"Jacqueline Koh
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Sunday, October 31, 2010 || 10:47 AM

Stubborn and hard-hearted. Strong-willed and highly motivated. Sharp thoughts. Easily angered. Attracts others and loves attention. Deep feelings. Beautiful physically and mentally. Firm Standpoint. Needs no motivation. Shy towards opposite sex. Easily consoled. Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. Strong clairvoyance. Understanding. Sickness usually in the ear and neck.. Good imagination. Good physical. Weak breathing. Loves literature and the arts. Loves travelling. Dislike being at home. Restless. having many children. Hardworking. High spirited.

Let's break this down and see how true it is.

Stubborn & hard hearted - Stubborn only when i am sure whatever i am doing is right and when i've already put my mind down to acheieving something. Hard hearted only when i feel that the receiever has went over my limits and only when he/she deserves it.
Strong willed & highly motivated - Nah, i'm a lazy bum. If rating on a scale from 1- 10, i'd be ranked maybe .... 2?
Sharp thoughts - Sharp thoughts? Define them for me please?
Easily angered- Nah, not really, i cant be bothered to even be angry these days. Why so serious?
Attracts others and loves attention - Attracts others not in the positive manner, my crazy personality makes many go wtf?! Loves attention, yeah kind of, it depends though, it's always nice if people around you actually cares and bothers to listen to what you actually have to say. Human nature, duh. Over the board attention, nope. Okay maybe a little, okay maybe no.
Deep feelings - I am someone who doesnt fall in love easily, but once i do, i fall pretty hard.
Beautiful physically and mentally - I think beautiful physically, no. But i do think beautiful thoughts :)
Firm standpoint, needs no motivation - I do stand for my rights and have some unshakeable views about certain issues.
Shy towards opposite sex - Errrrr, if only i find you attractive. If not, no ^_^
Easily consoled - I am confused about this. Maybe in the short term yeah, but i'll still keep thinking about the issue in the long term.
Systematic (left brain) - Yeah, when i clasp my hands fingers over fingers my right thumb is over my left so that means i'm a lefty. Erm but i'm not systematic?!
Loves to dream - Definately, i'm a dreamer :)
Strong clairvoyance- My initution's always spot on, but only when i do not delude myself with something i decide i wanna know.
Understanding - Uh huh, sometimes people take advantage of that
Sickness usually in the ear and neck - What? In a sexual way or what? In a clinical diagnosis, no, i dont think so?
Good imagination - I'm a dreamer i told you!
Good physical- Depending
Weak breathing- Yes, and it's freaking me out
Loves literature & the arts - I love reading ALOT, and i love to head to the museusms, theatrical performances. One point is because it is never the same, it always changes, and you get to see many different viewpts from different strangers :)
Loves travelling - You kidding me? I LOVE TRAVELLING.
Dislike being at home - I am beginning to appreciate being at home, doing my own stuffs having alone time :)
Restless- I promise i am able to sit still if i NEED to.
Having many children- Hahahaha, is this a relevation?
Hardworking - Uhhhh, nah uh.
High spirited - I always try to be!

Friday, October 29, 2010 || 9:35 AM

Hahahhaha testing out the lappy's new webcam!
Yesterday was great having a heart to heart talk with ksc, she must be my long lost sister, or maybe it's a scorpio trait, we think alike, act alike, love the same things/people, is really actually very insecure when our lives seem perfect.
We also have the mentality of a guy.
Thank you, the great being who is up there, for giving me such a wonderful friend, who understands whatever i am saying.
She's also my guardian angel (omgxzxz so corny!) yknw why? because whenever i am at the peak of my saddest periods, or whenever i need desperate help or get myself into shit, she is always magically there to remind/help me.
I have this REALLY sweet friend by the way, who surprised me yesterday with something special :) Thank you for the gift, even though i am supposed to be the one giving you something because you're the one going away for some time.
Even though i dont really show my appreciation via physical means/ faical expressions or words, i really appreciate every single little thing you do :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010 || 6:12 AM

Colors Of The Wind

You think i'm a ignorant savage, and you been so many places i guess it must be so.but still i can not see if the savage one is me, how can there be so much that you don't know..you don't know......
you think you own whatever land you land on
the earth is just a dead thing you can claim,
but i know very rock and tree and creature
has a life has a spirit has a name.
you think the only people who are people,
are the people who look and think like you,
but if you walked the footsteps of a stranger you'd learn things you never knew, you never knew
Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue cold moon,
or asked the grining bobcat why he grins.
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain,
[ Disney Lyrics are found on www.songlyrics.com ]
can you paint with all the colors of the wind, can you paint with all the colors of the wind

Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest,
come taste the sun sweet berries of the earth,
come roll in all the riches all around you and for once never wondered what their worth
the rain storm and the river are my brothers,
the herin and the otter are my friends,
and we are all connected to each other in a Circle in a hoop that never ends
How high does the sigamore grow, if you cut it down then youll never know
And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue cold moon, or whether we are white or colored skin.
Need to sing with the voices of the mountain
need to paint with all the colors of the wind
You can own the earth and still on your own earth until you can paint with all the colors of the wind

My favourite Disney classic :)
I still remember the exact location, time and reason why i was exposed to this song.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 || 10:43 AM

Just returned from bar bar!
It's great to work after quite some stagnant time. The ever fun crew!
Anyway, school just started and i'm happy and proud to say im loving school! I'm looking forward to lessons and lectures. I wonder how long this zest can stay HMMMM.

Monday, October 25, 2010 || 6:57 AM


Juicy sweet crab meat with a hint of lemon to jiggle your tastebuds...
Mad love...

CHEESE !!!!!! Soft chewy dough....


Sunday, October 24, 2010 || 9:37 AM

WHOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO ipod's back to normal!!!!!

|| 7:17 AM

omg HAHAHAHAHAHAHA my dad just bought me a lappy?!
I'm in shock.

|| 6:36 AM

I think i just spoilt my ipod.
Jacq, concentrate, focus on whatever's on hand. Stop drifting away.
Do your work be disciplined.

Saturday, October 23, 2010 || 7:22 AM

One thing bad about going away is that somehow or rather you've to come back sooner or later. You know you were into something good when you cant take your mind off whatever happened.
I miss you honkong
Miss the company, the crazzzzzzy shopping, the to die for weather, the food, the hurrying, the freezing pool, the nonsense we gathered in disneyland, the funny until we all fell down violent experience in the haunted hse, mich's naggings abt me being too dirty, etc etc
Anyway, pics of mickey lilo & stich! that day at flea, dinner at bar bar & shopping ;)

I kinda feel like going to school because i'll be able to meet my awesome friends...


Sunday, October 17, 2010 || 10:06 AM

Flying to hk in 6 hrs time! (hopefully i'll get to have steamboat with elvy & get J to be our tour guide in the night) This time, the trip will be totally diff from the very last trip. This trip will be consisted of really comfortable accomodation, hotel food, tons of shopping, more dressed up and exhibitions. I realise i have this ability to adapt to either extremes in life. I dont only like soft, i like hard as well, i dont only like pleasure, i like pain as well, etc etc.
When i travel, i either an all full packed comfortable trip, if not, i'll opt for a chapalang not very cosy and comfortable but a trip which will enable me to experience how rural villages live their lifes.
I dont like in betweens.
in all aspects

Anyway, thought i was rather screwed, couldnt find my formal wear ( i hate wearing formal wear im an fbt demin shorts kinda girl i dont mind maxis once in a while though hehehehe) & i just finished packing 5 mins ago.

On a lighter note, my amazing sunday with mickey mouse and stitch (hafiz & yion) was made up of a trip to stamford rd which she bought this REALLY NICE geometrical top with FANTASTIC cut out details. It was mad love, but it was quite costly in my humble opinionnnnn.
Went to ION to shop for abit as well, saw this prada small drawstring bag which I AM GOING TO GET FOR MY MOTHER when i have enough money. I can totally imagine her using it already. THAT IS HERS!!!!!!
Went to explore a few other shops as well, bought some tees for my brother, everybody please go awwwwww i am such a sweet sister ^_^
Oh yes i almost forgot to mention, we went zouk flea as well, quite disappointing...
Went to the amazing bar bar black sheep to have our dinner. Luckily the two disney characters who has rocket high expectations of food were satisfied :D Too bad the indian stall is closed they will mad love the naan !!!!! After that we went to catch a movie tgt with stitch's bf, Sylvester the cat.

