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Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting around for somebody to give you flowers"
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010 || 9:57 AM

It's a blessing to have friends who bother to organize, make plans, surprise you on your special day. Thank you, for making my day a blessed and special one. Thank you all, for loving and bothering :}
Sooooo anyway, i turned 18 ;) on the 21st nov.

On the 20th, hi tea date with yion, hafiz, michelle& jason.
Went to carousel, before meeting them, i had a bloody bad day. Had some issues going on at home& was sick. Texted them to suggest pushing the lunch date back because i couldnt bear going to town with a swollen red eye (yes i was crying & i had horrible eye infections)
After some thoughts though, i felt that it'd quite nasty to just crash their plans for me. Well, i was glad i went because the wonderful 4 made my saturday a very complete and happy one :)
Thank you to all of you for the wonderful chocolate cake& treat :} & thank you to my dearest stitch for the card and corset blouse. A friend who understands you inside out is really a gem, thank you for understanding my taste in clothes, boys, food, moods, philosophy in life through & through. You put myself to shame sometimes :)
Thank you to all the sweethearts.

After our satisfying meal, we went to dfs to shop around for abit. Hafiz really understands class. We went into a hermes boutique, and the sales assistant was horrid to us, he enquired for an item and the sales person replied nastily 'NO, i have no idea'. What kind
of service attitude was that? She couldn't be bothered to help call and locate the merchandise somewhere else. Looking down on us because we're teenagers? Can't be bothered to serve us? Hermes gets it's name not only from their top notch merchandise, they gained their fame through their high standards of retail service.
It was a downright fail. Hafiz asked the lady for her name and thanked her. The lady was shocked because as all retail associates know, when a customer requests for your name, it's either a tick or cross. Guess we all know what grade it was. Her service attitude immediately
changed. Ney eh, too late for that.

Grabbed some macaroons from TWG, bought some for my parents as well. Shopped at wheelock and ION for abit as well. Bought a russian red lippy from MAC. The shade looked surprisingly normal on me, or at least i felt so. It helps that reviews says it's the perfect true red for all skin tones. Love.

On 21st, it was a first time celebrating my bd with ksc even though we've known each other since i was 15, about 2 years ish, due to various reasons. Met for breakfast/lunch, i totally slept through my entire day into the early afternoon. Only woke up when the very clever
ksc called my house and asked my sis to wake me up. Damn cute lah she seriously!!!! She brought along a pop cracker and popped it in public and people just stared. I love it when my friends dont mind making a fool out of themselves. I love it when they're not self conscious :)
Walked around abit at the neighbourhood mall, went back to her place to help her build something fantastic-ly inspired by someone LOLLLLLL ssshhhhh.
Hehehehehe, thank you for your floral top & card (so sweeeeeeeeet CAN DIEEEEE!) & the pretz biscuits (fucking good i swear!) & the LAMEBEAR HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
seriously!!!!!!!! It's sitting on my table is my scarecrow sitting on yours ms fellow scorpio? ;)

Very creative ahhhhhhh, i gave her her present she 'replied' to me.
Hahahahahaha! Check out our gifts to one another!

Went home, Eski bar's plans were cancelled because of school the next day. Thanks kelly & elynn for wanting to spend my birthday with me though :}
So sweet of you guys! :} Even though kel keeps tagging me in her ANNOYING videos! But i like i like, makes me laugh :}

On the day of which i was 18 & 1 year old, my class clique (or so i call it), or rather, project members {Hafiz, Mich hahahaah thank you both for celebrating my birthday twiceeeee lollll! + janice + pammy) had lunch at hot tomatoes @ somerset 313 :) It was a pre celebration for Janice & a post celebration for me. ANYWAY, the beef was awesome! And the price's really affordable as well! A soup, main course (of steak+ prawns+ spag) + an ice tea for 16$?
It's a killer espically when the food surpasses expectations! Shopped around abit @ Zara & f21. I realize i've this thing for outerwear (blazers, vests, drapes) nowadays. It must be an influence from Mr Fizz & my stitchy stitch.
After lunch, bought some fresh flowers for my lovely tall tanned lovely babe& headed to her place. After alot of squeezing and hugging, she asked me to head to her room and put my bag down first. When i opened the door, i just had to say that i was sooooooo surprised to see someone sitting on her bed (with whipped cream and strawberries). Kinky much? You jealous right! Hahahahahha nah, just kidding. I saw angel sitting on her bed! I was so surprised i closed the door and went out, and then opened the door again to double check.
Gosh !!!!!!!! Hahahahah! You dont know how great it feels for the three of us to have some chill and hangout time again! Thank you my two lovely babes. Watched music videos & a movie all day long. Took (coughs) (coughs) (coughs) beeooooooaaaaauuutiful pictures, & indulged in our rah rah rah ahahahahahhaah talk ;)
Thank you sweethearts for the necklace & the cake. Drowned the heart and the bunny down ^_^ Words speak so much louder when they represent something, it screams 'EAT ME AND FEEL IT'.

Thanks my dearest bar bar crew for calling me and wishing me one by one through the phone. Heheheheh thank you for spamming my fb post UH!!!!!!
Thank you mel my baby in advance ;) & thank you 2r02 for singing today during trading! Thank you alvin for calling me all the way from aussie,
xie xie ni for staying up even though you were dead tired from your camp work :}

I can't wait to fucking DRIVE!