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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Monday, June 29, 2009 || 9:05 AM

I love how sensual Calvin Klein advs are.
Anyway, have you ever had this feeling, right from the start when you wake up, that something is going to go wrong and you start worrying? Nothing in particular is wrong, it's just that you've this quiet suspicion that there're silent forces aligning themselves together, and there'll be trouble.

|| 8:39 AM

We've already drawn up a whole list of things to do after her o's !!!
Darling ... I'm so sorry your eyecandy isn't there anymore (but you've me hee hee ^_^v)
Skipped CSA lesson today, accompanied Ke Wei that hopeless romantic to buy his beng-ish bag.
Flea Market loots = checkered top (as seen abv 10bux !!! + shoes 8bux + bangles 2bux) aloy got lost halfway throughout and his batt died so me + sweaty effa were like ... stranded outside trying to decide whether to leave w/o him or not. Anyway ... the most vivid memory of the entire flea market was the climbing of the very very long flight of stairs. Halfway thru, we felt so stupid with ourselves we started to laugh horri-badly.

ALEGRIA FAITH FIERCE NURSE HELPER. She looks damn sweet here right ... but if you daree to step on her tail i tell you you sure get it until damn jialat. And i mean DAMN JIALAT.

Friday, June 26, 2009 || 4:28 AM

Oh yes, i finally met up with muffin dearest yesterday for supper at newton after so long !!!
Someone's became prettier already . I just hope you don't break too many infrared thermometers or get raped by some mentally unsound patient. ALEGRIA POWERRRRRRR SIA THAT GIRL.
The food was urgh bleh though, my oyster omelette was literally drowning in a pool of oil, and even the kfc haagendaz ben&j macdonalds (+ whatever good expensive fattening food which comes to mind) girl left her food 9/10 untouched.
Hee hee, i just came back from dinner at thai express with mummy. I've thai express vouchers now !!! + membership card. Ho ho hee hee yay to good food! :D
Hopefully the upcoming warehouse will have cheap and good running shoes, i needa get them asap! Mummy got me a singlet for running too :)
I CANNOT WAIT FOR FLEA TITAN TMWR! Oh my god hee hee hee
I think i'll head to the library now. I've a whole list of books to borrow :) :) :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009 || 9:43 AM

When your heart is feeling heavy, and when your mind starts to set itself into a whirlpool, go to sleep.
Go to sleep, sleep your non existant worries and sadness away. Tell yourself tmwr, when the sun rises, it doesn't only beckons the start of a new day, but a happier one :)
There's no point living your life sadly or angrily. Why make myself miserable? Probably the self injection of optimism will make my life better. At least i will continue to do so until it really does take an effect :)
Live, laugh, love
Goodnight world, sweet dreams.

Monday, June 22, 2009 || 7:10 AM


MY MUCUS IS DAMN THICK AND IT'S SEMI-ELASTIC. COME GIMME A HIGH 5!(hee hee okay lah i washed them before i touched the keyboard like duh!!!)
Oh yaaaaaaah my ears are like half blocked so i don't really know whether im speaking loudly or softly sometimes i think i'm losing the ability to hear myselfffff
ANYWAYZ, Threading,(Awesome QiuLianBanMian + chilly lemon honey) Garden Macs, Cleo, Syah babyyyy- though you were like bullying/countering my every word but nevermind <3
Qiu Lian Ban Mian woahhhhhh shiok i want another bowl! Extra ikan bills minus meat add extra veggies .... I think i like the idea of chewing dough, like pizza's crust, breadsticks.... you know what im talking about?

Convo w aloy (song lyrics):
aloy perhaps. says:
i love my baby like the finest wine
aloy perhaps. says:
stick with her till the end of time
Starbucks fling says:
Starbucks fling says:
Starbucks fling says:
Starbucks fling says:
aloy perhaps. says:
aloy perhaps. says:
Starbucks fling says:
aloy perhaps. says:
aiya no gf la
Starbucks fling says:
aiya also not talking bout you. talking bout the lyrics right
aloy perhaps. says:
aloy perhaps. says:
aloy perhaps. says:
that guy changed wives

(most eggciting part of the week)

Friday, June 19, 2009 || 9:38 PM

Those who constantly quote 'follow your heart' just hasn't been burnt. They're a bunch of lucky people.

|| 9:37 AM

Hopefully, i'll get into the 20th century fashion course for my CDS.
But even if i don't *shrugs*, there's also lookbook.nu XD
I'm pretty surprised when ksc texted me the previous night to remind me to camp in front of the computer if the course i want is a hot one. When i went online at about 9.45am, many TP students are already online ...
I thought everybody'd have forgotten about it or something. Sibei kiasu lei you all. Like me XD heheeeeeee. And then i got a call from ke wei and he helped me do everything. Thanks alot babe!!!
Now i'm worrying about my stupid CSA proj. Stupid aloy decided to leave me in distress. Cheebye friend.
Oh yes i met up with effa! LOL we were crossing the road and there were two cars in the middle of the road and when we were approaching the two cars she went 'Okay so front or back', 'BACK!' and we crossed the road via the back of the two cars EH it's kinda funny okay ... plus we were taking pictures in the middle of nowhere and then we looked back and saw people and we were like 'walao so paiseh' then we started walking faster and faster and then we stopped awhile and took more pictures and saw more people stopping behind us and then we went again 'walao so paiseh ...' LOL Oh plus plus plus we were sitting on a bench in front of the bench was this slight hump which is totally irrelevant and people were tripping over it so we were like counting and laughing at the people tripping over it ...
Of course we talked about some stuffs effa ... why did you get so defensive huuuuuuuh XD XD Okay lah spare you spare youuuuuuuuuuuuu ^^

