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Sunday, November 23, 2008 || 5:51 PM

I bit into a rotten apple this morning.
Cool. No wriggly worms seen in cartoons though :(
Okayyyyyyy, so i've to pass up the chance of going malacca with denise.
Blame it all on the paranoid dad. Mum's cool with the idea, but dad is overly concern with my (coughs) wellbeing.
Right ... I shan't say that it's because he has to find fault with every decision i make because my mother shooted me back with a bible verse which made me shut up.
The black thick book of scriptures really does wonders. I mean in the past i wouldn't give up such a chance to shop for days straight up.
And aww somebody's so mature~
[i]▪ The voice of yours is the song on the radio [/i] says:
haha! but is the true. we'll never understand our parents feelings because we dont know how they feel and we care about our own feelings only! You'll understand how difficult to be a good parents. its nevr easy(:
+ movie with aloy. Caught 'Body of Lies'. Haha didn't want to let him overgo a chickflick for 2hours thus the movie selection the movie turned out to be a terrorist islamic movie -- what?! LOL there were some pretty funny bits but there was a part where i fell asleep. Oh, i really really want to learn the piano.
Haha when sam talked about trucker caps about how malays are able to pull it off, as in the trucker caps wouldn't drop because their curly hair serves as a velcro. LOL i thought that was pretty clever. Yeah, and the first person who came to my mind was khairi. Prolly it's time for khairi to ditch his fedora.