"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, May 28, 2010 || 8:26 AM

Dont let people push you arnd, unless if you're in a wagon or smthg.

I cant wait for exams to be over, then i can head for a getaway with peck peck! Plus denise's coming back! And hopefully i'll learn to swim and hopefully there'll be camps to do!
'Our generation is a total disaster, a total wreck'

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 || 9:42 PM

It feels like i'm holding on to nothing more except for memories :'}
I bought my first ever maxi dress!

Saturday, May 15, 2010 || 11:34 AM

We keep seeking for lovers to fill the void in/complete us. But the thing is, fulfillment can only be found within us, only we're responsible for it, and only we can provide it for ourselves. They can be our pillar of support but we're the motherfucking beams.
Only we can provide it for ourselves.
Only we can provide it for ourselves.
Only we

Had steamboat w the usual three jnw. All of us were feeling kinda stoned. Barely had a round of helping. Left the place, went to a quieter place. Our minds are already a mess of its own.
Jean x hermind vs the world
Adel x herexboyf
Kt x family vs school
Wasted our bloody 20ish ++ i had barely a serving of meat, few buns, few prawns.
Headed to tpy w white, as usual deja vu feeling, pointed out places we used to go to, spent hell alot of time at those places. Really miss those times. It was literally a walk down memory lane.

I miss some people.

Friday, May 14, 2010 || 6:29 AM

We only dream about things/people we actually know.
But the situation can be really ...weird
I dreamt of someone texting me in another friend's style (he has a particular way of texting) & showing me something which another particular friend always does.
It's like ... my three friends fusion into one.

It's a losing game, but we keep playing only because we're addicted. Whatever reasons to each their own.

'Van Gogh paints painfully'

Aisyah made me pleasantly surprised today because she asked me to locate Jodi Picoults' books for her

Sunday, May 9, 2010 || 2:58 AM

Dorothy Perkins has got such awesome cuttings sigh i am soooo tempted to get one but
1) i dont swim so it's useless
2) i only wear it to tan& i dont want such weird tanlines
3)it's expensive
4)not practical
Number 3 is the most vital reason for me to ditch the idea because cmon, even if its not practical, useless & gives me weird tanlines, BUTTTTT if it's like 10$, i would GRAB IT OFF THE RACK without THINKING. <-- analyze consumer behavior NOW HAHAHAHAHAH *dies*

But on the sadder side, it's not 10$ but x6 of it so slashkick!!!!

Oh yezzz had lunch w ali& rif too. Seriously.... i love being with these people.

Anyway, some bod bod bod yyyyy had her cherry popped for fleas whahahahaha i got like 5/6 tops ?!?!?! She got 2 but she has super high standards for her clothes so heheheheh it was super awesome cheap thrill retail therapy. One of my new top is super bizarre! I went O.O when i saw it & rif kept egging me to get it because it's just fun to have such a piece.

Anyway, went to cafe del mar, chillax, had good conversations, people watched, enjoyed the music, consumed good food & drinks (for me sorry rif!!!!!!!!)

My purrrrrrrfect saturday ;)


Anyway my friends seriously.... funny ah..
Jason: I bought next chill. Half half?
Me: Okay!
Jason: Pass it to you tmr! See you
Me: See you clown
Jason: See you a piece of shit

Omg miss you guys lah :'(

Thursday, May 6, 2010 || 10:23 AM

Been feeling kind of jaded recently, I don’t know what/how/when I started holding a position in the blue-ish side. Sidetracking, I have no idea why people relate sadness to blue. Blue, to me has always been a sunshine color (take away orange,red,crimson). Okay maybe because the pretty swirling clouds are usually whiteish blue. Sad color should be …grass green. I hate grass green. It’s just a feeling of whereby a heavy dose of atmosphere’s clogging up your fucking head, too much for comfort, too much to let you breathe easy. The weather has been one hell of a bitch recently. I shall start to support the go green project. Buy from bodyshop, use less plasticbags, recycle materials, make accessories out of waterbottles and aluminium cans or something. Anyway, I miss having the fried fish soup @ tamp’s bus inter’s coffeeshop. Dip the fish in chilli padi. Woah… shioooook!

Anyway…. I suddenly have this liking for symmetry. Tribal, images, drawings, patterns which are symmetrical. It’s very pleasant to look at. I somehow will directly link it to optical illusions. Very artistic leh no? When I come across those stencils, it somehow connects to ink + my body. Hahahahaha you know what im driving at.

Sigh it’s so frigging boring. Gonna do research for my project. Fucking boring. Bye

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 || 6:57 AM

so many people enter and leave your life, hundreds of thousands of people, you have to keep the door open so they can come in, but it also means you have to let them go

feeling like shit right now

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 || 4:34 AM

You see, sometimes sorrow gets too heavy.

I miss quite a number of used to be close friends, i miss them. lots.