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Thursday, September 24, 2009 || 9:37 AM

Reblogged from jacq choo's blog

Things I really like to do:
1)Spending time with my family. Recent family dinners have been great, quality time spent. A night where everybody forks out time, away from friends, work, studies, the computer to have precious time together, to update each other about life. To laugh and to enjoy good food together. This beats everything else.

2)Chilling by the poolside with friends after supper, laughing about everything. Bitching, gossiping, talking about everything nonsensical (like guessing whether causasians's pubic hair is blonde) . Just feeling comfortable with people you're most comfortable with; people you can spend quiet moments with. I like having HTHTs :)

3)Alone time in the library. Long busrides.

4)Exploring new places, like ann siang road, venturing to somewhere new.


6)Eating - good AND cheap food

7)Getting inked
8)Retail Therapy - when i've the cash. Flea markets. It's not going for cheap stuffs! It means shopping smart! ^_^
9)Watching theatrical productions

Favourite time of favourite days:

Okay actually this depends whether im working or studying. So skip.

My favourite colours :

1)Black (I'll wear another color when i find something darker than black)
2)Ash grey
For other colors, no comments. Im neutral. Just no baby colors, like baby pink, baby blue. Pastel colors, or soft colors/tones/shades :\

I really like:
1)Jacynda (The girl i have a thousand apologies owed to, the only person who can make me/ seen me cry. Even though we don't talk like previous times, you've already rooted a place in my heart, and i believe that once someone successfully enters your heart, they will stay there forever, it might fade with time, but the love will always be there. I know action speaks louder than words, and Im truly apologetic that my actions aren't consistent and what i do frays away from what i say, but i know my heart, i know how it feels). Thank you, my very first best friend, my very first true friend. I am sorry, and I will love you forever.)

2)Angel, Denise, Jacq Choo, Ling Yu

(In no order)
3)Jean, Kaiting, Adeline






9)TP friends who makes my life less stressful + much enjoyment :)

10) + ^_^
++ Ville Valo & Angelina Jolie oh oh maddox too !! HOTTEST TODDLER EVER