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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008 || 9:09 PM

Such a good start to a wonderful morning. Okay afternoon actually.
Woke up and saw a tin of butter cookies. Im a sucker for those. Polished 1/4 of the tin off (sugary ones) and left the chocolate cookies and non-sugary ones for my siblings. Hehe once i start popping one, I can't stop. And then I felt fat and i ran for half an hour. (Like as it's gonna work)
Yesterday, met Denise at town, walked around and saw a pair of heels which was lubrxz at first sight. Hehe potential buy ^^
Bumped into sujie. Everybody seems to be having back up dresses (sigh you guys are filthy rich). Some two summore. Haha anyway denise and me are having this metal fetish although they produce lots of clink clang clank noises. Wanted to go wisma and check out dresses but we're running late as we had to meet the guys for supper.
Oh yes we saw this dude who fell slow motion-ly and his phone flew up and his friends were laughing like a hyena. Poor dude.
Oh yes, talking about food. Being good and understanding and nice and awesome and fair-weathered and errr... friendly(?)- you get the drift- friends we ordered everything halal so khairi can join in our food therapy. Haha marking territories by peeing on furniture. Khairi has a scary uncle. Alvin has a scary hometown. But scary people make awesome friends. Oh yes my dad was screaming and shouting at me before i left the house because i plugged off his phone since we wasn't charging it and i had to charge my phone. I think he thought i ran away from home or something he called me twice to ask where I was - he usually doesn't. LOL like seriously i wouldn't do shit like that come on.