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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Sunday, January 25, 2009 || 4:34 AM

Greetings from Ipoh ! :D
And so, the usual two went to their usual hideout place and had their usual awesome food and what added on to the already very awesome day was that we sourced out some places which sells really awesome beadz/bangles/bracelets. 'Who died and went to heaven?' Hehe ^^ Okay lah, the above applied to yours truly only because the other jacq was docked in high heels and she wanted to sit down so bad and didn't want to check out exotic looking (very chio) cling clank clangz w me :(
The museum's uncle is overly friendly which led to some discomfort espically when he said 'I play with you all? (in chinese) ' really sends a shiver down my spine and i tried to block the akward-ness feeling off by laughing and shrugging it off but you should have seen Jacq(choo)'s stare. Roar.
Speaking about roar, it reminds me of rawr which alegria says that it means 'i love you' in dinosaur's language.
Rightttttttttttt. I rawr you. We rawr each other. Our rawr can't be stopped. Nobody can stop our rawr. HAHA.
Oh yes and i was telling aisyah that people always calls their significant other/dating partner 'sugar, muffin, honey' and these are usually sweet sugary food items which generally humans love to consume and we were saying in our case, we should substitute 'javachip' to baby. Right syah javachip ? ;)
Anyway, my eye hurts when the least pressure is applied. I have a really strong gut feeling that it's gonna swell (pleaseeeeee nooooo)
Went shopping at Ipoh's Jusco and mummy bought for me DKNY's perfume and i got my guitar picks (I dont play the guitar i just want to string them into a necklace) and i just witnessed a really heartwarming moment which revolves around family love :)