"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009 || 7:04 AM

Tired sad blue eyed baby. Was cuddling him and he fidgeted alot. After some time, he got up and ran to his mummy, looking back and me and mumbled sorry. It was as if he's saying sorry that he finds more comfort in the arms of his mother. Cute little boy.
Please don't be that ship you spoke of, nobody here has ran their course. Don't pass on a verdict that it's steering too far off course and that it's better to sink it.
Don't say that it's running out of fuel and you're stuck there, forever. Because, you're not.

Monday, March 30, 2009 || 8:04 AM

Okay i think i'm a really horrible ex drama student. All i can remember about the winter's tale starring Ethan Hawke (I dont see what's the big deal about that dude except that he's good looking) is the scene of the balloon dance. I know, so shallow. I still think Pinnochio's Complex is way better. Okay, it might be because of my stupidity, I didn't really catch what the dialouge is all about because i couldn't catch their slang and i didn't understand part of the shakespeare language. But they're still quite good though, I espically luv that fat dude(king) and the queen. Their acting is like, woah. Consistent throughout. And the dramatic pauses used to acheieve comedy effects, thumbs up. Kinda regretting not reading the play up before going for it. I shall read it anyway, when i've free time and when i feel like it.

Awwww i miss you guys ...

My food > Jacqc's food *grins*

Classic picture. Both jacqs are always seen with food.



Vollmich, Jopghurt, Nugat, Knusperflakes, Marzipan, Knusperkeks, Haselnuss, Vollmich, Joghurt.
Ouch, my throat's hurting. I swear if my tummy has a mouth of it's own, it'd sue me for making it bigger than it already is. Ah who cares anyway. Chocolates are instant orgasms. They make one happy, and contended HAHA okay baibaibyezx.

Saturday, March 28, 2009 || 6:34 PM

've got a frigging headache which doesn't go. Poor brain cells. Maybe i run on solar power, i think my head's hollow. Maybe what runs in my veins aren't blood, maybe it's chlorophyll. Do you know that Clorets has got chorophyll in them? Maybe Jean, Randy and I, maybe we're green humans. Cool shit, Im an alien. Im from Mars. Why when humans link themselves to any foreign planet, Mars is the first, then Venus?
Why not Saturn? Pluto sounds cool too.(Shit, what other planets are there?) Pluto's no longer a planet. That's damn sad. OH OR JUPITER.
What's even more depressing is that Im from Earth. HAHA Im from EARTH. Cool shit.
Morning runs > Night runs.
Please don't put Jacqueline Koh & cute cars under the same category. I want a jeep dammit. A JEEP. OKAY??? A JEEP!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't know we can only drive the motorbike if you're abv 160cm. I feel like strangling some SB now. Not that im fascinated by the roaring enginez or whatvr metal trash shit it might be, i just embrace the idea of leather jackets.
Right, got myself a new haircut w colour. It sucks though, i hope the colour fades away so it'd be nicer. I wanted to like, semi shave part of my hair. No, don't go all stereotypical don't picture a butch. But i figured my mother might scream at me so yeah, for peace, gotta sacrifice. *does peace sign* KTHNXBAI

Friday, March 27, 2009 || 3:12 AM

I hate it when somebody misunderstands my words and i've to find all sorts of ways to undo what's wrong. Go through lengths to explain- ah fuck it. Leave it as it is.
I think i'm quite attached to work. Im missing my colleagues already. Feels like graduation, which sucks because i think i'm secretly a very emotional person.
Bee and her into your face italian hand actions, Dinah and her nervous laughter, Melissa, whose cursings only limits to 'bitch', Farah and her M.
Dancing + groping the mannequins and getting caught by the manager who gave me the weird look, snacking in the changing room, stoning to techno music and then try to catch the 'ting ting' beats, sneaking out to cold storage, Bee and her lingerie, fat issues, grp hugs, boys issues, blah blah ...
+ Because of my straight forward nature, i kinda offended some customers and made friends with some.
Luv you all xoxo

Monday, March 23, 2009 || 6:21 AM

Baby mannequins are scary. Soft cotton dolls up to my thighs.
Very very freaky.
Melissa came to talk to me regarding some issues and she really reminds myself of the me a year back.
I can't stop eating, i went to the stadium but it was closed. I need to run.
The glass is half-empty some days and half-full on others. Sometimes it's bone-dry. Or overflowing.
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. You are the one who’ll decide where to go.
Please, be wise ...

