch(which sucks). I made a mental note never to order ramen anymore because they’re just seriously maggi mee- which I can easily cook myself. Walked around pretty much and we were trying out shades. Seriously lingyu should adopt the fedora + shades look. Haha I know im exaggerating but when she wears it, it’s like fedoras + shades are tailor-made just for her. Okay you’re rolling your eyes now. Shitzz man, now to think of it almost everybody looks good in fedoras O.O We lost track of time she was supposed to meet her friend at 12.30 and I was supposed to meet mine at 1 and her friend called her at 12.57 (or somewhere there) and we were like oh shit oh shit cos I was queuing up to try a dress which I bought it anyway before both of us rushed off.

Met denise,izzah,alvin,saiful,fadhil,siti to zouk for some singapore poly event. The events were boring but as usual the dancing after the crowd left was good. Well at least we kinda sweated it out. Hehe there was a freeflow of hershey kisses + lollipops + doughnuts though. Met some new friends and there was this espically funny dude who kept pissing off the deejay LOL.

Went over to madz’s chalet haha she always say the same old sentence when she sees me -.- it was pretty good and I met some more new friends lol sigh who are mostly bimbos (HAHA okay youuuu know im kidding) okay I reek of meat now I shall go get rid of itttttttttt
Yesterday met syah the a-hole to have brunch. Had subway and she spent 11$+ on a meal because of an extra serving of meat. K, shan't rub it into her face that that amount of money is enough to pay for nyny dessert x2. After that, she brought me to NTUC, houseware section. Aiyaaaaa shy, want to start a family with me also don't need so straightforward one what. Had our usual tour around watsons/guardian/(inserts-cosmetic-shop's name). Apparently syah couldn't pass the blusher discount deal and is going to get hers soon before the promo ends. See, this is what i call the victim of pre-xmas sales. Bang, one down. Also, to kill time because i was meeting drama peeps later in bishan, i followed syah on her train ride to woodlands which was hilarious btw. At yck station, there was this mix-blood dude who stepped in and syah started to hyperventillate. If you're intd to know more, check her blog out. She is in love with a mat yo !
Had lunch/tea at mrs k's house. She wanted to include everyone in the preparation & cooking of the food so yeah, i was in charge of the omelette which failed terribly.
Apparently it has holes in it and wasn't in the perfect omelette-y round shape and there afiqa was like ' what happened to the omelette! ' *inserts very sad face* LOL!
Had chocolatezzz from adelaide! And and mateen (mrs k's son) started whining for us to play musical chairs with him so yeah, we did. Had a few rounds of (unsuccessful) murderer too. It was funny recollecting moments when our batch was in adelaide. Stupid kangaroo story in the hostel was ELL-OOOO-ELL.
Today! Met kaiting bfg after her training and went down to town (thank you for the ultra extra long busride!) There was this inconsiderate lady who was carrying a dog sitting just opposite beside us (if you get jacqolanguage) the dog was making really weird wheezing noises and kaiting asked ' Is the dog having asthma?' LOL! Went to do kaiting's stuffs first before heading to the usual old place in fep to have lunch ^^
And then walked around to find more jobz i saw rachel in nike! And then i asked whether there're any more positions and apparently there is! And i filled up the form and the person in charge said she's a jehovah witness too! What a coincidence. No idea why but that really made my day. It's like the worry of wearing a santa-hat went down by 90%. Also, applied for hula&co. I bet if i work in the latter i'll spend all my pay in the shop itself. Went to creative to have my earphones fixed and i'm having a really bad nose day.