"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Friday, July 30, 2010 || 7:58 PM

I hate it when i see that particular phrase used improper, or applied in the wrong context. It's just unfit, and it diminishes how much it means to me.

Pf ft


Anywayyyyyy ,

:) luv y'all!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010 || 9:51 PM

Tues = steamboat buffet w mich, pammy (supposingly her bday dinner) & jamie.
spammed fried mantous (cripsy golden brown exterior with the fluffy white insides mmmmm...) 1/4 of our table was filled with that! + black pepper crab (surprisingly good for a steamboat's buffet). Had the deja vu feeling of eating in korea because of the contrasting cold weather outside while eating something boiling hot mmmmmm. Had 6 mango puddings as well hahahahahaaa.
Mich already thought of how to conceal her tummy by wearing somethg puffy, idiot, never remind me also! & the best thing is, it was only 17$ hahahaha. The privilege of being a student ;)

Weds= Dinner w alvin. Hahahaha thank you for being such an angel ytd mr light sleeper. Maybe we'll rock the waters together soon! Drama boy!

Thurs= dinner @ bar bar w kaye, shayne, ke wei, jason, elynn (supposingly her bday dinner), kelly, cheryl, hui yi, hui xian, wen wah, sky.
Love being around with the usual bunch! <3

Today hahahaha was supposed to attack Rose Verenda but was postponed due to unforseen circumstances. Burned 2 hours in the gym yesterday so i dont feel that bad, gonna head to the gym after on later befr meeting white for the lib!

Jason said i'm very fortunate to have tons of great friends arnd me. I agree ^_^

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 || 7:21 AM

i wish i'm able to lend you a supporting hand this time round

Sunday, July 25, 2010 || 10:54 AM

Like two traitors trailing off for a fix ;)

Saturday, July 24, 2010 || 8:46 AM

Mich mich mich! ^_^

The toughest decision in life is to determine which bridges to cross and which to burn.
If confused, dont cross dont burn, let it be.

|| 6:20 AM

It's all about perspective, perspective & perspective :)
Read this book- Chicken Soup for the prisoner's soul. There was this particular recount about how a man forgave his son's murderer. Forgiveness brings peace. Revenge is secondary. Whatever made a human kill another is horrifying though. Why is there so much hatred and anger in someone?
Clovie said that there's always some good in the worst people.
True but...
there will also always be some bad in the best people.
Even hitler who has taken away hell lot of human lifes, has a woman who he really loves.
Bottom line is, there will always be a balance in life la.
Anyway, projects are all finally down. Two presentations to go & holidays are coming! Wondering if i should go for a getaway during the month? Or should i wholely focus on the exams?
Mum surprised me by bringing me on a MAC spree. Love the little black cases the makeup comes in :> I'm sucha leech ! But i'm a happy leecher! Hahahah whateverrrrr.
At work, there was this guy who got his food order wrong. Apparently he asked to change his fries to wedges, and he got coleslaw instead. I think the cashier heard wrongly, change to 'wedge' sounds like 'veg'. He was so hilarious la even though he was damn fucking angry.
He said to me : ' I am counting to 10 right now because i am furious!'
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck i nearly laughed in his face.
How i wish i could reply
' Sure sir, should i start the ball rolling? 1...2.....3....'

I can't wait for tuessssssssday working for this fashion event with michy and pamy probably doing backstage? Hopefully we'll get to dress hot modellllls! Miss camps too, supposed to go down for a campfire but i am too lazy to move my ass !

Just got back from a shopping & library trip with click click! Love!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 || 12:35 AM

Woah, stress is really a convinient excuse for me (+Mich +Pam) to eat.
Hmmm let's see, it's 3.37PM & i've already eaten 2Toggis, 3 siewmais, 3nuggets, 2ice milos, 1 watermelon, 1 packet of prawn crackers, a bite of doublecheeseburger& some abalone nuts.
And sky wants to eat nasi padang later ...

