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Thursday, December 25, 2008 || 7:49 AM

Labels or Love says:
"kaiting the great saved jacq's wadrobe!"
Labels or Love says:
i think kaiting the mighty sounds nicer
Hehe, 1000000 pats on kaiting’s the (coughs) mighty back. Hehe it was such a funny scene seeing her face when she came to my house and saw my wardrobe in the cant-be-any-messier state with clothes strewn all around and crumpled and blah blah blah. We took everything out and started sorting them into two piles. 1) To be hung 2) To be folded. Allright, shall add a third one, to be ironed. I chose the dresses and more expensive clothes for her to be hung and it was really funny when she held up a tube asking ‘Okay how the hell do you wear this how do I hang this’. Oh, and the stupid iron was producing weird wheezing noises and I swear I think some of the clothes got decolourized by the iron (I don’t know how) but after ironing that particular patch will look fainter than the rest -.- I was still pretty confused until my maid came in and starting pouring water into the iron saying it works on steam. HMMM.
After like 2 hours or so we finally got everything up and kaiting kept nagging trying to instill in my head that if the next time she comes to my house and sees it in a messy state she will kill me and that before I do anything to my wardrobe think of her beautiful face HAHAHA allrightyyyyy I will kaiting the mighty ^^ That heroine saved me from possible embarrasing situations by switching slippers with me (mine has totally NO friction at all and it was raining so the floor’s wet). Awwww, so sweet rightttttt.
After that, went to chomp chomp to meet up with work’s clique. Had the usual god-like food and we had so much fun. Love being with them :D P.s/ Epic fail’s sooooo over. Please think of another good joke ^^
Today, went over to marcus’s house. That rich kid, has got a pool, a pooltable, soccer table thingy, gym, field, 3 or 4 merceedes, and a SUPER AWESOME BIG WALK IN WARDROBE full of labelled apparels and everything one can wish for. It looks better than a 6 star hotel I swear. Best place to play hide and seek in. Madchap, marcus & zul taught me pool and after awhile, we got bored so we jumped into the water which was freezing cold. Aaaaaaah their house looks like a vacation villa ^^ Hehe, think we’ll be going rockclimbing (?)/ dragon-boating(?) soon. Too bad jurong & kallang has their ice skating rinks down. Yes, had an awesome conversation with Dom HAHA can’t get his spastic constipated okay-fine-you-win smile out of my head.
Watched twilight im so relieved I didn’t read the book first or else I will be disappointed in the movie (everyone says that). I only have one thing to say. The asian dude is hotter than Edward Cullen.
If only every night will be as …. (insertsword) as last sat’s night. (L)
From tomorrow onwards I shall refrain from going out if im broke. I need to save more money for online shopping expenses LOL. Oh and who-ever says puma clyde is comfy got to re-think again.