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Sunday, January 31, 2010 || 4:43 AM

*grins from ear to ear*
this weekend has been an awesome one because i managed to spend quality time with people who are important to me :)
Correction, very important to me.
Correction, important's an understatement.
Anyway, i just made a trip down to the library and while i was spacing out from my psychology notes, i saw the two cutest kids ever!!! The library's cafe works like pastamania, you get to take the cutleries first and then they'll serve the food to you. The cashier then passed the small boy (about 6 years old) a fork, a spoon, a straw, and a stirrer. Anyway for your information, you're supposed to suck the drink from the stirrer as it acts two way. After 5 mins or so, the staff passed him what i think is a cup of hot chocolate. The boy placed the straw inside, then looked at the stirrer, then put the stirrer in, then looked at the spoon, and he started scooping the hot chocolate from the spoon LOL.
Then after that his dad and his younger brother came to him and because chinese new year is coming, you know those PAP kids, they like to do those 'fishes' from ang pow packets? The younger brother took out the fish from his pocket and showed his dad, and the older brother accidentally 'tore' the tail. The younger brother started crying which i think is more of cute to sad lol...
Then suddenly he stopped crying and looked at me. I smiled at him (hehehehe how i wish i could bring him home!!!) Then he turned to his older brother and said ' You see, jie jie staring at you already, she angry you tear my fish.'
*heart melts*