Friday, July 16, 2010 || 10:15 AM

Painted my nails yan yan strawberry dip color (creamy pink- nude pink gloss color) & everybody says the color is nice but doesnt suit me !
On monday, it'll be officially one less project to fret over. Damn sinful... dinner dates to look forward to : Shangri-la buffet & steamboat ! (fried man tous here i comeeeee!)
Project period i've been spamming myself with food. Food is like my only comfort :(
Alvin's gonna take the 1 star kayaking course already.... Wth man. I still havent yet signed up. Oh my gosh..... I dont know when to shedule the dates too when now my free time is loaded with work and i have to find a slot whereby it fits into mine & garfield's schedule........ I ALSO HAVENT LEARNT SWIMMING *faints* Okay, shant complain, i chose this myself. Aiya, work = money...
Looking forward to 18th oct ! Flying to hongkong ! Hopefully after hongkong arnd late oct or early nov i'll be heading down to cambodia ! *prays* please please... let me have enough money and let me find a friend to go with....
I really want to experience a different kind of life. Understand the people's culture and open my eyes, mind and soul to various things...
Streak of wanderlust as you can see....

I feel so bleh now... i miss having someone to hold to sleep..

I miss doing camps :'(

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 || 7:37 AM

People refuse help because they feel that their self esteem depends on their being 'independant'. We fear that somehow or other we have been diminished because we need,want, and desire another person's help. That's because of our indiviualistic, independant culture. We have a sense that we should be like the mythical cowboy. Free, easy, able to do anything, able to take on and conquer anything and live in the world without the need for other people. The Lone Ranger type. We don't allow ourselves to develop a sense of interpersonal needs. And that, is very unfortunate. Because in truth, we need each other more than we know. These needs are very great on the emotional, psychological and physical level, but we tend to avoid exposing it like the plague.

As i grow up, i meet new people, and some of them are pretty independent. I learnt from them and understand that doing things alone are okay. There's no need to worry about how others view you. It's okay to have lunch alone in town, it's okay to be seen alone shopping in the busiest streets in Bugis. When i was in secondary four, i told myself that it's really okay, but i wasnt utterly convinced. I still bothered about how others view me. Whenever i tell myself, maybe it really is okay. What lay behind that was also 'maybe it really is not okay.'
Probably say a year ago, maybe it's self fufillment, i dont know, but i was getting really comfortable with myself. I started doing things by myself. It felt so good, not depending on anybody. Of course friends are good company, but sometimes, humans need to have alone time (and that is, really important to me)

I've also stopped being angry with people. You know why? Because there's simply no reason why you should. Firstly, you're being hard on yourself. Secondly, everybody should always remember that nobody on earth is supposed to live up to your expectations. Yes, the ones you love disappoint you, but it's their life, it's their choice. You can't do anything about it. And you shouldn't, because it's THEIR life.
It's okay to mope around for a while, but come on, you're much better than that.
You cannot control how they feel/think, but you can do it to yourself.
Understand that some things they do is human nature. People in different parts of their lives they will want to experience/have more things. Understand that, because when it comes to yourself, it's the same thing.
I've also not been someone who likes to control another, i don't tell others what to do and what not to do. Because i've always had this mentality : If they'd do it, they will. If they don't, they won't. But i know this bo chup attitude is quite bad. Maybe i should chup abit more ...

Gonna head to bed now! Damn tired, havent been sleeping much lately.
Fuck laaaaa i craving for tom yum!!!!!

|| 3:53 AM

Shit la.... Getting fatter and fatter already. After work, went with faird, elvy, and yee may to have frog porridge, orh lua, & stingray !! Farid drives like a maniac, he speeds so fast to the extend that the smell of the tyres can be smelt. First thing i do when i hop on is to BUCKLE MY SEATBELT.
Jason really funny man.... that clique came over for mj and everybody was nua-ing on the sofa falling asleep already and suddenly he called angel.
'Eh ask jacq come open the door im stuck in her toilet!'
'Oi Jacq jason stuck in your toilet'
'Oh okay.'
'Eh babe, can dont help him anot? I lazy to move ...'
Then we just IGNORED him and he was stuck inside until he managed to find the correct way of pushing the door.
Hahahahahahahah sorry ah j....

