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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, January 2, 2009 || 7:29 PM

I'm pissed.
Downloaded a batch of awesome new songs but i can't seem to put them into my mp3 because of some error (again). It's irritating when
your playlist plays the same old song again and again and again.
Anyway, I bought a new wallet, my old one's torn and the clasplock broke.
Got my pay, and dad gave me 50% more of my pay, to encourage me to continue working to gain more working experience. To open my eyes and
see how hard earning money is (certainly not easy)
Asked my mum to bank in some money, and gave my grandmother some cash. Gonna treat my family to dinner on friday.
My first paycheck. The feeling's awesome. Contended, satisfied. Certainly beats having an A1 for maths (okay prolly not HAHA)
Thank you shuyi for braving the rain with me when i went back to LINKTHM to get my pay HAHA. Asshoric company. It was raining quite heavily and when i asked whether
anybody has got extra umbrella, they were like ' We dont have any extra umbrellas but we do have umbrellas for sale. You want to buy?' What the ... Warehouse certainly
has everything ... Chilled at starbucks. Caught up with each another. (L)
Yesterday with denise. Intensive shopping = headache + seeing stars. Im so sick of shopping right now (But why am i still online shopping LOL)
She passed me some homemade chocolate marshmellows thingy which is sinful but why the hell must you put such a godlike dessert with (you know what) i swear it's
such a bloody turn off. Zzz. Had to drag her away from Bakerzin to stop her from spending moolahs on macaroons. Crazy girl, once she starts, she can't stop.
had B&J. One word : Yummmmmmmmmmmy. I wanted to type orgasmic. Forget it :P
Oh yes, and drama picnic today @ pasir ris! Bladed and took some pretty pretty pictures. Went to the stable and i realize horses's tails look like rebonded hair.
When i told Jacq Choo that, she went like ' Do you think the extensions on your hair is made of the horse's tail?' HMMMM. I mean, we never know.
I had this insane urge to pull the horses's tails though. Anyway, the birds in the park invaded and ate all our food when we were busy blading/cycling.
ZZZZ . I'm having this bad habit i gotta stop it's making me very uncomfortable.
Had a talk with mum & dad i cried like some shitass but i understand what they're driving at so i'm cool with everything.
Adult fare is a killerzzzzzz i've to like, topup 10$ every 3 days?! That's madness okay, MADNESS. Whatever happened to my 45cents /ride !
Hehe im having a fetish for zips/studs& leather. I sound like a rocker wanna be, eeeeeew.