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Sunday, June 20, 2010 || 8:47 PM

After returning from my Tioman trip, i've secretly stashed this thought at the back of my mind -- invest in a good camera. Clovie & i both didnt bring any cameras along (we dont own any!) Surprise surprise? HAHAHA.

We had all our breakfasts/lunches/dinner all by the seaside. (but whenever we eat there'll be a fucking army of houseflies swarming to the both of us. Note, US, not our food. But US !!! Okay lah, maybe abit the food lah hehehehe)

Anyway, our first chalet room was a total wreck. There was a bed, a basin, a toiletbowl, a showerhead which doesnt work, and .... windows OOOOH and a clothesline connecting from our bed to the window! . It was super dirty because we were treading in soil and you know im the heck care kind, i wont give a damn to wash my slippers until i saw clovie doing it, then i will go and wash. So imagine the entrance ( full of dried mud and sand and dirt) WHAHAHAHAH :\

ANYWAY, we went snorkelling and diving and trekking to another island then snorkelled back! I espically loved the trekking. Somehow or rather, the feeling of mud and soil beneath my skin is a very calming and pleasant feeling. The seabed was like another heaven, it was SUPER CALMING. And it was like as if i was actually staring at clouds -- underwater. Serenity hmmmmm. There was this school of fishes which appeared like glitter underwater too! Super pretty. OH, and the sea warrior scooped up a huge turtle because clovie told him i havent seen one before and you know, we were waddling in the foot gear (forgot what its called) so i could balance i kept tipping over so it was really scary cuz it seemed as if im going to fucking fall into the arms of the turtle ... huge turtle! not the terapin kind.

Screams : Nature!!!!!!

On the very last day, a robber sneaked into our chalet room -____- Before that everybody was telling me about how they've ghosts and spirits in Tioman and i said 'oh well i havent seen them before so perhaps i'd see one of them today'


SO ANYWAY, i heard noises, actually they're kinda loud (so i have no idea why clovie was still sleeping like a dead girl) but i couldnt be bothered to go check it out. Then i heard more noises and more noises so i just opened my eyes and i saw THIS SKINNY TOPLESS PERSON who resembles a MONKEY ONLY TALLER VERY NEAR CLOVIE. Like fucking cheek to cheek kinda near! So anyway, at first i dont know whether it was a human being or a fucking spirit so i just exclaimed


(till now i still have no idea whether i said it in my heart or whether i really said it verbally)

the person saw me and my eyes were opened so he knew i knew he was there.
BUT, i still didnt know whether he was human or spirit so....
i used the blanket to shield my eyes -____-
then i heard a thud and i opened my eyes again that person is gone and i realized the window's open! so conclusion :

So i shook clovie and asked her to wake up and i told her there was a fucking robber !
The first thing she mumbled was ...
'Jacq are you fucking drunk?'
'No i am not fucking drunk look at the fucking window!'

AND THEN WE wandered about what to do for about .... i dont know, maybe 20mins?

Anyway, we lost the key which i thought i left hanging at the door but it dropped into clovie's bag so we had no key to return to the landlord so on the day of departing, WE CHIONG out of the chalet room and headed str8 to the ferry terminal.

I miss the food(tom yum soup and kai lan) :'( and i miss trekking barefooted and i miss snorkelling looking at wonders :'(


ANYWAY hehehehehe shopping list
: Niceeeeee pretty panties
: demin shorts !
: Nude harem pants
: Black maxi
: wedgesssssssss
: Ankle tie kinda flare pants (brown!)

OKAYYYYY BYEEEEE! Going to catch karate kid! Craving for butterscotch cookies w caramel & chocolate from WILD HONEY and THAI EXPRESS'S tom yum/honey chicken rice/bbq seafood platter (!)