Thursday, June 18, 2009 || 4:58 AM

After reading this my mind pictured some people AND ITS HELLA DAMN TRUE HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 || 9:43 PM

I'm down with the flu.
Pros of having the flu : nil
Cons of having the flu : cannot exercise, still having a huge appetite, cannot work = no money
My life abit the sad now.I'm broke. 20bux for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 || 7:19 AM

How does this look? I know the picture is too squarish. Gotta do up the ribbon parts. The roman numerals are my birthdate. Hopefully it gets done soon.

Visual orgasm. Something to do with bodies coming together and composing beautiful melodies.

I feel like a fucking lump of lard.
I totally overestimated my body suntan+ steamboat+ sibei alot junkfood from everywhere = horrible sorethroat and heatyness.
People on the bus were like staring at me as if i have swine flu i dont know why i keep sneezing and sniffing!
Woah oh and my face looks like the shade of ba gua now ...
I still keep eating y'knw ... i koped 3 mini tobs from huixian .... luckily i kop only three.
i eat so much then i stress .... then when i stress ... i wanna eat more.
tmwr got work ... until sunday.
woah okay let's see how i'll survive.
Anddddddddd me shall pledge customer loyalty to frolick. ME NO LIKEY YAMMI
OH YEZ FLEA MARKET'S AWESOME okay first i gotta stop typing in caps.
I bought LIKEEEEEE likee likeeee like one topshop top, one vest, one aerie dress, one miss selfridge clutch, two necklaces forrrrrr 30ish$ !!!!
HO HO HO sorry jean and kaiting thoughhhhhhhhhhhhh you guys should take up shopping soon. LOL

Friday, June 12, 2009 || 10:48 PM

I really admire the way my mother approaches me to talk about certain things.
I hate betraying whatever trust you've in me. You're the reason why i think twice before doing certain things. You know a teenager doesn't like to be chained back, so you give me the freedom to do things. You encourage me not to do selective things, but you'll also add in this sentence ' But i know if you really want to do it, i can't control you. So i hope you will use your brain and think twice.'
If it's my personality and character in your shoes, i think i'd have driven the kid to utmost rebellion. Whatever beliefs you've implemented in me, i thank you for that.
Thank you for being so forever patient, caring and loving.
Cheesy but true, love you.

p.s/ i didnt do anything wrong, just felt a sudden surge of respect for her.
pp.s/i think i'm moving to a new space.

Thursday, June 11, 2009 || 9:46 AM

I feel ...



jealous and



Wednesday, June 10, 2009 || 8:52 AM

Click to enlarge

Haha my dearest jacqueline choo, our r/s exceeds loose change, roti tissue, purple tinkywinkies, sour apples, bittergourds, geeky specs and nasty teachers.
And yes, we do need a HTHT regarding when i'll have my craving of rojak satisfied and i think i need you more than ever when i feel like my bitchy side is creeping upon me. Let's have a pact though, when we hit officially 18 let's try to draw up a resolution to be more normal and acceptable by society (and mutual friends). Our first aim will be not to have any friends rolling their eyes at us or giving us that dirty weird look which we hate so much. I shall do my part as a friend and add you in facebook now. I hope you accept my humble request. Last but not least, you know i luv you more than penang laksa. Muah.

Monday, June 8, 2009 || 5:38 AM

*hugs* sorry dear. i keep getting on people's nerves lately. sorry.

Rivers split, Oceans merge, Life is but worlds converged. Take a few steps back, allowing the pixels to fall into a whole picture but close enough to stare at the many minute details. There you go, the ugly truth.
I need courage man. I need a dose of reality.
Spent quality time with mum. I hate how impatient i always get with the people i know i can take for granted. Sigh.

Thursday, June 4, 2009 || 10:25 AM

I remember the old routines. Familiar faces struck with genuine concern and love for the younger ones. Hyperactive bouncy children. Decent dressing. Changes. Changes in (everything minor, in your face, right down to the slightest detail and the very obvious). But something's gonna stay the same. Warm smiles, warm hugs, warm affection, warm pats on the shoulder. But the best thing is, the warmness inside of me. This feeling is one of the goodness i'm going to take away with me for a long time. A long long time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 || 10:34 AM

Whr's my usb cable ? :(

Monday, June 1, 2009 || 5:16 AM

My bra-dhur is retarded. He spent 5 mins trying to describe a logcake to my mother.
'Semi circle then got cream inside one'
'Semi circle then got cream inside one'
'Semi circle then got cream inside one'
'Not logcake lah, swissroll lah'
'Oh yah ... hahahaha'
Obviously a bloody logcake will look like a log, not a semi circle with cream inside.
I did 50 seatups + run 12 rounds whoohoooooo