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Sunday, October 10, 2010 || 10:42 AM

Just thought i should say that i really do have awesome friends.
From the point of my life which friends make up a huge part of my life, before boyfriends after boyfriends, they have always been there for me. Of course when you get intimately involved with someone, you tend to have higher expectations and get pissed or you'll jack up your standards of that particular someone. Putting that aside, from the point of my life which I'd always stop and count the number of people in our lifes, the number of people who MAKES UP my life (well, humans do get lonely and insecure sometimes), i realize i've quite a handful of friends who i will always fall back to.

Anyway, i've heard countless of stories from closer friends, even not so close friends but they'd love to share about their encounters about how their friends backstab them, their friends being two faced, their friends being hyprocites (& the list is never ending). I know this is human nature and even though their actions might not truely reflect their genuine personalities, it provides a hindsight. *shrugs* Anyway, talking about this, i told my granny recently that i believe that every single human being is good hearted. In a certain way. Even murderers and terrorists they are. They just have a different set of mentality and they tend to show their thinkings in a different way. Of course, this isnt acceptable but every thing on earth takes two hands to clap, you cant produce an applause if both of your palms do not collide together. The famous Hitler, even though he's the mastermind behind the massacre, he has a woman he loved dearly.
My granny scoffed in my face and then proceeded to point at my overly tanned skin and said in Hokkien ' Your skin, so dark, so dirty. Kanasai'. (I know there's no link...)
Okay, i am drifting, i dont even know why the hell im talking about all these. Nothing triggered this. It was just a pure random out of the blue thought.

Anyway, back to topic, the friends i trust never did once pushed me to an extend of which i'd want to completely push them away or anything. Maybe that's because i understand how human beings work. Or maybe it's a lack of understanding how human beings work. Maybe in a few months or years time my mentality towards this will completely alter, i've no idea.
I appreciate the fact that my friends are usually humble, down to earth, good advicers, provides awesome fashion advices, and they're usually good people to have a conversation with.
I like it that when i exit from a conversation with somebody, that conversation will trigger me to think and learn something new.
Most of my friends are true to me. Why do i use most? Because humans being humans, sometimes we tend to speak the right things and not what we really feel. Duh, it's a survival instinct. Anyway, i admit i am sometimes untrue as well. I lie to myself, tell my friends what they want to hear instead of my real bubbling thoughts. But nothing overly negative and nothing which will hurt. Haha, funnily, sometimes it's truth which will hurt. Anyway, not sometimes, but MOST of the time. Putting that aside, (and i've still no idea why i have typed all these)

Apart from feeling like a lucky girl, i am also feeling really tired (after laughing too much from discussing with weibin, solo & farid our plans for Halloween if we're working) and i JUST WANT TO SLEEP GOOD NIGHT HEHHEHEHEHEHE