When i get back it's gonna be a chiong work to get the prada drawstring for mummy and im gonna go catch the fire tango theatre musical!! Maybe i'll start learning dance all over again AND DINNER AT ROSE VERENDAAAAAAAAA WHAHAHHAAHHA YES!!!!!!!!! !


whhahahahaha anyway i keep grinning to myself because the scene of abby& me in the haunted house keeps flashing back.
Just wanna share, thought it was really funny.
It's rather squeezy in the haunted house, the paths are really narrow, barely two people can walk side by side together at one time. We all forced this choo choo train formation and abby was in front of me. Suddenly, we looked up and saw this really scary ghost. It was really scary okay i sompa. With the atmosphere and creepy noises and the mindset that we're gonna faint or cry, it was just plain freaky. Anyway, that ghost had this wig in his hand, which he/she can lower using a string. Abby tio the wig at first, and i was too scared to walk in front because i do not want his stupid wig to touch me. So anyway when abby moved in front, i just kept PULLING HER BACK and the wig dropped onto her for like 3,4 times HAHAHAHAHAHAH. She was freaked out and was laughing damn badly and we're so damn scared at the same time it's sooooo absurdly funny...

SORRRRRRRRY!!!!!!!! I didnt keep my promise to kick the ghosts for y'all!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010 || 7:44 AM

Halloween night safari with ex tuition mates! Hahhaha quoting a most sarcastic friend (Marco) me & peck met while travelling (bkk) ' Zingapor girls are SO LOST.' Hahahahah freak, he said that because we always walk in the wrong direction and will end up horribly lost. Chris was the driver and i was the pavillion in Chiang Mai, peck was riding on a bike alone and i was like the NAVIGATOR?!?!?! (Who the hell in their sane minds will trust me with a MAP?!)
We ended up going round and round and round and round ' I SWEAR I SAW THIS ROAD SIGN ON THE MAP SEE ITS HERE but but but where where is this place... *trailing off*
Okay anyway i just wanted to say that i boarded the wrong train -____- and because i was already late, i made everybody waited longer because i got on the frigging wrong train !!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my god? & i was at bishan! the place i ALWAYS go to, what the hell was i thinking :\
We (slash) they missed 4 buses in total while waiting for me SORRY HAHAHAHAHA.
i realized my fear of cats = peck's fear of humans with exaggerated makeup on HAH HAHAHAHAHAHA the clown/joker/ghost/vampire/men with blood all over is like 2 mins away and she will start running off in the opposite direction.
Her face was bloody epic and it was really quite a scene seeing the invincible indestructable girl sooooo scared.
Suddenly i remember how a kitten (okay the kitten was quite cute, but he/she was JUMPING AROUND TOO MUCH) we were eating, i told that idiot to give me a warning when a cat is near she just gave me that SMIRK and suddenly she went omg, shit and i WAS LIKE OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT THE KITTEN JUMPED ONTO ME?!?!?!?! I ran all the way to the beach and refused to go back.

Everybody was laughing at me -____-
The amt of cats there = the amt of cars on sg's roads = BLOODY FUCKING ALOT

hahahah we're chilling by the rocks again LOL

whahhaha tmr's gonna be a really good day with good company!!!!!!

i woke up to 4 little surprises today hafiz & yion are gonna luvvvvvv them as well heheheheh.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 || 9:52 PM

I'm having post thailand depression

hahahah just kidding
my yesterrrrrrrrrrrdaze = cocoon wrapped in bed till 4ish ( i can blame it on the aircon and sweet warm sheets) + gymed with A DOUG + solving maths qns with A DOUG + chilling at the doug's lovely kennel.
just went to the library to reserve some books. my fav pasttime is to head to bookstores hugeeee ones espically and take down titles which seems appealing then borrow themmmm. i want to have a collection of books of my own but they're reallllly expensive :'(

haiyoh, have been sooooo emotional the past few days cannnnnnot takeeee it !!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010 || 10:42 AM

Just thought i should say that i really do have awesome friends.
From the point of my life which friends make up a huge part of my life, before boyfriends after boyfriends, they have always been there for me. Of course when you get intimately involved with someone, you tend to have higher expectations and get pissed or you'll jack up your standards of that particular someone. Putting that aside, from the point of my life which I'd always stop and count the number of people in our lifes, the number of people who MAKES UP my life (well, humans do get lonely and insecure sometimes), i realize i've quite a handful of friends who i will always fall back to.

