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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Saturday, July 24, 2010 || 6:20 AM

It's all about perspective, perspective & perspective :)
Read this book- Chicken Soup for the prisoner's soul. There was this particular recount about how a man forgave his son's murderer. Forgiveness brings peace. Revenge is secondary. Whatever made a human kill another is horrifying though. Why is there so much hatred and anger in someone?
Clovie said that there's always some good in the worst people.
True but...
there will also always be some bad in the best people.
Even hitler who has taken away hell lot of human lifes, has a woman who he really loves.
Bottom line is, there will always be a balance in life la.
Anyway, projects are all finally down. Two presentations to go & holidays are coming! Wondering if i should go for a getaway during the month? Or should i wholely focus on the exams?
Mum surprised me by bringing me on a MAC spree. Love the little black cases the makeup comes in :> I'm sucha leech ! But i'm a happy leecher! Hahahah whateverrrrr.
At work, there was this guy who got his food order wrong. Apparently he asked to change his fries to wedges, and he got coleslaw instead. I think the cashier heard wrongly, change to 'wedge' sounds like 'veg'. He was so hilarious la even though he was damn fucking angry.
He said to me : ' I am counting to 10 right now because i am furious!'
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck i nearly laughed in his face.
How i wish i could reply
' Sure sir, should i start the ball rolling? 1...2.....3....'

I can't wait for tuessssssssday working for this fashion event with michy and pamy probably doing backstage? Hopefully we'll get to dress hot modellllls! Miss camps too, supposed to go down for a campfire but i am too lazy to move my ass !

Just got back from a shopping & library trip with click click! Love!