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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, January 2, 2009 || 4:39 AM

Okay . Keyboard’s lagging so actually I cant even see what Im typing.
(HEY the previous sentence came out perfect!)
Heh heh ben the madchap bought snowspray and we sprayed smileyfaces on black base. They wanted to piss taxi drivers off by spraying on their windscreens since there’s a jam and since we were insanely bored. I saw a cute little angmoh kid honking a honker thingy and I was like ‘ Hey can I have it’ and he handed me the honker. If only more people are more friendly like him. Usually when I talk to strangers they … they just gimme the weird look. Some adults even tell their kids not to be like me. I mean hey whats wrong being friendly… *inserts super sad emotion* We ended up at some carpark top and we saw a couple making out ZZZ we went down the slope of another level so we wouldn’t interrupt them but we could like totally see their shadows HAHA. Talk about privacy and getting a room -.-
Oh yes I went shopping today w Hazel! Flip flops, two tops, demin vest. Thank you for your patience love. Heh heheh ^^ Went into this f21 outlet and saw this girl wearing this zipper toga which could give an instant orgasm (just to state how pretty the piece is). I asked her where she got it, and she said she’ll sell it to me! I hope she replies to my email. Oh yes when I was in vivo the other day with syah I applied for the f21 job they said they’ll call but they didn’t ! Why why why? Why deprive me of the best job in the world. Caught Yes Man with syah too the movie is just LOL but I prefer four christmases. Wittier jokes. Syah bought me the godlike concealer too! Thanks baby :D Oh yes, the chicken rice opposite junction8 is really awesome. It has good soup too hehe. Love listening to abby,clovie and xq talk, it’s like … live life lessons. Hmm…