Anyway, i've heard countless of stories from closer friends, even not so close friends but they'd love to share about their encounters about how their friends backstab them, their friends being two faced, their friends being hyprocites (& the list is never ending). I know this is human nature and even though their actions might not truely reflect their genuine personalities, it provides a hindsight. *shrugs* Anyway, talking about this, i told my granny recently that i believe that every single human being is good hearted. In a certain way. Even murderers and terrorists they are. They just have a different set of mentality and they tend to show their thinkings in a different way. Of course, this isnt acceptable but every thing on earth takes two hands to clap, you cant produce an applause if both of your palms do not collide together. The famous Hitler, even though he's the mastermind behind the massacre, he has a woman he loved dearly.
My granny scoffed in my face and then proceeded to point at my overly tanned skin and said in Hokkien ' Your skin, so dark, so dirty. Kanasai'. (I know there's no link...)
Okay, i am drifting, i dont even know why the hell im talking about all these. Nothing triggered this. It was just a pure random out of the blue thought.

Anyway, back to topic, the friends i trust never did once pushed me to an extend of which i'd want to completely push them away or anything. Maybe that's because i understand how human beings work. Or maybe it's a lack of understanding how human beings work. Maybe in a few months or years time my mentality towards this will completely alter, i've no idea.
I appreciate the fact that my friends are usually humble, down to earth, good advicers, provides awesome fashion advices, and they're usually good people to have a conversation with.
I like it that when i exit from a conversation with somebody, that conversation will trigger me to think and learn something new.
Most of my friends are true to me. Why do i use most? Because humans being humans, sometimes we tend to speak the right things and not what we really feel. Duh, it's a survival instinct. Anyway, i admit i am sometimes untrue as well. I lie to myself, tell my friends what they want to hear instead of my real bubbling thoughts. But nothing overly negative and nothing which will hurt. Haha, funnily, sometimes it's truth which will hurt. Anyway, not sometimes, but MOST of the time. Putting that aside, (and i've still no idea why i have typed all these)

Apart from feeling like a lucky girl, i am also feeling really tired (after laughing too much from discussing with weibin, solo & farid our plans for Halloween if we're working) and i JUST WANT TO SLEEP GOOD NIGHT HEHHEHEHEHEHE

Saturday, October 9, 2010 || 9:51 PM

What i'm looking forward right now is to have a mad rush of H&M, have that weeny tingling self excitment when i step into a foreign country, have a comfortable ride on SIA, explore J's beverly hills. Dreading the commercialized places we'll be taken to, dreading the packing of my luggage, the insanity K pop chatter which'd surround me because of 3 mega hardcore fanzzzz YHMMMM.
How i wish yion, hafiz, kelly, elynn'd be there :'(
Everybody's flying everybody's soaring...

I wonder how peck is enjoying her museums and giant jesus statue JEALOUS.
I wonder how xq will be able to take leaving her home sweet home for dayzzz but there's smthg stronger called love ;)
I wonder if yion& rif (def) are having withdrawl symptoms BECAUSE I AM.
Can't wait to plan the next backpacking trip.
Most prolly mongolia.

When walking home after gym-ing on a thursday night, i find myself tearing when listening to David Cook's Permanent. Reminds me of how my granny. How she keeps telling me she feels it's time for her to go, and how she wants to go, how she feels fortunate that despite her being old, poor and uneducated, she feels lucky that i will still care and love her...
I hate to acknowledge the fact that she's feeling really lonely inside... How i wish i can do something about it....

Life's def better when you've a fellow borders khaki :)
i can just sit and read and drink coffee or tea all day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010 || 7:45 AM

Too many places to see, too many things to learn, too many people to love, too many books to read and too many thoughts thoughts to decipher.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 || 7:06 AM

Someone gorgeous asked me this question when we were in IndoChimes enjoying the sweet sweet music by a local band.
"Sum up your 2010 for me. How was it like? It's gonna be a new year in about 2 months time"
My reply was,
"2010 has been a great year. Despite many shit i've came across, i realize i am so much stronger than i think i am. I def experienced alot, emotionally. But all's good. Life works in a funny way, you will still end up having a balance of everything. Experiences are vital. You learn from the negativity which crosses your path. In 2010, i've started doing many things i have loved doing, being a camp facilitator, started travelling, backpacking, met great friends, experienced my first wonderful feeling of being truely fufilled."


(Some pictures from Phi Phi Island, Ko Tao, Koh Phangan, ChiangMai, Bkk)

Full Moon Partyyyyy
Chiang Mai