I still remembered sleeping over at xq's place and the door BLOODY DROPPED ON ME.

I've to pass for the T3 L2 camp in msia because of work commitments. :'(

Saturday, July 10, 2010 || 11:37 AM

Fleamarkets alwayssssss make me very happy. This time i got myself 4 new stuffs ;)
Total spend like $2 + $2 +$5+ $5 = 14$?!
Met denise, headed over to taka to wait for jason & headed back to my house for zi char. Sambal kangkong & hotplate tofu! I loveeee.
Junyong & Angel came shortly after.
Raided my wardrobe and gave away some clothes which i dont wear anymore to angel and denise. Now they're outside bored of majhong and starting inventing a new game shooting majhong tiles at each other...............
I feel like sleeping :\
I feel so bloated and my tummy's spilling out. I hate feeling fat.....
Think i'm skipping Zouk's flea tmr........... Heading str8 to work (even though my workplace's like a 5mins walk away -.-)

Friday, July 9, 2010 || 8:43 PM

My second day of work was great :)

There was this guy who wanted to ask for the bill, and i was kinda confused because i thought he had already paid for his drinks so i told him politely that he had already paid. He said he has a card on hold and he whipped out his AMEX card and asked me to head to the bar to double check because he has another bill accumulating (think was the finger food). I went, and there was this 27$ bill. I headed over to him, apologized for the wait, and signed on the receipt. I realized he was signing at the wrong area and told him. Turns out he will adding 10$ to the bill for a tip.

' Because you had to go all the way to get my card, here's a little tip for you'

'Now you've my autograph!'

I was the one at blunder, and all the way = like a 10 second walk, and thats like my job! Oh gosh, there's so nice people around seriously! Other singaporeans will just gimme the wtf face....

:) :) :)

After working we drank like dogs.... i hate vodka officially eewwww...
luckily elvy finished half my drinks for me so nice of her!
okay gonna print my cds stuffs and shower and head to meet stitch!
tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight !
anyway check these out ! :


Dont you think the outfits super prince of persia!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 || 6:49 PM

where troubles melt like lemon drops ~
When i get my paycheck and holidays, i hope besides the HK trip, i'd be able to go somewhere else. Probably Cambodia !!!! :)
Met shuyi for dinner yesterday, such a sweetie. She remembered me saying prince of persia as one of my top fav movies and she bought the dvd for me.....
When i ordered yellow ginger chicken rice @ thai express, the waitress asked if i want to reconsider my order because that dish is particularly spicy spicy hot hot hot.
Shuyi said i just have to provoke trouble lol cuz i went ahead with it and bloody hell i think i'm one of those who has a high threshold for spicy food but that dish made me teared a little !
First day of work, everything went okay, colleagues were all good. Made my first mojito, failed badly man. Tasted more like lime soda, no rum taste even though i poured a shot hopefully when i turn 18 they'll train me behind the bar ! New things to learn ^_^
I miss being deep in the water, i miss the feeling of peace and calmness.

Friday, July 2, 2010 || 7:29 PM

The weather recently is so nice to sleep in! Pull the covers a little higher, feel a little warmer, and hide in your little cocoon of sweet sweet dreams.
Anyway, i had dinner at this indian restaurant @ novena, guess how much their bowl of white rice is? Frigging FIVE BUX! Oh my god. Imported one ah, must pay shipping& handling fee one is it !
Anyway, i have a new job! Hopefully i will still be able to balance work, play and studies!\
Anyway, just wanna share what i read in 'Have a little faith'
'When a child comes into the world, their hands are clenched right?'
'Why? Because a baby not knowing any better, wants to grab everything, to say ' The whole world is mine'.
'But when an old person dies, he has learnt his lesson, he dies with his hands open.'
What lesson?
We can take nothing with us.