Sunday, March 22, 2009 || 5:29 AM

It's okay dear, i accept you for who you are *smiles widely*

|| 1:25 AM

Spinning around in circles. Alone in the room. Very restless. Heart + mind venturing smwhr else.
Reading. Pause. Dog ears. Walk arnd aimlessly in limited space. Drop on bed. Covers. Blank computer.
Minus online shopping. Minus some conversaations. White machine. Big sigh. Music.
Whoozy mind. Unstability. Wandering offffffffffffshore
I like plastic cereal spoons alot, they make me happy.

Please jacq, learn from angel, love yourself more. Won't you?

Saturday, March 21, 2009 || 11:16 AM

Finally experienced smthg which i've always wanted ; attended puma's fashion runway.

Denise: God just look at their legs ...
Me: Damn hot ah, but yknw ... most models are bullimic.

What most stick skinny people are missing out on is a huge indulgence in life; food. Of course, there is something called the very high metabollism. Haha damn, since i'm not born with that gift, i shall ... run more.
I know, im being such a bitter person. Life's unfair, deal with it already. Talking about unfairness, my house's treadmill's engine's faulty and .... my dad wants to trade in for a 4k + treadmill. The thing is ... everybody gotta chip in equally which means i gotta chip in like 600$ + to 800$ ... for a frigging machine which i can easily ... find another alternative like walking 10minutes to the stadium and run for free there (fresher air summore). Pointed that out to dad and mum but they're still insistant on getting it. Money not easy earn you know. I can use the money to shop in forever21 and get ... like, change.
They gave away goodie bags which has these puma stick on tattoos haha we did retarded things like pasting them on our ermzx boobs and ermxz, backs and ermxz there were like people in the trains staring and there was this two dudes who whispered a little too loud cuz i heard them saying ' thats a fake tattoo i think it's liquid'
HAHA of course it's fake which part of it does it look real ...
Ate at angel's boyf place, good food as usual, please ask your dude to stop flexing his muscles cuz you wont want me to choke ... wei he denise dont accept me for who i am ah ? XD

Decembers & silver bullet on repeat ....
you dont have to speak because .... i can hear your heart

We usually dont take pictures like this . Really

They gave free caps too

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 || 5:41 AM


(Click to enlarge)

|| 4:41 AM

The guilt has been running through my veins for the past few days.
When the envelope regarding my poly enrolment has gotten to my hands, I only discussed it with my mum.
Dad: Why do you only always discuss things with your mum
Me : -keeps quiet-
Dad: I'm your father, im not dead. I should have some say in your education. Right?
Me: -keeps quiet-

Second scenario
Me: Can i have 10bux to topup my ezlink
Dad: -passes me 10bux- is it enough?
Me: You can give me 50bux so i dont have to keep approaching you for money
Dad: You, jiejie and didi only approach me for money, if im not your atm, you guys wont even talk to me. If its possible, i want to give you 5bux, so you'll talk to me more.
Me: - silence-

Third scenario
Me: You havent given me my pocket money for the week
Dad: I dont even get to see you. -passes me 50bux- sorry

Oh my god. What the fuck? What kind of fucking daughter am i.
I will talk to my dad more. I'll try.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 || 8:29 PM

The only thing i remember about the warehouse sales is the exhaustion, the puking, the very angry tears, good company, an insane (in a good way) superior + blind customers walking into glass doors which made me laugh so hard i had to bend down and pretend to do stocks ...
And for the past week, all i remember is having lots and lots of supper ...
Hee hee heee i cant wait to meet white and bfg later.