"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Monday, August 30, 2010 || 10:01 AM

Plunge of faith. Feels like he's actually leaping into a supermassive black hole which'll suck him up. Enter another world. Beneath the darkness there might be light.

/I wanna see glitter in the waters just in front of my eyes again. It's like a miracle. You see how magical mother nature is and your insignificant troubles/worries just fade away. You feel so small, like you're a speck of dust on earth. This is one of the best effects of travelling. It opens up your eyes, and mind.

Thursday, August 26, 2010 || 4:30 PM

// This post contains alot of yion (and me) and the best chocolate cake i've ever eaten in my (almost) 18 years.

@ the Museum
(was collecting pictures for our cds proj)
The inner cave had records of deceased local singers, imitations of olden sarong kebayas, stickstructures& 2 huge flags of olden s'pore, a repeating broadcast of the sg pledge, & a hell lot of other a 40 year old would find nostalgic items/memoirs.

Aft this picture was taken we both decided to tailor make a maxi dress. Im thinking of chiffon, rope material and alot alot alot of back details. Okay maybe not alot, but back details def ^_^

Hi tea @ rose veranda. Mad crazy awesome range of desserts to choose from all fucking orgasmic. They had this creme something which had caramel straight burnt sugar i loveeeeeee the smell and taste <3

Not really a meat person i spammed sushis and the veggies our nasi padang stall in tp sells hahahahahahaha shit i feel like having sushis now. Love the tomyum too because there's free flow of prawns. Im a prawn person, i love prawns espically chewy ones!!!!!!!

I hate it when things i've to do become routines because when it does, i lose the anticipation and in turn it becomes a dread. Like studying, i love studying, bt at my own pace, i hate having to follow a timetable (no wonder im sucha disorganized human being). Or, working. I love working, but when i have a shedule to follow, my attitude twards it goes on a 180 degree trip.

Hehe, have been craving for century egg porridge recently. Gonna go have some later after i sleep!

Thursday, August 19, 2010 || 5:26 AM

Went to rif's place, discussed about religion & spirituality. Got freaked out by what i heard. Don't know how she managed to deal with it (like as if she has a choice :\) when she was physically present. Kept thinking of what clovie said if she has such an encounter ' Kill me just kill me...' I didnt use to fear much about these but recently im starting to feel goosebumps. I've always believed in the existance of evil spirits though from my upbringing.
Anyway, I've this habit of having haagendaz after my meals. Fuck man. I'd actually choose Haagendaz over B&J now. B&J's too sweet for me. Fuck. As im typing this im craving for this macademia one. Ah fuck, just returned not too long from germaine's & elephant's chalet. There were like 3 cakes left & two half tubs of b&j haagendaz. Fuckkkk they better dont throw them away....
In a week i think i've eaten three half tubes :\
Okay nevermind. It's perfectly humane to be sinful at times.
Elvy kept recommending me to read a book when she was like kinda high (she drank 3/4 bottle of macallen HERSELF) -__-
It was a kinky sensual sexual mmmmm book. The author understands and is really good at describing how the human body functions. Okay rifhan, will recommend to you soon hahahaha :\
Was playing a drinking game, everybody was supposed to say an author (starting from me)
Jodi Picoult
Enid Blyton
Dorothy Perkins
*stun* DOROTHY PERKINS? Hahahahah fuck yeah topshop also author right!
Anyway, go catch aftershock! It's a really good movie in my opinon. Touching, was tearing through the movie. It's about how a mum had to choose between one of her twins to save during a war.
My mind's kinda whoozy right now.
It feels so good to let some emotions flow through the windows of the soul. I still find it difficult to release my negative emotions via that manner because i . just. can't . seem. to. I'd love to but i just can't!
Oh oh anyway! I bought new pretty pretty shoezzzzz (which are pretty unstable i think i bought half a size bigger :\)
I'm clicking aimlessly on sgflea now trying to raise the bar of being lucky, spotting smthg i'd love to carry on my skin for a fleamart $.
Nothing good so far.
Energy roams better when clutters are removed.
I think i should go declutter my block my mess.

p.s/ can i have honey baaa mus tard please?

Sunday, August 15, 2010 || 12:19 AM

Many things self correct in time.
Many things self correct in time.
Many things self correct in time.
Many things self correct in time.
Many things self correct in time.
Many things self correct in time.
Many things self correct in time.
In time
In timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn time
In time
In timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn timeIn time

Time proves/shows/reflects everything.
And it goes, bam, in your face, told you so.
Cmon people, toss out the rusty anchors, espically those embedded deep within because they dont bring you further, they are a barrier they prevent you from going deeper. Keeps you safe from the deep waters? You'll die die die from cold, hungry sharks, poisonous jellyfishes. You're a helpless seavictim.
So unmotivated & lazy for work. Sigh. Help?

Friday, August 13, 2010 || 8:27 PM

Three holidays buddies, what's better than that?! Im so excited ;)
Sometimes when i dont respond to friendly customers with the same level of enthusiasm, i feel bad for the entire day :\
This week's a good good week :)


Take a dirty picture of me take a dirty picture for me ~

Saturday, August 7, 2010 || 8:22 PM

I'm happy for the few hours i'm busy, then for the next few, i stumble into my spiral of negativity and emotions again.
Need to stop living like this.
Need to stop coming up with stupid excuses/reasons of whatever's happening.
Need to stop wondering

Need to start living for myself.
Need to be genuinely happy.

On a lighter note, have been swimming for the past few days 8-)
Served tao ze, but didnt know it was him until he left -.-

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 || 7:52 AM

sweet surprises always spring up to you at the most unexpected times :}