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Saturday, October 16, 2010 || 7:44 AM

Halloween night safari with ex tuition mates! Hahhaha quoting a most sarcastic friend (Marco) me & peck met while travelling (bkk) ' Zingapor girls are SO LOST.' Hahahahah freak, he said that because we always walk in the wrong direction and will end up horribly lost. Chris was the driver and i was the pavillion in Chiang Mai, peck was riding on a bike alone and i was like the NAVIGATOR?!?!?! (Who the hell in their sane minds will trust me with a MAP?!)
We ended up going round and round and round and round ' I SWEAR I SAW THIS ROAD SIGN ON THE MAP SEE ITS HERE but but but where where is this place... *trailing off*
Okay anyway i just wanted to say that i boarded the wrong train -____- and because i was already late, i made everybody waited longer because i got on the frigging wrong train !!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my god? & i was at bishan! the place i ALWAYS go to, what the hell was i thinking :\
We (slash) they missed 4 buses in total while waiting for me SORRY HAHAHAHAHA.
i realized my fear of cats = peck's fear of humans with exaggerated makeup on HAH HAHAHAHAHAHA the clown/joker/ghost/vampire/men with blood all over is like 2 mins away and she will start running off in the opposite direction.
Her face was bloody epic and it was really quite a scene seeing the invincible indestructable girl sooooo scared.
Suddenly i remember how a kitten (okay the kitten was quite cute, but he/she was JUMPING AROUND TOO MUCH) we were eating, i told that idiot to give me a warning when a cat is near she just gave me that SMIRK and suddenly she went omg, shit and i WAS LIKE OH MY GOD HOLY SHIT THE KITTEN JUMPED ONTO ME?!?!?!?! I ran all the way to the beach and refused to go back.

Everybody was laughing at me -____-
The amt of cats there = the amt of cars on sg's roads = BLOODY FUCKING ALOT

hahahah we're chilling by the rocks again LOL

whahhaha tmr's gonna be a really good day with good company!!!!!!

i woke up to 4 little surprises today hafiz & yion are gonna luvvvvvv them as well heheheheh.