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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, October 30, 2009 || 9:25 PM

Hey denise, i suddenly really miss you. I dont like talking to you on msn because its different ... prefer talking to you face to face, the animated actions(from me) your retarded expressions. (Even your retarded ex boyfriend's retarded jokes and his bloody retardedness) Do you still remember how he swung our heads????? The cracking... I dont like to skype with you too, because both the in built mic sucks and i always can't catch what you wanna tell me.
Remember i told you to relish the feeling when we hugged? Do you still remember how it felt? Cuz fuck i don't
Yesterday at angel's place, we were goofing around and suddenly we said the same thing ...
'wish denise was here'
It's like a friend i know'd be there being out of the perimeters within reach.
I miss calling you. I miss calling you and you not answering then i'll call your house and you'll be SSSSH WHY U CALL MY HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT
Remember macaroons? How you like to buy a whole hell lot of them ... while i get obsessed with my aunty anne's?
Bloody hell i havent even been to cafe del mar with you before. And also ... i miss having breakfast with you and your family ... I rmbr how you suan your dad ' Humble people dont say that they are humble'. DO YOU REMEMBER?
And atc ... how i always go missing....
And ... after we chill by the poolside, we'd always go to the toilet and you'd pose slutty poses and ask us whether you look hot like that or not.
And how you prepared during prom and i had to sit by a corner seeing a professional hairdresser do your hair..............................................................................................................................
I want to admit something too, that i feel quite pissed whenever you comment that floral prints and lace look like ah mah clothes because i love them alot !!!!! Oh yes, and .... kushiongbo ... how you wanted to let me and jean try your green tea ice cream with tea weird concoction.
It's nice but too creamy lah babe....
and how i suggested going to the toilet and be bullimic for one day because go buffet eat so little damn wasted sia ...
Fucking hard. You use stone instead of flour huh?
I also rmbr you did another batch just before we went in the hall for o's.
And also, when we went skating in paris ris, how you looked like a penguin. I should have totally videoed it down ... How we ' okay 1 2 3 push over the hump okay?' how you fell down and your face got fucking red cuz you were bloody paiseh...
i also remember you telling me how weird it felt cuddling ___ during the chalet and i told you the same how weird i felt cuddling _______ ....
i miss bumping into you around corners and alongside corridors when we were still docked in pinafores ...

|| 4:00 AM

My nails now very cmi but i srsly can't be bothered. Somebody says i use nailbrush like a kid using paintbrush like that. I've secret talent i've yet to unleash okay ...
I luv cafe galilee's sandwiches i luv topshop's sales more
bye bye !!!!! good weekend ahead lovelys <3

Monday, October 26, 2009 || 4:38 AM

I feel kinda sad right now. The very happy and chirpy old uncle living downstairs passed away.
When i returned from school jnw, i bumped into his wife at the lift area, she smiled cheerfully at me and said hi. She's going to be alone now ....


Saturday, October 24, 2009 || 5:56 PM



Effa hahahahahahaha she's damn funny. She was at the doctor, and cuz of the h1n1 cases, she was given a mask to wear while waiting for her turn. And then when it was her turn, the doctor asked her the usual questions, like flu blah blah travel to countries blahblah then the doctor asked her to open her mouth, and she .... opened her mouth

-.- take your mask off ......

Oh yezz we went flea-ing and i bought a top and she bought a bag! yippppppie. We had green tea x red bean x dark chocolate i screammmmmmmmmmmmmm beside the river i didnt wanna sit anywhere near there cuz it was quite scary and effa understood my phobia ^_^
many people wld go like 'wtf there are steps there right?'

i keep having headaches nowadays so bloody annoying zz

Friday, October 23, 2009 || 7:54 AM

Starbucks fling says:
eh i give you one url
its quite cool
its music
dont worry AHAHAHAH
EFFA says:
im not that worried cause you are a girl
if you were a guy, i would
but if you were a guy, and i was a guy too, maybe i wont really worry


Thursday, October 22, 2009 || 12:11 AM


Whn you stare hard enough, you might be able to see more details. Many more pictures in the overall picture. On the other hand, you might lose what you've seen in the first place.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 || 8:51 AM


Weijie should put this as his facebook display picture

I think (omg i forgot his name for 2 seconds) Jason looks like Mario

After check in

We played this laser game in this really dark room there were like green laser beams all arnd and we had to crawl jump lie still to avoid touching the beams to get to the other end or else a siren wld go off like those cartoon action pack coming to life!!!

THEN WE WENT TO THIS RIPLEY BELIEVE IT OR NOT. It's like a museum/fun facts thingy.

I super itchy hand i kept groping two statutes and they turn out to be fertility statues !!! The female statue had pointed triangular boobies ... and there was this place where they had a mirror and they said only 1 in i forgot how many people can roll their tongues and flip their tongues so we tried lah then at the end of the tour we realize people inside can see what we're doing lol.... free show -__-

Thiz is made up of toothpicks or matches i can't remember. Whichever also quite amazing la!

Tallest guy ever

Liliputian. Wah lau lor

We went to the haunted house also! Kellyann started laughing her kellyann laughter and she spotted a ghost hiding then she pointed and said 'EH I SEE YOU ALR' then the ghost sian liao... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

We decided to pamper ourselves tooooooooooooooo. Fish spa + head&shoulder massage.

Feels like electric *wink wink*

We bought masks too!


After breakfast we chanced upon this shop which sells super colourful stuffs !!!! SUPER CUTE

Kellyann looks super pretty here !!


Hee hee i exchanged with kellyann my shades for her super chio headband :D



Oh and then we decided to go to the theme park cuz it'd be really retarded if we came to genting and don't go to the themepark lah...

Spinner. So pretty! Elynn shoes both flung to weijie's HAHAHAHA

We were looking at this particular kid ... her head was stuck between the metal thingy... >.<
Behind us is weijie! Can see can see?

This tiger damn funny. Yknw why he covering his mouth? Cuz i looked up from his mouth and saw his face HAHAHAHAH

Third day, this was in Johor. Guys left first cuz they didnt wanna shop with us. Kellyann had a manicure done while elynn and i had foot massage.

Food was nice manzzz

This monkey tried to attack us... At first we stood from a distance then we said 1 2 3 then we all took a step forward HAHAHA look damn retarded it was like we were playing the A E I O U game!!!

There were still alot of other blonde/ funny moments i cannot remember alrd you know i have STM right oh yes i remember one when me and kellyann stepped into boon keng mrt she said very loudly OMG I CAN SMELL THE BOON KENG AIR and people just gave us the weird stare ... LOL LOL
liquid kitchen w angel & kewei & wenqin, shyam's place, lunch& shopping with jacq choo
oh yezz ... im in psychology for my CDS >.<
Denise just gave me a super awful guilt trip ... sighhhhhhhhhh sorry babe i luv u