"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, January 30, 2009 || 7:39 PM

Sometimes it's easier to say that you don't care, than to explain every reason you do care.
very applicable

finally my eye's hurting less.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 || 9:01 PM

The world is full of pricks.
stranger : hey , wanna go out?
me : who the hell are you
stranger : we talked last time, rmb ? you added me and you even said im handsome.
sigh guess you forgot, nevermind.
me: I don't add strangers and i dont tell lies
stranger: Use your brain and think, then why are you in my msn list?
me: I dont even have you in my msn list so apparently you're the one who added me so fug off now.
HAHA WHAT A JOKER. Okay my left eye is swelling i think it's cos of the heat have been filling the insides of me too much nonsense it's getting back at me :(
Erm ERMZ errrrrrm i just finished half a tin of pineapple tarts HAHAHHAA -.-
OH i had my virgin thai express w shuyi their tomyam is better than the one in arab street!!! With every spoon of soup we were like 'omg this is so good'. Hoho ownage^^

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 || 7:39 AM

Has been an awesome holiday perks of it being able to be with cousins -- talking about life, family and how people changes. deaths. future.
Thank you francis for always being such a dear, driving me around, shopping with me by the bunch of hours. Didn't know you'd grow up to be such a gentleman 10 years back when what we do with the others would just be running around making a helllot of noise/catching (erm frogs)/trying to break in schools/boiling wax/take turns to sing the national song & school song/wholelot of nonsense bullshit till adults come to us and ask us to shut up and behave ourselves. Negotiating with memories isn't easy but if i've a chance to rewind the past, the best of the lot would be my childhood :)
Oh yezz shopping was great F.O.S's has got branded yet rockbottom priced apparels (junkfood, armani, hollister, A&F, GAP and more!) Oh yes, met up with wanzhen there too! And hei de HAHA. Gosh, wish i could stay there longer. Wanted to rock climb there but my parents left w/o me, ditching me alone :(

'If you'd quit being sucha computer junkie i'll quit smoking'
Erm ... continue smoking then ! HAHAAHAH :\

& madz, just to spite me

Every person you meet changes you - in one way or another.
And everybody in your life is there for a reason.
So, why are you here?
to torment my life? to rip myself apart i dont even know who i am anymore?
to lose faith? worse still, to lose myself?

Or to put it in better words,
to train my heart and make it stronger?
Maybe that's the reason why you're here, to make me have a clearer mind and make me wary & judgemental about people.
But i still believe you're a really nice person to begin with. Always been. Every single human being has a conscience, including me and you. We know what's wrong and what's right. But whether we do what's wrong and what's right, that's a total different thing. Or maybe to certain suitations, we're just numbed, so we don't think much about it.
(FYI, i know i'm nobody to say this)


Just now when i was having breakfast, i met my mum's cousin. He brings along with him a whiskey chivas where-ever he goes. And i mean, WHEREEVER.
When he drives, he holds a bottle of it in his hands. He has whiskey as a substitute for plainwater, tea or whatever. He drinks whiskey with noodles, rice -- everything.
He doesn't get drunk anymore. Sometimes you keep trying and trying and trying till you get tired and you don't try anymore. It's rather saddening.

Sunday, January 25, 2009 || 4:34 AM

Greetings from Ipoh ! :D
And so, the usual two went to their usual hideout place and had their usual awesome food and what added on to the already very awesome day was that we sourced out some places which sells really awesome beadz/bangles/bracelets. 'Who died and went to heaven?' Hehe ^^ Okay lah, the above applied to yours truly only because the other jacq was docked in high heels and she wanted to sit down so bad and didn't want to check out exotic looking (very chio) cling clank clangz w me :(
The museum's uncle is overly friendly which led to some discomfort espically when he said 'I play with you all? (in chinese) ' really sends a shiver down my spine and i tried to block the akward-ness feeling off by laughing and shrugging it off but you should have seen Jacq(choo)'s stare. Roar.
Speaking about roar, it reminds me of rawr which alegria says that it means 'i love you' in dinosaur's language.
Rightttttttttttt. I rawr you. We rawr each other. Our rawr can't be stopped. Nobody can stop our rawr. HAHA.
Oh yes and i was telling aisyah that people always calls their significant other/dating partner 'sugar, muffin, honey' and these are usually sweet sugary food items which generally humans love to consume and we were saying in our case, we should substitute 'javachip' to baby. Right syah javachip ? ;)
Anyway, my eye hurts when the least pressure is applied. I have a really strong gut feeling that it's gonna swell (pleaseeeeee nooooo)
Went shopping at Ipoh's Jusco and mummy bought for me DKNY's perfume and i got my guitar picks (I dont play the guitar i just want to string them into a necklace) and i just witnessed a really heartwarming moment which revolves around family love :)

Friday, January 23, 2009 || 3:23 AM

I want it to rain, i want the sky to turn grey, and when the raindrops hit the ground, I want to breathe in the smell of soil. Lie in bed and tuck the sheets, and read til i sleep. Hehe i owe the library a Jodi Picoult's book her fans must be hating me.
("Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.")
I feel awfully shitty now, it's one of these days which i can't cope with my emotions and i just curl up and sleep. But i don't want to, so i shall READ.
Am going to m'sia from tmwr - next tues. Haven't even packed. & when i come back, work's gonna start.

p.s/ leaving in an hour's time but i still haven't packed. 'd rather do shit like update this blog then to please my motherby packing. Im awesome

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 || 6:43 AM

shopping = scarves + fedoras + shadezz + (- cash)
after shopping = crashing ly's house
after crashing ly's house = having dinner w besties + brother
after dinner = before bedtime = read cleo, read jodi picoult's novel + shop online + update playlist
After above mentioned = hitting the sheets
Hope i can get my pay(kachingz kachingz) tmwr

Monday, January 19, 2009 || 5:43 AM

Starbucks fling says:
hahahah damn im crying. you suck

seriously, the only one who can make me cry.
her name is jacynda

Monday, January 12, 2009 || 7:55 AM

I shall start my post off with a grinning jacq(choo). Partially cos she gave me
10$ cos i didnt get >15 points for L1R5 :P
I'm deciding between MI/Poly/Private. Shit man, i hate to make decisions because im a horrible decision maker.
Arab street's gonna be a place i'm gonna mark. That place has got good( +cheap) food, cosy places to chill and an awfully special place with friendly strangers. We went to a miniature museum there, and took lots of pictures with my lousy handphone camera.

Vintage Cameras. They sell vintage polaroids too. Wonder if they still work.

Old radios.

Shit... This reminds me of chemistry. Like ... distillation O.O

It's made of wood! As in, treewood. Okay forget it i dont know what im talking about.

No wonder they say vintage's cool.

These two machines still work! The second one is a jackpot machine btw.

Milk Powder your mum grew up drinking. Okay i know it's quite an ugly image picturing it.

This mickey is older than you. and you. and you. and you.

They still have it around lor!

Life size kiddy rides hanging on the wall.

Their games. Made outta tin cans, and eggs and cotton wool and ... rubberbands.

Cinema on wheels. I swear this thing is cool shitz. Their cartoon's so much better than ours lor.

Kamponggggg oldschool

I also dunno why all of a sudden got robotzzzz. Showing the contrast of 2009 and 1909?

The adidas shoes caught my eyezzzz.


My sister and brother

Me, madz& wz.

Im so proudda this girl :)